the family’s new bitch

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“no David! i said ‘your grounded!'” Catherine told her oldest 15 year old son, David. Catherine was a 35 year old widow. her husband died 2 years ago in a car accident, leaving her to finish raising her two boys. Dave, and Jack. Dave was 15, he was tall: 6’0, tan skin, he had short brown hair. her youngest son Jack was 14. he was tall 5’11 skinny. but very attractive for his age. Catherine had noticed him coming home with quite a few girls every month. she knew both boys were sexually active. she knew for sure with Jack because she’d walked in on him with his most recent girlfriend. Dave she only cold guess because she had heard moans coming from his room when him and his girlfriend who he had just recently broken up with, was there. but that could mean a great number of things. Catherine was a 35 year old women. she was still very attractive. she was 5’9, she had long dark hair, her breasts were still perfectly shaped, she had 36 C cups which she thought was a very perfect size. she had her children when she was still young so she never got all of her pent up sexual pleasure out of her.

“but mom!? i didn’t wreck the car! i never even touched it!” David argued with his mother. Dave had stolen the family car and wrecked it while pulling into the drive way. how? he hit the gas instead of the breaks when he tried to stop the car where it was supposed to be.
“I know you did! why ae we still arguing about this?! Go to your room!” Catherine was enraged. not only could she not get to work and back with out having to leave early in the morning. now she had to keep her son’s in check for a month. in the summer time.

“no TV, phone, or computer for a month! Its bad enough that this is cutting our budget! now i have to deal with you until the car is fixed! now get to your room until dinner!” she yelled at her son. he gave up and walked into his room. he took the car to impress his date but that ended in disaster after he wrecked it.
“fuck you, mom!” he screamed from his room and slammed the door.
“how long is he grounded for this time?” Jack asked his mother
“didn’t you hear sweetie? i’m sure you would have with all the yelling.” Catherine said to her son calmly. Jack was her favorite son. he always listened to her. they never fought. they had the type of mother-son relationship where Jack could tell his mom to ‘shut up’ and they’d both take it as a joke

“no i was in my room trying not to.” he told her.
“well he’s not aloud out of his room for a week. i can tell you that now. he’s also not aloud on the phone, TV, or computer for a month.”
“do you want me to guard his room while your at work?”
“that would be lovely.” she said after finishing setting the table. the two of them talked until dinner time when everyone was silent. the tension between Catherine and her oldest was at an all time high. they didn’t speak for 3 days after the fight. on the 3rd day Catherine walked into her son’s room. David was reading a book when his mother interrupted him.
“what do you want?” he asked her as calm as he could
“thank you for being good the past few days David.” she told him
“OK.” was all David said
“you can use one of your removed privileges for an hour starting whenever you touch it” Catherine was being really lenient on Dave. but this was one of the days where she had thought about what she did as a teenager.

“thanks!” David jumped up and ran out of the room to the computer.
“its 3:47 so at 4:47 i will shut it down.” she told him.
“i know.” she waved her off. Catherine was bored after that so she walked into her room. with David occupied on the computer and Jack at his girlfriends house, Catherine thought she deserved a little alone time. she walked over to her end table next to her king sized bed and got out her favorite vibrator. she was already horny enough, after not having a real man to pleasure her for so long. she put the dildo up to her snatch and turned it on. she started to moan softly until it was all the way inside of her. then she started to moan a bit louder. she was on her bed with her head in a pillow and her in doggy style position driving the dildo in and out of her. she imagined her lover giving it to her hard. she was about to cum when her felt something wet poke her hand. she looked back and saw her 2 year old golden retriever, Cyrus sniffing her snatch. she panicked quietly.

“no Cyrus! bad dog!” she whispered sharply at him. he ignored her, Cyrus wasn’t neutered and this was the time of the month when he was humping everything. Catherine started to kick at him. he growled at her. she yelped a little bit when she felt his tongue start to lap at her pussy. she quickly felt her pleasure reach its peak. she came all over her dogs face. Cyrus thought this was a ‘go ahead’ sign. he mounted Catherine and shoved his now fully unsheathed doggy cock into his new bitch. Catherine started to panic even more, she tried to pull away but Cyrus bite her neck and made her hold still.

