The Equator Resort

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Donald and I have come to Key West escaping the winter cold on Long island. The Equator Resort that I had booked months in advance is a collection of pitched roof, vinyl-sided, two-story houses each having a balcony. The siding is pale yellow, the window frames white. A boardwalk surrounds the pool. Palm trees and umbrellas help block the Florida sun.

I had met Donald Lawson on the first day of softball just before the team took the field. His eyes held my eyes briefly. I would soon learn that he’s 40 and not care about the 18 years difference in our age.

I watch him undress in our room then pull rainbow trunks up to his bare ass. Broad shoulders and thick arms make the beefy, toned former Army Ranger sexy as all outdoors.

Like him, I enjoy working out at the gym near my home. Just days after we met on the softball field, we became workout partners who encourage each other to make every effort.

We came outside to the boardwalk that surrounds the pool and made ourselves comfortable on chaise lounges positioned side by side. Nearby two cute men face on another across a round table under an umbrella. Their flirtatious behavior does not escape my attention.

I turned my head to Donald on my left. “They look like a happy couple.”

My boyfriend let my remark go.

After a second he complained to me. “I don’t know why you keep eyeballing other men.”

“I eyeball you when you’re naked.”

“Hon, they’re skinny.”

My boyfriend had a point. The two youthful looking lads were certainly not muscular.

Our relationship was still less than a year old, having begun the previous spring. Ataşehir Escort It never seemed strained despite my wandering eye. In fact, on a deep level I saw marriage to him in the cards, at least for me.

How did Donald feel about marrying me?

Five years ago I was a trumpet player in the high school band falling madly in love with a saxophone player named Philip. That affair had been brief but torrid. The beginning of it had been my coming out.

Donald had been a varsity football player who, like most teenage guys, dated girls. Either he didn’t recognise his true sexuality or refused to own it. In either case, those relationships with girls meant nothing to him. He had enlisted right out of high school and had secretly indulged in man on man sex on a couple of occasions miles away from Fort Bragg. His risked discharge with loss of veteran’s benefits.

“Do you ever think about getting married?”

He said nothing for a couple of seconds but only grinned at me.

“Steven are you proposing?”

I could only say, “aahhh.”

“To be honest, I haven’t given marriage much thought.”

“Are you in love with me or are we just friends with benefits?”

Again he gave no reply so I let the matter go.

The sex with him is awesome. Just thinking about his muscular body atop me and his hand around my cock can give me a boner.

I turned my attention briefly to a couple walking out from their room. The two men of average physique plopped their bodies into nearby lounges.

I turned my head back to Donald. One notion evicted all other thoughts from my mind.

“If Kadıköy Escort I take off my trunks would you jump on my bones out here?”

My boyfriend giggled at my question.

One of two round hottubs cuts a semi circle from the corner of a swimming pool. The other sits by itself within the courtyard making the other pool a perfect rectangle. Both are occupied and are clothing optional.

I pull my trunks off. Leaving them at the chaise lounge, I head for the tub that is entirely outside of a swimming pool. Hot water bubbles around my chest. Donald has taken off his trunks at his seat and walks toward me. He plops his ass down close on my left.

Another couple is sitting across from us. Their presence dose not keep me from wanting to flirt with my boyfriend.

I press my open hand lightly onto his cock making him grin.

“Baby that feels so good.”

Donald’s soft spoken remark is not lost on the other couple sharing the tub.

My boyfriend’s dick soon becomes fully erect in my hand under the water. His hand closes around my manhood making me erect instantly.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, so good,” I murmured.

We spent about 10 minutes soaking then headed for the rectangular pool. It’s cool water contrasted nicely with the 104 degree water in the tub.

Seeing me and the boyfriend naked encourages other men to strip off trunks or speedos. I enjoy getting an all-over tan.

“Hon I think we should just pack the swimsuits.”

“Good call,” said Donald.

I awoke at 7 30 beside my lover, rolled and kissed his cheek to awaken him. He turned. His lips Bostancı Escort touched my lips. It had been a night that saw little sleep but the sex, as usual, had been awesome.

“I need coffee,” I murmured.

“Yah me too,” Donald replied.

The resort had provided luxury robes so we wore them to the breakfast lounge, the only area of the resort where clothing is mandatory.

After enjoying our breakfast we headed back to our room and left the robes where we found them. We would avail ourselves of the option to go nude.

My long time fantasy was to indulge in sex outside. For years I had despaired of ever realizing such a fantasy. Now with Donald beside me I could realize the dream.

I pulled him into a deep kiss pushing my tongue into his mouth then licked his lower lip. My hand crept downward from his pecs to his cock making it hard and erect within seconds.

I dropped to my knees to lick the entire length of his shaft then closed my lips around his throbbing member. As my lips slid forward and back, he gently stroked my hair and backward showing his approval.

The sun was still low in the sky when I took delight in sucking him. Other guests of the resort no doubt delighted in watching us, but so what if they did.

His cock slipped from my mouth then touched my chin. He slid the shaft back into my mouth.

I went to all fours and felt his hand sliding in my crack spreading wetness. After a minute I felt his cock sliding easily over K Y jelly as he rocked slowly on his knees. Darned if it didn’t feel like a prostate exam.

Grunts escaped my throat. My butt tingled as it stretched to accommodate him.

Suddenly I felt cum squirting and my boyfriend withdrawing his cock leaving droplets sliding across my hips.

Donald assisted me to my feet and we went into the pool.

“Awesome show,” said a youthful blond. His partner held him from behind around his waist.

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