The French Visit Ch. 05

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The French Visit Ch. 5

Laura enjoyed the company of Georges over the next few days: he may have been a successful businessman, but he had also been a post-graduate student of her father, and as such was well versed in academic debate and discussion. She learnt a lot from him, French history and politics being his favourite topic, and they had heated debates well into the night. Georges’s earnest seriousness belied his youthful outlook on life, and she could see that he and Vivette were well matched.

Laura was tempted to ask about Paul and his place in the relationship. She knew that they had all been involved together based on the videos she had seen, but did Georges know that Vivette allowed Paul access to her body when Georges wasn’t there? Laura thought that he must do; he knew his wife’s appetites and must realize that she wasn’t able to contain herself until the weekend and his return. Perhaps it excited him that she was fucking other men: maybe she told him about it in phone calls to help him through the week when he was away?

Then another thought struck her: in some of the videos she had seen, Georges had taken a subservient role: he had been sucking Paul’s cock, or watching the younger man drive his cock into Vivette’s ass-maybe Paul demanded the use of Vivette’s body and Georges had no choice but to let him? Whatever the dynamic, Laura realized that this was something that excited her, the three of them enjoying each other’s bodies in an open relationship.

She wondered what had happened to Paul over the last few days-she hadn’t seen him around. She mentioned to this to Vivette over breakfast one morning, and Vivette told her that Paul was away filming: he was a part-time actor and had a small role in a new film. This made sense to Laura: his physical beauty was spectacular-she should have realized he was an actor or a model.

He returned later that week, and seemed happy enough to resume his role as gardener and general handyman. The hard physical labour kept him in shape, and lazing by the pool, watching him rolling the lawn, Laura admired his taut muscles, the bulging arms and the flat stomach he paraded in low-slung jeans shorts. His shorts rode low on his hips, the snapper open, and she could see the dark hair at the base of his belly.

She was warm in the sun, and closing her eyes, she became drowsy, losing herself in a fantasy of Paul plunging his prodigious cock deep into her.

She awoke a short time later, the crotch of her borrowed bikini damp, and the induced warmth in her pelvis radiating through her. It had been a few days since her last session with Georges and Vivette and her appetites were beginning to peak; she knew she needed to be taken again, to be ravaged, her sex touched and her hot pussy filled with hard cock.

At dinner that evening, she dressed carefully; instead of her usual casual vest top, she wore a tightly fitting shirt, the neckline low, the buttons just meeting across her bosom, emphasizing the fullness of her breasts .She piled up her long auburn hair, and applied her make-up, outlining her green eyes with liner, smudging it for a sultry look.

Her appearance wasn’t lost on her hosts; they knew what she wanted and they had been waiting for the signs. They wanted her hungry for them, desperate for the touch of them, until she would do whatever they wanted her to do. Vivette loved to perform, her fantasies revolving around a common theme of being watched. She wanted to show off for the English girl, to demonstrate just what her body was for, and how much pleasure she could bestow with it.

They had planned that evening for Paul to join them: he had been away for a while, and Vivette had missed him. She knew that her husband enjoyed seeing her with other men in the same way that she loved watching him with others; it was erotic for the pair of them to see how much others wanted them.

They had adjourned to the master suite; Laura and Vivette cosy together on the large sofa, Georges sitting opposite. He had chosen a video for them to watch. It was the one he had been watching escort şişli previously, and Laura gazed in fascination as Georges’s cock sank slowly in Paul’s ass. The younger man was on his hands and knees, and Vivette’s tiny hands were under his belly, pulling rapidly at his turgid cock. Laura leaned forward to take in all the action, catching her breath in excitement, and at that moment, Paul arrived. He had showered after his work, and his shoulder length dark hair was slicked back, his skin glowing with health.

A true performer, he knew that they had been waiting for him, and strode confidently into the room.

He kissed Vivette on both cheeks in greeting, and smiled at Laura, taking in her sudden blush, his eyes grazing over her body. She was curvaceous, almost plump; he normally preferred his women slender but her breasts were magnificent, and he looked forward to exploring her.

He leaned over to kiss her too, his lips brushing her cheek, and he could almost smell her teenage excitement. Vivette’s hand was on his thigh, and as he kissed the teenager again, his tongue exploring her mouth, he felt his mistress’s hand slide up his thigh, and she settled on his burgeoning cock, pressing firmly.

Vivette wanted to take his cock in her mouth: she loved the weight of it in her, filling her throat, massaging the thick shaft with her tongue as he thrust against the roof of her mouth. She unzipped his chinos: he lifted his hips slightly, but his mouth never left Laura. His hands were entwined in the girl’s hair, pulling her to him, and then he began to caress her neck, sliding his hands down the fullness of her breasts, skillfully unfastening her shirt. Her breasts overflowed from her bra, and he pulled it down, releasing her nipples. He sucked gently on them, erect and firm under his mobile tongue.

