The End of High School Ch. 02

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Yep, they’re all older than 18. And, since this is

you can imagine there is stuff that sets it up.

~ ~ ~

I was more adventurous about sex and stuff than a lot of my friends. Mom was always telling me to cover up more or act like a lady but I just enjoyed being naked. And I went naked, or just in panties, every chance I had. I think Mom had the talk with me earlier and more times than any other girl I knew.

“You shouldn’t let people see certain parts of your body.” “Do NOT answer the door naked!” “You shouldn’t start having sex with guys until you’re older.” “If you have a boy over to visit and go to your room you have to keep your bedroom door open.” “If you have sex with a guy make sure you are either here or at his house. Don’t go parking or some strange place.” “I want you to be safe.”

I’d certainly heard them enough times but I didn’t really understand why about keeping my door open. When all the group was over playing we’d be in my room with the door shut. Even if Jimmy or some of the other guys were there. Randy was one of those guys that came over a lot. He’s gay. He probably was then, too. I mean, he loved playing dress up with us and didn’t complain at all when we’d paint his nails and put makeup on him.

But if I ever had a guy over, just me and him, Mom always said to keep my door open. Me and Dennis Brock came home one day after school and immediately came up to my room.

“Sally, dear, leave your door open.”

“Yes, Mom.” This wasn’t the first time he came over. Being in the 12th grade I was happy to play with a 20 year old guy. Dennis helped me study geometry and stuff. He also taught me about how good it feels when a guy eats my pussy!

This one day he came over and we’re up there, with the door open of course. After a while he asked if I wanted to do that again and I’m like, “um, sure, that’s kewl” and I’m thinking, “well, of course, do you even have to ask!” We’re both completely naked on my bed, I’m all scooched up against my pillows and he’s between my legs scarfing my wet pussy for all he’s worth, and Mom comes upstairs.

“Sally, will Dennis be staying for din… Oh my god!!!”

Needless to say he didn’t eat dinner with us. Neither did he get to eat my pussy anymore. I tried to explain that I was at home and I had my door open but she was still mad. I was grounded for 3 weeks.

“But I told you to wait until you’re older.”

“Mom, you’ve been saying that for a few years. I AM older.” Now I know that to her older meant like when I’m 30, or she’s dead. That pendik escort kind of older.

For a couple weeks Jim and I didn’t spend a lot of time together. We both had finals and there was graduation and some parties and mom and dad took us out to celebrate. That weekend I had a date with two guys!

My first date had already told me he had to bring me home early because he had to go somewhere early the next day so we went out at 5 and back at 9. Really all we did was go to dinner and back to his place and fucked a couple times.

Normally I have to be in by 1 but I asked Mom and Dad and told them since he was coming to get me at 9:30 I wanted to stay out longer so they said I could but I had to be in by 2:30. That’s one rule they’re real strict. They told me I could come home as early as I wanted but if I was 1 minute late I was in trouble. And I had a cell phone since I was like 14 so I had to call them if I was late or anything. Anyway I barely had time to wash-up and change clothes and fix my makeup. I knew he’d like it if I didn’t wear my bra or panties because he was always trying to get me to do sexy stuff like that. I managed to get out of the house without Mom giving me all the usual questions and we went to this party.

It wasn’t really a big deal thing, just a bunch of people sitting around drinking and making out and talking. This other girl in my class had her den for us to use and her parents said we could drink but nobody could drive home after drinking. They came down a couple times when we got loud and a bunch of us were already making out. Jim was there and he had some girl sitting on his lap sideways and he had a hand up her top feeling her boobs. Karen’s parents didn’t even see that or, maybe they just chose not to say anything.

Mark and I were kissing but he wasn’t any good. It was like he was too eager and too rough and he couldn’t wait to finger me. That was kinda rough too so when he wanted to fuck I was ready. Anything was better than his fingers. He said I was incredibly wet and had a different taste. I didn’t tell him about my first date! Ha ha!

Somehow we were sitting on this sofa and I was on his lap facing him. A couple people knew what we were doing but by this time everyone was doing something. Even Karen was sucking on one guy and Amber was sitting between her legs eating her out. I guess Karen was sure her parents had gone to bed. Anyway, Jim and his date were sitting on the end of the sofa right next to me and she was sitting on his lap facing away from him. I could tell kurtköy escort they were fucking from the look on his face.

