The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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The Gift That keeps On Giving

I have had a thing for erotica for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember when Penthouse was first published, but I remember seeing a nice, luxurious bush on a photo of a naked woman for the first time. The electric charge it put into my groin was incredible. From that moment on, all I wanted was to bury my face in it, followed closely by my cock.

It would be a decade before I was able to live out my fantasies but when it happened it was not quite what I imagined it would be. Don’t get me wrong, just being naked with a young woman was wonderful, but she had the most unbelievable bush I had ever seen. 50 years later, I still have not encountered a bush anywhere close to the dense, luxurious growth this young woman had.

We were in a darkened bedroom and my first inclination was to go down on her.

As I slithered down from her mouth, kissing my way down to that long awaited furry heaven, I could already smell her fragrance. It was strong. Maybe a little too strong if it were happening today but in the late sixties and with an ingenue who more than likely, had not been given instructions on proper pussy maintenance, she was very fragrant. This was new to me, so I plowed ahead, burying my nose and mouth into her crotch. I had to literally use my fingers to burrow my way into her and I loved it. Despite the dense growth and rich womanly aroma, it was fantastic. I knew eating pussy would be a lifelong obsession. As I penetrated her, I could feel the somewhat stiff hairs of her vagina, scratching along my rigid cock. Knowing no better, it would be with my next several girlfriends that I realized what an unusual experience I had with my first. Only one lady since has even come close to that first hairy experience.

Over the ensuing decades, my lovers have mostly had very fine, soft pussy hair, many with very wispy, blondish hair. I grew to really prefer that. I had never been with a woman with a shaved pussy until I encountered some of the ladies my wife and I swung with. I was a new and erotic experience. I now enjoy sex with shaved women, especially going down on them. Nothing is more erotic to me than going down on a shaved pussy from behind when she is highly aroused, and her cream is flowing. We were at a swing recently where a newly shaved young lady was on her hands and knees sucking a large cock, when I knelt behind her and began licking her from clit to asshole. She blossomed like a beautiful fresh flower and her scent was heavenly. As I licked her, she just opened as her juice was running down her thighs. I proceeded to eat her for several minutes then slid into her effortlessly, right up to my balls. Her moans were so sexy. I ejaculated within minutes.

I tell this story to preface what came next. After being with those shaved woman, I convinced my wife to let me shave her as an experiment in our foreplay. She, somewhat reluctantly, agreed after talking to one of her shaved friends from the party. Being convinced there were lotions that minimized irritation and itching, we set up a time for this erotic ritual. I wanted it to be a special night.

On the appointed Saturday night, I drew her a hot bath with scented candles around the tub and throughout our bedroom. As I was doing this, my wife was in the bathroom using my beard trimmer to remove a significant portion of her pubic hair. When everything was ready, we sat around for a few moments in our robes facing each other, drinking wine, and dropping a tab of Ecstasy. As the chemicals kicked ankara bayan escortlar in, we ran our feet up and down each other legs up under our robes and lightly brushed each other genitals. Grinning at each other, letting the Ecstasy come on, we knew we were in for a great night of erotic lovemaking.

When we couldn’t stand it anymore, I took her hand, stood her up and kissed her deeply. We shed our robes and walked back to our bath. She slowly sunk into the warm water. As she soaked, I finished preparing the bedroom, setting out warming oils, toys, and lube. I turned down the lights and waited.

When my sexy wife called out to me, I went and helped her from the tub, dried her off as she continued to sip her wine. Her eyes had that “come fuck me” look, droopy eyelids, and shallow breathing, too. She couldn’t keep her hands off my rigid cock, and I could not keep my hands off any part of her. As we stood there kissing and fondling each other I slipped a finger into her creamy cunt and twisted her nipples bring out a low groan from her.

