The Gimp’s Toy Pt. 04

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The trip home was mainly silent apart from Ajax’s questions. His attention was divided between the road and his pet. He sped down the road growing closer to his apartment.

“You alright pet?”

“Yeah,” Jonah replied quietly, his voice barely washed out by the car engine.

Ajax grimaced; the man sounded as broken as he looked. Once Ajax’s eyes parted from the road Gimp pointed to the steering wheel reverting his attention back on the pavement. The car soon pulled into a small parking complex. Both Ajax and the gimp climbed out. Ajax handed Gimp the keys. “Go in, get a bath ready. I’ll just be behind you.”

Gimp looked over his shoulder before walking off. Ajax had gently pulled the pet out of his car. He clung to the pet for a moment, whispering softly into his ear. Gimp turned away heading to his home. He wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or disappointed. Watching the pet cry as his asshole was shredded satisfied his vengeful nature. However, he knew that this only earned the pet more time with Master. The young man’s ego was already pretty big. He feared what more time with Ajax would do. Or maybe this pain was enough, maybe pet would realize he wasn’t built for this life and go back home. Pet had shown resentment to almost every task Ajax threw at him, maybe this was enough to finally scare him away. Gimp walked to the bathroom turning on the tap. He placed a fresh face cloth by the tub. He heard the front door open and the scuffling of feet. He exited the bathroom and went to greet his Master. He went to remove Master’s coat but felt Ajax push past him.

“The bath ready?” Gimp nodded. “Thanks for everything Gimp. I’m really sorry we had to cut things short…” Ajax wiped some blood on his pants. “I’ll kill Atticus.” Gimp watched as the two men disappeared down the hall and into the bathroom. He walked to his bedroom rubbing his crotch. He and Rodney had barely gotten anything started before Atticus went to play. He didn’t mind, and he had a lot of respect for Atticus. He just wished he had the chance to nut inside Rodney’s tight ass. He lay on his bed massaging his cock.

Ajax gently took off the towel wrapped around Jonah. The boy winced when the cloth from his legs was removed. Ajax frowned as he tossed the bloody rag into the laundry hamper. He looked back to Jonah, the young man had a look of fear on his face. His eyes glued to the bloody washcloth.

“Let’s get you in the tub.”

He placed a hand firmly around Jonah. Letting the young man lean against him as he took a step into the warm water. Jonah winced in pain once he was lowered into the bath. The water burned his entrance. The torn-up skin now extremely sensitive to touch and heat.

“I know,” Ajax whispered softly, “I know it hurts. I’ll be gentle.” He then grabbed a clean washcloth lying on the tub ledge. He soaked it in the warm water before gently massaging his pet’s bruised entrance. Jonah gasped out as the cloth made contact. Ajax gently rubbed it on the hole, removing the dried blood. He cursed to himself as spots of fresh blood also showed up on the cloth. “Jonah, I need you to either get on your knees or stand up.”

“Why?” Jonah was scared at Ajax’s stern tone. And even more frightened that he hadn’t called him by one of his pet names.

“I need to see the damage… I’m not sure if you need stitches or not.”

Jonah swallowed nervously and stood up. He spun around letting Ajax get view of his behind. He winced once the man spread his cheeks apart. A searing pain flowed throughout him.

“I’m sorry, just breath pet. Almost done.” Ajax swallowed his anger as he looked at his pet’s ripped up entry. His hole was no longer pink, but a bright irritated red and swollen. There was a small split on the south part of his rim. The bleeding had slowed, to a steady trickle. Two small droplets made their way down Jonah’s ball sack. He could see small bruises forming on the inner thighs. They were the size and shape of fingertips. He looked over his pet’s body the only other place the finger shape bruises formed were the scruff of his neck. Ajax felt sick to his stomach, luckily the wounds were all superficial and would heal in a few weeks time. He couldn’t say the same about his pet’s state of mind. “You can sit back down again.”

“So?” Jonah mumbled fearfully, “do I need stitches.”

“No,” Ajax said, blinking away his tears. “You should heal fine.”

“Master are you all right?” Jonah asked taken back by Ajax’s shaky voice.

“Yes pet, I am. So sweet of you to think of me.” He began to massage Jonah’s back and arms. Slowly cleaning the young man. “Is there anything I can do for you, anything you want?”

“I’m really tired, I think I just want to sleep.”

“Of course,” Ajax replied, “you can sleep in my bed tonight.”

Once his bath was finished Jonah was led to Ajax’s room. He breathed a sigh of relief; he could start to feel clean. Once he was in the room, he saw a glass of ice water on the nightstand with two pills beside Escort Çekmeköy them.

