The Girlie Girl Fuck Bus

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He told me he would return – and that he would bring a friend, again – plus, he said I have a license to fuck…and he’s a police officer, so I guess he would know.

I am not certain how many times they returned in tandem since that first night. At first I was not counting…just loving every minute of it. Sometimes it was Officer Perkins and Officer Josh. Sometimes it was Officer Perkins and the clerk with the big cock (although smaller than Officer Perkin’s fat cock and smaller than Officer Josh’s exceptionally long cock). Sometimes Officer Perkins brought a new police officer, and – promising him a luxuriating taste of my wet and swollen cunt – would swear him to silence. The new officer, whatever his name, always opted for the taste of my cunt over spilling the beans. (My beautiful cunt has gained quite the reputation of late.)

One night, Officer Perkins slipped into my bed while I was sleeping and whispered, “I have a REAL surprise for you tonight, Girlie Girl. I’ve brought half the precinct – they are waiting in your living room, and they’re all going to have a turn with you. You’ll love that, won’t you?”

I bolted up in my bed. “Half the precinct? Cop cars in the parking lot?” I was panicking.

“No, Girlie Girl – they came in their own cars…four to a car. It’s all good. You do want them here, yes?”

Whew. I sank back into my pillow.

Again, under my night mask, I nodded my head and whispered, faintly, “Ohhhh, yes! Please!”

Every man fucked my wet and wanton cunt, sucked my titties, and fingered my clit. Every man, in his own way, whispered that he wanted to be my favorite fuck…and then each man placed a one-hundred dollar bill on my night stand. They knew I didn’t give a flip about the money, but they paid me anyway. A very easy way to make some really fun cash.

And it was piling up.

This went on for two and a half weeks, every night. Officer Perkins brought a different group each time. Sometimes it was the off-duty EMTs from St. Joseph’s. Sometimes it was firefighters. And it was always at least two or three at a time in bed with me.

You might think I would be sore, even sick of it – wanting a rest, you know? But I loved every minute of it while I was awake. I know I slept esat escort through some of it.. At least, I slept a great deal more than the men. They were very, very busy. I could tell from the smell of their different colognes, the way they touched me (how eager or how patient), and their respective voices, when they returned for seconds…and sometimes thirds.

My guests were always gone before daybreak. I didn’t mind cleaning up the mess they left. They were so very good to me, after all, allowing me to be the hostess at their party, and the recipient of all the attention – and I so loved the attention they lavished on me.

There were used condoms on the floor by the bed where they had missed the wastebasket. Lots of used towels and wash cloths. I know they spent exhorbitant amounts of time carefully washing and drying my cunt after each fuck – that had become the established pattern. There were empty beer bottles in the living room every morning. The few who loved to pour champagne over my clit and drink it from my cunt sometimes spilled it on my sheets, too – and, of course, there was cum everywhere — so there were sheets to wash every day.

But one morning when I awoke and stepped out on the stoop to search for my daily newspaper, there was a surprise in my driveway: A brand new coach. On the side of the coach was written Girlie Girl, LTF…in the most beautiful indigo blue and white script. Of course, LTF stood for license to fuck.

I was still wearing my see-through baby dolls, with no bottoms (I couldn’t find them when I woke up. I wonder who kept the souvenir?), but I didn’t think any of my neighbors were awake to see me. I walked across my small patch of grass in my bare feet, and up to the coach. Wow. It was beautiful. Of course, I didn’t have a key, so the door would not open, but even the tires were so new and pretty. I wanted in!

I turned to walk back into my downstairs apartment and my neighbor’s door opened. Mr. Smith, the property owner, bent over at his doorstep to pick up his paper and his eyes met mine as he stood. His gaze then dropped to my bare titties under my pajama top, and from my titties to the small patch of hair over my cunt. He grinned etimesgut escort from ear to ear.

“Mornin’, Sweet Thing!” Mr. Smith said to me. “Having a great day?”

