The Fetish Shoe Shop

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I had recently finished college and had spent quite a few weeks looking for a suitable occupation but nothing had come up yet. I was receiving letters daily about job applications but when I opened this letter it was a complete shock and I didn’t understand it. It read:

Dear Robert

A number of our clients have put your name forward as being a person who could be interested in filling a vacant position in our organisation. I cannot give you any further information in this letter but I feel it will be in your interest to contact me as soon as possible to arrange a meeting when I will be able to give you further details. I can assure you that this is genuine and will be of interest to you.

Yours sincerely

Maureen Wyles (Mrs.)

The letter had a telephone number but no company name or address. I didn’t know what to make of it. I rang the number and a lady answered the phone with a very pleasant Hallo. I told her I had received a letter. She said, ‘Oh good you must be Robert’. I told her I was and asked her what the letter was about. She said that I needed to visit her and she would give me full details. I asked her what sort of work it was but she refused to say and said, ‘Can you meet me at 12.30 today and I’ll give you full details’. I said I would but where was the address and she said she would collect me at my house at that time. I was worried because this was so unusual but also very intrigued. I spent the morning just wondering what it could be be. I would never have guessed in a hundred years.

From about 12.15 onwards I found myself gazing out of the window. At precisely 12.30 a large BMW stopped outside. The woman saw me looking but didn’t get out of the car. I went outside. She opened her door and got out. She reached out and shook my hand hand and introduced herself as Mrs. Maureen Wyles. She was elegantly dressed, well made up and probably in her early forties. She looked quite wealthy. She said we were going back to her office where she would give me full details of what she was offering me. I asked some questions but she said I would have to wait for a few minutes. The drive only took about 10 minutes. We pulled into a car park and got out. I noticed that she wore attractive high heeled shoes. I followed her into a smart building and up a flight of stairs. She took out her keys and opened the door. We walked into a very plush office. She asked if I wanted a drink and we sat opposite each other on leather sofas. I had trouble keeping my eyes off her crossed legs.

She then said, ‘Listen to what I tell you, don’t ask any questions until I have finished explaining everything. My company offers selected clients the opportunity to experience and live out their fantasies. All our clients are female and all have a fetish about shoes and feet. Through that door over there is my showroom which we will look at later. It is stocked with every imaginable shoe and size. If one of my clients wants something I don’t have, I get it made. All of my clients get sexually aroused through their love of shoes and feet worship and your name has been put forward by a number of my clients as being the person they would like them to help enjoy their fetish and fantasy.

Our last young man found it too demanding and left after about 3 months. Let me show you my showroom. I got up and followed her. I looked at her legs and wondered if she too had a shoe and foot fetish. She opened the door and we walked into another very plush room. All around the walls were racks of shoes of every description. There were no trainers or slippers but lots of very elegant feminine shoes. Some with very high heels, a lot of thigh length boots, PVC boots, leather boots of all colours. I had never seen so many different types.

In the centre of the room were 2 large sofas and 4 large armchairs. We walked round and she handed me several pairs of shoes. The way she held them convinced that they too were her fetish. The look on her face as she stroked a pair six inch high heels gave the game away.

We sat on one of the sofas in the middle of the room and adana escort she took out a wad of papers and said, ‘This is a list of our clients with a detailed profile of each one. The profile has been completed by them personally so anything you see written down is genuine. I will read you some of the names. You will recognise them and they have asked for you personally.’

She started reading the list and I was shocked as I knew a vast number of the names; Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Vardy, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Jolley, Miss Sarina, Mrs. Hore, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Harrow, Mrs. Mayer. I sat there in silence. These were women I knew and all of them had a shoe or foot fetish. I felt myself getting an erection just thinking about them. She handed me one of the profiles. It was about Mrs. Potter. It read:

‘I love high heel elegant shoes. I love to undress totally and just walk around in my favourite shoes. High heel shoes make me feel sexy. My favourite orgasm position is being fucked from behind while leaning over the back of a sofa wearing only a pair of stilettos.’

My erection was getting bigger. I knew this lady well and couldn’t imagine her doing this and yet she had put my name forward. I took another profile. This was from Mrs. Stevenson. It read:

‘Sexy shoes turn me on. I adore everything about feet and legs. I love to be pampered, have my feet and toes massaged. I love my toes to be licked and sucked clean before I put on seemed sheer nylon stockings and the highest heeled shoes I can find. At the moment I wear 4 inch high heel shoes. It is my desire to progress to 5 and then 6 inch heels. My favourite orgasm position is to be wearing my favourite stockings and shoes and with my legs draped over my lovers back he or she has their faced buried deep against my cunt. I never fail to cum.’

