The Foot Rub (Short Story)

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I dreamt last night that you gave me a reward for all the foot rubs and back & neck massages I have given while you kept me in chastity.

I was on the bed already, wearing only a small metal cock cage as you had instructed me to several weeks ago, your evening routine was for me to make you feel relaxed and loved, foot massages, shoulder rubs, hair brushing and cuddles before we would fall asleep in each other’s arms.

You moved your pillows around to get ready for a foot massage, as you stood next to the bed picking what you wanted to watch on television you held out your foot cream for me to take. “You’ll only touch my feet” you said, not even looking at me, I took the tube and started to get ready for you.

I watched with growing excitement as you reached around your tummy and pulled your top up and off yourself, revealing your gorgeous breasts and large BBW body, the silver key on your necklace glinting in the light.

Then I watched as you hooked a thumb into each side of your pretty knickers and pulled them down and off in one quick motion to leave yourself completely naked.

I admire you standing there, 5’4″ tall, a short blonde bob framing your pretty face and striking blue/grey eyes, you have pale skin and your large breasts hang down and rest on the rolls of fat you carry around your stomach, your belly hangs Bostancı Escort down so your neatly trimmed pubic hair is almost hidden and your pussy lips are always kept shaved bare. You carry your weight around your middle, your backside, although soft and flabby, is not too large. Your legs are toned and shapely which you always say is because they have to carry your weight around all day.

I could feel myself starting to get hard inside my cage while I was desperately trying to catch a glimpse between your legs.

You lowered yourself down on your front onto the bed and pushed a foot into my waiting hands, your attention now on the television and the cool and relaxing feel of cream being spread over the sole of your foot.

My attention was equally split between trying to please you with my fingers and the sight of the perfect orbs of your backside, toned legs and a small glimpse of your smooth lips peeking between your thighs. Teasing and tempting and slowly driving me crazy with desire.

After I had finished massaging your right foot I reached across and took hold of the left, you shifted around so it was easier to rub the cream into your heel, but at the same time you moved your legs apart, giving me a clearer sight of your pussy. I was drinking the beautiful view up with my eyes, remembering your Ümraniye Escort instructions that I could only touch your feet, but wanting, wishing, needing to reach my hand out and feel around and inside you.

You took your time teasing me, and I put all my effort into trying to get you to moan as I rubbed and kneaded your feet and heels, wanting to impress you with how nicely I could massage, hopeful that you may ask me to do more.

Instead, you switched off the television and let your legs drop flat onto the bed, I watched as you lifted your bottom slightly upwards and moved your legs further apart. I could now see the wetness between your lips and I watched in delight as your fingers appeared between your legs, slowly rubbing around your lips, moving into a v shape to pull them apart, showing me inside and allowing you to play more.

As I watched you slowly touch and caress your pussy lips I felt my cage tighten more around my cock, loving every second of the show you were giving, almost feeling the pleasure you were giving yourself.

You slowly moved your hips upwards and back, so your knees were tucked under your stomach, your backside pushed out so that my face was only inches from your sweet hole. The smell of your sex filling my head and the sight of your fingers slowly working themselves in and Kartal Escort out of your pussy the only thing I could or wanted to see.

You stopped your playing and held your hand out straight, fingers almost touching my nose. “Lick my fingers” you almost moaned into the pillow your face was buried into.

I immediately took your fingers into my mouth, loving the taste of you, gently licking. You pulled your fingers away and pushed them deep into yourself again before pulling them slowly out and offering them to me again and again, each time I could see my saliva adding to your wetness and your pussy opening further.

Eventually you began to move your soaked fingers onto and around your hard clit, rubbing and picking up speed, giving me an even closer view inside your wet cunt as you pushed your bottom out further. I could feel the heat radiating from your slippery wet pussy and my cock was pulsing in time to my heartbeat.

You began to moan loudly into your pillow and I watched your pussy orgasm around your fingers, your body twitching as the intense waves of pleasure flowed through you.

You rested for a few moments enjoying the post orgasmic warmth before gently pushing your fingers back inside your swollen pussy, coating them in your thick cream and sticky juices and I eagerly accepted your offer of licking them clean several more times.

Afterwards you stood and moved your pillows back up the bed before climbing under the covers and cuddling up to me, “you can play with my hair for a bit” you instructed me.

“Yes, my gorgeous wife, I’ll do whatever you want me to”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32