The Game

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Group Sex

“I feel really silly… can’t we just go home? We don’t have to play,” she fidgeted nervously in her seat and tried to pull the tiny, pleated skirt down a little more.

“We’ve discussed this already,” he said, pointing to the book that lay in between them, “We’re studying history today so start reading!”

She looked around the massive library and saw no one near. She took a deep breath and began reading the passage that he was pointing to. His hand came up and took hold of one of her braided pigtails. He brushed the end against his nose and growled softly, leaning in close to her ear, “Your smell so good, baby.” He was goading her, trying to get her break the rules and she knew it. She made him grin when she leaned towards the book more and continued to read.

“Good girl,” he whispered into her ear. He closed his teeth on her lobe and tugged gently, dropping his hand to her knee and squeezing slightly. She shivered a little but continued to read. His hand slowly began sliding up her thigh slowly, and she looked over at him.

“You know the rules. Keep Maltepe Escort reading until I tell you it’s okay to pay attention,” he grinned teasingly, “Now read and don’t stop.”

She sighed a little and turned back to the book, wishing that the subject was more interesting at least. His hand slithered up a bit more, his fingers massaging. She blinked once but never stopped. His hand slid between her legs and he growled again. “Good, no panties, this will be much easier, spread your legs,” he licked her earlobe gently.

Her legs spread and her reading continued. His fingertips brushed against her lips and she jumped a bit. He reminded her of the rules again and slowly slid two fingers inside of suddenly sopping cunt. His thumb bumped her clit as he slowly began thrusting his fingers inside of her. Her breathing becoming slightly more erratic with each thrust.

He leaned in and nibbled on her neck, his free hand dropping to his lap to rub his rock hard cock through his pants. “You’ve been good, you may react now.”

Her hips arched a little Ümraniye Escort and she gasped, her eyes closing tight. “Oh god,” She mumbled softly.

“Yes,” he grinned, “yes I am.”

She bit her lip to keep from moaning when he suddenly pulled his fingers out of her tight cunt. He put his fingers to her lips and she eagerly sucked them clean. “I want your sexy lips around my cock” he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his throbbing cock out of them, gently pushing her down to the floor as he slid back slightly.

She licked her lips and her fingertips over the underside of his cock. The tip of her tongue touched the head of his cock gently, flicking over it before sucking it into her mouth. Her mouth opened wider, dragging her tongue stud over his cock. She looked up at him and made eye contact as she slurped a bit, her fingertips gently stroking his balls. She slowly started bobbing her head, taking his cock deeper into her mouth each time. He arched his hips and she gagged slightly as he thrust his cock deep into her throat.

He moaned again and İstanbul Escort pushed her off. He grabbed her under her armpits and pulled her up, making her straddle his lap and pulling her down. His cock slid deep inside of her dripping cunt. She bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning. His hands grabbing her hips and setting the pace. She rode him fast and hard, her cunt squeezing around his cock. He bit her neck and she shuddered, her body stiffened and her eyes closed tightly as an orgasm hit her hard. He continued to fuck her, pulling her down on his cock. He pounded into her, shaking her body with each of his thrusts. He kissed her hard to and thrust into her one last time. He shot his hot sticky load deep inside of her and slumped down in his chair.

She moaned softly and slid off of his lap and back into her chair. She pulled her chair close to his and arranged her skirt to cover herself. He slipped his cock back in his pants and she snuggled against his side. He turned his face to kiss her when they heard someone clear their throat behind them.

She turned and saw a stern looking librarian standing beside them. “You do know that this is a public library? There are children about.”

“Yes ma’am,” she said, blushing a little, “We’re sorry.”

They laughed quietly as the stuffy old lady walked away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32