The Girl On The Beach

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I sat on the beach in my lounger soaking up the sun, drinking a margarita. I was the only one on the beach that day. I had my stereo blaring from my house only a hundred yards up the beach. It was great. It was then that I noticed a figure walking towards me, walking slowly near the crashing waves. It was a girl.

As she approached I took in her beauty. She looked about 5’5 with long blonde hair and a skinny figure. She couldn’t have weighed more then 110 lbs. Small boobs, maybe a small B cup. I couldn’t see her butt yet, but by this point I knew she was hot. She was wearing a tan two piece bikini and a backpack was draped over one shoulder.

My eyes suddenly grew wide. That was no bikini. In fact, there was no bikini! She was walking towards me totally nude. I was close to the water; she would have to walk right by me to get by.

She was close now, I could see that she was young. Maybe 18 or 19. I could also see that she didn’t have any hair …down there. I was staring at her shaved little slit as she approached. I looked up to her eyes and had to say something before she just kept walking by.

“Hi there, need a drink?” Ahh, the joy of being a cunning linguist.

She looked at me through her dark sunglasses, I assume she was summing me up. She answered a second later.

“Sure, whatcha drinkin?” Her voice was light and sexy as I reached into my cooler and pulled out a carafe filled with my homemade margarita recipe. I poured a glass for her as she, much to my delight, opened her backpack and laid out a towel to sit on.

“Margaritas, do you like those?” I asked.

“For sure, Thanks!” She said in her glorious nudity.

I started to make small talk.

“Live around here?”

“Not anymore, I used to live a few miles down the beach from here. But I can’t stand living with my parents anymore, so I decided to leave…and here I am.” She lifted her glass to me and we toasted her newfound independence.

I was staring at her naked thin body. Her pink hard little nipples were looking at me. Her cute bellybutton was pierced. She set the drink down and lay down on her back and continued talking to me.

“I don’t know where to go though. I mean, I just had to get out of there.” She stated to me. Instantly I was thinking of getting her to stay with me for a while. She pulled out some sunscreen and started Kurtköy Escort to spread it all over her body. Suddenly she stopped her hands and looked up at me. I thought she would freak out because I was staring at her assets.

“I hope you don’t mind that I am naked”

“Not at all, you are a beautiful girl. (She smiled to me and my knees got weak) How old are you?” I said as she continued to rub her smooth young glistening skin with lotion.

“I just turned 18 last week. How old are you?” She certainly was confident.

“I am 33” Didn’t seem to phase her. I decided to take it to the next level.

“You could stay with me for a few days if you want, or until you get on your feet again. I live right over there.” I pointed to my house overlooking the beach.

She looked at me, trying to judge me. Then she smiled to me again.

“You seem like a nice guy, thanks a lot, that really helps me out, I didn’t know what I was going to do. By the way, I’m Lacey.” She held out her hand.

“My name is Andrew, very nice to meet you.”

We continued sipping our drinks and getting some sun. Lacey turned over onto her stomach allowing my eyes to finally see her butt. What a fantastic sight it was. Her buttcheeks were round and perky. Not a blemish was to be seen on her body.

“Would you mind putting some sunscreen on my back and stuff.” She asked with her eyes now closed.

“Umm, (cough) not at all.” I set down my drink and stood behind her. I took a chance and slipped off my shorts. Now I was as naked as she was. I was also kinda hard. I straddled her legs as I squirted some sunscreen onto her back.

I started to rub my hands all over her shoulders and back, making sure I didn’t miss any spots. I ran my fingers along her sides, making contact with the sides of her soft fleshy boobs.

“My legs too, please” Lacey said to me.

As I scooted down to get at her legs my shaved balls slid along the backside of her knee. I don’t know if she noticed, I sure did. My cock was throbbing and hard as a rock now. I squirted some lotion on her legs and started to rub it in.

Such great muscle tone. So smooth, I couldn’t believe I was this lucky. As I got higher on her thighs her legs parted slightly. I started to rub along her inner thighs as my eyes found her naked pussy and cute little butthole right before Maltepe Escort my eyes. My fingers were getting close to her private area. I took a chance and squirted some more sunscreen on my hands and placed them on her perfect ass. Lacey let out a little moan as I squished her firm butt in my palms. I rubbed her butt for a long time, she definitely wasn’t going to get burned down there.

