The Game Begins

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It’s been two years and I’ve been crushing on him like mad. It’s not just me, there are many other girls who’ll spread their legs for him in a heartbeat.

After all, he looks like a Perfectly handsome Greek god! His chiseled face and body, his perfect skin, his blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Just one look and any girl will be ready to drop her panties for him.

We’re in our classroom and he’s sitting far away from me. I manage to look at him every now and then. Finally, the boring lecture ends.

I put on my earphones and listen to some music. I do not turn around to look at him. I always pretend that I do not give a shit about him. I think he might’ve left the classroom. I get up and turn around. We run into each other and then fall together.

He’s lying right on top of me. My legs spread wide, he’s in between my legs. I can feel his hard-on exactly where I want it. His lips on almost on mine. But the pain I feel in the back of my head makes me scream. He manages to get up and then helps me up.

It’s the closest I’ve ever been to a guy. I’ve never been kissed. I give him an angry look and turn around.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you” he says.

“Watch when you walk” I reply.

“Well, I’d rather not” he grins.

“And why is that?” I snap.

“Because I’d like to kiss you.” he flirts.

“That ain’t happening” I try hard not to blush but he catches me anyway.

“Then what was it? And if it wasn’t, why’re you blushing?” he grins like a devil that he is.

“I’m not blushing” I snap.

“Then look at me when I’m talking to you. Turn. Around.” He orders.

“Who do you think you are?” I bark and turn around to look at him.

Before I can figure anything out, I’m pinned against the wall. His hand in my hair, tugging on them so my head says in place. His lips capture mine.

Oh god! This is the best feeling ever.

His free hand moves to my back and slowly starts making its way south. He grabs my ass and squeezes each but. It’s almost a tsunami down there. I’m so wet.

It’s a dance of tongues and lips. His lips are soft but his kiss is brutal. He kisses me like his life depends on it. So desperate like he’s been waiting for this moment too.

Finally, my hands reach for his hair. I stand on my toes. It’s no longer a dance, it’s a war. I kiss him harder, he replies with a groan and pushes his tongue deeper.

I lift my right leg and caress his leg with my toe. He puts his muscles to work and lifts me up and seats me on a table. I wrap my legs around him and pull him closer. Once again, I feel that little beast against my aching Tuzla Escort pussy.

I wonder how good would it feel if these layers of clothing weren’t a barrier. I feel him smiling. He bites my lip hard and ends the kiss. I groan and try to kiss him again.

“Stop!” He orders. I pull back and look down, feeling a pang of rejection. Frustrated that one minute he’s preying on my lips and the other he stops me so rudely.

As we both catch our breath, I unwrap my legs and take my hands away from his body.

He takes a step back.He checks me out, like he always does.

His intense eyes, piercing right into me. The look that turns me on like nothing else. A panty-melting smile playing on his lips, a sexy glint in his eyes. I blush.

“You’re flushed, your hair is mussed up. You look good enough to eat.” He winks.

My jaw drops, heartbeat races, breath quickens and he enjoys the show. He pulls me close, I shiver.

“That was on hell of a kiss. You’re so good.”

He compliments as he runs a finger from my forehead to my ear to my neck and the outlines my collarbone. I close my eyes and feel him. Am I dreaming?

This perfectly handsome man holding me in his arms, flirting with me, teasing me and kissing me! holy fuck! He nibbles my ear. I feel my panties getting wetter as each second passes by.

“How many men have had the pleasure to kiss those rosy lips?” He whispers.

His breath on my skin sends shivers spiking through my body.

“I’ve never been kissed.” I look down and reply.

“What the bloody fuck?” He replies in shock. I blush and struggle to get out of his embrace.

He holds me tighter and pulls me closer.

“How did you want your first kiss to be?” He asks.

“Passionate and rough.” I reply and bite my lip.

I kiss him again. He kisses me hard. His right hand is on my throat, choking me just a little.

He leaves my throat as slips a hand under my shirt. I gasp and shiver as he cups my boob with his left hand and his right hand slowly makes its way towards my pussy.

He strokes my pussy with a finger, his touch feather light and pleasure surges through me. I moan. He drags my bra down and gives my nipple a sharp tweak. I moan louder.

And then I hear the students in the hallway. I realise where we are and “holy shit!” I push him away. I grab my bag and run to the ladies room. He stands there, panting.

I look at myself in the mirror. Completely flushed and my hair a complete mess. I try to process it all. I have had a crush on him since the very moment I laid eyes on him.

He’s the Gebze Escort perfect bad boy and he looks like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine. I’ve worked so hard to look good enough for him. I was an average looking introvert back then. But now, I look like a sex bomb.

