The Flight

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By a stroke of good luck, I am one of the first on board. As I have done this many times, I easily find my seat, taking a few moments to situate myself, removing my materials from my bag. placing them on the empty window seat to my right.

Trying to get comfortable, and ready for the long trip. I am thankful it is a night flight. Always so less distracting. As I peer down into my bag, on the floor, the tips of a pair of ladies shoes entered my view.

“Excuse me” a soft voice filed my ears, “but would you mind trading seats with me?” As my eyes traveled up, over her, my ability to speak lessened, until I met with a pair of bright eyes and a wonderful smile.

She is amazing. She wore a dark blue suit, with a skirt, a white as snow silk blouse. Her long legs. to her curvy hips, beautifully rounded full bosoms. a graceful neck line, the delicate wondrous features of her face….the face of an angel.

Unbeknownst to me, a smile has formed, followed by a light sigh….was this giddiness? A few seconds pass until the words register.

“What?…Oh yes…yes of course.” Quickly I shift everything over to the window seat. As she settles in and I re-adjust, we share a smile.

The captain made the usual mundane announcements “This is Captain Blah blah, we will be traveling at blah and blah, at speeds of blah , blah blah, thank you for flying blah airline.”

It’s close to twilight as we taxi down the runway. as we make our ascent, I can feel her hand take hold of mine, and start to squeeze….hard. Tilting my head towards her, eyes darting to me, a light laugh of embarrassment escapes her.

Placing my other hand over ours, stroking tenderly, trying to soothe her. Giving her a warm and friendly smile, softly I tell her that that everything is okay, and then begin to repeat the safety brief the flight attendants just gave before take off. I point out the emergency exits and even give the “Using the seats as a flotation device ” schpeil.

While I am speaking , I can see the nervousness fading but being replaced with confusion. Loosening her grip slightly, “How…How can you remember all of that?”

I raise an eyebrow, while not locked on her eyes “I travel a great deal, but it really comes from having a good memory and an eye for detail.


“Yes, when something captures my eye, I can remember it quite clearly, the image can stay vivid for years.” Taking a moment to take her in. “They can even last a life time.”

A small blush comes to her cheek, she tries to cover by asking “How good are you?”

Without hesitation or taking my eyes from hers, I respond “You’re using the fourth hole for your buckle.”

With widened eyes, she quickly looked down only to look back up “I’m not even wearing a belt.”

Smiling broadly at her “Be that as it may, I three things I must tell you. One, you are no longer nervous, two, the plane has leveled off and three….I never said belt…I said ‘Buckle'”

“What buckle?”

“The buckle on the strap for your handbag you stowed under your seat.”

Through narrowed eyes she peered at me, while her hand reached for her bag. As she looks down I take the opportunity to lower my tray and start to put out my materials. I hear a low “…thank you…” I know she realizes escort bayan it was my intention to put her at ease. Giving her a sly wink.

I notice the flight attendants with their carts, issuing us our allotment of pretzels, offering us drinks and taking our dinner orders.

We spend the next hour or so engaged in small talk, light flirting back and forth. Enjoying the finest cuisine this airline has to offer.

Once the trays have been collected, we make ourselves comfortable. Removing our jackets, she lets down her hair. Taking off her shoes, and pulling up her legs, so they are curled up beneath her, letting me secretly catch a glimpse.

As the lights dim, she spreads out her blanket, the movie starts. Placing a pillow in the middle of our two head rests. She looks so adorable all cuddled up. This is where she notice that I have put a book light on the top of my clipboard, with the yellow pad, and I start to write.

Taking her headset off, she leans in, so close I can feel her breath on my ear, whispering “….what are you writing?…”

Turning, my head towards her, noses nearly touching, neither of us pulling back…basking in the soft light of the small lamp. Taking hold of these first few real seconds, both of us at the threshold….wondering if the next move is wise, if the next step will be accepted.

A nervousness builds, yet so does a yearning. So close …instincts taking over, heads angling, bodies twisting slightly in these unyielding seats.

A ripple in the sky shakes the plane as we hit a pocket of turbulence….. just enough to send this goddess in to me. Arms wrapped tightly, I pull her to me. Feeling the pounding of her heart through her bosom, pressed to my chest. Placing my hand on her back, feeling the warmth through the thin material, my other hand running down the back of her head over and through her heavenly soft hair. Her face buried in to my neck.

Sweetly and soothingly I whisper to her, “Shhh…shhhhh….. …everything is alright….just a little turbulence……just a bump …..that’s all…really…shhhhh.”

The captain comes on with similar words of comfort and activates the seat belt sign.

Slowly she pulls back from me, eyes lowered. I asked what’s wrong to which she replies “…justa little embarrassed…”

Putting my open palm upon her cheek, noting the sudden flush of color as it reddens , how warmly it grows. I lean in a little closer ,just over a whisper”…Don’t be..”

She gives me an angelic smile and I can feel her hand cover mine to hold it in place. An outside voice chimes in that we have to wear our seatbelts…it’s for our safety.

Slowly she turns to look up to the flight attendant to say “I am safe.”, now it is my turn to blush a bit. Reluctantly we comply, sharing another laugh.

A little while later, when the lights are dimmed again, seatbelts unclasped and the plane settles down, people begin to drift off to sleep. I notice the faint glow from my lamp. Picking it up and turning to the lady on my left, sitting there, huddled under that blanket, head resting on the tiny pillow, her eyes now following my movements.

Again she queries”…so what are you writing?”

Trying to find the right words I come up with ” They’re escort like short stories…..fantasies…romance” I see this has piqued her interest.

“So….are they based from past experiences or imagination?”

