The drive home_(1)

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Big Tits

The first semester of high school had ended, and students were busy writing exams. The midterm exams took place in the dead of winter, when snow covered the ground. I had just finished my exam, and was driving home in my truck. I was cruising down the road, when I saw a familiar person walking.

The person I saw was my best friend, Kim. Her eyes were a blueish green and super sexy. They had an almost Asian look to them, and her mascara made them beautiful. She had cute sweet lips, and cute round cheeks. Kim was a little chubby, but far from fat. She was extremely pretty. Her tits were big, and firm looking, and she always rocked whatever bra she wore. Unfortunately, she scarcely wore tight fighting shirts that showed off her great tits. She usually wore some kind of sweat shirt, usually American Eagle. She did this because she like a lot of girls, felt she was fat even though she only had a little bit of chub on her belly. She had a nice round ass, and sexy muscular legs. She looked so hot whenever she wore tight fighting pants.

Today she had on a baggy pair of sweat pants, and a winter jacket. She must’ve finished her exam early, because she was walking in the same direction I was driving. It was snowing, and the day was very cold, so I slowed down and pulled over. Rolling down my window I said. “What are you doing!?”

“Oh, hey.” She said. Her nose was red and her eyes watery. She had her hair pulled up in a ponytail. Under her open jacket I caught a glimpse of a white tank top, and a little cleavage. “I’m going home.”

“Are you kidding? It’s freezing. Get in. I’ll drive you home.” From where I picked her up, the walk to her house would’ve been an hour or two long. im smiled, and opened the door. I rolled up the window, and began to drive.

Me and Kim had been good friends sense middle school. In high school, we had a few little flings together, but never did anything more than kiss and hold hands. We’ve had our ups and downs, but have always been close. Kim was very open with me, and I with her. We knew everything about each other. She told me when she lost her virginity (which kinda disappointed me, she was always so innocent, and she lost hers before I lost mine) and every time she hooked up with a guy thereafter. She had only had sexual contact with three different people.

As we drove, Kim slipped off her jacket in the warm truck. Even though she wore a tank top and jogging pants, she looked so hot. The tank top showed off a little cleavage, and her pink bra she wore underneath showed through. The bra was a sexy push-up or something.

“Having a grub day, are ya?” I teased.

“Shut-up! I was tired this morning.”

We just chatted and joked the rest of the trip. Towards the end, we began talking about sex and things. She told me she hadn’t been laid in 10 whole months.

“That’s rough.” I said.

“I know…” She replied, pouting her lip.

A car pulled out of her dooryard, as I approached the house. I pulled into her empty drive-way, and said good-bye. She pulled her jacket on, and slide out the door. She walked toward her house, as I slowly began to back away. She suddenly turned, and waved for me to stop. I did, and she rushed around to the driver side window. I rolled it down, and rested my arm on the door.

“Hey…” She said, hesitantly.


“Do you want to come in for a bit…?”

“Mmm… I dunno.” I had to study for another exam. “What for?”

“I just want…” She paused, and looked me in the eye. “I dunno, for a quickie or something.” She said hurriedly.

“A what?”

“A quickie.”

“Are we thinking about the same kind of quickie?”

“Yes.” She said, her face reddening.

“Oh Kim… I don’t know. It’s not that you’re not pretty, cause you’re gorgeous, but like… we’re such good friends… I dunno if I could, and plus I gotta go study.”

“Oh, please? It’s been so long for me…” She placed her hand, cold from the outside on mine. “Just come in and fuck me… then you can go.”

“I dunno…” She was so hot, but I seriously didn’t want things to get weird between us.

“Please…?” She said, taking my hand in hers. She drew her hand up to her chest, and touched my hand against the cold bare skin. She then guided it down, underneath the neckline of the shirt, and I felt her soft, cold tits for the first time. She pulled my hand until my it was down her shirt, and rubbed my hand against her breast. She slowly and teasingly slide my fingers into her bra, looking me sexily in the eye. She brushed my fingers up against her cold, perky nipple. I felt the cold goose-bumped flesh of her nipple, and felt my cock grow hard in my pants. “Come on… please just come in and fuck me… I need this SO bad.” She begged.

