The Drive Ch. 02

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Kayli and I get a break from school and so we head home. After a long semester of having only each other to play with, as we had vowed to stay loyal to our men back home, Kayli told me she’d let her father go a little further with me. It’s no problem with me considering how dominant over her father she is. Besides, I know that over time she will probably let me go all the way with him and let him fuck me.

Kayli and her father have another trip planned out. We’re headed out to San Francisco, a place neither Kayli nor I have ever been. But first we have to stop at my house.

We are at my house for no more than fifteen minutes when my brother, Tobias who is also home from college, comes strolling through my bedroom door.

“How are we doing?” he asks with a smile on his face as he sits on my bed.

We both tell him we are alright as I continue packing for our trip.

Tobias bounces on the bed a couple times before saying, “Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve used this bed.”

I turn to him and grin. “And how many girls have you shared your bed with at school?”

He frowns. “Now that hurts my feelings Cynthia. I have remained loyal to you and I haven’t chased any girls.”

I can tell from the sincerity in his voice that he is telling the truth. Besides, when my brother says something, very rarely is it a lie. I didn’t care if he slept with any other girls and I told him so before I left, but he insisted he would not and I guess he stayed true to his word.

I stop what I am doing and I sit on the bed beside him. Oh, how I have missed him. I place my hand on his leg and run it up over his tight and onto his cock. How I missed his cock too. Quickly, it begins to grow hard under my touch.

Kayli looks at me and smiles as she watches me rub his cock through his pants. It isn’t the first time she has seen me with my brother and it isn’t going to be the last. I tried on several occasions to have her fuck my brother, but she wouldn’t have it, saying her father is the only one for her.

Tobias doesn’t say anything as he lies back onto the bed. I rub at his cock until it is hard in his pants. I can see it throb every now and then. I pull my hand kartal escort bayan away and pull off my shirt and bra, revealing my breasts to him, a sight he hasn’t seen in a semester. I go back to rubbing at his throbbing cock again through his pants. Tobias reaches out and starts to rub his fingers across my nipples.

My nipples start to get hard as he rubs them and in no time are rock hard. When he starts to pull and pinch on my nipples, I unzip his pants. I unsnap them next and he rises up as I pull them with his boxers down past his knees. Tobias’ hard cock is out in the open as I stare down at it.

“I almost forgot how nice and thick your cock is,” I say as I wrap my hands around it.

I pull it away from his stomach and hold it in my hand. It isn’t as big as my uncle’s but my brother knew how to use it. I take my hand and pump it up and down on his cock as he starts to squeeze my breasts. I pump and pull at it as it throbs in my hand. Between Tobias playing with my breasts and having his cock in my hand, my pussy starts to get wet.

I look over at Kayli who is just sitting in my chair in the corner watching my hand run up and down on his cock. I squeeze at his cock and his precum starts to leak from his cockhead. Tobias lets out a little moan as it oozes from his cock. I want to run my tongue along his cockhead to get a taste his precum. However, I do not and instead I drop to the floor onto my knees. I part his legs as I climb between them, never letting go of his throbbing cock.

I take his cock and run it over my breasts and between them. I have never seen so much precum leaking from his cock before. I guess not having any pussy from me or any other girl for so long has made it happen this way. His precum oozes from his cock onto my breasts and when I have enough, I place his cock between them. I take my hands and pull my breasts tightly together around his cock and start to move my breasts up and down on his cock. His cock is still oozing precum as I run my breasts up and down it.

“Your breasts feel wonderful wrapped around my cock Cynthia,” he coos as he grips the bedspread around him.

I don’t reply as I am too fascinated with kadıköy escort all the precum flowing from his cock. It is thick as it coats and sticks to my breasts as I pull them up and down over his cock. My pussy is twitching and throbbing as I use my breasts to fuck his cock. I look up again and back to Kayli. She has her hand down inside her shorts, playing with her pussy as she watches me. I can see she is rubbing hard between her legs and I hear a small moan escape her lips.

Tobias’ cock is sliding between my breasts with much ease from his precum. My breasts are slippery and shiny from his precum. I bend over and I lap at his cockhead each time it comes out of my breasts.

“Oh, Cynthia, you’re going to make me cum soon,” he moans loudly.

I pump my breasts faster up and down his cock. I pinch at my own nipples while I squeeze them tighter around his cock. I just love watching his cockhead coming out from between my breasts. I look back at Kayli and see her moving her head from side to side. I know she is in mid-orgasm as her hand digs wildly in her shorts.

I lick at Tobias’ cock each time it appears from between my breasts with my tongue. I bend over more as I work just his cockhead into my mouth. I close my mouth around as I begin to suck at it as I squeeze my breasts around it.

I feel his cock throbbing and I know he is about to cum. I pull my mouth from his cock and pump my breasts up and down on it. I want to see his cum shooting from his cock. I watch as it throbs twice and shoots out two full and thick globs of cum from it. His cum is very white and thick. After his cum shoots from his cock it just oozes out.

I release my breasts that hold his cock between them. I take his cock into my mouth and I suck and lap at his cum that oozes from it. I clean his cock of all his cum and then look to see that there is plenty of it left on my breasts. I am about lick the cum from them when Tobias grabs me and tosses me up onto the bed. He reaches up and pulls my shorts right down without unsnapping them. Tobias slips to the floor himself this time.

Kayli’s arms wrap around me suddenly and we kiss as Tobias parts my legs and buries bostancı escort bayan his face between them. Kayli and I exchange tongues as Tobias uses his on my warm, wet pussy. Tobias’ tongue is all over my pussy. He licks at my pussy lips then buries it up into my pussy. From there, he flicks his tongue at my clit that swells each time his tongue lashes out at it.

Kayli stops kissing me and bends over to lick his cum from my breasts. I settle back onto the bed as they both us their tongues on my body. Kayli laps up my brother’s cum from my breasts. Tobias in turn is flicking his tongue wildly at my pussy. I feel Kayli biting at my nipples as my brother buries his tongue deep into my pussy. I feel his thumb go to my engorged clit. He thumbs it as he digs his tongue deep into my pussy.

“Aaahh fuck!” I yell as a very powerful orgasm rushes over me.

My thighs start to shake and my pussy convulses once before my juices start to squirt from my pussy. Tobias removes his face from between my legs and he watches as my pussy squirts its juices at him. Kayli bites both my nipples as I feel my brother’s thumb pressing hard against my clit.

Tobias rubs hard against my clit with his thumb. It causes my orgasm to continue. As he presses harder at my clit and Kayli bites even harder on my nipples, I feel my eyes rolling up into my head as I lean harder into the bed. My whole body shakes and trembles as another orgasm rushes through it.

This time my pussy does not squirt out juices. I just shake in the bed as I start to pee. I try to say something, but just moans come from my lips as I start to pee wildly. Tobias buries his face right into my powerful stream of pee, opening his mouth to drink it as it streams from my pussy.

Kayli goes back to kissing me and I return her kisses with passion of my own. My pee slows to just a small trickle as my brother laps at the last few drops with his tongue. I break my kiss with Kayli as Tobias stands up. His face is dripping with my juices and pee as he sits in the chair my cousin was occupying. I pull my shorts back up, well satisfied.

Tobias looks to me and says, “Your pussy is like sweet wine.”

I smile at him as Kayli leans up next to me and whispers in my ear, “Since your brother is coming with us, do you think I can fuck him?”

“Since when do you want someone else and eat cum?” I whisper back.

She just smiles at me and says, “College can open you up to new ideas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32