The Gardener is The New Neighbor

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I knew I looked good. My days in the gym had paid off. A healthy tone to my skin, along with a new hairstyle, gave me more confidence than I ever had before. Finally, I was pleased when I looked in a mirror.

Taking my book and towel, I headed for the backyard. The shade would feel great after the heat of the day. Alone for the afternoon, maybe I could even sneak in a short nap before dinner with Brian’s boss and his wife. Planning ahead, our clothes were laid out and ready to go.

The story didn’t seem to hold my interest, and soon my thoughts were wandering. The yard was freshly done, the scent in the air. Off in the distance I could hear kids playing…..a car radio…..the steady hum of a lawn tractor. Must be the Peels’ gardener again. They were obsessive about their lawn. That poor old man was there twice a week trimming places that never had a chance to grow.

Becoming thirsty, I went back in for a beer. Just one wouldn’t hurt. And if Brian didn’t know…..well I wasn’t going to tell him that’s for sure!!

The sight before me in the Peels’ backyard made me walk right in to the doorway!! This gorgeous speciman was NOT the old man!! All male this one was!! Tanned and muscled….not a day over 30. Standing in my living room, I couldn’t take illegal bahis my eyes off him. The back and forth of the mower brought him closer with each row. I moved into the shadows, but so I could still see him.

Minutes ticked past, seeming like seconds. Before I knew it, the grass was cut, and the hunk was cleaning the mower. OMG! The shoulders on this man!! I could imagine running my hands over them…… feeling the strength in them……being held by them……licking that skin…..having his body positioned over mine……..Ooooooooooo

The steady whir of the trimmer brought me back to the scene next door. He held the piece of equipment as if it was a toy, his fingers wrapped easily around the handle. I could picture those same hands on my hips, as he slammed in to me…moving to my taut nipples, squeezing the mounds over and over…..Mmmmmmmm

My body was hot, needy. It had been a long time since Brian had touched me. Too long. The heat pooled between my legs. I felt the dampness there. Without touching them, I knew how hard my nipples would be. The ache rushed through me, not missing a spot.

Not knowing how, I found myself standing outside the tool shed. He stood with his back to me, working at the bench. Silently, I entered. The sounds of illegal bahis siteleri the day outside masked my movements. Slowly, I stepped up behind him, arms outstretched. The first touch to his back caused him to start. Anticipating this, I pushed in to him, forcing his body against the wood of the bench. As if knowing I wouldn’t hurt him, he never turned, instead remaining standing right there, legs spread, body at ease.

His skin was hot from the sun, salty from sweat. My tongue found his shoulders, his neck. I felt his shudders, knew he was enjoying this as I was. No words were spoken, only two bodies moving together. My fingers found the waistband of his shorts, slipping in. Lower, until soon I felt his smooth, hard cock, swelling under my hand. The knowledge that I could do this was powerful!!

Only my cover-up was between us. A quick tug at the tie, and it was loose. Skin to skin. I thought I was going to cum right then. He tried to turn, but I held my ground, letting him know this was my show, my rules. Cupping his balls, full and tight, I felt the breath rush from his body. His shaft throbbing, pre-cum trickling out of his pee-hole, I knew he would do anything I asked at this point. Anything.

I wanted it all. Craved it. Slowly, I tugged canlı bahis siteleri on his body, so he faced me. The first sight of my naked body pleased him. His shaking fingers reached for my tits, pinching and teasing the tight buds. His cock was huge, swollen and pulsing with need. His hands easily lifted me, opening my pussy for him. My long legs wrapped tight around his back. One thrust and he was inside. Wet, tight, hot. My eyes closed, head rolled back, all I could do was hang on while he fucked me. Slamming his dick in and out, until I was crazy. My body was on fire. Never had my pussy been fucked like this! Almost too large for my body to accept, he fucked me anyway. Banging his balls on my ass.

My body clenched around his cock………OMG cumminggggggggg!! My orgasm was so fast and hard I didnt even have a chance to please him! No! Wait! I could feel him! Yessssssssss Oh God yesssssssssssss!! Hot cum spewed out of his cock, into my aching pussy. The blast felt through my entire body!!

Lowering me to the floor, spent and heated, I leaned against his chest. I could feel his heart, pounding so fast.

Looking up, into eyes so blue, smiling, I told him ” I hope you come back to do the Peels’ lawn more often”.

“Oh, the Peels’ are moving. I am the new owner, Ryan Matthews. Just needed a break from my office today. Having dinner with one of my employees tonight though, so I should be relaxed now. Maybe you know him. I hear he and his wife live around here somewhere. Brian Richton??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32