“bad dog! get off! this isn’t happening. this cant be happening!” Catherine was now yelling at the dog. she had forgotten her son was in the other room. David heard the yelling from the Düzce Escort living room and got up to check it out. he slowly popped his head into his moms room to she Cyrus mounted on his mother and his mother on the bed screaming at the dog. David quickly took advantage of the moment and grabbed his camera from his moms dresser. she had taken all of his electronics away. he snapped a photo of the scene and walked away with his camera and hid it in his room. he went back to the computer and continued like nothing had happened.

“get off! no! bad dog!” all Catherine could do was sit there and take her pounding. she sat there for another 3 minutes and cried while her dog fucked her. she cried until she felt the dogs knot. then she really started to try and escape
“stupid mutt! get off of me! get off me!” she screamed at the dog while trying to pull away. Cyrus intended to make this women his bitch. he bit her neck again, this time harder then the last. Catherine felt like she had been paralyses by the bite. she sat there with her body going limp. she started to sob. she started to beg the dog to stop and beg him not to pour his dog seamen inside of her. she felt the knot enter her pussy. she cried even harder. she felt the dog shoot cum into her womb. she sat there for a few more minutes sobbing until the dog got off of her. she felt violated. she got up and walked to the bathroom. she stood in the shower crying for 2 hours. after she stopped crying she got out and walked into the living room. David was still on the computer.

“i told you 1 hour!” she raised her voice
“yes but technically you said ‘you’d shut it off’… you never did come out and shut it off so i decided to stay on.” David sounded cocky
“and why are you so cocky all of a sudden?” she asked him hoping she didn’t already know the answer.
“this is why.” he showed her the pictures he had taken of the family dog shoving his cock into her tight snatch.
“oh my god! how did you get those?! delete them now!”
“no! your my bitch now!” he screamed at her
“if you don’t do what i say then ill send you to prison” Catherine was shocked. not only did her own son take pictures of her dog fucking her, she thought he also had intentions of fucking his own mother!
“your… your a monster.”
“actually you are.” he said showing her the pictures again
“what are you going to do with me?” she asked with an unsteady voice
“I’ve got a few idea’s” he looked at his moms body

“that’s illegal!”
“so is fucking a dog!” he laughed in her face
“the only difference is that you got caught” he looked at his mom with a smug little smile
“you cant do this to me!”
“like hell i can’t! your my bitch now! if you don’t do what i say ill take these photos to the authorities” Catherine slapped her son and ran back to her room. about 5 minutes after she got into the room David walked in.

“take off your clothes.” he told her
“NO! what kind of slut do you think i am?!” she yelled back at him
“the one that lets a dog fuck her.” he smiled
“i hate you!” she started to cry.
“remove your clothes!” Catherine started to cry quietly while removing her clothes. she stood there naked in front of her oldest son. David examined his mother and liked what he saw. i walked up to her and shoved her down onto her knee’s

“please dont do this” she begged. David ignored his crying mother and unzipped his pants.
“im begging you David please!?” she started to sob
“shut up!” David slapped his mother. she stopped crying. he reached into his pants and removed his 10 inch dick. Catherine’s eyes widened
“oh my god!”
“i said shut up!” she slapped her again making her jaw drop in pain and he took that chance to shove his dick all the way down her throat. he started to face-fuck his own mother. she was crying and chocking and gagging, David kept ignoring her. he shoved his dick in as far as it could go and held it there untill his mom started to fight it.
“this is for grounding me” he screamed at her then blew his load down her throat. he removed his dick and walked out of the room leaving his mother there to choke on his cum. he cam back an hour later to his mom on the bed still crying.

“no! please no more!” she begged him. he slapped he again. he picked her up and threw her down on her bed.
“why are you doing this to your own mother?!” she asked him. he took out his dick again. she started to cry even more. David grabbed her legs and rammed his dick all the way into her pussy
“this is immoral! this is taboo! you cant do this!” she screamed at him and attempted to get away
“well its happening so just take it!” he screamed back at her as he rammed his dick back into her. she started to scream in pain as her oldest son rammed his monstrous cock into her. Catherine quickly found that her body was enjoying it. her mind was saying no but her body was saying yes. she started to cum
“oh so you enjoy it? you really are a slut. you let a dog fuck you and now your having an orgasm while your son fucks you?!” David was getting a kick out of raping his mother.
“no! i hate it! but it feels so… good!” Catherine started Düzce Escort Bayan to cum again all over her sons cock. David started to cum in side of his mother. when i finished his load he dropped his mother on the bed and put his pants back on. Catherine sat there watching the cum drip from her pussy