We moved to our king-sized bed where I had placed an over-sized beach towel to protect our mattress and sheets. She lay on her back in all her naked glory. Jesus, she looked beautiful in the glow of the candlelight. I sat by her, kissing her lips, gently massaging the front of her body, paying particular attention to her face, neck, breasts, and tummy. When she was ready, I moved between her legs, carefully putting the oils and razor next to us. I began by lightly kissing her pussy, licking her already engorged clit. She moaned her appreciation, but I knew I had to control myself and her or we would never get to the reason we were here.

I gently massaged the warm oil into her mons and all around her lips. I began by delicately removing the light hairs around her vagina, her eyes closed and breathing very shallow. I had to be especially careful here. A small nick and the eroticism would end quickly. She also had to control her pelvis as she could barely keep from humping into my hand. This was highly sensual, and her low moans only heightened my lust and hers.

By the time I had finished shaving around her pussy lips and removed the light hairs around her asshole, her cunt was flowered and drooling down her inner thighs. God, she was sexy. I then gently and, still very carefully, shaved her mons above her vagina. By the time I was finished, she was writhing on the bed begging me to fuck her. I said, “Not just yet.” I massaged some light lotion into her whole vaginal area, being careful not to get any inside her pussy, lightly kissing her pussy lips and clit. When I was done, I then pushed her knees up towards her breasts, giving me complete access to her. I ate her for several minutes giving her toe-curling orgasms before lubing her ass and gently pushing a large vibrator into her backside. My wife loves having a vibrator inserted into her ass if she has been prepped and it is done gently and slowly.

Once I had gotten her ass filled and turned on the vibrator, I knelt between her splayed legs and slowly penetrated her with my aching cock. As I did this, my wife wrapped her legs around my waist and proceeded to have a huge, gushing orgasm, kissing me hard and deep. The build-up to this moment had taken literally days, and as I held my cock deeply within her clasping cunt, I came buckets into her. We writhed and mewled as we kissed, and we slowly came back to Earth.

My wife now loves the erotic act of being shaved. She will keep herself elvankent seksi escortlar shaved for a short period then let her bush grow back enough to have me shave her again. It has not only added a dimension to our private sex lives, but it has also added a new wrinkle to our play with other people. My wife is now super horny when she attends a swing party when she is shaved, and her libido is much stronger overall. It has led to her being fucked by multiple men several times as I watch with me getting sloppy seconds, thirds and even fourths. My wife has her strongest orgasms when I enter her after she has been fucked thoroughly by several other men.

It has also led to some very hot moments between my wife and the other women in our group. She had never been with another woman until I shaved her. She said the shaving super-charged her latent bi-sexual side for some reason. I could not have been more pleased. Seeing your woman exploring and eating a pussy for the first time and enjoying the way I do is highly erotic.

The first time we attended a swing session with our friends and the men and women saw her shaved pussy it led to an amazing fuck-a-thon for my wife. The several women who were bi-sexual moved to her and proceeded to seduce her. She looked at me with a bit of trepidation, but I just smiled and told her to go with it. She then began tentatively caressing and lightly kissing the three women surrounding her. Soon they were in a full-blown lesbian pile as the men stood around with very hard cocks murmuring words of encouragement.

My wife had multiple orgasms from being eaten by different women and then she was initiated into the world of lesbian cunnilingus as a friend squatted over her face and let her tentatively lick her cunt getting used to the steaming gape now presented to her. After several minutes of licking and kissing the woman’s pussy she really got into it giving her partner her own orgasm. (My wife later told me how surprised she was at the incredible aroma and taste of pussy. She confessed to being overly concerned whenever any man would go down on her thinking it would be highly unpleasant. She now says she understands why men love doing it. It is still a regular part of her sexual diet these days.)

