The Escort

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Vanessa stood in front of the mirror while leaning over the sink as she pressed her colored lips together. One of those stretchy, short 90’s style dresses hugged her every curve. A scoop neckline and plunging backless view made room for nothing more than her smooth skin that would slide against it. She tugged at her dress while sliding her feet into the white dancing flats that she loved to wear.

It was Friday night and Vanessa’s favorite local hang out, “Swacks”, was going to be packed. It was always the first place to hit for Sean and Jen but, if the DJ didn’t play the right music or the band didn’t rock, they would drag Vanessa all over town until the right club was found.

Sean was a divorced and a semi-good looking kinda guy. Extremely picky, always looking for that certain kind of woman, but never keeping it a secret that Vanessa was the one he wanted. Vanessa wasn’t interested, especially since Sean wasn’t her type. He was looking for marriage material and she wasn’t ready to settle down, or so she thought. Jen was a free spirit. Boyfriends came and went, but she always came back to Nick. Jen’s mother warned her away from Nick, stating that he was too reckless, but that made her want him even more. From Vanessa’s point of view Nick was the perfect catch. Jen always looked happy around him and Nick made her the center of his attention. Vanessa remained single by choice, with too many dead end relationships. Trying to mold herself into what they wanted was against everything she believed in. This was the third year without a boyfriend and she had no intention of finding one. Sean and Jen loved teasing her about it, but were shocked when she actually stuck to it and never gave in.

Vanessa walked in the kitchen, looking at the clock just as the phone began to ring. ” Hello…?” she answered.

“Are you ready yet?” Sean asked, impatient as ever.

“Aren’t you going to say hello first?” she laughed. “You must really need to get out tonight.” she said with a smirk.

“Hello! And yeah, I really need to be around some women tonight.” he said laughing. “I can’t remember the last time one brushed up against me.” he said, teasingly.

“Well then, get your ass over here and pick me up! It’s your turn to drive tonight.” she said, waiting for him to put up a fight. A one or two drink minimum wasn’t something he liked to do.

“Okay, but I’m already out in front of your place. So it is you that needs to move your ass!” Sean added, chuckling.

Looking out the window, Vanessa could see him smile, waving from his car window. “Be there in a flash!” she said, hanging up the phone Grabbing her wallet-size purse off the table, she turned on one light before shutting the front door behind her.

Arriving at the club, the music was heard from the street. The loud bass mixed with the laughter coming from the parking lot as groups of people headed toward the door. Getting there early meant no lines and Jen hated lines so she always beat Vanessa and Sean to the club, usually with a drink already in her hand. The same familiar bouncer stood at the door as his smile got wider while Vanessa and Sean approached him.

“Hey you guys! Try not to have to much fun!” the bouncer said, his typical response when seeing them.

“Yeah, you know us.” Sean spoke up, giving him a slap to the shoulder as Vanessa smiled while he stamped her wrist.

The fans were on full blast as Vanessa looked up at the ceiling. “It’s going to be a hot one tonight.” she smiled, looking out across all the people that had already flooded the dance floor.

Pulling Vanessa’s hand, Sean lead her to a table and sat down. A waitress approached them promptly with a big smile.

“What can I get you guys?” She leaned into Sean, trying not to yell in his ear. Sean glanced over at Vanessa as she grinned deviously holding four fingers up.

“Two B-52’s and two white Russians.” he said, turning back to Vanessa as the waitress left, holding the tray over her head. Vanessa scanned the dance floor then spotted Jen pressed tightly up against Nick. One of her hands gripped the back of Nick’s neck, looking down between them where their bodies met. A drink was in the other hand, hovering just above Nick’s shoulder while his hands roamed down over Jen’s jean shorts.

“Uhh oh, looks like Jen is going to have a little company tonight.” Vanessa said, bumping Sean’s arm and then pointing in the direction they stood.

“I don’t get those two.” Sean added, rolling his eye’s.

“Why? He digs her, she digs him. What’s the problem?” Vanessa asked with a questionable look.

“They’re so off and on all the time. That would drive me nuts!” he answered finally, still staring at them on the dance floor.

“It’s almost the perfect arrangement. Whenever Jen needs him, Nick is there.” she said, with a little justification. “They see other people, but they don’t get into each others personal issues.” she added.

” Oh, so your saying Jen is just using him for sex?” Sean laughed, almost hanging his tongue out of his mouth as he took a second atakent escort look at them. He watched Nick’s hands, slowly sliding down over Jen’s body, squeezing her by the cheeks. Nick’s serious stare spoke volumes from where Sean sat as he bit at the edge of Jen’s chin.