“Kim,” I said, trying to think with the right head. “I want to so bad…”

“Then do it… come on in and warm me up, I’m freezing my titties off.” I bite my lip, and pinched her cold little nipple under her shirt. She gasped, and then I knew I had no choice. I shut the truck off, and opened the door. She squealed with delight, and quickly lead me into the house by my hand. We kicked off our shoes, and ran to the first room with a soft surface. This turned out to be the living room. No one else was home, and Kim threw herself onto the couch, landing on her back. I climbed on top of her, and we embraced in our first real kiss. As soon as our mouths connected, she slide her tongue into my mine, and we both engaged in a passionate kiss. My tongue rolled against hers as she wrapped her arms around my neck, squeezing me in closer. Her tongue was hot and smooth in my mouth, it slipped all around mine. I could feel the lust and bottled up horniness that she held inside escaping through it. She wrapped her fingers around the bottom of my shirt, and sex izle peeled it off over my head. I began kissing her neck as her icy cold hands rubbed all over my back.

“Ooh… baby…” She said, her mouth full of eager lust. My mouth journeyed down her chest, sucking and leaving little hickies all the way until I got to her shirt. I stopped kissing her and she took it off as soon as she could. Her tits were covered by only a lacy pink bra, that pushed her titties up. My mouth covered her breasts with kisses, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the long awaited attention. My hands rubbed up and down her sides, feeling her soft chilly flesh. “Ya baby, warm me right up…”

My kissing left her breast, and I started to journey south. I began kissing the side of her ribs directly under her tits, and she gasped and shivered as I did. I moved down, licking her soft sexy sides and belly. I ran a hand down to her knee, and began rubbing upwards to her thigh. She was quick to spread her legs as she felt my hand slowly approaching her pussy. I kissed her little cute love handles, and finally found her jogging pants. I stopped my hand just as it was about to contact her pussy, and slide it back down her hard legs.

“Ooh… you’re making me so wet…” She moaned. As she said this, I bite the band on her jogging pants, and slowly started pulling them down. I did the same thing on the other side, and quickly exposed her panties. They were pink and frilled just like her bra, they two undergarments looked more like lingerie than underwear. This girl was making me so hot, on the surface she was just an average girl, but beneath the clothing she looked like so sexy, like she had been waiting to get fucked all day.

I smiled. “Were you planning on having sex today or something… wearing those sexy panties… looks like you were trying to impress someone…” I slide the jogging pants the rest of the way down and off her legs, so I could admire the rest of her hot body. Her legs were smooth and freshly shaved, firm and muscular. There was a visible wet spot between her legs, and the light pink panties were almost see through. They clung to her cunt, giving her hot, sexy camel toe.

“No… I was gonna come home baby… get undressed… and finger myself… I love looking sexy when I touch myself…” She whispered as I rubbed her bare, smooth legs. “Do you think I’m sexy?” She spread her legs wide, and I leaned in between them, undoing my pants. I slide my jeans off, and my rock hard cock pushed against my boxers. Kim eyed it, and let out a moan.

“Come kiss me.” She pleaded. I leaned in, and once again we embraced in a powerful, sex driven kiss. This time, I pushed my cock against her wet cunt, and she kissed me even harder than ever. My hands ran along her sides, and then underneath her, where I undid her bra. I then began kissing her neck again, as my palms rubbed and pushed against her tits. Her skin was warm to the touch now, and she breathed heavily.

My lips touched the warm, soft flesh of her breast, and she let out a moan as I pulled her bra down and off, allowing it to fall to the floor, freeing her perfect, firm breasts. Her nipples jutted out into the air, two perky torpedoes on her big, soft titties. They were a dark, almost burgundy color, and Kim squirmed as my tongue flicked against them. As I sucked and nibbled on her tits, making her moan and squirm, I ran my palm against the inside of her strong, sexy thighs. I rubbed her legs, and she began pulsing her hips up and down, waiting for something to touch her pussy.

I moved my mouth down to her pussy, and breathed my hot ragged breath onto her cunt. The wet spot and grown considerably, and she pumped her pussy up and down in front of my eyes. Using my teeth like I did on her pants, I pulled her pink lingerie panties down off her legs. She was now laying underneath me on her couch, completely naked.