Vivette had released his cock, and she had knelt in front of him, her eager mouth seeking his bulbous helmet, wanting to taste him. He was twisted awkwardly on the sofa, his upper body turned towards Laura, his hips towards Vivette.

Georges decided that they should move to the bed-there was room for them all over there. Georges’s own cock was beginning to firm now; he knew what he wanted to do.

Paul had lain on his back, Laura leaning over him, her breasts brushing his face. He tried to capture her nipples in his mouth, bringing up his hands to mould and caress her breasts. Vivette was working on his cock, licking up his shaft, sucking deeply on the broad tip, and then gently mouthing his scrotum. Then Paul felt another pair of hands on him. Georges had moved to the foot of the bed, and was playing with Paul’s muscular thighs. He cupped Paul’s scrotum and played with his balls as Vivette continued to suck the tip of his cock into her hungry mouth.

Georges’s fingers began to explore, massaging Paul’s perineum, sliding down to the deep cleft of his buttocks. Paul felt a cold and wet sensation against his cleft, and knew that Georges had applied lubricant. He felt a finger begin to probe at his anus, the tight muscular ring protesting at first at the invasion, then easing slightly. Georges began to slide his finger into Paul, pushing at the tight walls of the younger mans rectum and massaging his prostate. Paul groaned, half in pain and half in pleasure, and Laura sat back to watch.

Vivette helped her husband pull back Paul’s legs, spreading his thighs. She wanted to see her husband enter, pushing his cock into Paul’s dark entrance, and she manipulate her husband’s cock quickly, ensuring he was hard enough. Georges took his cock in his fist, and guided it to Paul’s tight amber ring. Pushing slowly, his engorged cock head entered Paul, the younger man moaning a little as he was impaled.

Vivette began to stroke Paul’s cock, pulling gently, caressing the tip, and lifting his balls, squeezing gently as Georges thrust into him. She leant over to take Paul’s erection in her mouth, Georges’s flat stomach brushing against her hair as he drove in deeply. Georges had hold of the younger man’s powerful thighs, his arms wrapped around them, pulling Paul hard onto his cock. Vivette sucked deeply, engulfing Paul’s straining cock, wanting to taste him, wanting to tease him to orgasm.

Georges was groaning now, a deep rhythmic panting as he came close to coming, his fat cock surrounded by the warmth of Paul’s entrance. With a wild shout he came suddenly, spurting his come in several last wild thrusts. Then he withdrew, his cock still semi-hard, and watched as Vivette positioned herself in his former place between Paul’s spread thighs.

She licked and sucked at Paul’s shaft, tasting the clear pre-come that was oozing from the shaft of his cock. Her tongue travelled down over his scrotum, feeling it tense and tighten. She licked his perineum, and touched his muscular ring with the tip of her tongue, tasting her husbands come there. Scooping up a little in her mouth, she returned to Paul’s rigid shaft, and using her husbands come as lube, she continued to swallow his cock, allowing him to thrust deeply into her throat, rubbing against her cheeks and roof of her mouth.

Vivette looked over at Laura: the girl had a glazed lustful look in her eyes, and she decided that Laura had waited long enough. She sat up, and helped Laura straddle Paul, the girl’s sex lips spreading over his lower belly. He reached forward and touched her lightly: her clit was already erect and throbbing from what she had just seen, and he could feel the moisture oozing from her. He held his cock and she knelt up slightly, and then eased herself down, holding her breath at the size of him. Her sex felt full and stretched, the walls of her pussy being massaged and scrubbed by his cock head.

She leant forward and began to ride him, moving her hips, enjoying the sensation of feeling his cock probe in and out of her hot tunnel. Paul took hold of her breasts and began to massage them, straining his neck to suck her responsive nipples. Vivette pulled her back gently, and encouraged her to lean backwards, taking her body weight on her hands. This exposed her Laura’s clitoris, and Vivette began to rub it briskly, flicking it, lightly pinching and tugging it until it stood firm and straining.

Laura’s position was compressing Paul’s’ scrotum, and as she rotated her buttocks he was being stimulated. This, together with the heat from her teenage pussy was too much for him. As Vivette played with Laura’s clit, the girl’s vaginal muscles began to spasm, milking Paul’s cock and he released hot torrents of come into her, raising his hips, pumping with abandon.

Laura collapsed forwards onto Paul’s chest, breathing heavily, his cock still buried within her. She could feel his juices begin to ooze from her, warm and sticky, and as she climbed down from him, glistening trails of his come tracing along her rounded thighs.