“Actually, Nick is in it for the same reason.” Vanessa smiled, wishing for the same sort of arrangement. She suddenly got lost in thought during the conversation. “Almost like an escort, only your not paying for the sex.” she thought to herself, her teeth pressed against her lip. Jen bent back as her hair hung just above the dance floor. Nick’s mouth came down greeting her partly covered breast while sticking his tongue out, paving a wet streak all the way up to her ear.

“That’s not much of a relationship.” Sean leaned into Vanessa’s shoulder giving her a nudge.

“I call that a no bullshit relationship!” she smiled and then laughed, trying to find the flaw in it.

“Which is exactly what your into!” Sean quickly added, poking her in the ribs with his finger.

“I’m going steady with my vibrator! I would love to have what Jen has just for one month!” Vanessa gave him a small punch at his side, making contact with his ribs as she put her hands up, ready for Sean to grab her.

Sean rolled his eyes in disbelief and then turned as the waitress walked up, setting the drinks down on the table in front of them. Sean dropped his credit card on her tray, telling the waitress to run a tab. Vanessa continued to watch Nick and Jen as his hands continued to slide along her curves. Jen tilted her head up, looking into Nick’s eye’s as though she was telling him exactly how the night would end. People danced and occasionally bumped into them, never breaking the heated stare they shared between them.

Vanessa looked down, taking the shot glass in her hand and hoping the drinks would help her forget how much she wanted that kind of attention. With a wink to Sean, she placed her teeth at the edge of the shot glass, throwing her head back. Slamming the empty glass down in front of them, she wiped the corners of her mouth while standing up and tugging at her dress.

“It’s time to dance!” Vanessa said, walking toward Jen on the dance floor.

Sean didn’t dance. In fact, he absolutely hated it. He was all too happy to hang out, holding onto the table so no one would take it.

“Say hi to Jen for me!” he said with a smile, watching Vanessa jiggle to the music as she walked away. Sean studied the dance floor as Jen spotted Vanessa. With surprise, she wrapped both her arms around Vanessa’s neck as Nick moved back. With a quick smile, Nick then leaned back in, kissing the side of Vanessa’s cheek as they began talking over the loud music. Jen laughed as her mouth dropped open while she turned, looking in Sean’s direction. Holding her drink up, she blew him a kiss and then waved. Sean smiled, waving back as Nick held his hand up giving his head a quick nod.

The dirty dancing began as Nick danced along side Jen and Vanessa. Watching them closely, bumping into one another with their hips crashing, making contact, almost knocking each other over. Nick laughed, then suddenly grabbed Jen and spun her around as he looked over her shoulder at Vanessa. Jen’s back now flat against his chest, seductively he flattened his hand across her tummy. A small tug pulling her back, Jen’s cheeks pressed up against his sex. Vanessa smiled at them moving to the beat while getting closer and closer until her breasts were almost touching Jen’s. Reaching underneath Jen’s arm, Nick grabbed for Vanessa’s hand as he pulled her around behind him. Her back now pressed against his as Vanessa began to slide down, rubbing against his hard ass. Bending her knees deeply, she crawled up and down his back while she rocked to the music.

Looking out across the crowded dance floor, Vanessa spotted an attractive man. Leaning against the bar, he held a conversation with the guy sitting next to him. He almost looked out of place with his matching jacket and pants. A white button up shirt was left partly open at the top, showing his muscular build. Vanessa continued to dance against Nick while watching his body language. A sexy woman approached him, making a slight hand movement as he smiled shaking his head. The woman walked away looking wounded as he turned back to the guy next to him while taking another drink out of his glass. Over the next hour or so Vanessa watched as one woman after the next approached him, but with no success. He still remained at the bar.

“Hmmm, all of them were attractive.” she thought to herself.

Jen reached for Vanessa’s arm. “What’s his story?” she asked with curiosity. “You know him or somethin’?”

“No, we’ve never met.” Vanessa yelled back at Jen as she watched her eye’s squint, feeling the pressure in her ears.

“He looks shy.” Jen added as Nick smacked her on the ass, trying to get her attention.

“No, I don’t think so. It’s something else.” Vanessa said, studying akbatı escort him.

“Go ask him to dance, I bet he’ll turn you down too!” Jen laughed as she turned to face Nick, planting a big kiss onto his lips.

Vanessa walked across the crowded dance floor, leaving Nick and Jen as they continued to kiss each other, distracted by no one. A few feet from the bar, Vanessa could see his elbows set at the top of the bar with the heel of his foot hanging off the bar stool behind him. His smile was warm and inviting, nothing about him looked shy.

