The Dress

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I was digging through my closet one day throwing stuff aside. I was emptying it, tossing unworn but usable clothes into a donation box. A lot of this stuff I hadn’t worn in years. I needed new outfits for my new position. I was now no longer a paralegal but a fully fledged attorney since passing the bar last week. I wanted to be one hot attorney. That was when I spied the box stuffed way back in the closet under other junk that had accumulated there. Curious, I pulled it out. It had been taped closed long ago and I didn’t remember it. There was a nail file on the dresser and I used it to cut through the tape.

Pulling back the tissue paper, there it was. Memories flooded back. The dress or almost a dress I thought as I pulled it out from the box. This was the dress I had worn to that club in New York, a dress that an X of mine bought for me to wear to his sex club. I hadn’t been ready to take part in something like that. I was inexperienced and naïve then, although it did lead to better things. I met Eric there at the club and although I slept with him only twice, I found him an exciting lover. I wondered what happened to him now, where he was. I hadn’t heard from him in a long time, completely lost contact.

Although things had turned out bad with my X, I had had a fun time there with him. That was where I had first experienced group sex and sex with a woman. Actually it had been with another couple, the group sex. I hadn’t done something like that since, having sex with another woman. I looked back at the dress. I hadn’t worn it since then either and wondered how it still looked on me.

I’m a slim figured blue-eyed blond, at 5’4″ and a whopping 110 lbs at my heaviest. My slim body is tight from my workouts, running and swimming with a smooth flat stomach and small but nice breasts. I hadn’t changed much. Right now I’m hovering between 104 and 106 lbs.

The dress was this very sheer hip hugging black silk dress and lacy low riding bikini panties. It had sides with short sleeves, two crisscrossing straps along the shoulder blades in the back to hold the two sides together and was open all the way down to mid hip in the back where the skirt started. There was no real back to it. The front was open all the way to just above my love mound in a kind of a circle cut showing all of my stomach area and had a silver clasp at the waist to hold it together. It was held together at the neck with a silver clasp also. The part that was the sides just barely covered my breasts and if it wasn’t for the silver clasps at my waist and neck, it would hang open. The skirt part was split up the sides and tied together at where my low riding bikini line would be with a black silk ribbon and laced together down the splits with narrow black ribbon also. The skirt went only to mid thigh. I noticed if the ribbons were untied and it could easily be done, the skirt would open showing my panties or everything if I weren’t wearing panties. Heck if the silver clasps were undone, the whole dress would come off and I would be nude. The panties were another thing. Almost a transparent lace, they were held together at the sides with a quick release snap. They would come off if very little pressure was applied. The dress left very little to the imagination and it covered very little.

I quickly stripped and pulled it on. It fit fine, barley covering anything like it did before. I had quit shaving myself bare and noticed the blond fuzz triangle showing above my love mound. Quite sexy I thought as I pulled on the transparent lace panties. My blond fuzz glowed in the light.

Wow, if anyone saw me this way, I really would have no trouble getting laid, that is if I needed help to get laid. I hadn’t had that trouble in my life, not with my looks and body. I have two guys, buddies actually, that have kept my sex life active. They are away at collage now and well since they left, I haven’t been getting much lately. They visit me on breaks and I go visit them on weekends when I get really horny but right now with my becoming a junior partner in the firm, I haven’t had much time. My work load had increased substantially.

Thoughts now back on the dress; I figured I would never wear something like this again. This town is too conservative. They won’t even let a strip club in town or an adult store. As a partner in this conservative firm, I would be fired instantly if seen in something like this.

I dug around in the closet some more and found the black low heeled shoes that went with it. Geese, I still had the entire outfit. There was even the little lacy handbag in the box too. I looked inside and found the note Eric had given me so long ago. His address, phone and e-mail.

As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror and running my hands over the dress and smoothing it against my firm body, I thought, do I dare? Do I dare to try to contact him?