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. I knew these ladies as ordinary friends of the family. I was astonished as to what they were really like.

Mrs. Wyles, said to me, ‘If you join us you will treat these ladies with the utmost respect. You will not refer to the fact that you know them and you will always call them by their surname. Don’t forget they are the clients and they are in control. You will do everything they ask even if you don’t agree with it and even if it offends you. You have to assess very quickly when you first meet them each time what sort of mood they are in. Just because one client is always very submissive you cannot take it for granted that she will always be that way. She may come for her next appointment and be very domineering and you will need to learn this straight away and accept that on this occasion she will act different. Mrs. Potter, for instance, ever since I have known her, she will arrive here wearing only a large coat and high heel shoes. She comes in, leans over the back of the sofa and wants to be fucked from behind straight away with no foreplay.

‘When she is satisfied she will tell you if she wants you to cum, if she doesn’t, you wont. She will then choose another pair of shoes and you will help her. She likes to sit on the armchair she has just been fucked over while you get various shoes for her to try on. You have to put them on for her and when she has chosen which ones she wants she will lean over the armchair again and want to be fucked from behind, but his time up the arse and she will want you to cum this time even if you have already cum inside her cunt. Then while wearing her new shoes she will put her coat on and go. She will not clean herself up. When she arrives for her next appointment she will always be wearing the shoes she bought at her last appointment.

‘Even though this has always been the way Mrs. Potter behaves you cannot take it for granted that she will act like this every time.’

‘Mrs. Baker is heavily into bondage and I have had to make various items of bondage for her. She will want you to join her, you cannot say no. I have made a harness that straps round a mans cock and this attaches to a harness eskişehir escort that goes round her head. Your cock goes in her mouth and you cannot take it out until she has finished with you. She is very demanding and has made a man cum five times in her mouth before she agreed to release him.

‘Mrs. Stevenson will probably want you to lick in between her toes and clean them with your tongue. You will have to agree to do this. She might even want you to fuck her up the arse with a stiletto heel and then get you to lick it clean. She also likes to give you a wank with her feet. She considers herself to be an expert at this.

‘You see you have to agree to absolutely everything before I can take you on. However you will be well paid and get as much sexual activity, although it might be a little kinky at times, as you could handle.’

My cock had been hard for the past 30 minutes listening to what Mrs. Wyles had to tell me. Needless to say I was definitely up for it. She suggested that it was time for a practical interview and that she was going to be a new client and to see how I performed.

Mrs. Wyles went out and I sat and waited. 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Mrs. Wyles was standing there. She had taken her glasses off and put fresh make up on. She looked a lot more attractive. She said, ‘I’m Mrs. Wyles, I’ve come for my appointment’. I welcomed her in and she took a seat on a leather armchair. I asked her, ‘What did you have in mind today’. She said, ‘I need something that will make me feel very feminine. I fancy some bright red high heel sandals with very high ankle straps and I want my toe nails painted with matching nail varnish.’ I replied, ‘That will be no problem, let me show you some of our collection’. I took her over to the rack that had high heeled sandals with ankle straps. She picked them up and chose one. I suggested that I measured her feet to make sure I got the right size.

I took her back to the armchair and sat her down. I sat on a small stool in front of her and lifted her feet into my lap. I slowly took off the shoes she was already wearing and put them down beside me. I said, ‘I’ll have to take your tights off to make sure I get the exact size. They’ll have to come off anyway when I paint your toe nails’. She said, ‘I don’t wear tights, only stockings, would you like to take them off for me’. I replied, ‘It’s all part of the service, do you want to undo the suspender yourself or would you like me to do it for you’.

She replied, ‘You do it all for me please’. I took her hand and made her stand up. I unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs. Mrs. Wyles had a nice matching pair of pink silky french knickers and suspender belt. I suspected she had a matching bra too. The sight made my cock twitch with anticipation. I knelt in front of her and undid the 4 clasps holding up her left stocking and slowly eased it down her leg. I felt her tremble slightly as I did it as sensuously as possible making sure I stroked her legs as softly and as much as possible. When it was right down she lifted her foot and I took the stocking right off and draped it over the arm of the chair. I repeated the action with the other stocking. I asked her to sit back down and placed her feet in my lap as I reached for the foot measurer. I put one foot on the guage to measure the size and I felt her other foot pressing against my erection. I looked up at her and think I detected some moisture on the front of her silk knickers.

