The Education of Jen Ch. 5

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“Not a problem Sis.” I said, “Are you up for more Jes?” I asked while holding Jes in her arms.

“I’m not sure but I want to try. So Jim it’s your turn.” Jes said.

“Jim be gentle with her she isn’t used to all of this.” I said.

Jim came over to where I was holding Jes and I moved so Jim and Jes would have room. Jim started to gently kiss Jes. I took hold of his cock and gently placed him at the entrance to Jes’s cunt. Jim gently pushed his cock in inch by inch until he was in to the hilt. “Baby you are so tight I thought your sister was tight but you are tighter.” Jim says before gently rocking in and out of Jes.

“I know I am tight just be gentle with me.” Jes said, “Sis I feel so full Justin I think Jen is going to have to take care of you. I don’t think I can handle much more.”

Jim picked up the pace and moving in and out of Jes faster. Jes was moaning while she arched bonus veren siteler her hips to meet Jim’s pace.

“Jim give it everything you’ve got.” Jes said.

With that Jim started to pound Jes for all that he was worth in and out as she her hips met him thrust for thrust. They both came together and collapsed contentedly in each other’s arms.

I went to Jes and kissed her on the lips, “Baby sister are you ok?” I asked concerned.

“Jen I am very content right know. Justin Jen has to take care of you I am totally done for. We will have to get together at a later date.” Jes said.

“That is fine Jes. I look forward to being with you at a later date.” Justin said, “Jen are you up for me again?” Justin asked.

“I think I can handle you I have a had a break. Jes you need cleaned up let me return the favor.” I said.

Justin came up behind bahis me and entered me as I started to lick Jes’s thighs. Justin was pounding his cock in and out of me as my hips were meeting him thrust for thrust. While this was happening I had moved up to Jes’s pussy and lapped at the sperm that was there from the guys who had cum in her and in her sister. “Mmmm this is tasty.” I said.

Jes was so sensitive from all of her previous activities that Jen’s tongue was making her squirm. “JEN that’s it ohhhhhhh yesssss.” Jes said.

Justin was still pounding away at Jen while she met him thrust for thrust. Jes came while I lapped up her juices along with the remaining sperm. “Jes turn over so I can finish cleaning you up.” Jes turned over and I pulled her ass checks apart and started to lick Hank’s cum from her ass. When I had gotten all her all cleaned up I concentrated on my own deneme bonusu orgasm. “Justin don’t cum in I want you to cum in my mouth.” I said.

Justin just grunted and continued to pound into me as I started to cum. Justin pulled out of me and quickly brought his cock to my mouth. He began to fuck my mouth slowly bringing his cock in and out of my mouth. Justin groaned then spurted his cum into my mouth I swallowed some of it and left some in my mouth for when I kissed Jes. I kissed Jes and passed Justin’s cum to her.

With that everyone was fulfilled and contented. Justin, Rick, Lance, and Jim had to get going. Jes and I each kissed them good bye and said, “we have to do this again,” the guys agreed. When they left Jes and I collapsed into each other’s arms on the bed. Hank joined us on the bed and laid between us with his arm around Jes and I.

“Hank that was wonderful thank you.” I said.

“Jen I would do anything for you fulfilling your fantasies is easy.” Hank said.

“Thanks you guys for including me.” Jes said.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Sis.” I said.

We all held each other and fell asleep.

The End

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