I thought about it for a while and finally sat down at the computer and wrote out a short note and e-mailed illegal bahis it. It was a gamble. I just wanted to know how he was and if he was still in New York. Then I went back to cleaning out the closet after taking off the dress and panties and putting them back into the box.

I was nude now and felt good about it. I liked to go around nude in the privacy of my house and seldom wore anything even when I cleaned house. It felt good to be free. I wondered why I had dressed in the first place since getting up. It was now only 9:00 in the morning and well since this was Saturday, I would laze around all day nude as long as I was in the house. I wasn’t finished with my closet and went back to cleaning it out.

Finally finished after another hour, the box packed, I looked at what I had left. Basically it was the conservative outfits I had last bought. Several dress suits, jackets and matching skirts, one black, one gray and one a dark blue; a half dozen white blouses, several in different shades of blue, one a light pink and another pale yellow. Of course I had all the necessary undergarments to go with them.

Wow I thought as I looked at them. I need to go shopping and enlarge the wardrobe. It wouldn’t hurt to add several nice dresses to the collection, maybe something nice to wear in the evenings too. I had already shopped around here and discovered a limited supply of stores that carried the outfits I needed so I figured a trip to Portland would be required. There were plenty of stores that carried high end apparel there but I would have to take several days off to plan the trip. It was a day’s drive there and back then I would need several days just to shop. Well, maybe one day for shopping. Still, I needed to at least take a Friday off.

I looked at the box and thought I might as well get it to the car and run it to the donation center. I dressed in my figure hugging jeans, pull-over and tennis shoes and carried the box to the car. The day was uneventful as it usually was in this dumpy little town. I say dumpy in a lovingly sort of way. Actually I loved the small town feel. It has most of the essentials. For most of my clothes shopping though I go to the nearest large town which is only 32 miles away.

Living here, I’m close to my parents and some siblings and my house although small is comfortable and I own it free and clear.

I dropped off the box and drove to the next town and spent the rest of the day doing what I loved to do and that is hitting all the stores just to see what they had. I bought a few things too, mostly some more jeans, panties, bras and a few shirts, t-shirts and several cute pull-over’s along with several pairs of shorts.

I lost track of time as I usually do when shopping and my stomach told me it was late. I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast and now it was after 5:00. The Olive Garden was close by and I thought why not. It was one of my favorite restaurants and the food and wine was always good. I really liked the “all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks” although the bread could add on pounds. That’s what I had along with a nice glass of wine.

I didn’t really like eating alone as some of the guys would hit on me and as usual one did. He was nice looking, my age or a little older and a great smile. He even sat down at my table and started a conversation with me. I was kind of interested until I noticed his ring finger. Although he was not wearing a ring, I could see the usual sign, slight paleness of the skin and a slight indention that the ring makes. That turned me off. I don’t do one night stands and I don’t play with married men but I would have liked to have gotten to know him better. He was a player and I didn’t want anything to do with that. I finally asked if he was married and he stammered around and finally admitted it. I told him goodbye and he left. I was alone after that. It usually was like that, winding up being alone. I really didn’t trust guys much. My X had beaten me once and well he met his fate on the streets of New York with another woman, shot and killed. I was glad that had been a long distance relationship. We met over the internet telling each other our fantasies and the relationship grew from there. Well that was past history and I was glad that was over.

Things had changed a lot for me since then. The two great guys that bed me I love dearly. I met them while they were still in high school and they helped me through the ordeal with my X. I was glad we had never been caught, that would have ended my career and probably sent me to jail. They were legal age now and that was no longer a worry for me. The one problem I did have was one of them was black. My parents would never approve of this. They are old fashion and didn’t believe the races should mix. They weren’t racist really, I never heard an unkind word from them about the different races but they just didn’t believe a black man should be with a white woman. Hell, they wouldn’t approve illegal bahis siteleri of me sleeping around with any man if I wasn’t married to him. They were that old fashioned.

