The Erotic Sleepover

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“Why are you wearing a long coat darling, it’s almost 75° outside?” Tanya Evans asked her daughter as she walked outside to see her off.

“Jenna said we might go for a late walk and it’s supposed to get cold tonight,” Riley said to her mom as her father joined them to say goodbye to his daughter.

Riley Evans smiled and waved goodbye to her parents as she got into the sleek new convertible. She was looking forward to this weekend. She always looked over to sleepovers at her best friend, Jenna’s. They had been sleeping over at each other’s houses since they were 5 and 6 years old. Some people would see them together and think Riley and Jenna were sisters because they were both tall, tanned blondes. Sometimes Jenna didn’t bother to correct people. She thought of Riley as a sister in a lot of ways.

“Hi Mr. Weber,” Jenna said as she kissed Jenna’s father. It was hard for her to believe he was going to be 50 in a few months, he sure didn’t look it. The only indications of his age were the fact he had been married to Jenna’s mom for 26 years and they had a daughter, Jenna’s older sister, who was almost 25. Mike Weber and his youngest daughter had the same birthday, as a matter of fact. On Jenna’s 18th, which was her father’s 49th, her parents revealed a big secret to her.

“Hi yourself, cute stuff,” Mike Weber said and squeezed her knee. “Are you looking forward to the weekend?”

“Uh-HUH, I have my `jammies’ and everything,” the girl smiled happily. She had always liked the Webers, they had made her feel like family right from the start. Mike Weber ran and owned the local grocery store — actually, he now owned two — and was well-known and liked in the community. His wife Kelly was a sensual brunette, a former beauty queen who owned a couple of lingerie stores that she had purchased after her husband’s initial success. They had been failing due to poor money management and lackluster salesmanship. Kelly put a stop to that. She hired motivated sales staff, paid them a decent wage with benefit and also added a small commission as an incentive. She had pretty girls lining up to work for her after the first year. In that year, she took home no profits, reinvesting them in the staff and in the business. In her second year, the stores were turning a nice profit. By her 3rd year, she bought a Corvette for herself and one for her oldest daughter.

“I’m glad that you accepted our invitation,” Mike said as they neared his home. “Kelly was afraid that you might not after Jenna told you …”

“… after she told me, wild horses couldn’t have kept me away.” She leaned in close and squeezed his knee this time. “I’ve always had a little thing for you, I think you’re gorgeous.”

A few days after Jenna’s 18th birthday, the girls had arranged a private lunch at a fancy restaurant, all of it at Riley’s expense. The almost 19-year old blonde had a good part-time job and saved her money judiciously. She gave Jenna a huge hug. Both girls were dressed in summery frocks as it was a warm day. They both wore heels and looked very pretty, attracting a nice bit of attention. Jenna seemed more lively and bubbly than usual. It wasn’t just her birthday, something was making her feel this way.

“Okay baby girl,” Riley teased her younger friend, she had called her that for years “Are you going to tell me what’s got you so fired up or are you going to let me guess?”

Jenna kept her voice low and leaned in close to Riley. “I’m going to tell you because you’d never guess, not in a million years! You have to promise NEVER to tell anyone, ‘kay?”

From the way her best friend was acting, Riley assumed it was either about sex or about a cute boy she liked. Jenna was very popular and got asked out a lot. In the nice weather, you couldn’t keep her from the beach where her bikini-clad body got lots of attention. Of course, it might have to do with the style of her suits or how tiny they were. The Webers never made much of a fuss over Jenna’s barely-there bikinis.

“I’m going to assume this has something to do with sex, right?” Riley said, making sure to keep her voice low as well.

“Yes,” Jenna bubbled over. “I lost my virginity. It was the best present ever and there’s more to tell you!”

“Who was he? Was it one of the cute guys from school, like Chad or Jeremy or Gerry or maybe even, Dave?” Riley was dying to know.

“No, none of them — he was older than they are and SO experienced,” Jenna sighed. Riley was starting to wonder if it might be one of their teachers as a few of them were rather attractive when Jenna leaned over and whispered “It was my Daddy!”

To say that Riley was shocked would be like saying the San Francisco earthquake was a “little tremor”. She had a mouthful of water and did her best to regain her composure.

“Your dad?! Holy shit Jen, I don’t know what to say. You know what they call that? It’s illegal but that isn’t the point! How did it happen? Damn, if your mom ever finds out, she’s going to kill escort gaziantep the pair of you!” Riley went on.

