The Dress and The Cuck

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Nick was home alone when he got the text. He had been thinking about Claire a lot lately after their fuck buddy status had spiralled into a full blown affair. She loved her fiancée but he couldn’t give her the sex she craved and so they had a cuckold relationship. He loved his girlfriend but again – the kinky dark sex he craved was completely missing. They had found each other by accident, had a few hot encounters and now regularly met for the sex they both craved.

Nick was six foot tall, short dark hair and broad shoulders. He worked locally and often nipped home on his breaks to bend her over the sofa when they were both free. Claire was petite at five foot and had the biggest tits Nick had seen in person ever. At 40f they were more than a handful and looked amazing in the corsets she wore for him. During their last session those tits had exploded out of the top of the corset as he had rammed into her and capturing that on camera was one of his fantasies.

It was his day off and he had been amusing himself (kind of) with cleaning and catching up on some paperwork. His phone buzzed and picking it up he spotted her name instantly and felt his pulse quicken. She wanted him to meet her at the boutique place nearby that her friend owned. He dumped his stuff, had a quick wash and set off round to the shop.

Walking up he saw the door was locked and a sign in the window saying that the owner had gone for lunch and would be back in an hour. Confused, he texted her and waited – before a reply came to his phone, Claire came to the door and opened it beckoning him inside. He stumbled in and gasped. She had her hair done up and the dress on. And it was THE üsküdar escort dress. She looked radiant in a white lace dress that was ribbed to support her incredible tits giving her the most amazing cleavage. She smiled up at him; that mischievous smile that meant she had something particularly naughty in mind. She leant back against the counter and slowly slid the front of the dress up exposing the fact that she wasn’t wearing and panties.

She knew that this was his fantasy – to fuck her in her wedding dress – the only hotter cuckold thing for him would be to take her on her wedding night (which she was already trying to work out). Nick watched as she strutted over to him and sank to her knees in that pristine dress – her eyes so big and innocent as she stroked her fingers over the front of his pants, feeling the throbbing length of his shaft rising to her touch. She slowly unzipped the front and slid her small delicate hand inside, struggling to wrap it round the length. She extracted it slowly and carefully aware of how sensitive the head of his shaft got and then greedily swallowed the length whole to the back of her throat. The tongue piercing always added that extra stimulation making him moan out loud.

Nick twisted his fingers in her lovely hair and started fucking her mouth, pressing her back until she fell on her ass, her back to the counter with her legs spread awkwardly, her hands on his thighs and his pulsing cock thrusting in and out of her mouth over and over. She slurped and sucked on his cock in the naughty way she knew excited him and felt his cock swell in her mouth. She hungrily şerfali escort gulped down the explosive streams of cum that flooded from his cock to fill her mouth, a few streams dribbling down her chin that she hastily scooped up and swallowed.

Gently he helped her to her feet and lifted her easily to rest her ass on the counter of the bridal shop. Kneeling down he lifted the dress over his head and pushed her legs wider apart. Lowering his head he ran his tongue the length of her slit.

“You are too good at that…” She whispered as she felt him go to work on her wet pussy. It took him less than five minutes to explode for the first time and he didn’t let up. He worked hard at her pussy making her climax again and again until she was panting and almost incoherent. At that point he slid out from under the dress, hauled her towards him and spun her round bending her over the counter top.

He grabbed her dress and flipped it up and over her hips. Roughly kicking her legs wider apart so that she was bent at the perfect angle he rammed his cock deep into her splitting her open. He began a series of rough deep thrusts in, then pulling out and slapping her ass as hard as he could before ramming his cock back in. She was moaning out loud now and so wet around his cock with every hard thrust. Eventually her ass was glowing so red he thought it might be permanent and he went to work properly.

Gripping her hips tightly he began to fuck her in earnest. His nice thick cock slammed in and out of her, filling her over and over, rubbing every special spot inside and bringing her to orgasm almost immediately. She was almost crying now from the constant fucking and orgasms and the intensity of how quickly he brought her again and again to her peak. His fingers dug into her hips creating the painful contrast with the pleasure of his cock filling her deeply.

She felt him speed up, this was almost like a vibrator – low, slow, and deep to start… Now it was fast, hard and deep, his cock pummelling her insides. Her thighs bruised against the front of his desk as his need rose and his control began to slip. Always so in control, always so proper and well behaved – except when he was deep inside her. She heard his breathing quicken and knew they were approaching the final point.

Nick was hammering her now – he had brought her to countless orgasms (although he knew she would be counting them as ordered) – and now he needed his release. Thoughts of her needs and wants were the last thing in his mind. The burning desire to fuck his cock as deep inside her amazing wet pussy and fill it as full of his cum as he could manage was all that filled his mind. Letting go of her hips, he reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her squashed tits on the counter top and using them as handholds dragged her back onto his thrusting cock.

Exploding, he pounded his cock into her twice more, using her tits to drag her backwards. His cum flooded from the end of his shaft to fill her gorgeous cunt. He jerked and fucked a bit pumping stream after stream of his cum deep inside. He collapsed down on her back, kissing the back of her neck as he stayed inside her for minute.

Slowly pulling out he picked up her phone from the counter top and flicked the camera on. He took a photo of her leaning over the counter, dress up over her back and his cum leaking from her pussy to pool on the floor. After texting it both to himself and her boyfriend, he put it down and gently helped to clean her up before sending her home still full of his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32