I leaned my face into her pussy, and she closed her eyes. I kissed all around her soaked cunt, smelling the aroma of her pussy as I teased her. I must’ve done that for ten minutes, before finally quickly flicking my tongue against her little clit. She jerked and gasped as I did that, and let out a long throaty moan as I slowly ran my tongue form the bottom of her cunt slit, to the top where her clit was, being careful not to penetrate her hole.

“Ooh…” She moaned, and rubbed her upper body, not knowing what to do with her hands, as I slowly licked her cunt, teasing her pussy. “Fuck me…” She begged. My dick was throbbing at this point, and I wanted to give her what she wanted. I pulled off my boxers, and my dick sprang into the air, no longer held prisoner. It felt so good to have my cock unrestricted by my boxers. I grabbed my pants, and breathed heavily as I fished out my wallet. I opened it, and frowned.

“Uh… Kim?”

“Ya, baby?” She said, her voice laced with ecstasy. She ran her hands all over her hot body, touching herself everywhere.

“I don’t have any condoms.”

“I don’t care… I need you to fuck me… I’m too horny… please fuck me now…” She begged, pinching and tugging on her nipples. With the other hand, she slide a finger into her pussy, and moaned as she fucked herself. I kneeled between her legs, she wrap a hand around my cock, and drew me in toward her pussy. She guided my cock into position, and moaned as she pushed my head into herself. My head penetrated her soaked pussy, and I slowly pulled it back out. I pushed in again, feeling the warmth and wetness of her tight pussy wrap around my rock hard cock. It seemed to squeeze as I withdrew once again.

“All the way…” She panted. This time when I pushed in, I forced myself all the way into her unprotected cunt. She gasped as she felt my whole width stretch her pussy, and my hard cock deep inside her. I slowly drew alt yazılı porno out again, pulling out until my head was all that was in. I pushed in, and her wet pussy welcomed my whole cock again. I felt the smooth texture of her pussy wall against my skin, no condom between me and her.

“That good, baby?” I whispered to her.

“Ya…” she nodded as I pulled out again. This time I pulled out more quickly, and shoved in fast. Her hot warm pussy felt good as it squeezed my head, and I started fucking her faster. Kim moaned as I drew in and out of her cunt, fucking her just like she had begged me too. “Mmm.. Ya…. that’s it… fuck me…” She moaned as my cock moved in and out of her, penetrating her pussy deep. “It’s been so long…”

I fucked her like this for a while, the feel of her pussy on my bare cock driving me wild.
“Harder..” she pleaded. “Faster.” She raised her hips in the air, and I speed up my fucking. I slammed in and out of her cunt and she opened her mouth in a silent moan. Her big tits banged up and down as I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. My throbbing dick slide in and out of her soaking pussy easily, getting wetter and wetter the harder I fucked her. She closed her eyes beneath me, leaving her moaning moth open. I fucked her like this until sweat rolled down both of our backs, and I could barley move. Her sweating body glistened underneath me, as I held my cock in her, pushing in as far as I could. Doing this, I drew her up, until she was sitting on me, without my dick ever leaving her warm cunt.

Kim moaned as she lifted herself up on me, and sighed as she dropped back down onto my cock. Her hands explored her own body, rubbing her legs, tits, neck and sides. She finally found her own clit, and rubbed it as she rode my dick up and down. Her body glistened as she fucked me in the hot room. Her the room was heated by a wood stove, that must’ve been filled up before we came.

Kim moaned as my cock penetrated her deeply, and her clit was rubbed by herself. I reached my hands up and began rubbing her nice big tits. I squeezed her breast and twisted her nipples gently, as she rode up and down on my cock, her eyes closed and her hand on her clit.

She finally sank herself down all the way, and simply ground her pussy into me, moaning as she did. “Oh… I wish you had fucked me sooner…” She whined, as she drew herself up again. Her pussy squeezed me as she slide back down. This time, she forced me in all the way, and lifted her leg. She then pivoted herself around, until she was straddling me reverse cow girl. With her feet planted firmly on the floor, and her hands on my knees, she lifted her nice, big ass into the air, and slide back down on my shaft. She moaned with pleasure as she continued to bounce up and down on my dick. I placed my hands on her ass as she fucked me.