I have the hottest guys at my college running after me. I can take my pick anytime I want. There’s only one man who has the same reputation as mine. It’s him. Ashton Harper. The guy who just kissed me.

But right now I need more. I need to cum. I need his tongue, his fingers and his cock inside me. Fucking me till I forget my own name.

I’ll have to finish myself off, I can’t have him. I sigh with disappointment and right then the door flies open and there he is! Today is my lucky day! The heavens have heard my prayers.

He takes my wrist and pulls me into one of the stalls. He pins me against the wall and kisses me savagely. He plants kisses on my face and down my throat.

“How dare you run away like that? I ain’t done with you yet baby.” A sly grin plays on his lips but there’s also a ring of anger to his tone.

Before I know it, he pulls my shorts down, turns me around and I hear a sharp crack. My butt stings. “Fuck!” I scream.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

His breathing rugged.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

I cry as every slap lands on my butt.

“Don’t you dare run away like that. Do you understand?” He awaits my reply.


“Do. You. Understand?” He spanks me again.

“Yes! Fuck! Yes!” I cry.

“Good girl. Mmm. What are those wet panties hiding?” He slips a finger in my panties and stars pulling them down.

I freeze. “Ash.. Uh..”

“Shhh! Calm down baby! You know you’ve waited for this and so have I.” He tries to calm me down.

I close my eyes and try to relax as I breathe deeper. My eyes open with shock as I feel his tongue there. Oh god! What is this madness? It feels… So. Fucking. Good. I moan as the pleasure drives me crazy. I angle myself to give him access.

“Does my filthy princess like this? Mmm! You taste so good!” He asks, his voice husky with lust.

I push my ass back in response. I’m lost in ecstasy. Now I feel his fingers on my clit. It adds to the pleasure. He’s going faster now. Flicking his tongue, lapping at my cunt hungrily and rubbing my clit just right. He’s a miracle. I don’t ever want this to stop.

Both of us moaning and groaning. Completely lost. Raw animalistic lust takes over us. He turns me around. Puts my legs on his shoulders, giving him full access to my hungry pussy. I take Aydınlı Escort off my shirt and bra. Now fully naked and unashamed.

I start pinching and pulling my nipples. Squeezing my tits. It turns him on and he flickers his tongue on my clit, faster now. I’m so close to my orgasm, I start to shiver violently.

He slides a finger inside my cunt and starts to finger fuck me hard and fast. I lose my mind. I feel his little finger around my tight asshole. Before I can even try to stop him, I feel it pushing inside me.

He’s using both my holes and licking me so good. I can’t think of anything else. I’ve lost all sense. I’m out of my mind. Finally, I orgasm. It has to be the best orgasm of my life. I ride my orgasm in spasms as he licks me clean.

“Oh baby!” He smiles, looking pleased.

All of a sudden there’s a knock at the door.

“Come out both of you! You’re in trouble. You’re gonna get suspended for such indecency. Come . Out. Right. Now!”

“Shit!” We both exclaim together.

“Well, ma’am one of us did come. It’ll only be fair if we both do. Gives us another 10 minutes.” He teases & puts me down.

I giggle.

“You’re throat deep in trouble, boy!” She scolds.

“Right now, what I want is, to be throat deep in her. 10 minutes please.” He says seriously.

I get down on knees and unzip his pants and take out his fly. It’s so huge, I stare at it. Trying to figure out, how do I fit it in my mouth. I stroke it slowly, real slow. My touch feather light.

“I won’t break, baby!” He cups my hand and builds the Rhythm.

I start to pump and stroke. I pump that beast, hard and Fast. I see his pupils dilate and smile wickedly. Even though I’m on my knees, I feel powerful.

There’s a bang on the door now.

“Fuck off!” He yells.

“You both are expelled!” A man yells back.

The teachers outside keep yelling but we don’t care.

I stroke him harder now and take his cock in my mouth, taking him by surprise. I cup his balls and start to play with them.

“Fuck!” He reaches out for support.

I smile. I swirl my tongue around his monster cock. I flicker it on the sensitive spot beneath the head. I suck on it hungrily. He’s close, I can tell.

He fists my hair and I angle my head. He starts fucking my mouth. He hits the back of my throat and I go red. He feels so good in my mouth, it’s gonna be so much better in my pussy. I groan as he fucks it harder now.

He grunts and with one final thrust, he spurts his hot torrent in my mouth. I swallow it all. I lick him clean.

Our breathing rugged. He bends down to kiss me. He pulls me up and hugs me tight, planting kisses on my head. For the first time, I feel it wasn’t just lust. He dresses me up quickly but keeps my panties with him. He zips and buttons his jeans. We walk out of the door.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32