The “First” Doctor’s Visit

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The story below is true, only the names have been changed. If you have any comments please email.


My name is Melinda. When I turned 18 my mother, Sharon, took me for my 1st “female doctor’s visit”. She took me to the clinic where she was a nurse. As I sat there nervously going through a two year old Newsweek, while waiting for the receptionist to call my name, all I could think of was, ‘Good grief, I’m in great shape, why in the heck do I need to see a gynecologist anyway?’

It sounded just like a gun shot when it was my mom who was the one who poked her head out of the door leading to the examination rooms and said, “Honey, the doctor is ready for you now.” On rubbery legs, I half stumbled through the door and followed mom down the hall to examination room three. “Honey,” she said with a smile, “go in here and put on this gown, the doctor will be with you shortly.”

I took the pale blue paper hospital gown and went inside to change. Standing behind a small screen in the corner, I shucked my clothes and donned the flimsy covering and hopped up on the table to wait for Doctor Webster. I shivered a little, and wondered why doctor’s offices always seemed so darn cold, you’d think with the prices they charged they could spring for a little more heat.

Out in the hall, mom collared the doctor and said, “Room three is a new patient, and she’s my daughter Melinda, just turned eighteen”.

The door burst open and in strode a middle-aged man of about fifty, who extended his hand and said with a smile, “I’m Doctor Webster, and you must be Melinda, Sharon’s daughter, I’m very happy to meet you.”

All I could do is return a weak smile and while shaking the doctor’s hand reply, “Thanks, it’s nice to meet you, too.”

“So,” he asked, “what do we have here?” as he looked at my chart that was lying on the desk attached to a clipboard. “I see that this is your first exam,” he said gently, “Well don’t worry, I’m sure gaziantep escort everything will go just fine, so let’s get started.”

He put down the clipboard and started checking the glands in my neck and working his way down, until casually sliding the gown from my shoulders and using his stethoscope to check my lungs. It felt very odd to be sitting in front of a strange man with my breasts exposed, but he seemed not to even notice them, even though my nipples had shriveled up as the cool air caressed them.

“Lungs sound free and clear,” he announced while entering his findings on her chart, “and your glands don’t have any swelling, so that’s good. Okay,” he went on, “now we’ll check your breasts for lumps. Do you do regular self exams?”

“Uh, no,” I said as I could feel the red rose in my cheeks, “I-I’ve never done one.”

“Well you should do it at least once a month,” he replied, “I’ll have your mom show you exactly what to do after we’re all finished with your exam, now lie back down please.” I closed my eyes tightly anticipating the worst, but as Dr. Webster began kneading and touching my breasts, I began to relax a little as my nervousness began to wane. “You’re a lucky girl,” the doctor said absentmindedly as he carefully checked each boob and nipple, “you have very pretty breasts, but they’re not so big that later on in life they would start to sag.”

“Mmmmmm,” he hummed, “another good sign, you have an extremely sensitive nipple response, good, they check out a-o-k. Take a break for a minute, Melinda,” he said easily, “I want to get all this down before we go any further,” as he sat down and began entering more data.

Just then mom entered the room and offered, “So, how’s it going, honey?”

“Uh, pretty good,” I replied. “We’re just about ready for the pelvic,” the doctor said to mom, “can you get your daughter ready?”

Mom had me spread my legs and place my heels into the gaziantep escort sitesi stirrups at the corners of the table. “Already, doctor,” mom said, while rubbing my arm softly.

The doctor sat down on a stool and slid between my open legs and carefully began probing my virginal vagina with his latex covered fingers. While the doctor worked on my pussy, he offered, “Oh, by the way, would you please show your daughter how to do a self breast exam? I told her that it was important that she do one at least once a month.”

“Sure thing,” mom replied cheerfully, “I may as well do it right now.” Very slowly, mom began moving her fingers over every square inch of my still girlish breasts, while at the same time, the finger of Doctor Webster was becoming more and more insistent inside of my pussy. I was just lying there with my head spinning, unable to move as mom and the doctor slowly pushed me towards an orgasm.

After a few more minutes of unbelievable tension, the doctor asked casually, “You have very tight vagina, you must still be a virgin?”

Knowing this was a question he and mom expected to be answered, I gasped, “Y-yes, I-I’m still a virgin.”

“That’s good,” he replied softly, “it’s better to wait until you’re older, don’t you agree nurse?”

“Oh yes, doctor,” she answered smoothly, “My daughter has a very pretty and responsive body that shouldn’t be wasted on just anybody.”

By now I was panting overtly, and not caring a whit whether I was putting on a show for them or not, as I was sure that in a few moments I was going to have an extremely hard orgasm.

“Melinda,” the doctor asked quietly, “it seems that your vagina is very much aroused, are you going to have an orgasm for us, dear?”

“I-I don’t know,” I gasped, as the doctor flicked his finger over my little clit until I was right on the doorstep of a climax.

“Now, dear,” he said in gaziantep escort tanıtımları admonishment, “you must tell me what you’re feeling, after all, I’m your physician.”

“A-all right,” I said while moaning openly, “I-I’m going to cum really hard, don’t stop, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Well, Nurse,” the doctor replied, “I believe that your daughter is on the verge, would you please offer her a nipple to suck on?”

“Of course, doctor,” mom said in a business like manner, while opening her white uniform, “I believe you’re correct, she definitely needs to have a nipple in her mouth to keep her relaxed.”

By now I was absolutely on fire, and never in my entire life had I been as aroused as I was at that very moment. Even though I had no lesbian tendencies in the least, I offered no resistance when mom pressed her hard hot nipple to my lips and ordered, “That’s a good girl, suck on it honey.”

My gosh it tasted so good, now I knew why boys were so hopped up to get their hands on a girl’s breasts.

“Melinda,” the doctor intoned softly, “do you want to orgasm now?”

“Mmmmm,” I hummed, “p-please, let me cum.”

Taking me at my word, he let his hand slip from my cunt, only to quickly replace it with his hot tongue. “Aaragh,” I groaned at the moment of impact, “suck it, suck me off, do my clit.”

My pussy was now caught up in a climactic whirlwind whose only escape was to achieve a crushing orgasm, and that’s exactly what was happening. While my greedy mouth devoured mom’s big nipple, my pussy contracted hard three or four times in rapid succession which of course was the precursor to a climax that soon laid my pussy totally to waste. After all that, I just laid on the examining table, a disheveled mass of quivering flesh that I was unable to control for the first few minutes following my cum.

“Just relax for a few minutes, dear,” the doctor said gently, “I just want you to know that everything checked out just fine and we’ll see you in about a year.” He then left the room, leaving Mom to help me to my feet and lead me slowly to the dressing area so that I could put on my clothing.

Once dressed, mom said, “My shift is done, give me a minute and I’ll drive you home”.

Where our story will continue next time?

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