the Electrician

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The Electrician

Crystal awakes on a hot and sticky day. She knows that she is having a team of electricians at her home that morning, to check the electrics for the new heating system being installed in a few days. Crystal was not looking forward to the upheaval and mess in her neat and tidy home, but she also felt somewhat excited and aroused at the thought of having a team of fit, sexy workmen around her, all to herself.

Crystal receives a video message from her boyfriend of him masturbating. He was thinking about her and the electricians. He likes to think about Crystal with other men (and women) and he likes to get her aroused before they turn up; he does it so well. Her pussy is instantly wet as soon as she thinks of him, but watching him is exceptional, She is now squirming at the thought of an orgasm, but just as her fingers find her glorious wet, neatly shaved pussy the flat buzzer rings, alerting her to the fact that the electricians are wanting access to her home.

Crystal answers the front door wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and the baggy t-shirt that she wore to bed, no underwear. Her nipples are already erect and prominent. She directs a sweet smile at the young, tall, cute electrician standing on the doorstep. He smiles back. Crystal is stunned by how her pussy is already reacting to this guy, but she knew deep down that she was hoping for this. As he and his two co-workers step into the hall, she only backs up slightly so the electricians have to brush past her before entering the lounge. Being the dutiful hostess, Crystal offers them a drink. After they accept and place their orders she shows them around the flat and lingers a little at her bedroom door. The cute electrician, whom she now knows as Jordan peeks in and gives a cheeky smile as he says, “Nice room!” He winks at Crystal before going back to his team.

Crystal’s boyfriend, Tom, is texting, asking what the electricians are like. She tells him that one is cute but too young, so she thinks its best not to flirt with him. However, Tom has other ideas. He likes to push Crystal’s boundaries – and she lets him – because deep down she wants to fulfil all her fantasies. Tom is her ideal man, as he sancaktepe escort wants her to experience everything she’s always wanted, but wasn’t allowed to do before. He tells her that he is about to send her an erotic voice message, instructing her to play it on full volume to get Jordan’s attention.

She does so as Jordan enters the lounge where she is sitting on the sofa, legs up on a footstool, one bent at the knee, showing just a little of her round buttock. She starts to stroke her thigh as she plays the message from Tom. As expected, Jordan stops walking and turns to look at Crystal as Tom speaks in his soft, sexy voice telling her that she has his permission to do whatever she wants to with the cute electrician, as long as she gives him details later that day. Jordan looks shocked but soon composes himself. At approximately six foot tall, dark hair that is neatly cut, striking blue eyes and tattoos that trail up his muscular arms and under his t-shirt, Crystal is longing to get her hands on him and explore every inch of his body.

Jordan returns to his work, leaving Crystal wanting.

Her nipples are erect, her pussy is wet, she wants to masturbate… She knows that she needs an orgasm and fast. Tom is as disappointed as Crystal when she tells him that Jordan has left the room, but Tom is sure that he will return – and he’s correct. Jordan returns wearing a smile that could have any girl dropping their knickers at his feet. Crystal is sure Jordan can smell her arousal. He is smiling at her as she strokes her thigh once again. His eyes follow hers fingers, intensely. He knows what she wants, but it seems that he won’t do anything about it while his co workers are in the other room.

Crystal gives him a sexy smile as she stands in front of him and asks, “Would you like a cup of tea, or is there something else that you want?” Jordan leans down to her ear and whispers, “I’d have you if I wasn’t working! So tea will have to do for now.”

At that Crystal slides past Jordan, just brushing her ample bust against his bare arm. She hears his breath catch in his throat and smiles to herself as she flicks ümraniye escort the kettle switch.

She walks back to him, holding his tea. Jordan looks Crystal up and down and smiles as he appreciates her body, a beautifully toned, curvaceous body, round bottom and large natural breasts that looks like they were sculptured from marble. Crystal is very confident in her own skin and rightly so. As she watches Jordan’s gaze her pussy twitches, already moist, she knows that this man wants her and she wants him just as much.

Tom is encouraging Crystal still, his text messages telling her to take Jordan to the bathroom and suck his cock. She wishes that the other two electricians would leave so she could have Jordan to herself – to explore him, to see his cock and devour it, to have it thrust into her wanting pussy until she was floating in exhausted bliss.

Jordan leaves the room for a few minutes to take a phone call, returning to a lustful look from Crystal. He briefly looses his footing as he enters the room, but manages to keep his cool as he stands close to her, but not quite touching. The air is electric. His stare is insanely intense.

“I would fuck you if I wasn’t working – and didn’t have a girlfriend!” It was almost a threat.

Crystal smiles and simply says “Well, my boyfriend encourages it – and we could always invite your girlfriend to join us!”

Crystal and Tom enjoy an exciting, unconventional relationship and have done for the seven months they have been together. Crystal never thought she would find a man like Tom. He is funny, kind, an exceptional father. Plus, their sex life is out of this world and exciting. Crystal would let Jordan fuck her whilst phoning Tom so he could listen to her being fucked by a total stranger. Crystal would want him to enjoy it as much as she was.

Jordan has left and is now sitting in his van, no doubt taking a breather. Tom is still sending erotic messages to Crystal, arousing her even more than she already is. Crystal is standing at the open window watching Jordan, and her hand slowly reaches beneath her shorts. For a brief moment, she forgets about the tuzla escort other electricians left in her home, sliding two fingers inside her wet pussy. She pulls them out and sucks her juices from her fingers. She loves the taste of herself.

One of the electricians walks in and announces that they are done for the day but that Jordan will be back in to finish the job as soon as he’s finished his phone call. They quickly leave and Crystal returns to her clit. She rubs it slowly at first, while reading messages from Tom. He is telling her to cum quickly but Crystal wants to take her time. She circles her clit as she watches Jordan. She desperately wants him to catch her, but he is still talking on the phone. Crystal’s fingers work harder and faster. She receives another voice message from Tom, telling her to “cum now!” and at the sound of his voice she does. She orgasms just as Jordan exits his van. Her moans of pleasure can be heard through the open window and it gets Jordan’s attention, but he doesn’t react. He simply lets himself back into Crystal’s flat.

Jordan walks straight up to Crystal, takes her hand and smells it, taking the scent of her orgasm in deeply and moans in pleasure. Crystal is breathless as he takes her fingers into his mouth and sucks them greedily. Crystal needs his cock inside her drenched, pulsing pussy. His eyes are locked on hers as he sucks the last of her juices from her fingers.

“I want you now” Jordan demands.

They both drop to the sofa and devour each others mouths, wet and hot, tongues tangle together. Jordan’s hands find Crystals beautiful breasts and roughly squeezes her nipples. The moan comes from deep in her throat, pain and pleasure… the best combination.

Crystal finds Jordan’s cock through his trousers. It’s partly erect but Crystal wants to have it at full potential. She strokes his cock until it is fully erect and trying to break free of its confinement.

Then, without warning, Jordan stops. He looks at Crystal.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this!” he says, with a sorrowful look on his face. He exits the room, leaving Crystal behind.

Feeling frustrated, Crystal messages Tom. She explains to him what has just happened. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes and I’m going to make you cum until you pass out!” Tom replies.

Jordan finishes his job and leaves quickly before Tom arrives, obviously embarrassed by what has just happened, or was just about to happen.

Tom enters the flat and sees Crystal waiting, wanting… but that’s a different story.

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