I got bold and started rubbing close to her crack. I was spreading her cheeks apart to get every crevice. Her pussylips looked wet as I rubbed mere centimeters away from her young flower. I didn’t want to lose her so I stopped myself there, getting up and sitting back down with my cock jutting straight up into the air.

About an hour later she awoke from her nap in the sun and we decided to go up the house to get her settled in. It was then she noticed that I didn’t have my shorts on.

“Ohhh, nice butt!!” She said to me giggling. Lacey spanked my butt as I led her up to my deck. I walked into the house and was putting away all the stuff when I looked out the window to see her staring out at the sunset giving me a great view of her sweet 18 year old butt. Her legs were slightly parted, the sun was shining between her legs giving me a perfect view of her hairless pussy.

I dropped everything and walked out to her. I walked up behind her and placed my arms around her waist.

“What a fantastic sunset” I whispered in her ear.

She leaned back into my chest. I held her as the sun was going down. Something else was rising however. My cock began to rise as her buttcheeks pressed against my manhood. My cock had risen up and was now against her pussy. She motioned her hips back and forth slowly making me crazy with lust for this young girl.

Lacey reached between her legs and gripped my cock, she squeezed it a couple times and commented on how big it was. It’s only 8 inches and kind of thick too. She lifted up her hips and poked my tip into her wet young vagina.

I pushed into her and suddenly my cock was sliding up her hot young twat. She leaned back into my chest once again as I pushed myself all the way into her, filling her tight wet pussy with my thick throbbing cock.

With my cock fully buried in her pussy I lifted her off the ground and walked inside the house to my bedroom. As I walked her ass bounced on my Tuzla Escort cock, she reached down and held my balls in her hand.

“You feel so big inside of me, I’ve never had a cock this big before.” She moaned.

“Mmmm your pussy is so tight baby, So wet.” I set her down on my bed and started to slide my cock in and out of her young opening. She got on all fours and began to beg me to fuck her harder.

Her ass was in the air, doggie-style, as I began to pound into her. In and out, faster and faster. My balls started slapping against her clit as I fucked my new girl hard from behind. I held her hips as my tempo increased.I slapped her buttcheek and watched as my hard cock slid deep inside Lacey’s pussy.

“Oh Yes!!” She screamed, “Spank my ass, Andrew, that’s it baby!”

“Oh my, you are so hot Lacey,” Moaning her name as I fucked her young pussy hard and strong. My hands went up to her shoulders, gripping them, making her meet my every stroke.

“Ahhhh, I’m CUMMING Andrew…I’m cummmming…” I ran my fingers through her blonde hair, I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head back as I thrusted deeply inside her young shaved slit.

I was going to cum. I started slamming my hard thick 8 inches as hard as I could into her bouncing butt. I could see her butthole and thought to myself .”I can’t wait to get into that”. With that thought I knew I would cum. I pulled out and kneeled next to her face. She opened her mouth as my hand held her hair, guiding her face right to my cock.

I started to cum. The first thick white, hot rope of cum splashed across her cheeks and nose. I stuffed my cumming dick into her mouth and started to cum in her mouth and down Lacey’s young throat. I could feel her throat swallowing my cum. Her hands were on my ass, pulling me into her face and mouth. I was cumming straight down her precious throat. She almost gagged as I filled her mouth with my shooting semen. My last shot of cum had been swallowed when I pulled my dick out of her ravaged mouth.

She smiled to me as I stood above her naked. She kissed the tip of my softening dick. I laid down next to her and held her close to me. We chatted about how fabulous that experience was. She asked how long she could stay…

“You can stay as long as you want baby, there is only one rule. No clothes are allowed on when we are in this house.” I chuckled.

“Mmmm, you are so hot. You made me cum like three times.” As she said that she seemed to doze off in my arms. I was happy and satisfied. I had a new girl to play with and she was very hot!

Do you want to hear about the next day?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32