I finished eating and left the restaurant stopping only long enough to gas the car up. The attendant, although young, flirted with me and tried to get my phone number. I only laughed and said maybe some day. I smiled a lot at him and did flirt back and left him happy when I told him I may stop in again and hopped he would be there.

Home, I unpacked the car and took my new things to the bedroom, removed the tags and put them away. I felt good. It had been a good day. I longed for a good glass of wine and pored one as I entered the kitchen. It was a Moscato, a cheep wine but very drinkable. I loved the slight sweetness and the different variations of the Muscat grape in wines. This was like drinking soda pop but better. It went down easily. I was savoring it when I thought of reading my e-mail and sat down at the computer. I had dozen of messages but as I scanned through them, the one from Eric caught my eye.

It started out as the usual casual stuff like glad to hear from you and glad you found me kind of stuff but it was a long message and as I read through it he told me just about everything about him from the time we had last talked to the present. He had gotten past the death of my X, one of his best friends and had moved on. He was still single and finally admitted he wanted to see me.

The memories of meeting him and having sex with him flooded back as I was reading all of this. In a way, I had fallen for him back then but I was too involved with my X. That was the first time I had had sex with two men at the same time and I liked it. It had been one of my fantasies. Then when he had me alone on the living room floor at my X’s place the one last time, I found out how sensual he could be. That to me was very beautiful. That was the last I saw of him. He wanted me to leave with him and now I wished I had. Things might have gone different. Now he wanted to get together.

I kept thinking to myself, should I? Should I rekindle these memories of him? I thought for a while and finally shot back a reply. It was a long one. Just like his message, I went into detail of how my life was although I left out the details of my love life. I was still single and now a junior partner in the law firm. I told him I would like to start up some dialog with him; we could start with e-mails and go from there. If things worked out, who knows?

Finished with writing that, I sent it and read the rest of my mail. It was the usual unimportant stuff. One note was from my lovers in college wanting to know when I could come and visit. I had already gotten a little wet thinking about Eric and now thinking about them got me horny enough that I had to do something about it. I signed off and stripped and got my rabbit from the night stand and lay back on the bed and did my thing. Funny thing was though, I wasn’t thinking about my two lovers in college while I was doing it. It had been Eric that brought me to my orgasm.

Time went by quickly, I found time to go to Portland to shop and visit my lovers along the way. The e-mails from Eric were coming every day. Many times there were several messages at once, all wanting me, longing for me. I was turned on by them and thinking of him most of the time now. Even when I was in the arms of my two lovers I kept thinking of him. The messages were hot, leaving nothing to the imagination. Fantasies were coming into play.

One day he asked if I still had the dress I had been wearing when we first met and I replied I did. He wanted to see me in it again and if and when I came to New York I had to bring it. I had been thinking about that more than ever now, visiting New York and had been penciling in times on the calendar when I could. I let it slip in one message that I would like to try the club scene again where we met. I thought I was ready although not really sure. It was still one of my fantasies and I really wouldn’t be sure until I was faced directly by it.

He wrote back he wasn’t sure he wanted me to go there but would face that when we were together and I was in his arms. If then I still wanted to go, he would think about it.

Well, to make a long story short, I finally decided to go and asked for and gotten several weeks off. Eric was ecstatic that I was finally coming to see him. He arranged time off to take me shopping among other things. I was just as ecstatic and was both excited and apprehensive when the time came to go.

I couldn’t get the trip off of my mind and was sexually excited thinking about the fun I might have if Eric was willing. I really didn’t know if he was willing to do what I wanted. Well at least if he didn’t, I would have him. It wouldn’t be a total loss to my fantasies.