“I love getting fucked like this…!” She panted. Kim started riding me faster and faster, her pussy sliding along my shaft easily. Suddenly, she straightened her back, and her hands came off my knees. She moaned louder and quicker, and started riding me faster, using her legs to bring herself up and down. She panted, and leaned back, placing her feet on the coach now, I reached around, and began feeling her tits. They were bouncing up and down as she slammed her hot wet pussy into me over and over again. She gasped as I began fucking her from below, in rhythm with her. She released a loud moan as I squeezed her big, bouncing tits in my hands. She began panting hard, ragged breathes, and moaning loud and fast until finally she stopped, her body tensing with only my head inside her twat. She slowly eased herself down, letting out a loud, sexy sigh.

“I came…” She said, my dick still throbbing inside her.

“I know.” I replied. With my dick deep in her pussy, I wrapped my arms around her, and lifted her, until she was on her knees on the couch. She supported herself with her hands, and without asking if she was ready, I began fucking her slowly and gently from behind.

“Ooh… ya…” She said as I fucked her doggy style. She thrust her ass into my hips to help my dick slide in and out of her well lubricated pussy. Our flesh smacked together as my hips slammed into her nice round ass. I looked down and imagined fucking her tight little brown hole. She moaned as I started fucking her faster.

“Ya baby, you know how I like it…” She panted, my dick pushing against the warm walls of her tight little cunt, stretching it. Her tits swayed underneath her as I rammed her from behind. She pushed herself up, straightening her back. I took this as a cue to start fucking her faster, and I did. She gasped with pleasure as my dick slide into her pussy, reaching deep into her soaked little cunt hole. Her pussy was as tight as ever, and I could hardly believe that she wasn’t a virgin.

“Ooh…” she gasped. “Next time I wear those slutty panties, I’m thinking about you when I take them off to touch myself.” She said in between moans.

“You won’t have to touch yourself anymore, I’ll take care of that!” I said as I rammed my cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh ya, you take good care of me…” She moaned. Her pussy walls squeezed against my cock, pulling the skin back around the head every time I slammed into her. It felt so good to fuck this girls tight little pussy, I didn’t want to ever stop.

Without removing my cock we rolled over, and she spread her legs wide, putting one right into the air. I spooned her, and slowly started fucking her again. I felt up her tits and nipples, as my cock plunged in and out of her squeezing, wet cunt hole. She moaned with ecstacy as I fucked her harder and faster, making her titties bounce again.

“Gonna cum, baby?” She moaned.

“Not yet…” I said, as I pounded at her crotch.

“Oh altyazılı sex izle please… I want you to cum…”

I started fucking her faster, trying to grant her wish. “Oh… fuck me! Fuck my little cunt, baby.” She whined. I kept ramming in and out of her hole, as she begged me to do it harder, faster. I finally felt the familiar twinge of an oncoming orgasm.

“I’m gonna… cum…” I said. I fucked her hard and fast a few more times, before pulling out. I shot my load all over her pussy lips, and we laid there just panting for a few moments.

I placed a hand on her ass, simply squeezing it and fondling it. “Like my bum?” She giggled, as I parted her ass cheeks with one hand. I nodded. “I’m so horny…” She said. “I’m up for anything!”

“Anything?” I asked. Kim nodded knowingly.

“Want to de-christen my ass?” She said.

“Yes.” I said.

“I’ll be right back.” Kim disappeared for about thirty seconds, before returning with a small bottle. “Be gentle.” She said. As she bent over in front of me on the floor. “It’s a virgin.” She said, wiggling her but teasingly. The bottle was KY jelly, and she handed it to me as I kneeled on the floor behind her. I squeezed each of her sexy cheeks in my hands, and spread them apart. Her little brown hole was there, looking so tight and perfect. I dripped the jelly onto it, before dripping a few drops onto my hard cock. I stroked my dick, rubbing the lube in. I touched my fingers to Kims asshole, and she shied away slightly.