“Mom knows and she isn’t going to kill us, she was perfectly fine with it. In fact, she was more than fine with it,” Jenna giggled. “When I was done with Daddy, I had sex with her, too. Do you want me to tell you the entire story?”

“I think you had better, yeah.”

Jenna went on to explain that, in her second year of running her lingerie store, a few select customers had approached her mom about getting a small group discount. When pressed for a few more details, they had revealed to Kelly Weber that they were swingers and that a number of them lived in town and nearby. Kelly was invited to lunch by the two women who explained “the lifestyle” to her.

“Then they took her home and showed mom all about girl-girl sex,” Jenna smiled. “She told me it was one of the sexiest afternoons of her life, but she felt guilty about cheating on Daddy. She decided to broach the subject with him and it took a bit of convincing, but she was able to do it. My parents have been swingers for about the last 6 years or so,” Jenna confided in Riley.

“I’m genuinely shocked, your parents don’t seem like the type,” Riley chuckled.

“Who does?” Jenna responded.

“But — the incest thing …?”

“I’m getting to that. About a year in, one of the couples show up with this gorgeous younger couple in tow, they were about our ages. Mom said the young guy was built like an Apollo, all bronzed and buff. Daddy said the girl was a petite bundle of strawberry fluff. They were very sexy young people and my folks fucked them — Mom even did it with the girl, because she was just that sexy! As it turned out, they were this couple’s kids and they had been fucking with their parents and each other for about a year. Daddy said that when he and Mom saw the brother fucking his sister and later on, watching the parents fucking their kids, he and Mom could barely control themselves. They went home and fucked for several more hours, Mom said she had never seen Daddy so turned on,” Jenna related the story.

“He and Mom discussed it and Daddy finally admitted he couldn’t stop thinking about Veronique in — that way,” Jenna continued. “Mom said she had been thinking about her, too. You know Ronnie — she’s tall and busty and has all that fiery red hair — anyway, Veronique and Freddy weren’t getting along — again — and Daddy and Mom ended up inviting her to a swing party. Daddy and Mom had both fucked her by the end of the night and several times since,” Jenna said.

“Wow, your sister is in on it too?” Riley said, astonished at how deeply this all ran.

“Yes, she and her current boyfriend fuck with the ‘rents. Mom says that Peter fucks like a bull, but Ronnie’s trying to teach him a bit of finesse. She says he could learn a few things from Daddy and oh boy, is she right,” Jenna sighed.

“So, how did you …?”

“A few months ago, it came up. Mom knew that Daddy thought I was sexy, she thought I was sexy and so did my sister. Mom knew that they wouldn’t be able to resist bringing me into the group, so they decided to wait until my birthday — which is also Daddy’s, as you know — and see which way the wind was blowing. Of course, Mom primed the pump a little with some sexy new clothes, lingerie and shoes and an eensy-weensy little bit of wine,” Jenna smiled.

“How eensy?’

“I think I drank about a third of the bottle,” Jenna giggled. “They wouldn’t have needed it. All they had to do was start telling me all of this and I was in. Daddy got me first and then, Mommy. Oh Riley, making love to another woman is — oh, you have got to try it! Veronique had to work but Mom told me she is dying to have sex with me. We’re having a `girls’ night out” soon — they want you to come along!”

“Would I — have to do anything?”

Jenna shook her head. “Not for the going out part, no. We’re going to go to a nice restaurant, have a little wine and spend time together. After, we girls are going back to our place. If you want to come along there, yes, you’d be expected to play. Riley, I love you and there is no pressure, but I really hope you choose to join us for the entire evening. That’s why I’m telling you all of this. I’ve never kept secrets from you and I never will.”

Riley had a lot to think about and to lighten the mood, Jenna started flirting with some of the servers — men and women alike. It was all in good fun but Riley couldn’t help but notice the change in her friend. Jenna had always been open and bubbly but now she was almost in a state of euphoria, like she was walking on air. Could her sexual liberation have taken her that far?

Riley sensed that she had made her decision by the end of their lunch, although she kept it from Jenna. She decided she would sleep on it and see if she still felt the same way the next morning. She did. She knew the path she had chosen escort gaziantep bayan was right for her.