“i hate you…” she whimpered.
“you what?” David asked
“i hate you!” she said to him
“that’s not how you were acting earlier.” he said as he walked out of the room. Catherine got up and stumbled into the shower. she sat down and let the water wash off her shame. she didnt feel as bad when her son did it. she still felt like a piece of shit though. she washed odd her body and got out of the shower. she got dressed and walked into the kitchen to see her other son Jack. she could barely even look him in the eye let alone David. she couldnt stand the sight of David,

“hey mom.” Jack said as she walked passed him. she looked sad, Jack new something was up.
“whats wrong.” he asked his mom
“nothing sweetie. just leave me alone for a few minutes.” she walked over to the fridge to start dinner. Jack walked up to his older brother.
“whats wrong with mom?” he asked
“come here and ill show you.” David got up from the computer and walked into his room with Jack behind him.
“ok what now?”
“here” David gave his younger brother the camera
“what does this have to do with mom?”

“look through it” Jack turned on the camera and started looking through the photo’s. a few of David and his friends, and his girlfriends. Jack was almost done looking through the camera when he came across the pictures that were taken earlier that day.
“oh my god! what the hell?”
“the dog was actually raping her but i took advantage of the situation.” David explained
“what did you do?” Jack asked in shock of seeing his mother bent over and the family dog giving it to her from behind.

“i made her my bitch.” David said calmly
“you didn’t do what i think you did. did you?” Jack asked his brother
“that all depends on what you think i did.” David said with a smile
“did you have sex with your mother?” Jack asked him
“do you want to?” David replied. Jack’s face turned red
“that’s not the point! did you, or did you not fuck your own mother?”
“i did. now the real question is: do you?” David asked. Jack was always attracted to his mother, he always had fantasies about his mother and him. but he never thought those would come true,
“um… yeah.” he stuttered
“ok follow me.” David got up from his bed. they both walked over to they’re mother
“mom.” David asked. Catherine turned around to see her blackmailing son and her favorite son. she automatically knew how this was going to end.

“no. please. not right now. not like this.” she started to beg. her son’s cornered her and in a short moment she was bent over the counter with no pants/panties on, and Jack eating her out.
“oh baby. please stop. please stop.” Catherine bagged her ex-favorite son.
“he’s not going to stop until you cum.” David told his mother
“please?! stop! no! please! no!” she started to have an orgasm all over her youngest son’s face. she started to like it again
“please! no! dont stop! oh oh! yes!” she finished having her orgasm.
“i told you she likes it.” David said to Jack
“please no more. i need to finish dinner.” David looked at Jack.
“i cant wait for desert then” David slapped his mom’s ass making her yelp. she was so ashamed of herself. she hated herself for letting her own children fuck her. both boy’s walked away happy. they both went to Davids room
“so what is she doing for us for desert?” Jack asked David
“its not what shes doing for us. its what were doing for her. she likes it. were going to make her love it.” David replied.

at dinner the 3 of them sat at a table that was made for 4 people. Catherine at the end farthest from the rest. they ate in silence until Catherine finished her plate. she looked up from her food to see both boy’s staring at her. they both finished they’re food before her. she started to get scared.
“time for desert?” Jack asked David
“yep.” they both stood up. Catherine was terrified. she made a dash for her room but David grabbed her before she could leave the kitchen
“no no no you stay right here.” David sat her on the counter.
“please don’t do this. i’m your mother.” she begged again. David loved listening to his mother beg not to be fucked. but she always enjoyed it in the end.
“we love you mom.” Jack said then he hugged her.
“your both monsters!” she screamed at them. they both smiled. David walked up and grabbed her tits. Catherine slapped his hand away.
“clothes, off, now.” David told her
“no!” she screamed at them
“then we’ll just have to rip them off.” Jack said grabbing the bottom her shirt and ripping it until it reached the top. she didnt have a bra on so her tits just came out. jack leaned up and started to lick her nipples. Catherine tried her best to hold back a moan but one escaped her lips.

