The First Encounter

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You check you watch, it’s 9:30 A.M. It’s time. “Shit,” you whisper to yourself, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” You peek out the window just as a two door Mustang pulls up at the curbside. You watch as I climb out of the car and walk up your driveway.

I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. I look the same as in the pictures I’ve sent you.

You find your breathing accelerate as the knock comes on the door. “Maybe I shouldn’t answer it.” You think to yourself. You wait, knowing that this is a big decision you are about to make. It’s not that you think our relationship will get too serious – after all, we’ve both made it clear that this is all simply fun. Neither of us wants to end our marriage, we’re not looking for an “out”, or anything like that.

But still, there is a difference between having a stranger in your home to fulfill fantasies, and sending erotic emails online.

Finally you make the choice and open the door. “Hi,” you smile, “c’mon in.”

I move past you into the house and turn to greet you. You slide into my arms and give me a quick kiss before leading me upstairs.

One of the fantasies we both share is to have a sexual encounter with very little conversation leading up to it. Basically having sex with a stranger.

So, we both agreed that since we had chatted a number of times online, that this first encounter wouldn’t be spent on “small talk.” Instead, we would go right at it, with the idea of talking afterwards.

So, we head upstairs cihangir escort to your bedroom. As we walk into the room, I notice that you have closed the curtains and lighted a few candles. There is a sweet aroma in the room, and the wonderful smells fill our senses and cause our breathing to quicken even more.

I turn to you again and you fall into my arms, this time allowing our kiss to last even longer. It is an incredible, yet strange, sensation to feel a passionate kiss from someone other than your spouse. My mouth, my tongue is so different than what you are used to. We kiss passionately, all of the sensual buildup of the many emails flooding us.

Slowly we undress and I lead you to the bed. Laying you down, I turn you over onto your stomach, and begin to caress your back. I lean over and reach for a bag I’ve brought with me and take out a bottle of massage oils. I pour some of the liquid into my hands and rub them together to warm up the oil slightly.

You sigh as my hands begin to caress your shoulders and your upper back. I slide them expertly across your body, moving far enough to the sides to slightly touch your breasts which are tucked under your body.

Softly I move down your body to your lower back, pausing to get a bit more oil on my hands. Further down, across your ass, stopping only briefly before moving down one leg to your foot. I rub your foot, moving my fingers in between your toes, taking my time making sure I get to each muscle. bahçeşehir escort I move over to the other foot and slide back up your leg until my hands reach your ass again.

This time I begin to massage your behind, pushing your cheeks apart and rubbing a little harder. Every so often I allow a finger to slip between your legs and flick across your clit. It is clear to me that you are getting wet. Your breathing is now relaxed and I can tell that you are very much “into” this massage.

My fingers get bolder, and my two thumbs begin to press deeper between your ass cheeks. I allow them to rub against your hole, massaging it gently. You groan. My fingers slip further, sliding deep into your pussy. You are very wet now. I continue to rub, alternating between your pussy and your asshole.

Suddenly you jump slightly as you feel my tongue slide across your behind. I move my mouth down between your spread cheeks and flick it against your hole, pushing slightly into you. I continue this for some time, my fingers sliding in and out of your mound.

“Turn over,” I whisper, and you obey quickly. Filling my hands with oil again, I reach up and begin to massage each breast, taking your nipples tightly between my thumb and fingers. Pulling and squeezing them. My face is still down by your midsection and I move my mouth down to your mound. You are breathing fast now, and without hesitation, you open your legs, inviting my mouth to enjoy your very wet treat.

I move maslak escort close, but do not touch your pussy. You can feel my hot breath on your mound as my fingers continue to work your breasts. You wait, wondering why I am not licking you yet. It seems like an eternity. You so desperately want to feel a tongue in you, but I’m waiting. Thinking you will help me out, you lift your body slightly, hoping that my mouth will touch you, but I move with you. Teasing, waiting, I enjoy the smell of your juices beaconing me to enjoy

Finally I flick my tongue ever so slightly at your clit. You groan loudly at the satisfaction of the touch, and arch yourself to take in more of me. Without warning, I bury my face between your legs and begin to suck up all your juices. My tongue darts in and out of your lips, flicking your clit on every stroke. My fingers squeeze your nipples, pulling them harder and harder.

You groan more. There is no way to express the sensation of being eaten is such a different way than you have been used to by your husband for the past few years. It is so unique. So not his style. Everything feels different, including the passion.

It’s more than you can take and you feel your body begin to climax. Sensing your explosion coming, I move a hand down and slide three fingers in you to help pump. My tongue remains on your clit, my fingers slid in and out of you while my other hand works on your nipple. And you cum. Your pussy lips tighten around my fingers and your body arches off the bed as wave after wave of climax over comes you.

I slide up beside you and pull you close to me, kissing your mouth. You can taste yourself on my goatee and it feels good.

“Wow,” you say, “that was great. But now it’s my turn.”

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