Jenna and her mother were downstairs and getting ready to leave. Veronique had shown up in her car a few minutes earlier. Jenna looked around, disappointed. “I guess Riley decided not to come,” she sighed. “I was hoping she’d give a sexual relationship a try, she’s my best friend. But we’ll work things out, I know we will. She’ll always be my best friend.”

Just then, Riley pulled into the driveway. She hopped out of the car, hugged Jenna who was almost in tears and said hello to Veronique and Kelly. “Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t decide what to wear,” she told them.

Looking at her friend’s outfit — a gauzy black top underneath a cream-colored jacket, matching short skirt and high heels, Riley looked up at her and smiled. “You’re all dolled up, does this mean what I hope it means?”

Riley looked down at the driveway and then back up at the three women. “Yes — I can’t make any promises, but I have no objections to trying this and seeing where it goes. I’m young and a girl only lives once,” she smiled.

“But if you do it right, once is enough,” Kelly laughed. “You’ll have a good time, Riley darling. We three can be very — convincing.”

The afternoon was wonderful. The four women had a lovely lunch, indulged in some decadent desserts and a few glasses of wine. “Believe me girls, we’ll burn it off,” Kelly told them. Of that, Jenna had no doubt although she could see Riley was still nervous and trying to cover with light banter.

Once they were back at the Weber home, Kelly sent everyone upstairs to change. Mike was working late and planned on attending a poker party with friends. The girls had the house to themselves and Kelly had brought lingerie and accessories for everyone. Veronique was the first to come downstairs. The fiery, tall redhead was wearing a black Merry Widow, tiny black thong, stockings and thigh-high black leather boots.

Kelly made it downstairs next. The sultry, caramel skinned brunette had decked herself out in a green satin corset with matching thong and black stiletto heels. Veronique licked her lips and hoped she and her mom would be together first. Since discovering both girls and incest, Kelly was her daughter’s favorite playmate. Of course, there had been several others. Peter was occasionally annoyed that his girlfriend was always going out with her girlfriends, but when she reminded him that now he got to fuck most of those girlfriends, his anger would usually melt away.

Jenna made it down next and Veronique gasped. She might have to reassess things because in a simple white teddy, her tanned baby sister looked incredible. She was tall and the 3-inch white stilettos just added a touch of oomph to her long, sleek legs.

Riley was down last and she was wearing the least. Her toned body was wearing just a black lace bra and matching panties with black heels. Kelly walked over to her and smiled, holding the girl’s hand. “We thought as the guest of honor today, you should be spoiled,” she smiled. “Who would you like first?”

The slender blonde smiled. There could be only one answer. She pointed to Jenna and said “My best friend, of course. It has to be Jenna because I know how much she wants this and that makes it all the more special.”

Jenna was thrilled and she took her friend over to one of the two, large leather sofas and stretched her out. “Let me do all of the work,” she smiled to her girlfriend. “If there is anything you don’t like, tell me. If you want to stop, tell me, although …” she giggled “… I don’t think you’ll want to stop.”

Jenna had been making love with her sister or mother or both almost every day since her initiation into the family. They were both true sensualists and it sure added spice to the recipe that Mommy owned her own lingerie store. All of the skills she had been honing were going to be needed now. She had to make this as wonderful for Riley as it had been for her. She wanted Riley to be her lover and share a whole new chapter in their relationship. She kissed her friend sweetly, allowing her to get used to a lover’s kiss. Riley seemed to like that, she was kissing back and their tongues were swirling about. She sucked on Riley’s tongue and her friend didn’t protest. Jenna’s hands cupped Riley’s breasts through her bra. She saw Riley’s nipples stiffen, which was a very good sign. She sucked them through the sheer black lace and Riley sighed, so she sucked the other one.

Already in a slow and sensual sixty-nine with her mother, Veronique envied Riley. Her sister was a fucky little wench and was a natural, plus she adored her best friend. She wasn’t too jealous because she knew she would eventually have them both. Ronnie went back to making love with her mom and waited her turn.

Riley hadn’t indicated that she wanted Jenna to stop and so, Jenna didn’t. Riley wanted more, escort gaziantep kızlar so much more. She held Jenna’s head close as her friend sucked and gasped as Jenna kissed down her taut, flat stomach. Teasingly, Jenna tugged at the navel piercing she had given Riley for her 18th birthday. She moved down and kissed up and down Riley’s thighs. Riley felt as if she was melting into the couch. There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted Jenna to go all the way. She felt the most adoration for her friend imaginable. Jenna’s every touch was bringing her excruciating pleasure and she wanted it to go on forever.

