The Existence – Chapter 1

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This is set in the same world as the Modern Mage series and there may be some crossover. This may be a series around the character I introduced or just turn out to be the setting for a collection of short tales that happen within, some with the Staff and Owner and others with just the characters I introduce in those short tales. I am going to continue writing the Modern Mage, I just wanted to get this online because of things coming up in the other story line and the Existence and Elysiums in general may play a part in the story. Enjoy reading and thank you.

The Existence is my place, it’s something of an enigma wrapped in a puzzle stuffed inside a conundrum. What it is and isn’t have been debated by the clientele on a regular basis. It started as a simple bar that I purchased with my inheritance. What it has become is an Elysium, a sanctuary of sorts for all those in the Supernatural community. I’ve expanded it over the years and will describe it to you shortly, but let’s give you some more understanding of what the Existence truly is. Vampires call it Elysium, others call it a Sanctuary, and others call it a nice place to visit. What it is goes beyond all of those. Most places like this are set up by and for one particular group of supernatural beings; this place caters to them all, as well as the mortals who know about them. On a given night you may see hunters and vampires sitting in the corner talking and sharing war stories. I’ve had Mages and Technocrats discussing their individual philosophies on Magick vs. Enlightened Science, both the same in the end, without resorting to violence. There are a couple of things special about this plays beyond the abnormal normalcy of an Elysium. I have a very short list of rules. First, everyone is here to have a good time, don’t disrupt that or you’ll be escorted to the door. Second is no tabs, pay your bill or don’t come to visit in the first place. Third and most important, no violence, if you think about using Magick, a Vampiric Discipline, a Were Creature Gift or any other type of power in an unfriendly manner, you will fail and you will be removed in the most direct and efficient way possible. Weapons are another matter, you want to carry them in go ahead, but read the sign above the main bar:
The use of weapons is strenuously discouraged, violators will be Penalized. For those who don’t have two brain cells to form a thought the above means Escort “YOU PULL IT, YOU EAT IT”, This policy is strictly enforced.

My staff is more than capable of enforcing all of the above rules. Sam is a vampire and I won’t disclose her clan or generation. She has been a warrior and has the experience of age. She is the head of my security for the club. She doesn’t look like much to most and that has cost some their lives. Sam is a very petite 5’4” and weighs in around 130 but I saw her rip the head off of another vampire who tried to attack someone in my place. She has a bit of an attitude and refuses to call me anything other than boss. She has the whole staff calling me that now, some days I want to put her in the sun while she sleeps.

George is up next, Sam recruited him as her assistant head of security according to the paperwork. He acts more like a bodyguard for me despite my protests. George is about 7’4” and I won’t even guess his weight. Beyond that he is non-descript, brown eyes and hair. If he wasn’t so big you wouldn’t remember anything about him at all. When he stands still, people think he’s a wall. George is a werewolf without a pack or tribe to speak of. He has no memory of his past; however he is exceptionally skilled with all manner of weapons and hand to hand combat techniques. His primary post is inside the front door in the main bar area acting as bouncer.

JD is my accountant and computer expert. He is Greek with short dark wavy hair, ice blue eyes and a sharp wit. He stood about 5’7” with a trim build around 160 pounds. He was exceptionally skilled with a blade. However after an incident at the shooting range, Sam said if he ever picked up a firearm in her presence again she’d shoot to kill. He made sure the books and investments stayed up to date and proper and had a few other talents. He used to be a Hunter until he displayed some very non-mortal talents and his former colleagues started hunting him. Not sure what he is, but then again neither is he.

Elayna is my head bartender, she was working here when I bought the original bar and I expect she’ll be here long after. She is also a vampire and I respect her as much as Sam so no generation or clan, however she’s been around for a while and still dresses the part often. This works well for me as the patrons love the look. She wears modern recreations as well as well cared for original Escort Bayan dresses from the renaissance era. She is around 5’9”, long ass length black hair, whisky colored eyes and a demeanor that puts everyone at ease. Those of us that know her don’t risk her temper. With her came Jarvis, her ghoul. He has been with her since shortly after her turning acting as servant during the night and protector during the day. He looks the same 35 her did when she made him a ghoul all that time ago. He was a gentleman and respected everyone unless they tried something stupid. He had broken the arm and escorted out the last person who grabbed Elayna’s ass when she was walking past on evening. He doesn’t actually work for me, only because every time I’ve tried to put him on the payroll for the work her does, they both refuse and say it is part of who they are.

Guido is probably one of the most interesting of the staff. He is an awakened mortal and while retired from his original professions her uses those skills to help is. He is our personal assassin and cleaner. Useful guy to have around after someone breaks the rules of the club. He doesn’t speak much, but he is the best cook I’ve ever met. He spends most of his time in the kitchens and has complete control over the menu. Out of respect for the fact that he is likely the only mortal I have ever met that could kill me, I’m not giving his description.

While there are many other members to the staff, the ones above are the most important for you to know about. Before I move on to describe the place or the unique features of the place I should introduce myself. My name despite what Sam will tell you is Arthur Masters and I own the place. I was a Mage, now I’m something more and that is all you need to know for now. I am more than capable of enforcing the rules of this place on my own. I’m 6’4” clock in at 220 of toned muscle, brown hair and pale gray eyes. I look about 27 and that’s how old I’ll be again on my next birthday. I’ve had other names at times and if you come to my place enough you may eventually learn them, until then grab a stool and your first drink is on me.

The Existence start out as a simple bar where other than serving drinks I acted as an intermediary between the cops and informants on the street. It kept the area around the bar clean and kept me in the good graces on both sides of the law. It had the additional Bayan Escort benefit of bringing extra money in to the till. This worked fine for me until the day I Awakened. After some adventures that you may earn the right to hear some day I came back and started building up the place. I performed a few rituals that I created in order to give the Existence it two most unique features. First is the fact that it became a Sanctuary for all the Supernatural communities allowing me to continue to act as an intermediary and gain knowledge which is something of a passion for me. The second ritual is the one I’m most proud of. No one can find the place just by looking for it, you have to need to find it to arrive at my door the first time if you haven’t been invited. This keeps the sleepers away and allows the supernatural patrons to be themselves without worrying about their respective societies laws.

I earned money and power among these people, enough to buy the rest of the block the bar sat on. The original bar still stands and looks at it did before with the exception being the back wall is now a soundproofed bullet resistant glass divider. What’s behind the divider is the largest dance club you’ll ever see. It takes up most of the city block where the bar sits. The bar and dance club have catwalks above them where the security team constantly roamed watching for problems. I have my own chair up there at the divider between the bar and club when I’m not tending the bar as I prefer. We have several conference and private rooms on the ground floor for meetings that need to be away from prying eyes. There’s a table in the center of the main bar area that Sam placed a reserved sign on for me and anyone I need to speak with. She won’t let me meet in private with many people since the last attempt on my life. That table sits dead center in the room surrounded from above by the catwalks. Under the table right where I sit is a rack for me to put a shotgun when I am sitting there. I can use firearms with the best of them but I prefer blades and fighting close in. Most of the Staff, me included live in rooms above the bar and club. I had just recently put in a 4 story parking structure next door. On the roof of it was reserved parking for staff and a walkway connecting to the club itself.

Tonight was like most nights, very busy in the bar and club areas. I’ve been tending bar since around 4, the sun went down about 20 minutes ago and the Vampire clientele were starting to show up. Then they walked into the club and sat at my table looking for all the world like trouble…..

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