The Game

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Double Penetration

This is my first time posting anything here…please leave comments and suggestions.


I am lying on my bed face down with my arms splayed and dangling off of each side, and my legs spread to both corners of the mattress. I have been sleeping so deeply that I think I am still awake. I am mingling between sleep and dreams when I feel the weight of someone sitting on the bed. It is him. I know it is him because I can smell his scent; clean laundry and cologne mixed with a hint of body wash. My excitement rises by feeling his presence in the room.

I don’t move. I am so still that I stop breathing. I feel his weight shift as he reaches over to caress the skin between the top of my sock and the bottom of my pants leg. His fingertips are smooth as he fans them across my skin. I bury my face in the pillow so that I don’t laugh as his hand travels up the inside of my pants leg, caressing up and down my calf.

I feel his hands move again as he runs his fingertips inside the waistband of my pants and I feel the moisture beginning to collect between my legs. I squirm as he kisses his way up my lower back and uses his hands to lift my shirt, but I still don’t move. It is our game. I am supposed play sleep and allow him to take full advantage of my sleeping form; give him full uninterrupted access to my body.

A small moan escapes me as he slides his hands under me and grasps my breasts. He knows that my breasts are super sensitive so he takes extra time squeezing and pinching my nipples. I felt my uterus contract in response to his movements as my juices soak further into the fabric of my panties. He moans softly as he as he grinds his hips into my ass. I feel his manhood growing by each second, and it arouses me even more to know that he is as turned on as I am.

I want to move, I want to turn on to my back and kiss him, but I can’t. If I move the game will be ruined. I must remain still until he tells me that I can move or touch him, or myself. I feel him slide my pajama pants and panties down and off. I am so wet that the moisture is dripping down my inner thighs. I gasp as he licks the wetness from my inner thighs. I tremble as I struggle to remain still.

I find myself clutching at the sheets as his tongue travels upward and traces slow circles around the inner lips of my womanhood. I moan loudly calling his name and begin to grind my hips against his tongue in an attempt to force him toward my aching clit, but he artfully dodges the sensitive spot and holds my hips to restrain my movements.

He wants me; I can feel the desire vibrating in canlı bahis şirketleri his fingertips when he touches me. He wants to drive himself into me with force and ride me until he comes, but he doesn’t. He is slow, licking and sucking my inner lips then slowly stroking my clit with his tongue. A litany of unrecognizable half words and sounds come from my throat as he sucks my clit. The tremors vibrate from the insides of my thighs, up my back and through my nipples.

I am on the verge of crying. I feel the tears welling up, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of thinking that he is winning the game.

He runs his body up the length of mine until he is lying between my legs. His naked chest is on my back, his hard nipples against my skin; his smell mingles with my sweat and scent. He kisses the back of my neck and licks it. I feel his hardness through his jeans as his belt buckle scratches my ass. He grinds his hips into me, letting me feel the roughness of his jeans against my sacred place as my juices soak into the crotch of his pants. He whispers something Spanish in my ear, I can’t understand it, but it doesn’t matter, just hearing his native tongue drives me wild. I grind my pelvis against his and I hear him breathe and sigh as he pulls away from me.

His weight shifts again as I hear him unbuckle his belt. The sound of his zipper falling makes my clit quiver in anticipation. The bed moves. I know that he is undressing. I don’t even have to turn to watch, I already know that; the silken dark hair on his chest thins as it covers his slightly defined abs and fades to a single line of hair that covers his navel and leads to a thick patch of pubic hair. I know that the instrument of his love curves upward and is thick with desire. His muscular legs are covered with a fine down of hair and his still on his feet. I also know that he is smiling, I can feel it.

He is on the bed again. I arch my back and lift my ass in anticipation. He removes my shirt and runs his hands up and down my back for a moment before me lies on top of me again and positions himself to enter me. I hold my breath and wait for him to fill me and for my juices to spill, but he doesn’t. Instead he teases me, rubbing the head of his cock around the inside lips of my flower and against my quivering clit. I push against him as he rests the head of his cock at my entrance. He breaths in sharply and hold his breath. He uses his weight to press me against the mattress as he hold his body still, slowly pressing his head against my opening.

I am shaking now. I want him inside of canlı kaçak iddaa me so badly that I am willing to cheat and thus lose the game. I try to move my hand and reach around to his cock to push him inside me, but he grabs my arm and holds it down on the bed.