He met me at the airport. Physically he hadn’t changed and was handsome as ever. He was beautiful and swept canlı bahis siteleri me into his arms. We kissed deeply and willingly. I melted and wanted him right away. The drive to his apartment seemed too long although it wasn’t that far. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him and although I didn’t take him out, he was very hard. I was wet and he knew it as his hand was there most of the trip. I hadn’t shaved and he kept running his fingers through my curly bush. I wanted him to see me natural and in the dress and let him decide on how I was to look in it. Beside he had mentioned in one of his e-mails he didn’t want me to shave anymore.

At his apartment, we kissed again deeply as we got out of the car and he held me by one arm as he carried my bags and led me to his apartment. I almost had his pants undone before we got to his door. Inside with the door barely closed in time, we shed our clothes and after knocking things off the entryway table, he sat me on it and took me right there. We were oh so ready. It was very heated and rushed. He ground into me as I wrapped my legs loosely around him.

At one point, he lifted me up off the table and carried me impaled on him to the living room where he kneeled to the carpet carefully laying me back and began savagely thrusting into me. Oh god it felt good and I was both whimpering and screaming to him to fuck me harder when I came. It was ecstasy. It had been a while since I had been taken this way. He kept up his savage thrusting through my orgasm until he stiffened and unloaded gobs and gobs of his hot sticky cum into me. It was a lot and even through my haze of ecstasy, I wondered how long he had been holding back, waiting for me to arrive and receive his torrent.

As he emptied, I could feel his cum ooze around him and slip down my ass and puddle under me on the carpet. I pulled him down upon me and held him tight with my arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him tightly to me. I held him this way until he softened and slipped from me. Kissing finally as his strength returned, he loosened my arms and legs and sat up between my legs and just looked at me devouring me with his eyes.

“You are so beautiful Sara, Just as I remember you.”

I could only smile and replied, “You are as I remember you too. I’m glad I came.”

He rose up and held out a hand beckoning me to stand. “Come on, I’ll show you the apartment.”

I took his hand and stood only to take him in my arms and kiss him deeply wanting him more than ever to take me again. “Show me the bedroom.”

He did and that is where we spent the time until the next morning when we toured the rest of the apartment. It was nice; I liked it and told him so. Most of the time there was spent in the bedroom although every room in the apartment saw activity some several times.

When we weren’t in bed, he took me shopping and I bought a lot of sexy stuff along with several more conservative outfits for work. The sexy stuff I wore for him and got the results I wanted and that was to be fucked senseless. That he did. I think he was hard all the time and I let him inside me whenever he wanted which was most of the time. There were times I didn’t get off but that didn’t matter as long as he did. I found he liked me natural but after he choked on several hairs muff diving; he shaved the area between my legs but left the golden triangle above.

He kept asking about the dress, but I kept putting him off. He had not mentioned taking me to the club and I was not going to dress in it until he did. I had been there almost a week and there had been no mention of any of my fantasies. Although the sex was fantastic and I was in ecstasy most of the time, I was disappointed that he hadn’t brought it up. Finally I broke the ice.

“Look Eric, I told you I would dress in it if there was a chance of satisfying my fantasy of the club and you have not mentioned it. Is there a possibility of that happening?”

He stammered around and finally said, “Sara, I want you for myself. I haven’t been to the club since I met you and was going to let that part of my life go away. I am still a member and will take you if that is what you really wish but think about what you are asking. Are you sure that is what you want?”

“Yes Eric, I want to try it just this once. I want to see what it is like, to do something like this just once in my life.”

“Ok then, I’ll make the reservation for just this one time.”

He kind of moped around a little for the rest of the day and finally told me, “Sara, the reservation is made for tomorrow night. We would dress and go out to dinner there and see what the night would bring. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes Eric love, just this one time.”

Excited and thinking about this one last fantasy, I wondered what it will be like. I remembered the couple dancing and having sex right there on the dance floor and wondered even more about the scene. I hadn’t really looked around and watched the others. Was it just the one couple that was carried away or were others doing it. Now I wished I had stayed a little longer and watched even though I hadn’t been ready for something like that. I wondered if I was ready this time.

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