Jenna wasn’t going to let up because Riley gave her no indication she wanted her to. In fact, when she tugged at her girlfriend’s thong, Riley lifted her hips and allowed Jenna to remove it. There in front of her was Riley’s beautiful cunt, ready to be devoured. So that is precisely what Jenna did, she devoured her girlfriend. She started tenderly at the beginning but was soon so overcome with fuck-lust that she couldn’t help gobbling Riley until her girlfriend was screaming, bucking on the couch and cumming like a madwoman.

“That was the most …” Riley gasped out, holding Jenna’s head against her breasts. “I don’t have any doubts anymore, none. I never imagined anything could feel so good.”

“Wait until Mom and Angel work you over,” Jenna giggled. “Then you can say that.”

Riley nodded although she doubted it would be as special. Her first time had been with her best friend, who was now her lover. How much better could it get? She let Jenna snuggle close, but her hands were now touching Jenna intimately. Soon, she was removing Jenna’s lingerie, although she kept the heels on. “Funny how I never noticed before how gorgeous your legs are,” Riley smiled. “I guess I never noticed a lot of things.”

“I think you’re noticing now,” Jenna smiled sweetly. “I’m sure you’ll make up for lost time.”

Riley nodded and rolled on top of Jenna. Her girlfriend unfastened her bra and her tits spilled free. Jenna was sucking on them while she was kissing Jenna. It all felt so perfect and not perverse at all. She undid Jenna’s teddy and for the first time, she sucked on Jenna’s pert breasts and pink nipples. She loved all of it, the sensations were exquisite. Riley would never have imagined lovemaking with a female could feel so good and had Jenna not come forward with the admission of her desires, she might never have known. She knew now and all too well and she was overflowing with pleasure. Her mouth moved down as Jenna’s had done and soon, she too was experiencing the sweet nectar that was pussy juice. Either her love or her desire must have shone forth because she made Jenna cum in very quick time and with quite a loud, keening wail from her girlfriend.

Riley felt quite pleased with herself and the decisions she had made today. When Kelly pulled her close, she accepted the older woman’s embrace eagerly. They moved together on to the carpeted floor and Kelly instructed her in the ways of a sixty-nine. Jenna and her older sister were already in that position with Jenna driving her sister wild. By the end of the evening, Riley had lost count of her orgasms. She lost count of her sexual experiences. All that mattered was that her first one had been with Jenna — her special Jenna.

All these months later, it was still Jenna who had thrilled her the most. Their relationship had now intensified to the point that they were actually openly “dating”. As evidenced by Jenna’s constant praise of her father and Riley’s own attraction to Mike, neither girl was a lesbian. They just enjoyed their mutual bliss together and it was never as good when they weren’t in each other’s arms. Riley had tried a few girls on her own and as much as the experiences had been fun, none of them were Jenna. Or, for that matter, Kelly or Veronique.

Tonight was to be another first for Riley. As the car pulled into the Weber’s driveway, Riley trembled a bit. Tonight would be her first “straight” fuck and Mike was going to do the honors. She and Jenna hadn’t even used toys because it was Jenna’s idea to have her Daddy do the deed, if and when Riley was prepared. The timing had not been right until tonight and Riley was anxious. Jenna constantly told her how good cock felt and how masterful her Daddy was. She wanted to find that out for herself and she would tonight.

Jenna ran out to meet them. She was already dressed for play in a white body stocking that had a few strategically-placed holes. “You nut, someone might see you,” Riley giggled.

“Someone did, my handsome Daddy and my gorgeous girlfriend,” Jenna smiled, smooching Riley first and then her father. She gave them both very naughty kisses although Riley’s was a bit naughtier.

Riley walked into the house behind Mike and Jenna. She saw that they had lit the living room with candles. There was no sign of Veronique but Kelly was there in a burgundy corset and expensive fishnet stockings and black heels. “Ronnie and Peter had another fight,” Jenna explained. “She’s trying to calm him down and she told us one way or another, she would be here tonight. He needs to cut out the crap or he’s going to lose her the way Freddy did,” she told Riley.

“Not quite as fast, I would think,” Kelly chuckled. “That young man is hung like a horse.”

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