The Family Ho!

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Secret Discovered

I had always had my eye on daddy; and now that I was 18 I was going to make my dream come true and get daddy’s cock.

It was Friday night, I had just finished showering, I stood waiting till I heard daddy come down the hall, that’s when I left the bathroom, and bumped into daddy, I dropped my towel.

“I’m sorry daddy” I said, standing their naked.

“It’s all right baby,” daddy said as he bent down and picked up my towel, his eyes looked my body over, stopping at my shaven pussy.

“My towel daddy,” I giggled.

“Here you go baby,” daddy said as he handed me my towel, then went to his room; I took the towel, smiling, and then went to my room. I put on my nighty and got on my computer. Later that night I heard mumbling coming from daddy’s room, I sneaked up to his door and listened.

“Suck my cock, suck it good,” I heard daddy say, but who was in there with him, I wondered.

“Ohhhhh I’mmmm going to cuuuummmm Liiisssaaa,” I heard daddy moan. My mind started racing, daddy was jacking off thinking of me! I was so happy, I wanted to burst into his room, but I didn’t, I just went back to my room and masturbated.

Saturday morning, I was in the kitchen, wearing my nighty only, when daddy came in.

“Morning baby,” daddy said.

“Morning daddy, I’m going to make pancakes,” I said as I bent over to get the skillet from under the cabinet, my nighty rode up and daddy got a good shot of Pussy.

“That’s…….That’s fine baby,” daddy said with a pause, I could not see him but I felt him staring at my pussy, I made the pancakes and served some to daddy.

“Here you go daddy” I said as I put the plate in front of him, I bent low so daddy could see my tits.

“Thanks baby,” daddy said, staring at my tits, I could see daddy had a hard on, I dropped a knife on the floor.

“I got it Daddy,” I said as I got on the floor went under the table I unzipped Daddies pants, pulled out his cock and took in my mouth.

“Lisa! What……” escort haberleri daddy’s words became moans, as I sucked his cock.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as I moved my head up and down Daddies Cock, Then I just suck on his head.

“This is wrong!” daddy moaned.

“You wanted it last night when you called out my name,” I retorted as I jacked daddy’s cock, then stared sucking it again.

“Uhhh…Uhhh…Ahhh….” Daddy moaned loud as he grabbed my head, and shot his cum down my throat, I drank every drop.

“Was it as good as you dreamed?” I asked daddy as I let his limp cock slip from my mouth.

“Better,” Daddy said with a smile.

“Fuck me daddy I want your Cock in me,” I begged.

“Oh Baby,” Daddy said, then mom’s car pulled in, I ran upstairs and got dressed.

“Lisa! Lisa!” mom yelled.

“Coming mom,” I yelled as I flushed the toilet and returned downstairs.

“Morning Honey,” mom said.

“Morning mom” I replied.

“Honey it was nice of you to make your father’s breakfast,” mom said.

“I like Pleasing daddy, mom” I said with a smile, “Here, have some Pancakes,” I added.

“But you haven’t eaten,” mom said.

“I had some milk,” I replied.

“Ok honey,” mom conceded.

“Got go, I promised to meet June this morning,” I said.

“Have Fun,” mom replied.

“Love you mom, Love you daddy,” I exclaimed. Mom’s backs was towards me, so I flashed daddy my tits and worked my tongue at him.

“I love you to,” they both said, as I head out the door.


Over at June’s house.


“Guess what June?” I said.

“What!” June replied.

“I sucked Daddy’s Cock for breakfast,” I said.

“What? …How was it?” June asked.

“Great, his cum tasted better than any boy’s I’ve had,” I retorted.

“Did you fuck him?” June quarried.

“No not yet! Now eat my pussy,” I commanded June as I pull my shorts down and spread my legs. June dove gaziantep escort haberleri right in licking my cunt like there was no tomorrow.

“I wonder what my Mom would think if she knew Best friend was eating her Daughter’s Pussy out,” I asked.