Her legs felt weak, her thigh muscles aching from the unaccustomed position, but she had revelled in the feeling of her tight pussy being stretched by Paul’s cock, and she decided that she wanted him in her again.

A couple of days later, she was relaxing again by the pool. Her holiday work was finished, and Georges had read her assignments and had complimented her on her work. She could enjoy the last few days of her visit without the worry of college hanging over her. Georges and Vivette had gone for the day: they had invited her along but she decided that they needed a bit of time alone. She wanted to work on her tan; a typical redhead, she had freckled quickly, but her skin was now beginning to turn a pale gold. She had left off her old swim suit, and borrowed a bikini from Vivette. She was larger than her hostess, and the bikini top barely covered her nipples, and couldn’t contain the exuberant flesh, so she sunbathed topless.

She was half-dozing in the early afternoon sun when she heard a cheery voice calling hello. It was Paul: he was raking leaves from the surface of the pool. She gazed at him, shamelessly enjoying the sight of him, and he smiled back at her.

He strode around the side of the pool and flung himself down on the sun lounger beside her, dropping a kiss on her cheek. She hadn’t spent time in his company alone before, and initially she was curiously shy. That soon wore off, and they began to chat easily-about her studies, his work, his acting. He was only a couple of years older than her, and had been working for Georges and Vivette for several months. It had started as a temporary post to earn money between acting jobs, but he enjoyed the work, and there were other benefits as well. At this he stopped, and smiled at her, both of them thinking of the jobs highlights.

The conversation turned intimate: he had been very inexperienced when he had arrived on the estate, as Laura had been. She gave him her theory about this being her version of summer school, and he laughed, asking which lesson she had liked the best.

She took the question seriously, and pondered; she decided that of everything, she had been most shaken by the feel of Vivette’s tongue on her clit, the warmth and wetness had seemed to penetrate through her, causing her thighs to tremble.

Paul looked over at her; even as she talked he could see her nipples tense, the areolas wrinkling. He knew she would be wet and leaned over to her, his warm hand caressing the curve of her stomach, to take one in his mouth. She shivered: he was sucking gently yet insistently, and his fingers were edging under her bikini bottoms.

He moved position, sitting awkwardly on the floor between the loungers, his head bent over her pelvis, and he nibbled the lips of her sex, clearly outlined through the thin fabric. She wanted to feel him touch her, and pulled down her bikini bottoms quickly, spreading her generous thighs.

He settled into position, studying her sex. She was plump, and her lips were fleshy; he had the urge to bury his tongue between them but resisted. She was unshaved, her fine pale gold hairs curling. He was used to Vivette’s shaved pussy, and the contrast was striking. As he brushed the curls out of the way, he had a sudden image of unwrapping a present, wanting to see the treasure inside. He ran his fingers through the hair, tugging gently, parting her lips and inhaled deeply, the fresh clean smell of her arousal reaching him.

He lowered his mouth, and sucked lightly at her outer lips, then traced the tip of his tongue through the folds and crevices, teasing her. He licked upwards to lick at the undersurface of her clit, then withdrew again, caressing her delicate inner lips and down to tongue at the entrance of her vagina. His tongue probed, and he stiffened it, pushing into her like a cock. He felt her move; he knew she wanted him to lick her clit. He licked again, swiping his tongue upwards in a broad sweep that ended on her erect bud, and then began to tongue her in earnest, flicking it lightly while his fingers began to play with her pussy and her perineum. He pushed a finger inside her feeling the muscles tense and began to explore the rugged folds of her vagina. Another finger entered and he began to thrust, determinedly driving them in hard, as he bore down on her clit, flicking quickly and regularly.

Laura was almost sobbing, her legs quivering. She wanted to come, but she didn’t want this to stop. Without realizing, her hands had moved to Paul’s head, pushing him onto her, and her hips were rising, her pelvis rocking against his fingers. She was torn between begging him to slow down, or to demand he worked harder. She could feel it coming; the pressure was rising within her like a bubble, heat expanding from her pelvis until she came with a breathless half-gasp. Teasingly, he continued to lightly play with her pussy and she shuddered. She grabbed his wrist, holding his hand away from her, pleading him to stop. He knelt upright again, and leaned over to kiss her. She could taste her juices on his lips and in his mouth, coating his tongue.

He lifted his hand, and brushed a finger against her mouth; she could smell herself on him. He smiled, and settled back down on his lounger, sucking at his fingers, enjoying the flavour of her young pussy.

Laura was dazed; her orgasm had been fierce and she couldn’t think for moment. Then it struck her; she would be going home soon. What was she to do then?

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