Reaching the bar, she spotted another guy just a foot away. Reaching her hand out she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Wanna dance?” she asked, as he turned slightly, stopping his conversation with the guy standing next him.

“Yeah, sure! I’m Joey.” he said quickly, handing his drink to his friend.

“Vanessa, great to meet ya.” she said, then turned her sights back to the bar. And for one brief moment, Vanessa locked eye’s with him. Joey grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the dance floor.

“What a smile, too bad we weren’t somewhere else, instead of this bar.” Vanessa said to herself with her smile just flirting with him as she finally looked away.

The last dance of the night and Vanessa was ready to go. Walking back to the table, Nick and Jen hung on each other laughing at something as she arrived.

Slipping her arm around Sean’s shoulder. “It’s time to get out of here.” Vanessa said while looking over at Jen. Grabbing Nick’s arm, Jen wrapped it around her waist as she smiled wildly. It was a dead giveaway that she was leaving with Nick.

“Alright lets go.” Sean said, giving Nick a quick hand shake.

“Great to see you guy’s again.” Nick added.

One last glance around the bar and he was gone. Vanessa wondered if she’d ever see him again.

“Hey, you guys, before you leave.” Sean spoke up as Nick and Jen turned around. “BBQ, my house! Tomorrow, 12 noon and don’t be late!” Sean said firmly.

“We’ll be there!” Nick and Jen waved as they walked away.

“Okay babe, you ready? You need your sleep tonight. Can’t have you hung over tomorrow. A great friend of mine is coming that I want you to meet.” Sean said, wrapping his arm around Vanessa, grabbing her as she laughed, almost falling into him.

“Yup! Yourrrr drivin’.” Vanessa laughed, pinching his chin in her hands. “Just don’t try to set me up with him!” she added as they headed for the door.

“Oh, don’t worry, he’s not the marrying type!” Sean laughed and gave her a squeeze, holding her upright.

“Perfect!” Vanessa said, smiling back at him.


The sunlight shined through the blinds as Vanessa felt the sun touch her skin. A big, slow sigh left her lips, feeling the cooled sheets at the other side of the bed with that familiar empty feeling. Placing her hand at top of the pillow, she pulled it down between her legs while pushing another under her chin. Opening her eyes, feeling a little pressure at her temples, she remember the drinks from last night as she turned to look at the clock. 11:30 am.

“Ohhh, shit. The BBQ!” she said out loud, stumbling out of bed and racing to the shower. Turning the shower on as hot as she could stand it, quickly she washed her hair, face and body. Grabbing the towel off the rack, she dried off then wrapped it tightly around her head. She streaked down the hall running toward the bedroom as her feet squeaked against the wood floors. Leaning over her clothes basket, she grabbed a bright tank top laying it on the bed. The towel fell to the floor in a heap, sliding from her wet head as she pulled the snug tank top down over her breasts. Then the phone rang.

“I’ll be right there.” she said, without saying hello, knowing it was Sean on the other end of the line.

“Don’t even think about being late!” Sean said, sharply.

“Who’s late? I still have time!” she paused, quickly pulling her panties up, careful not to make any sound. “I’ll be there, trust me.” she laughed, trying to cover up the sound of the zipper on her shorts.

“Quit playing with your vibrator and get your ass over here.”Sean said, being a smart ass. “Your breathing so heavy into the phone.” he added, teasingly.

“You wish! ” she said, almost barking at him. “I ran down the hallway to catch the phone.” trying to convince him otherwise.

“You’ll have to do a test so I can tell the difference.” he said, challenging her.

“Are you going to keep talking to me, or let me drive over?” she said, finally. Vanessa remembered the last time Sean kissed her. He just drove right through without ever letting her come up for air. Telling Sean to take it slow never worked. The further his tongue went down her throat the more he liked it. In the long run, they were much better at being friends.

“Why don’t you just put it close to the phone, let me hear it buzz, so I-” he went on, continuing to tease her.

“Okay, Okay. I’m leaving now. I’m hanging up the phone.” she said, cutting aksaray escort him off and dropping the phone back on the dresser.

She grabbed her swim suit and towel, tossing it into her beach bag. Walking over to the end table next to the bed, she laid her purse and keys that had fallen onto the floor. Picking them up, she tossed them onto her towel and headed for the bathroom. Dropping her bag at her feet, she looked in the mirror at her wet hair, she pumped a large amount of gel into the palm of her hand.