“In case your thirsty,” Ajax replied. He then went to his wardrobe and pulled out a pair of old pajamas. They were ragged, way too big and ripped in several spots, however they were extremely comfortable. He handed the pajamas to his pet. Jonah slowly put them on. Carefully stepping into the pants. Relieved his master had granted him such comfortable sleeping arrangements. He winced in discomfort as he climbed onto the bed. Rolling on his side to ease his pain. Ajax hated to see his pet in so much pain. The man winced with every movement. Taking slow deliberate actions not to further the pain he was in. Once the man was tucked into bed Ajax approached.

“Here this will help with the pain.” Ajax grabbed the two pills and slid them into Jonah’s mouth. He tipped the glass of water gently, letting his pet drink slowly. Jonah lay back down after he drank half the glass. Once Ajax went to stand up, he grabbed the man’s hand.

“Master… um… can you um… well… can stay with me until I fall asleep.” Jonah asked with bright red cheeks, “I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“I’ll be right here.” Ajax replied taking a seat on the bed. Jonah smiled weakly at him before closing his eyes. His hand still secured onto Ajax’s.

Ajax watched as his pet drifted off to sleep. He stroked the man’s hair, whispering soft comforts to him. The hand securing around his loosened up and fell onto the bed with a soft thud. Ajax pulled the covers, so Jonah’s entire body was covered. He bent over placing a kiss on the man’s cheek.

Ajax sighed to himself as he left his bedroom. He leaned up against the wall rubbing the bridge of his nose. His headache was growing stronger. Deciding to get some Advil he walked into the kitchen grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. He sat at his breakfast nook closing his eyes. The stress of the evening finally got to him. He reached over for a small box of tissues as he cried. His distress however didn’t go unnoticed. Two hands began to massage his shoulders. He opened his eyes to see Gimp standing over him. The man was also in pajamas. His handsome face looking down into his Master’s.

“Well tonight went well. Exactly how I wanted pet to be introduced to our friends.” Ajax responded, signalling to the free stool beside him. “Didn’t think Atticus would go that far.”

“How is he?” Gimp asked cautiously.

“Fucked up,” Ajax responded angrily, “guy’s spotting. Can’t walk properly. They completely tore him open. He’ll be recovering for the next week or so.”

Gimp didn’t respond. He couldn’t respond, not with what he wanted to say. He just looked at his distressed Master. Tonight, wasn’t supposed to affect him that much. Having a bitch get a period after breeding was nothing to cry over. Ajax took notice of the man’s silence.

“I know that look, what is it you want to say.” Gimp shifted uncomfortably in his chair eyeing Ajax. “It’s alright, you’ve been silent about all this.”

“Maybe he’s not ready for this.” Ajax just sipped his water. “It’s clear how much he likes you… and how much you like him. But he hasn’t exactly done everything you asked.”

“Loyalty takes time,” Ajax responded coolly, “he’s given me what he can, and he continues to learn. He does what I ask, he just needs a push on occasion. Besides he won’t be able to do much now. He needs to heal. And I need to speak with Atticus.”

Gimp shifted uneasily. Ajax’s tone lowered, his words coming out as a low snarl. His eyes locked forward as he stared into nothing. His breathing slowed as calmness took over.

“And how would that help?”

“I know you like Atticus, I know what he means to you, but he crossed a line.”

“You think that’s a confrontation you want to have?” Ajax glared at his slave. “You know him Master. And you know what his slaves are like. Telling him off would only push him further. Besides, it’s not like you were attacked. You think anyone would be on your side? He bred your pet… something that was happening anyway.”

“Didn’t think you had such little regard for others of your status.” Ajax spat angrily.

“But we’re not Master, and that’s why you’re upset. You wouldn’t kick up a fuss if that was me, or if it was Rodney being double teamed. Any other slave would have been double teamed before you got to the party. Any other slave would be glad for the opportunity to be bred like that.” Ajax couldn’t respond. He sat dumfounded. Staring at Gimp. “My apologies Master today has been trying for everyone. I should get to bed. I’ll iron your clothes in the morning.”

The rest of the night in Ajax’s household was silent. No heavy panting or the sound of rutting could be heard. For once the entire apartment was hushed. Gimp lay fast asleep in his bed, alone again. Ajax and Jonah lay curled together. All of them adding to a ticking time bomb, waiting to erupt swallowing everyone in its mayhem.