“Sometimes a little of each.”

“May I read one?”

“Aren’t you tired?”

After shaking her head , I select a story and hand over the pad. As she sits up, with the tray table down, I recline my seat, unrolling my blanket, resting my head, peering out the little window. Watching the stars, as we are a drift in the heavens. Above us, a series of twinkling lights, like jewels. Below us a blanket of clouds, appearing as newly fallen snow, illuminated by the pale moon.

The sound of a light moan and some movement aside me draws my attention. Discreetly I gaze over to find her, one hand holding the clipboard, the other hsa snaked under the blanket. The darkness aids in the concealment but being this close and the expression on her face as she reads, the movemnet is slow but unmistakable.

Realizing her actions , brief as they were, she stops and reemerges herself in the fantasy. Upon reaching the last page, she flipped the pad closed, and shut the light.

There, in the darkness, through half closed eyelids, she lets the clipboard slip to the floor. Then raises the arm rest between our chairs. Climbing up, under my blanket, to lay on her side, draping half of her body over mine. Head resting on my shoulder.

I can feel her nose rubbing up against my neck,I stay very still, she traces designs down my shirt, now that her hand rests upon my chest. Tilting her head up, her breath, so hot, on my ear as she purrs “I liked your story….it moved me.”

It was then when her fingertips skimmed past my belt, finding out that I had been moved as well. a soft and seductive “..ooooh…” escaped her curled lips ” You know ,I never did thank you for being so sweet to me earlier, so understanding.” Her hand now, very gently , slowly, surveying my excitment.

I start to reach for her, she tells me to stay still, so I do. Feeling nimble fingers, unzipping my pants, I turn my head in disbelief, only to be met with the visage of an innocent appealing yong lady, her expression is one of ” Oh dear!, Is everything alright?” As her hand slips in and takes hold of me, a quick gasp from me is louder than I had hoped. This brings a wicked little grin to that perfect mouth of hers, and her dazzling eyes. Playfully she strokes , gliding over me slowly…very tender.

Leaning in, the movement of her hands , slowing slightly, whispering again in my ear”…mmmm. you know there is only so much you can do on a plane.” Taking a moment to bite my earlobe softly, the edge of her teeth . she feels me throb in her hand, from the shiver that travels through me. Seeing me, biting my lower lip, stifleing another moan.

Releasing her hold on me, much to my disaapointment. she does continue to climb over my reclined body. Her knees flanking my hips, her bosom pressed to my chest. Forearms resting on my shoulders, with her fingers around the back of my neck. My head cradled in her hands, her eyes half closed a look of seducuction. Pausing only for a moment before lips, so soft, are pressed together. When parted, our tongues, tease bayan escort playfully with sharp short darts, until I am unable to hold back, delving slowly and deeply, taking long sensuous sweeps over her tonguew with mine. Tasting and hungerily wanting for more.

Impassioned, reaching , beneath the thin blue blanket, to caress her leg, just above the knee. The fingertips glide over the skin, so smooth, inching my way up, caressing the back of her thigh, finding the hem of her skirt, and slithering under.

Exploring hands covering each curve attentively .Squeeezing, gently, moving up continuosly.

Her lithe form writhing over mine. Fingers gripping, balling up into fists, pulling tightly at the short hair on the theback of my head. Just as my touch curving in to the deep inner thigh, running along the egde of her panties. gliding their tips over and over the damp material.

Letting a finger get beneath the elastic, at last to slip over the silky smooth wetness, searing waves of passion washing over her.Her body quakes at my touch, shifting her hips, begining to gyrate in small circles, grinding down harder and harder. Our moans growing dangerously louder.

Almost in unison we relize that to contiue will undoubtedly bring us unwanted attention.Parting from our kiss, straing at each other, bodies almost close enough to be one. Shared expressions of desire, joy and most of all frustration.

Whispering betwen us, franticaly discussing options, to continue? What if we are caught? The lavatory? No not enough roo, we are definately going to need more space and be able to make some noise.

It’s really no choice, as we both notice that the cabin is begining to stir and wake. Checking my watch I see that we will be landing in about an hour. Taking a quick peek out the window, I note the change in the sky, night is melting away.

Reluctantly , she slowly and nonchalantly, slides over to her seat, under the blankets we adjust our clothes accordingly, grinning at each other. I can’t help myself, so I leanin again to give her another kiss, just a peck really, on the cheek.

Slowly , she brings her hand up, fingertips caressing the spot, I had just kissed, watching her blush, sweetly smiling.

Taking hold of her hand, palms pressed,fingers interlocked, losing myself in her eyes. We spend the next hour as if in a dream. Coming closer, foreheads meeting, rubbing noses like eskimos, whispering , smiling.

I tell her she’s beautiful. Eyelids heavy but still unable to break from her gaze. Not even noticing our descent and eventual landing. It was the flight attendent that had to tell us that we had landed , that broke us from our trance.

Hand in hand, we left to gather our bags, customs, all in silence.Knowing an awkward moment was on us. I walked up to her, standing toe to toe, peering into those pools, light dancing there. Despite the noise , the hustle and bustle of the airport, she heard me say “….come home with me…” It probably came out as a whisper, but the look on her face told me that it was the only thing she heard. I ‘d never been so bold with anyone, I was compelled to act in a manner unknown to me. My heart pounding, threatening to burst as I waited for a reply.

Her head rose up, looking at me, from a set of perfect lips, that trembled slightly I recieved a simple “…yes…”

We embraced like lovers reunited and in a few scant moments, we are in each others arms again, in the back seat of the car that was waiting for me, racing towards the city.

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