“No need to do the hair, I don’t have a date.” she said out loud, looking into the mirror as she ran her fingers through it. Leaving the bathroom, throwing her bag over her shoulder, she slipped into her flip flops while walking out the door.

The front door to Sean’s was wide open as she drove up hearing the music. She looked up again after pulling the keys out as Jen was seen jiggling in front of the entry way with her arms waving in the air.

“Hurry up, woman!” Jen yelled, loud enough to hear.

“Jen’s ahead of me already.” Vanessa thought, feeling her head hurt.

Walking up to the patio, Nick suddenly appeared, grabbing Jen away from the door. “It’s about time you got here!” Nick said, with a snicker.

Vanessa looked down at her watch. ” I’m not that late. It’s only 12:15 pm!” she laughed, rolling her eye’s.

“Yeah, you’re late. I said 12 noon! ” Sean said, walking up and holding out a beer. “Here, you might need this. How’s that head feelin’?” he asked with a grin that kept getting bigger.

“Oh, my head? Oh, it’s fine.” Vanessa coughed into her hand and then laughed, grabbing the beer from Sean.

“Foods ready guys!” a man’s voice came from deep into the house.

Vanessa turned and put her arm around Jen’s neck, pulling her away from Nick as she stuck her tongue out, looking back at him. They began to secretly catch up on Jen’s night as they walked toward the back of the house. Pool tables, games and a full bar were just inside the sliding glass doors leading out to the large deck that Sean had built himself. A hot-tub that seated eight people sat over to the right with a large covered roof. A large BBQ-er, able to feed a large crowd, sat directly across from the tub as a man stood in front of it flipping the steaks. A few of Sean’s friends were playing pool while others sat at the bar.

“Did ya stock up for today Sean?” one of the guys said, after sinking the eight ball into a pocket.

“Why? You guys playing for drinks?” Sean chuckled, walking out onto the back patio. Vanessa took a big drink off her beer, after feeling her head pulse a little from the music which was loud enough to bother her ears.

Looking at the hot-tub. “Okay, it’s time to get wet!” Vanessa looked at Jen with a big smile.

“Your sooooo right! ” Jen said, pulling her away as Sean and Nick watched them disappear back into the house.

Time passed and both of the girls returned as they walked over, dropping their towels into the chairs next to the hot tub. Vanessa placed her beer at the edge of the tub while Jen held hers, slipping into the hot water up to her waistline.

Sean walked up and leaned over the hot tub. “Are you girls hungry?” watching Vanessa’s breasts peeking just above the bubbling water.

“I’ll take my steak after I get out, Sean.” Jen spoke up catching Sean’s gaze. “No, thanks, I’m fine Sean. I will have mine later.” Vanessa said, grabbing her beer, taking another drink.

“Steaks are ready!” a guy’s voice said, standing next to Sean.

Vanessa felt a kick to her leg as she looked over at Jen then turned, spitting her beer out in front of her. Jen suddenly burst into laughter, as Vanessa started to cough, putting her hand in front of her mouth.

“It’s him.” her heart began to pound. Racing thoughts left her speechless as she stared down into the bubbling hot tub water, trying to hide the surprised look in her eyes.

“Ohhh-kay, you’re completely cut off.” Sean spoke up, laughing along with Jen.

“Get it down the wrong pipe?” he spoke again, with a sexy burning smile.

“Zack, this is Vanessa. Vanessa, this is Zack.”

Sean rolled his eyes at her. “Hey Jack! I’m Jen!” looking away from Vanessa, still coughing.

“Nice to meet you.. Zack.” Vanessa said, still clearing her throat. “Such deep blue eye’s.” she thought, looking directly at him.

“Nice to meet both of you.” Zack didn’t blink, staring at Vanessa.

“Okay, I’ll take that steak, Zack.” Jen broke the silence that suddenly followed the introductions.

“I’ll leave it on the table for ya, Jen. ” he smiled, finally looking away from Vanessa.

Jen climbed out of the hot tub and wrapped the towel around her waist as she sat down into the chair. Over the next couple hours, Vanessa watched as Jen and Nick exchange a few kisses and some heavy eye contact which was no doubt leftover from the night they spent together. Zack played a few games of pool, winning his fair share, looking over in Vanessa’s direction every so often with an interested smile.

Vanessa came from the bathroom, changed out of her suit as she glanced out into the living room. Zack was draped over the couch with one leg hanging over the arm as his head rested back into the cushions of the couch. Jen sat in a love seat watching a game of pool as she spotted Vanessa, almost frozen at the wall leading out into the living room.

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