“i heard that.” Jack said before going back to her nipples. she never breast fed the boys so she started Escort Düzce to lactate a little bit.
“mmm that tastes good.” Jack said. David got curious and leaned forward to suck on his mothers tit.
“please no. stop that. it feels so… so…. good” she started to moan as her two boys licked and sucked her tits. after about 3 minutes of Catherine moaning at her son’s they stopped. Catherine tried to escape again but got knocked down by the dog who was laying in the kitchen entrance.
“should we take her back to her room?” Jack asked David. David nodded and picked her up. he threw his half naked mother over his shoulder and carried her to her room. Catherine started to cry again. Jack walked up to her and whispered into her ear trying his best to sound like a little kid again.
“its ok mommy. we wont hurt you.” Catherine started to sob even harder then she had when the dog raped her.
“i hate you both! your monsters! your both going to prison!” she threatened
“actually you’ll be going to prison. your over 18” Jack said with a smug smile. they got to Catherine’s room. David threw her on the bed. she landed near the other side of the bed, with her legs near the boys. she tried to crawl away but Jack pulled her all the way back to them.

“come here mommy.” David grunted.
“no! i hate you! your a monster! stay away from me!” she screamed at the both. Jack grabbed his moms shorts and pulled them down. the her grabbed her panties and tore them off. he stuck them in his pocket. David grabbed his mom and put her on her knees
“im not doing this! this is taboo! im not going to prison!”
“you will go if you dont do it!” Jack yelled at her. Jack unzipped his pants and pulled out a 10 inch cock.
“you cant be serious?!” Catherine looked at her son’s raging hard on. David pulled out his
“i cant do this!” Catherine cried.
“you can! and you will!” David slapped her. Jack grabbed her head and started to fuck her throat until she started to choke and spit all over the place. Jack released her face and she fell to the floor holding her neck coughing and gagging for air. her throat was to expanded for her to say anything. all she could do is cry silently as her youngest son mounted her.

“come on mommy. it’ll be fun.” Jack said as he put his cock at the entrance of his mothers pussy. she felt his cock and started to struggle. she was crying and making odd sounds that were attempts a screaming. Jack grabbed his mothers waist and shoved his dick back into where he came from. Catherine started to cry even louder until she was turned over so jack was on bottom. he still held her in place but David got onto the bed and shoved his dick into his mothers throat. she accidentally bit down. David pulled out of her mouth and slapped her really hard.
“bite me one more time and this is going in our ass without any lube” he said pointing at his cock. Catherine understood what he was saying but didn’t want to cry anymore so she just silently nodded and opened her mouth

“good girl.” David said before he jammed his cock all the way back down his mothers throat. he face fucked her for about 2 minutes then pulled out. Catherine’s throat was expanded even more. she felt like she was going to puke. or choke to death. either one of them would help her in this situation. David went down to his mothers ass and opened her cheeks. he spit on her asshole and shoved his cock all the way in, in just one movement her was deep inside his own mothers asshole. Catherine was to weak to move and her throat was still expanded so she couldn’t do anything about the sudden penetration but she was crying softly to herself until she started to think about it
“its just another fuck. i should enjoy it. it may be illegal but that doesn’t mean i cant enjoy it” she told herself. then he soon found that it was easier to enjoy it then to hate it. she started having orgasm after orgasm. soon enough both boys were two.
“mommy! im cumming!” Jack screamed as he blew his load deep into his mothers womb.
“your ass is so tight!” David screamed as he blew a load into his mothers anus. by now Catherine’s throat was back to its normal size.
“that was nice boy’s. we should do it again soon.” she told them then kissed her youngest on the lips.
“thank you mom. your pussy tastes as good as it feels.” Jack whispered into her ear. David got off of his mom and walked into the bathroom.

“come here mom!” he called from the bathroom. Catherine couldn’t stand at all. Jack picked her up and carried her to the bathroom
“yes David?” she asked calmly
“clean yourself up and then get some rest you’ve got a big day tomorrow.” David looked at her with a smile
“and what makes it so big?” Catherine asked while jack put her down into the bath tub
“this” Jack said as he shove his dick back down his mothers throat.
“please be more gentle baby? i like getting fucked by you both a lot but it still hurts.” she asked..
“we will if you do what we say. when we say. oh and you have to call us both master.” David said.
“yes master’s” Catherine said with less enthusiasm then before but she still did it non-the-less.
“we love you mommy. we wont hurt you any more.” Jack said as he bent down and nibbled on his moms tits
“mm ok baby.” she smiled as they walked out of the room and went to bed. Catherine was growing on the idea of being her son’s slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32