Jonah Gebze escort awoke to feeling like he had been hit by a truck. His entire body ached, and his chaffed hole stung. He lay on his back for a moment, trying to gather the energy to get up. He rolled to his side and pushed himself up. He rubbed his dry eyes reaching for the glass of water by the nightstand. He quickly downed it, quenching his dry throat. As he swallowed, he felt an ache grow in his throat. The week’s blowjobs had finally caught up to him. He pushed himself off the bed and walked to the door. It was shut, one of the only times it was shut. He could hear voices in the hallway. It sounded like a quiet disagreement. The voices stopped and he could hear the front door open. Jonah opened the bedroom door stepping out. He walked down the hallway trying to find life in the apartment. He could see Gimp sitting in the living room. It was the first day that Jonah saw him dressed in vanilla clothes. He wore dark jeans and a tight brown top, revealing his bulky. physique.

“Where’s Master?” Jonah questioned entering the living room.

“Where the fuck do you think he went?” Jonah gave Gimp a confused look. “He went to go speak to Atticus. Or Master A to you.”

Jonah frowned. He remembered the way the two pups dove to his protection, and he remembered how big they were. Even if Master could take on Atticus there was no way he could beat all three.

“Will he be okay?”

“You’d like to know huh?” Gimp sneered angrily, “Depends on how he reacts. Master Atticus has some pretty nasty pups. And some pretty nasty friends. So let’s hope Ajax keeps his cool and uses his words. But you.”

Jonah jumped at the malice in Gimp’s tone. The man shot him a cold look shaking his head. Jonah looked around the room. The apartment was small, there was no where he could run. He looked outside the building. The streets wouldn’t be much better. He wouldn’t be surprised if someone from the party recognised him and returned him to the apartment.

“Couldn’t fucking do as your told.”

“He raped me,” Jonah replied sternly, “Master said no double penetration, not my fault if Atticus ignored him.”

Gimp stood up smirking, clearly amused with Jonah’s sudden confidence. He walked over to the pet staring him in the eyes.

“Listen to you, talking like he’s not a bitch on his period. Might want to change your panties, there’s a blood stain on them.” Jonah looked down, his cheeks turning bright red in embarrassment. A dark crimson dropped stained his pajamas. “Now listen hear to little shit. Because of your boo-hooing Master has decided to defend your honor. I’m not really sure what’s going on but if push comes to shove my money’s on Atticus and perhaps my loyalty.”

“But what about Master!” Gimp took a step forward, laughing at the pet’s burst of loyalty. Jonah could feel his heartbeat. Fear began to take over as Gimp’s dark eyes came closer and closer.

“Ah, he’s your Master. I’m not to sure if you noticed but he hasn’t exactly paid me much attention. One could even call his behaviour neglectful. I’m not too sure what we are anymore.”

“I’m sorry,” Jonah whispered lowering his head. “I never asked for any of this. I-“

He was quickly interrupted when a hand grabbed his throat.

“But it’s not your fault is it? Nothing’s ever sweet pet’s fault. No, you’re just the poor victim in all of this. Falling in love with a man without knowing who he really was, entering his life disrupting all his other relationships. As long as he gives you a kiss and a hug it’s all better though. No need to think of how it might affect others.” Jonah’s eyes widened. “You know you were supposed to be mine, my fucking toy. My fucking reward.”

Jonah fell to the ground with a loud crash. He looked up to see Gimp rubbing his now hard groin. The man was licking his lips.

“Well no one’s around. Let’s have some fun.”

Jonah screamed as a hand gripped his hair yanking him forward. He struggled hard this time, not giving in the way he was used to. He refused to submit to Gimp. His struggles only provided entertainment to Gimp, who laughed as he began to strip Jonah. Jonah was shrieking for help now, desperate for someone to intervene. He was now naked under the grasp of this strong man. He swung his fists and tried to kick.

“Awe how cute.”

Jonah aimed his foot for Gimp’s crotch, this time making contacted. The hand holding him quickly let go causing Jonah to run.

“Little fucker.”

He moved fast making his way to the hall, getting closer to his bedroom. If he could get in, he could lock the door. Gimp wouldn’t break down the door, he wouldn’t risk the punishment. He could hear Gimp’s footsteps quicken and grow louder.

“Get back here you little shit.”

“Noo!” Jonah screamed as he was slammed into the wall. He hit it with a thud making him dizzy. He was then dragged to the bedroom across from him.

“Come on, let’s play. We can use my room; Şerifali escort bayan we can make a mess in there. It’s not like Ajax checks anymore.”

Jonah sobbed as he was cuffed onto the Gimp’s bed. He looked up at the man watching him strip. He shook his head as the man released his cock. Jonah began to plead.

“Please don’t, please I can’t do this.”

“Just think of it as training,” Gimp snarled, “you want to please Ajax, don’t you?”