I measured both feet and found she was a size 5. I went and got the correct size of the ones she had chosen. I sat down on the stool in front of her and put her feet back in my lap. Again she pressed against my erection. I slipped each foot into the sandal and tightened the strap round the ankle making sure it wasn’t too tight. Then I took her hand and helped her to her feet. She walked around and paraded in front of the mirror and in front of me.

She was totally relaxed considering she was exhibiting her knickers to me. She said, sakarya escort ‘I feel silly with just my blouse on would you mind taking it for me. I moved forward and undid the buttons and slowly slid the blouse off and admired her magnificent breasts barely encased in a quarter cup uplift matching bra. She walked around again and asked me if I felt the heels were too high. I said, ‘They are our 5 inch heels, I think they are perfect for your legs and feet. I’ll just check the tightness of the straps for you’. I knelt down in front of her and adjusted the straps slightly making sure I held her ankles and rubbed her legs at the same time.

She parted her legs and I looked up and saw up the inside of her french knickers. There was now clearly a distinct wet area.. I asked her to sit back down and took off the sandals. Her feet went straight onto my lap and this time rubbed against my erection. I slowly took the sandals off her and put them on the floor. Then I reached for the matching nail varnish and started applying the varnish to her toes. I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed. The look on her face told me how much she was enjoying it. I carefully cleaned with a baby wipe in between each toe and I slowly applied a second layer of varnish. When I was finished I had to let them dry and I took the time to slowly massage her ankles and calves. Her legs widened and one of her hands dropped down to her lap and the other went to her breasts. Through her silk knickers she was rubbing herself and through her bra she was playing with her nipples that I could see were now very hard and erect.

I said, ‘Mrs. Wyles, I am happy to do that for you, its all part of the service’. She looked at me, carried on playing with herself and said, ‘When I’ve got my sandals on you’re going to fuck me standing up against that mirror, I’m just priming myself a little and getting my cunt ready to take whatever you’ve got hiding in your trousers. She was still rubbing her foot against my cock. I wanted to take it out and let her do it properly but didn’t know whether that was overstepping the mark.

When the nail polish had dried. I reached for her new sandals and slowly and deliberately put them on her feet, making sure I rubbed and played with her ankles and legs. I took her hand and helped her stand up. Her feet looked wonderfully sexy as she tottered around on her 5 inch high red sandals and matching toe nail polish. She kept admiring herself in the mirrors.

I said, ‘To fully appreciate your new shoes you need to take your bra and knickers off.’ I went over to her and reached behind her and unclipped her bra. I peeled it off her making sure I brushed against her erect nipples. Then I knelt on the floor in front of her and slipped her knickers off. My face was only inches away from her pussy. The sight I saw was a wonderful surprise as she had shaved it and was totally bare. She continued to parade and admire herself in the mirror as I undressed. She caught a glimpse of my 8 inch erect cock in the mirror and hurried over to me.

She pulled me against the mirror and opened her legs. I held my cock at her opening. She lowered herself onto my cock. In no time at all I was deep inside her. She was so wet that I could feel her pussy juices running down my balls and onto my legs. I started very slowly, but she said, ‘Don’t fuck about, I need to be fucked hard and fast.’ I did as she said. Her first orgasm came in less than a minute. Fortunately I lasted longer, so that she managed a second and third orgasm. I told her I was about to cum and she took my cock out and moved to my side and started wanking me and made me shoot my spunk all over the mirror. As I stood there recovering she got on her kness and licked it off the mirror.

After the mirror had been licked clean, she turned to me and said, ‘You have definitely passed the interview, can you start straight away, but you’ll need to keep an appointment free for me two or three times a week.’

We both got dressed and went into the outer office. I picked up the telephone and dialled a number. I heard the voice at the other end and I said, ‘Hello Mrs. Stevenson, this is Robert, I have just made an appointment for you tomorrow morning, Mrs. Wyles has suggested that we make it an extended one as its my first time, is that OK for you’.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow morning, perhaps Mrs. Wyles would like another pair of shoes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32