“You mustn’t tell her!” June yelled “You Promised,” June cried.

“Tell me do you think of eating my mother out?” I asked.

“Yes I do,” June answered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I have too much fun eating your son’s spunk from your pussy,” I replied as I placed June’s face back to my pussy.

“Mmmm….lick me….Mmmmm,” I moaned. June is a good pussy eater.

Ohhh…Sooo….Gooood,” I moaned as I rubbed June’s head.

“Yeeessss…….Yeeessss…..” I screamed as I orgasmed. June licked up every drop, she then slid up and we kissed. I licked my juice off her face and sucked it off her tongue.

June, clean up, we’re going shopping.


Later that night.

“Bye Honey,” mom said as she headed for work.

“Bye Mom,” I said as I kissed her on the lips, I could taste daddy’s cum. mom headed to the car and left for work.

“Daddy,” I called out.

“Yes baby,” daddy answered.

“Tell me whose better, Mommy, or me?” I asked.

“You Baby,” daddy replied as he dropped his pants. I dropped to me knees and started sucking him.

“Hummm…” I think it tastes different.

“So do you like mommy’s cunt juice?” daddy asked. I just started sucking faster.

“Mmmmmm… I’ll take that as a yes,” daddy moaned.

“Well I guess you were right sweetie, we have a ho for a daughter,” Mom said.

“Mom!” I yelled as I spit daddy’s cock out, mom turned me around.

“Here Honey, eat mommy,” mom said as she pushed my face into her cunt.

“Urhhh….” I moaned as daddy stuck his cock up my ass, there I was eating my mother’s pussy while dad fucked my ass, I was in heaven.

“Mmmm…” mom moaned as I licked her pussy escort gaziantep haberleri and sucked on her pussy lips. Meanwhile I rocked my hips to daddy thrusting his cock in me. The room was soon filled with the our moans, the sounds of daddy’s cock sliding in and out of my ass, and the slurping sounds of me giving mom head.

“So tight! So tight!” Daddy yelled with each trust.

“Whose pussy have you been eating?” Mom moaned.

“God Yes!” daddy yelled as he wrapped his arms around my waist, then I felt his hot cum filling my ass.

“Whhhoo…whhoo…” mom moaned loud as she had an orgasm, which I hungrily swallowed, every drop.

“June,” I said, laying on the floor, my mother’s juices covering my face, and daddy’S cum oozing from my ass.

“June?” Mom asked.

“Yes, I like eating Marks cum out of her pussy,” I panted.

“June fucks her son?” Mom asks.

“Well we can’t complain, we fuck our daughter,” Dad said with a smile, as he turned me over and slid his cock into my hot, wet puss. My pussy eagerly swallowed up his cock.

“Mmmm,” daddy I moaned as he started fucking me.

“We should invite June and mark over,” dad said through his grunts.

“We should so you can fuck June, Dear?” Mom asks Dad.

“No dear so I can fuck Mark,” dad replied.

“You nasty boy,” mom retorted.

“You want to what?” I moaned.

“Uhhhh……” Dad moaned as he pulled out of me and stuck his cock in my mouth.

“Ahhh……” Dad moaned as he shot his wad down my throat. I swallowed it all, and licked and sucked my cunt juice off his cock.

“Baby, your Daddy likes cock too,” daddy said.

“Yes, it would be nice fucking June and Mark,” Mom added as she walked over to the Phone and called June.

“Hello,” I could hear June say.

“Hello June, I have found out you have been having sex with my Daughter, and so has your Son. Me and Frank want both of you over here right now to discuss this,” mom hollered.

“She’s had sex with Frank!” June yelled.

“I have heard nothing of about that. But you and Mark were taking advantage of a minor, now get over here or I’ll call the Cops” mom yelled.

“She’s not a Minor!” June yelled.

“She was when you started!” Mom yelled “Now are you coming over, or do I call the Cops?” mom yelled.

“We’ll right be over,” June said, then she hung up.

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