You wouldn’t believe it but me and him had our Orgasms at exactly the same time. No, not really but I did squeeze my brother’s hand when I started cumming. My date came pretty quick. I didn’t but I knew I could finger myself off later. After that I tissued myself on the way to his car. I managed to get some of it and drizzle it into my mouth!

We got home about 1:30 and I went in and told Dad. He was sitting in the chair watching TV. I told him we were going to sit on the porch and talk but I was already home on time. I went back out and we were talking about just little stuff. He was trying to feel me up without me knowing it. Like how does that work. As soon as he touched my leg I knew what he was up to.

After a while he’s got his fingers in my pussy and we’re still talking about his college plans. I got his dick out and after a minute went down on him. I knew they couldn’t see me from inside because the light was on in the den and it was dark on the porch. A bit later he wanted to fuck again so I’m standing on the porch, leaning against a column and he’s kinda stooping a bit to get it in me and after a minute we’re really going at it. That’s when Mom came to the door and opened it. I almost freaked.

We just kinda froze. I don’t think she really could see much because her eyes were still used to the light. Mom said it was after 2:15 and I should come in. About that time he started to lose it, I could tell. She closed the door and he started pumping it into me. I kissed him goodnight and I don’t even think he put it in his pants when he went to his car.

When I went inside Mom wanted me to come talk to her about my date.

“I can’t right now, Mom.” I kept going.

“Sally? Are you OK?” Uh, oh. “You look flushed. Are you sick?” I’m surprised she couldn’t figure it out.

“Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.” I didn’t exactly have to pee but I could feel it running down my thigh.

Thank goodness. I got cleaned up and washed my face off. We were talking when Jim came in. That kinda took some heat off me because they started asking him some stuff, too. I went upstairs and changed into my babydoll nightie and went back down to tell them goodnight. Jim gave me a kinda wink so I knew he’d be up in a bit and we could talk. Of course Mom frowned at me for wearing that around him and Dad. That was only because it was entirely sheer. I mean you could easily see through the whole thing.

Jim kartal escort was up in a few minutes and got in bed with me. I was in his bed. I knew they wouldn’t be coming up after we just kissed them goodnight downstairs.

“I finally got inside Vicky!”

“Yeah, so I saw.” We were facing each other, our faces were close enough to almost rub noses. “I thought she didn’t want to do it?”

“She didn’t until she had a couple drinks and saw Jeremy and her sister doing it. Then she decided maybe she wanted to after all.”

“I could tell y’all were having fun. The look on your face told me everything!”

“Oh, wow! I came so hard with her. She said she’s been on the pill since she had her period and I could tell I wasn’t the first in her pussy. What about you? I thought you were going out with Allen instead of Zach.”

“Allen had to go to bed early for some trip so I told Zach I could go out at 9:30. I like going out with two guys in a night!” I squeezed his arm in emphasis and left my hand there without thinking about it.

“Ha ha. I know I’d like having more than one girl in a night!”

“You’ll never guess what happened!”


I told him about coming home early and being on the porch.

“You mean you were really doing it and Mom opened the door?”

“Yeah, you know how that one post is in the shadow all the time? Well we were leaning on that one and he was pumping me about as hard as anyone ever did!”

“God, Jen! You woulda been so dead if she knew it.”

“Yeah, and when I came in the house his stuff was running out of my pussy and if she’d seen that you’d be planning my funeral! Especially since I didn’t have on my bra or panties tonight.” We were both about to fall asleep.

“I could tell that at Karen’s house tonight. I knew you were trying to get fucked then!”

“Oh yeah! You wouldn’t believe how wet I am!”

My brother reached down and slid his fingers in my slit. “Wow!, they just seem to suck my fingers right in you.” He rubbed my clit gently for me for a bit before offering them to me to suckle.

“Oh, God, Babe! That feels wonderful.”

“I love doing it. Your pussy is awesome.” We made out for a bit until he made me cum.

“I figured I’d already had two nice ones earlier, why not have a few more!” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and rolled facing away.

Sure enough, this time when I woke up in the morning he was cuddling me and had his hand on my boob. He hard dick was trying to spear my butt, too. I reached back to adjust it so it pressed between us and found he was naked. It’s not like the first time I touched it. Even though I know all guys get hard in the morning it still flattered me. Just laying like that gave me a nice warm feeling. I like being held.

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