The Girl I Met at Literotica

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I was fucked up in my life around this time. Well, I was MORE fucked up around this time.

A lot of it had to do with a beautiful stripper named Leslie. I loved her. She loved me too, but she loved someone more. The point is, I had her and I lost her. I lost my best friend and I lost my fantasy, and I felt dead.

Leslie was the girl who made me cold. I was convinced I would never find a woman who could stimulate me emotionally or mentally again.

She also stimulated me sexually. But unlike the other two things, this is something I thought could be replaced. There are a lot of girls who are hot as fuck, and sexually liberated.

So one night I was watching the Phoenix news. I started to think about Leslie, and the thousands of other strippers down there in the valley, and even the porn stars that lived in Phoenix, like Jenna Jameson, and it depressed me because I realized I was in Flagstaff, where the sexual energy was minimal, unless you’re into body odor and body hair, everywhere.

So I decided I’d go find some weed. I got in my car and the fucking tire was flat. Either I ran over broken glass at a party the night before, or some jealous guy must have slashed my tires. I really didn’t give a fuck.

I went back into my house and logged on to the internet. At first I was going to download some pictures of Briana Banks, but I thought that would probably depress me. See, when I see great porn, I get aroused, but I wonder, “Why am I just LOOKING at this? Why can’t my dick be in Briana’s ass?”

With this in mind, I remembered, a cool fucking website where you can read and write erotic stories. I had submitted stories in the past. I knew I was gifted with words, but I didn’t think anyone would read my stuff, but they did, and I got feedback. People really liked a story I wrote about an old guy with 2 young sisters. A lot of the feedback was horny guys telling me to write another story they could jack off too, or girls saying, “Your story got me hot, I’m gonna go fuck my boyfriend now” Well, I was very flattered I had gotten vaginas wet and penises hard, but I kind of wished someone would read the story and want me.

So I logged on, got a new account under my porn name, “Zack Crash” and wrote a viciously hot story about me meeting a girl on and having thundering, fiery, volcanic sex with her. I felt evil during the writing, evil and satisfied, knowing how much I was teasing my readers, giving them an image, but no reality. It was fucking great.

So a few days later I decided to look at my feedback. People illegal bahis had liked the story, but most of the feedback was the same as last time, even more unpleasant. One sick fuck told me he ruined his keyboard because of my story.

I was about to give up on my fans, and dismiss them all as old, ugly women, perverted guys like me, and young girls who had to read my stories so that they could be aroused enough to have sex with their lame boyfriends.

But then I read a letter that said, “You really know how to get a girl hot. Do you know how to get a hot girl to be as satisfied with your body as she is with your mind? I hope so.”

Reading that gave made me immediately hard. I responded, “Reading my stories is liking kissing my lips, meeting me in person is like my tongue in your clit”

She wrote back, and we started talking about how and where we could meet. I was in Arizona, and she was from out of state, but she wouldn’t tell me where, so that made things complicated, but soon she wrote back and informed me that she would be flying into Phoenix on Friday.

I was excited, but worried. Even though I had repeatedly told her that she would be wasting her time if she was ugly, or a man, or something I didn’t want to make love to, I was still nervous that she’d be one of those disgusting fat girls who thinks she’s hotter than Britney Spears. I fucking hate that.

I drove down to Phoenix, and after flipping off about a dozen golf-playing businessmen, 4 Mexican immigrants and 6 meth addicts, I arrived at the airport.

I had a sign for her that said, “Maureen”. This was not her name. (She wouldn’t tell me her real name)Maureen was the girl in my story, so we thought it would be a good name for her.

I was standing just outside the metal detectors with my sign, and out of nowhere she appeared. Maureen. She was breathtaking. Her hair was light blond, and it flowed to her shoulders, accenting her face. Her lips were covered in sexy gloss and she was very tan, which I always like. Her red dress was defined by her set of big, perky breasts, and her perfect ass.

“You are pretty fucking hot” She announced.

“Yeah, you are too, I was afraid you wouldn’t be, you know how the internet is, but you’re just my type.”

We got in the car and drove through the grid of Phoenix streets, with strip malls, palm trees and apartment complexes dotting the sides of the road.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as wet as I was by the time I finished reading your story.” She said. “But you take way too fucking long to get to the good stuff”.

“Well, illegal bahis siteleri that’s what makes the good stuff good, Maureen, it’s like a tease.” I replied.

We drove out to the vast, empty Arizona desert, and parked my car in the shade of a big mountain covered with shrubs.