“No”, he says softly, his voice husky with desire and wanting. I know that he wants to continue the game, but his body wants relief. He pushes inside me slowly letting only the tip of his penis enter. He lingers at there as I squirm and writhe under him. Then he pulls out of me abruptly, only to repeat his movements again. He does this over and over, inserting the tip and pulling out, until I am shaking from head to toe.

Finally, when I feel like I am going to scream, he puts the head of his cock inside me and slowly enters me until I am filled with him and my juices leak out onto the sheets. I whimper like a hurt child as I feel his thickness open me completely and my inner walls stretch to accommodate him. I feel him shiver as he lies still inside me. Feeling the heat of his breath against my ear and hearing his near moans and gasps of pleasure only drive me deeper inside my own desire.

He presses himself deeper into me and moans as I move my pelvis beneath him. He continues to lie still as I slowly rock my pelvis and squeeze him with my inner muscles. He presses into my pleasure zone, and I grind and squeeze him harder, trying to reach a much needed orgasm.

He moans loudly as he feels me riding his cock. I can hear his breathing becoming more ragged and irregular. I slow my movements almost to a stop as he presses harder into me as if to urge me to continue.

I can hear him murmuring curses in Spanish as I still my movements but continue to squeeze my inner muscles tighter.

“Don’t stop”, he growls in frustration, and I smile because I know that for this moment, I have the upper hand.

“Fuck me baby”, I say softly and he begins to slowly, deeply thrust into me in a steady rhythm, grinding in a circular motion on each in stroke.

I pick up his rhythm and begin grinding my hips as he thrusts and squeezing his cock with my muscles when he strokes into me. I feel his body tense as he calls my name over and over. I never knew that my name could sound so desperate and beautiful. He pulls away and slides down between my legs in an attempt to prolong the game.

He licks and sucks my clit more urgently than before, using his fingers for additional simulation. He turns me over on my back before I even realize what is happening. I can see the pleasure burning in his eyes.

He canlı kaçak bahis licks from the crack of my ass up to my clit several more times, pay special attention of my anal opening, letting his tongue flicker against it. I feel my body is beginning to tense as his tongue dances across my clit in lighting fast waltz. I grind my hips upward and use my hands to guide his head exactly where I need to go. My whole body locks and my inner muscles spasm, my orgasm is near.

His tongue traces a path up my belly and he kisses me. I taste myself on his tongue as I use mine to caress the sensitive roof of his mouth. I feel his cock, hard and still slick with my wetness, against my belly. I reach down between us and slowly stroke him with my hand, squeezing tighter with each stroke. He curses and beings to thrust against my hand.

I feel his cock quivering as he increases the speed of his thrust. His thrusts are too wild and I can’t hold him in my hand any longer so I let go. He grunts and kisses me hard as he draws my legs up around his waist.

He sucks my breasts and bites them gently as enters me again forcefully. He begins stroking slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out and then forcefully driving his cock back inside me. I feel my muscles tighten around his cock involuntarily as he pushes upward on each in thrust and hits my sweet spot.

He increases his speed and the bed squeaks under us. He is barely breathing as he double strokes and rapid fires hits at my sweet spot. I tighten my legs around him as my whole body quivers.

My bottled orgasm is released in a lightening bolt that sends wave after wave of electric shocks of pleasure through my body. I can feel my pussy twitch and continue to squeeze him uncontrollably as I cum and spread my cream all over his cock. He feels this too, and smiles as he thrusts hard into me, slamming his cock into my wetness.

The tightening of his body and the stiffness of his movements let me know that he is near orgasm too. I watch his face as he nears orgasm and the agony of ecstasy spreads across his features. His entire face tenses, his eyes squeeze shut and his muscles lock as he cries out; panting for breath, lost in the throes of pleasure. He digs his nails into my shoulder until his knuckles turn white. I feel him quivering all over as he shoots his load inside me.

We lay on the bed, splayed out and exhausted as his body continues to spasm with the last glimmers of orgasm and I squeeze my vaginal muscles to milk him of every drop of cum. He stays inside of me, kissing and caressing my bruised shoulders. We are silent, not knowing what to say. Finally, he brushes his lips across mine and says, “I think you won that round, cause I almost bit a hole in my lip when I came”.

We laugh as he kisses me and we prepare to start round two.

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