He then approached the screaming man. His cock was harder than ever. He loved the way this boy screamed, a noise that was heard too seldom. He climbed onto the bed gazing down at his prize. The man was chained in an inverted Y position. His wrists cuffed above him and his legs spread apart. He started to shake as Gimp placed the head of his cock at his entrance.

“Please don’t! Please, Gimp I’m healing.” Ajax cried harder as the cock began to push. “Please, I’ll give you a blowjob. I’ll do the dishes, I’ll make dinner, I’ll- I’ll.”

“You’re learning,” Gimp replied, “but I’m not Ajax. Crocodile tears don’t work on me.” And with that he plunged his dick into Jonah again. He couldn’t retain his laughter as Jonah screams echoed throughout the apartment. Feeling victorious Gimp began to fuck Jonah.

He wasn’t sure what hurt more, being ripped apart or being fucked in the process of healing. His sobs came out shaky and broken. He choked on the air as he hyperventilated.

“Please stop, please. I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding!”

“Don’t worry, this feel good. I know bitches love this cock. It’s what Ajax had in mind while picking me.”

Gimp changed his violent pace. Angling his dick and delivery slow deep strokes. He could hear a fain moan escape from Jonah’s cries. He began to rotate his hips and slowly pull himself out before inserting.

“See pet, you’re nice and hard.” Jonah cried in shame as his cock towered forward. Drops of precum leaking from it. “See when your Master chose me, he chose me to do this. To fuck little bitches like you senseless.”

Jonah’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as he was pounded into. His body betrayed him. Pleasure came over him like waves and soon he was matching the Gimp’s pace.

“Fucking pathetic,” Gimp growled, he drove his hips harder, “you fucking like getting raped do yah? YOU FUCKING LIKE GETTING RAPED BY MY DICK!”

Jonah began to sob again. He hated to admit it, but Gimp was the best fuck he ever had. The man knew how to move so he drew out every ounce of pleasure. He would also throw in a few painful thrusts. Keeping Jonah on his toes, teasing his body with an intoxicating mix of both pleasure and pain. The man’s head was now placed in the crook of Jonah’s neck. He shuddered as he felt Gimp’s hot sweat drip on him. His cock twitched and his balls tightened.

“Mm, by the way your squeezing me I can tell you want to come. Go ahead pet, Master says you can come.” Gimp replied, mocking Ajax’s soft voice. “There yeah go.”

Jonah pulled on the cuffs, he wanted to bury his head in his hands. He tried the next best thing; he closed his eyes. His cock convulsed as he shot load- after load on the covers.

“Whether you keep your eyes closed or open you’ll always remember this. You never forget the man who rapes you. Mm, fuck yeah. You have a nice ass, I’ll give ye that. Fucking squeezing my dick off. I think it wants my juice.”

“No,” Jonah sobbed, “Please not inside.”

“Mmm, but what else are you good for if not as a cumdump.” Gimp slammed his hips against Jonah. The sound of skin on skin slapping filled his ears. He could feel Jonah tense in fear and protest… and it was driving him mad. He bit his lip trying to hold off his orgasm, but it was no use. The more Jonah kicked and struggled the closer Gimp was. “Oh fuck I’m coming, I’m coming. Ungh yeah, fuck take it. Drink it all up.”

“Noo!” It was one of the biggest loads Jonah ever received. His stomach turned uneasily as he felt the thick cock inside him start to pulsate. The smell of musk and testosterone filled his nostrils. Hot breath washed upon his skin as Gimp roared triumphantly.

Jonah lay still on the bed. Not wanting to admit to himself that Gimp had just rocked his world. He wasn’t as mad as the Gimp as he was at himself. He looked up to the man who had used him. Gimp wiped the sweat off his forehead before turning to Jonah. His eyes followed Gimp as the touched the shackles. The man just stared at him witch a sick smile. His fingers running over the leg restraints, pondering if they should be undone. It all made Jonah so uneasy.

“What, the hell.” Gimp lowered himself onto Jonah, cramming his soft dick into the boy’s ass. He closed his eyes sighing in relief. “Mm, what dirty sluts get.”

Jonah’s eyes widened. He could feel a warm stream of liquid fill him up. The man was pissing in him, he was actually being pissed in. Jonah stared in shock; almost doubtful he was being used as a urinal. He felt his stomach began to gurgle, and his gut cramp. Jonah’s face turned bright red and the tears began to flow as the stench reached him; causing Gimp to laugh in response. The embarrassment was overwhelming, with few twitches and a small shake Gimp pulled out. He placed his mouth by Jonah’s now red ear.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32