I smiled at him. I loved allowing men to see my cunt. I walked up to him very slowly, exaggerating the swivel of my hips, and making sure my titties were bouncing. “Would you like to touch and play, Mr. Smith?” I nuzzled up to him and placed my hands between his legs. His arms went around my waist and his bony fingers grabbed my bare ass, pulling me into him tighter.

The door flew open behind him and Mrs. Smith was standing there with a fly swatter in her hand. Her blue hair was still in curlers, and she was wearing her old house coat with the faded flowers. I heard “whap! whap!” as she struck Mr. Smith with the fly swatter.

“You old fart! Take your hands off that piece of trash and get in this house! And you!” she said, screaming at me, “You’re a terrible woman! Terrible! How can you act like that? So brazen! So shameless and wicked!”

“She ain’t acting, Marie,” Mr. Smith said, his mouth still watering. “She’s for real.”

“As for you!” she continued, pushing us apart – shoving me into the bushes at my front door, and turning back to Mr. Smth – “My mother told me not to marry you! I should’ve listened. Get in the house, Henry. NOW!”

I pulled myself up just as their door closed, and I was laughing. I bet anything that Mr. Smith would be over to my place when his wife took her afternoon nap. I knew he wanted to suck my titties and finger my cunt, although, after feeling the lifeless bulge in his pajamas, I doubted his cock could get hard. He had his 78th birthday last week.

I could hear Mrs. Smith yelling at her husband behind their closed door. She was slamming pots and pans around in her kitchen. I hoped his ten seconds of grabbing my bare ass was worth the torment he must be living at this moment.

The folded newspaper had fallen to the ground when Mrs. Smith pushed me into the bushes. I bent over to retrieve it and an envelope slipped out. It was addressed to Girlie Girl and sealed. My hands shook as I ripped open the envelope and read the following handwritten etlik escort note:

Girlie Girl, You have a rich friend! He wants to take you on the ride of your life. Driver is provided. All of your male friends are allowed to join you…and the fucking festivities!

Kisses all over your wet cunt,


Well, OP had to be Officer Perkins. And the rich friend? Certainly none of the cops who had been to my place. I mean, the $100 per night of fucking is one thing – but —

Oh, my goodness! I have a Girlie Girl Fuck Bus and a license to fuck! My very own playground on wheels! Woooohoooo!

I re-made my bed with fresh sheets, cleaned my apartment, dumped the garbage out back, took a nice hot shower, and lay down naked to take a nap and get some real sleep. I was sleeping more during the daylight hours now that my life had changed so dramatically. My body just wanted to rest. I put on my night mask and I was asleep in seconds.

“You are such a beauty, Girlie Girl. Such a beauty.” Someone was snuggled up to my ear and fingering my cunt, then his mouth was sucking my tittie. In the daytime? “Spread your legs for me and let me suck your clit, Sweetie. I’ve been waiting for my turn for weeks.” He used his fingers to prod my legs open, and I felt him slide down my bed and between my thighs. “I haven’t tasted cunt in ten years. Yummy!”

I held onto the top of his head as he used his tongue to pry open my labia. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! He had the wildest technique, and he tongue-fucked my cunt while his top lip vibrated on my clit. I came so hard I gushed right into his mouth, and had three more orgasms in quick succession. I howled like a cat in heat. I howled so loud and so long I knew all of my neighbors could hear me…and I didn’t care!

When I was finally quiet and still, and so was he, I recognized the feel of his arthritic and bony fingers scooting up next to me and stroking my titties. He pushed my hair off my face and said, “Girlie Girl, be my Pet. Ride on the bus I bought for you and fuck to your wild heart’s content. Those men who want to fuck you and play with you and spoil you – let them! Enjoy every minute of it! Sometimes I will be on the bus with you…but most of the time Marie will have me trapped at home. I gave her my last name, but you will always have my heart. She will never, ever understand a man’s needs the way you so naturally do.

“May I come over occasionally and taste the nectar of your sweet, sweet cunt? That would make me the happiest man.”

“Any time you wish,” I said, removing my night mask. And I fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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