Maureen said she wanted to see me naked. I was glad, because I love to show off my body.

First I took off my shirt, and revealed my smooth, tan chest. Maureen flashed me the sexiest smile I had ever seen. She was pleased. I knew Maureen was getting off on my toned torso, and my surfer-like looks but she hadn’t seen anything yet. I took off my sandals and my shorts, and my hard dick was imprisoned in the confines of my boxers. Maureen put her hand in her skirt. I pulled my boxers off and stood there with my hard, smooth dick in my hand and I looked at Maureen passionately. Maureen came up to me and softly grabbed my cock. Then she kissed me, softly but erotically.

“Let me see your pussy.” I demanded to Maureen.

Maureen looked disappointed but sat down on my car, pulled up her dress, and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was amazing. It was just the way I like it-virtually hairless, except for a small strip of pubic hair right above the vagina, and an inclining set of succulent pussy lips bordered by her tan thighs. Her juices were glistening in the sun, and I knew had to to put my tongue in it.

I had Maureen lay down on the hood of my car, on top of a beach towel. I kneeled in front of her cunt and pushed her dress up so I could get in between her legs.

As I pulled her panties to the side, I smelled her sweet sweat. She had an appetizing allure to her pussy. It was primal. I just wanted to plunge my tongue into her soft flesh. But I started off slow and smooth, just like my stories. I softly licked her inner thighs, right near her pussy, then I ran my tongue over the surface of her twat, and french kissed it, breathing heavily on her pussy folds. Then, I went inside, I used all the muscles in my tongue to lick and suck as hard as I could. I would quickly lick her clit, while I stuck my index finger inside of her. As my tongue darted around her pussy and clit, I looked up to see how she was doing. She was biting her finger in ecstasy and tossing and turning fast. She appeared to be the definition of hot and bothered, and because I had done that to her, so was I.

A few minutes later Maureen was screaming that she was cumming. I felt her sweet juices flowing into my mouth. I figured it was time for a change of pace, so I got up and canlı bahis siteleri wiped off my chin.

Maureen then put the beach towel on the ground, and kneeled. She grabbed my cock. First she softly and teasingly flicked her tongue around my dick, licking it like it was a popsicle, but soon she took my length in her mouth and I uncontrollably twitched in her mouth with pleasure. With her lips going up and down my throbbing shaft, sucking me at the tip, and her hands massaging the exposed, saliva covered flesh, I started to get scared I would cum too fast, so I pulled my dick out of Maureen’s sexy mouth and rubbed it against her pretty face.

“Let’s fuck.” I proposed.

Maureen and me had both agreed that doggy-style was our favorite position, so Maureen leaned against the front of my car, pulled her panties down to her knees, lifted up her skirt, spread her legs wide, and bent her head down. I came up behind her, holding my rock hard unit with my right hand. I started rubbing the tip of it against her, but not putting it inside. Just like my stories. Then, I plunged into her slick flesh. I slowly thrusted myself in and out of her, while staring at her beautiful ass. She let out soft, rhythmic, hushed moans, and I began to go faster and faster. My balls slapped her each time I thrusted in, and Maureen became very aggressive, pushing her ass against me as much as she could. I was having fun, but I wanted to do more before I came.

I pulled myself out of her, revealing a wet, open, dripping pussy. I kneeled down and ran my tongue all the way from her clit to her ass. I licked the surface of her ass to get ready for what I was going to do next.

Even with the lubrication of Maureen’s pussy juices on my cock, and my saliva on her ass, it was still hard to get inside, but finally I did. I stood and looked at my fat cock plugged into this beautiful girl’s ass and realized I WAS living the porn that made me so depressed before. I started humping her again. This time Maureen was moaning much louder, with feelings of pleasure and pain. I was about to burst. I pulled out of her and calmed myself down. Once I was ready to go again, I had Maureen lie on her side on the towel. I got behind her and pushed myself inside of her once again. It was then that Maureen and I had the best fuck of our lives. It was simple sex. It was just my hard dick in her, the slickness of her vagina, and our sweaty bodies tightly against each other, fucking in the Phoenix heat.

I pulled out of her and asked her to suck me to orgasm. With her great technique it was not long before I came, shooting loads of hot, thick cum into her mouth. Some if licked down her chin, and fell onto her tits. She licked of the remainder of cum, and thanked me for fulfilling her fantasies. Then, we smoked a bowl.

…To Be Continued

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