“Don’t you want this, baby?” I said. Kim nodded, and allowed me to run my fingers along her ass crack. I pushed lightly on her ass, applying pressure to the hole. She gasped as I made the first penetration. “Like it?”

“Yeah…” She moaned as I pulled my finger out. “Put your cock in.”

I positioned myself behind her, and placed my cock at her ass. I pushed on the hole, and watched as my dick began to stretch and widen it. Kim scrunched up her face as my cock spread her virgin asshole. “Want me to stop?” I said.

“No… I want it fucked.”

The lube helped as I slide more of my cock into her tight little asshole. She gasped as I finally popped my head in. The inside of her ass was tight, warm and smooth. Kim panted and moaned as I pulled my head out. “More.” She pleaded. “I like it in the ass… I want a cock in it so bad.”
I pushed my dick in again, and it went in easier this time. “Oh….” Kim said, as my head entered. I did this a few more times, pulling my head in and out, until Kim reached around, and grabbed my cock in her hand. She then pushed her ass into my lubed cock, and shoved me inside of her tight little hole more. I’ve never had my cock in anything as tight as this girls little asshole. She whined and moaned as she forced more and more inches inside of her. I was halfway in, when I pulled out again to the head. I slide my cock back in half way, and Kim opened her mouth in a silent moan.. “Ya, fuck it.” She said with closed eyes. My dick was sliding in easier now, and I started to fuck her with a regular speed. Her virgin ass pulled the skin back on my dick, and it squeezed it hard each time I stuck it in. Her ass was nice and warm around my cock, and she was clearly enjoying the kinky fucking, even though it hurt her.

“Keep fucking my ass!” She exclaimed.

This time, my cock slowly slide inside her the whole way. She moaned as she felt the full length of my cock, shoved up her little virgin ass. With one hand, she rubbed her pussy, fingering herself with two fingers as I slowly fucked her ass. She fingered herself faster and faster, rubbing her own clit and moaning as my dick slide in and out of her. “Oh… oh…. oh…” She moaned, rubbing herself faster. “Oh… God… fuck it… fuck me… oh… oh… oh Oh… OH!” She gasped, her body tensing up, after a long while of having her ass fucked and pussy fingered. She collapsed onto the floor, panting with me on top of her. “Oh… baby…” She gasped. “I always fantasized about being fucked up the ass… thank you…” I rolled onto the floor and lay beside her.

“Remember when you came?” Kim said. She sat on my crotch, her pussy hovering over my dick. “I wanted you to cum IN me…” Seeing her naked body on top of me quickly made my cock harder again. “I’m gonna make you cum again.” She slide herself onto my dick, and started riding me slow at first, but harder and faster after a while. Her tits bounced with the speed and ferocity of her pussy sliding up and down cock. She gritted her teeth and breathed sharply as she fucked me with everything she had. Her breathing was fast and hard as her soaking cunt splashed pussy juice every time she slammed into me. “Come on… cum in me!” She said through gritted teeth. “Blow your load in my pussy… I want it so bad… just cum in me… come on… cum!” She talked dirty to me as my cock slide in and out of her tight little pussy. The squeeze around my throbbing cock was to much for me to take, and I eventually shot a load of cum into her pussy. My body tensed as load after load of cum was pumped into her soaked cunt. She slide onto my cock all the way, and grinded her hips into mine, milking the cum into her. She tensed her body, moaning and gasping like a banshee, and collapsed onto me, panting.

“Thank you…” She whispered into my ear, her tits pressed into my chest. We laid there in each others arms for nearly half an hour, her twitching from the orgasm’s she experienced. Eventually her parents came home, but we cleared out of the living room and up to hers before they caught us. It turned out that the “quickie” had turned into a 3 ½ hour fuck. I wound up staying the night at her house that night, and we had light, gentle sex before going to bed. A friend of hers got her hands on some morning after pills or whatever, and Kim didn’t get pregnant. We still fuck a lot, and it actually made out friendship better. She lives in the same dorm at university as me, and we hook up all the time. Kim isn’t her actual name, of course, I changed it for the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32