While my wife was being squat upon by her friend, the other women broke off and began coming over to the men in the group. Before long the men were ravaging the three other women. Some were getting blown by one woman while others were fucking the two remaining wives. Soon my wife had recovered from her tryst with the fifth woman and wanted to be properly fucked. She crawled over to a man who was buried in the cunt of a female and began caressing his ass and kissing him. He pulled out of the woman he was fucking and presented his greasy cock to my wife. She immediately inhaled it and began a serious effort at making this man cum.

He noticed her wanton cock-sucking was kicked up a notch from her usual behavior and signaled to the other men to give her some attention as well. The three other husbands moved to my wife who had the large cock in her mouth. The men positioned themselves around her, one immediately moving behind her and impaling her cunt on his cock. She mewled loudly around the shaft she was sucking while another man moved his head under her chest, biting and sucking her nipples while the last guy moved up beside his friend where she proceeded to alternate sucking them.

This drove my wife over the edge again, cumming again. bayan etimesgut escort Over the next 20 minutes, the men switched places and enjoyed my wife to the fullest. She was ravenous. At a point, the man with the largest cock had my wife squat over him and lower her shaved cunt onto his large member. She gave out a big sigh as she fully enveloped him, to the cheers of the other men and women. She looked at me with a degree of lust that I had never seen. She placed her hands on the man’s chest and began slowly rotating her ass and sliding back and forth on his cock. She was in heaven. The other men were feeding her their cocks one at a time. I went to her and began lubing my wife’s ass, sliding first one and then two fingers into her bum. This quickly elicited another orgasm from her, telling me through clinched teeth to, “Fuck my ass!”

I had ass-fucked my wife plenty over the years but to my knowledge, she had never been double-penetrated. I looked at her with a questioning look and she said, “Go ahead. Fuck my ass. I want to feel both of you!” There were whoops and “Holy shits!” from the others watching. I positioned myself behind her, moving to straddle the other man’s legs. He moved them together allowing me to move in closer behind my wife’s ass. Her pussy was stretched more than ever, and her asshole was winking at me as she trembled through min-orgasms. She was obviously ready for this.

One of the other wives handed me the lube. I spread some around her asshole and reinserted my middle finger, lubed my cock and put the head against her brown hole. She leaned forward, resting her head on his chest and I slowly increased pressure. She took a deep breath and my cockhead popped inside her sphincter. She said nothing so I gradually pushed forward. She took another deep breath, exhaled and my cock slid slowly up to the hilt. Her ass felt like a velvet glove as she opened for me. What a feeling! I could feel the other man’s balls on my balls. God! This was fucking erotic. I had to hold still while she breathed to let her body adjust to the stiff cocks inside her. I also had to hold so as not to cum immediately.

When all three of us have calmed a bit, I started moving in and out of her. She said quietly, “Oh, my God…” as I increased my tempo. Within seconds I was giving her ass the fucking of a lifetime and she was cumming almost non-stop. The fellow in her pussy was holding her by her ass cheeks and beginning to move her around on his large cock without causing me to slip from her clutching rectum. As we fucked my wife silly, one of the other men approached her head and clutching her by the back of her hair turned her head towards him and as she opened her eyes, he lay his cock on her lips. She moaned and parted her lips to take him in. As her slow fucked her throat the other man and I gave her a deep, slow double fucking. She moaned and groaned through multiple orgasms setting off the man in her mouth. As he held her by the hair, he pumped his large load down her throat. She opened her eyes in surprise, then concentrate on swallowing his cum. Between her mewling around his slimy cock, we all could hear her gulping until she had it all. He released her hair and she let him slide from her mouth as his cum drooled from her lips.

This sight set me off and as I began shooting my load into her ass, the man in her cunt began cursing and shooting her full as well. She was bucking and writhing as we held onto her tightly, filling her holes. As we calmed down, the others in the room murmured their awe and approval at my wife’s ability to take such a fucking. They, to the lady, said they wanted some of the same treatment. We slowly uncoupled and my exhausted wife fell to the middle of the floor between us. As she fell asleep, her legs splayed open and our cum ran from her. What a woman!

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