The Dream

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Big Tits

I had this dream about you. I was kneeling on a bed; I could feel you kissing my neck; could see your hands touching me, pulling at the fabric of my sweater. You were squeezing my tits with your left hand and rubbing my cunt with your right. I could taste cum on my lips, so I knew that I had pleasured you already. I reached up to thread my fingers into your hair, gripping you hard at each burst of pleasure. With my other hand I reached back to seize your cock, I could feel it getting hard again, feel it pulsing.

Your hands dive under my sweater, lifting it over my head, freeing more skin to taste. You rip the clasp of my bra open. As I aid you in taking it off you squeeze my tits, lightly pinching the nipples, making them hard. You turn me around to face you, locking your lips with mine. I touch the tip of my tongue to your upper lip, asking you to deepen your kiss. Your hands cruise down my body to cup my ass, as you press your fingers between my legs you can feel my wetness seeping through my jeans.

I slip my hands over your naked thighs, up your hips, under the shirt you still wear. I rake my nails over your back, lower to your ass, then bring my hands around to cup you again, just for a second before I push your shirt up so I can lick your nipples.

Knowing if I continued to touch you like this you would never get to torture me with pleasure you decide to bind my hands.

You guide me onto my back, still kissing me, rubbing against me. You pull my hands away from you and ask me to close my eyes…you get up from the bed to get the rope from your computer bag, you watch me. I can hear you moving around, hear a zipper, but I don’t think anything of it. I hear you take off you shirt as you walk back to the bed. You look at my face to see that my eyes are closed, I have a very content look on my face… you ask me what I’m thinking…

“I was just thinking how much I want to touch you.” As you climb back onto the bed, I feel your hand skim over my tummy, I reach out to cup you but you grab my hands and push them over my head. I open my eyes in surprise and begin to protest. You smother it with a deep kiss. After you kiss me breathless, you trail you lips over my cheek, as your tongue licks my ear you see gooseflesh forms on my skin. I moan and turn my head to give you better access, I feel your grip loosen on my hands and try to touch you again. I’m only able to get one hand free before you catch it again…

“Oh no you don’t,” you say, “you just keep your hands to yourself.”

But I just can’t help myself. You roll on top of me, my legs wrap around you and I grind against your hard cock… you groan, and reach for your rope.

“Since you’re going to be a little vixen, I’m going to tie you up. Then I’m going to drive you over the edge.” You say this as you begin to wrap rope around my wrists. I give a mild fight, telling you not to, that I want to touch you. I beg you let me feel your cock in my hands, but to no avail. After tying my wrists you move up the bed to tie the rest of the rope to the headboard.

“You’re mine now…” and the sweet torture begins.

“First thing, these jeans have got to go.”

I watch you İstanbul Escort as you open the clasp and undo the zipper. I lift my bottom off the bed as you ease me out of my jeans. My legs lift; you pull my jeans off and rest my ankles on you shoulders. You begin to kiss and lick you way down my inner calf; your teeth graze my inner thigh. Just as I think you’re going to start to suckle me you come out from between my legs and lie next to me. You look down at my face to see me staring up at you… willing you with my eyes to touch me. You lay your hand over my cheek, your thumb brushes across my lips. I catch the pad between my teeth, flicking my tongue against it.

“What do you want me to do to you?”

“Touch me.” I plead, “Make me cum.”

With a growl you begin. Your mouth descends on my breasts. You take one hard nipple into your mouth, rolling your tongue around it, biting it. You firmly squeeze the other breast, pinching its crest. I arch off the bed, moaning your name.

“You like that?”

“Oh god yes!” My hips rotate against your leg, urging you on. Your mouth moves to the other breast, your hand drifts lower to the edge of my panties at my hip. You give a light tug on them, teasing me before sliding your hand under to cup my ass. You squeeze my cheek, dipping your fingers under the edge of my panties. You feel my wetness as your fingertips graze over my ass, making you squeeze harder. Your hand comes back up to grip the silky fabric; with one quick move you rip the delicate seams.

You look down to see what has been exposed. There’s a small tuft of brown curls and soft, creamy white skin. Your mouth begins to salivate at the thought of feasting on my wet pussy. Your hands spread my thighs apart. I feel your fingers probe around the outer lips of my pussy; circling around my clit. My hips arch against them. You watch my face as I wriggle with pleasure. I tell you to make me cum but you keep using slow, feather light touches. Driving me to the edge yet never letting me fall.

You decide you can’t wait any longer to taste me. You kiss, lick and suckle your way down my body. You position yourself between my legs; your hands reach under me to hold my hips. You feel the weight of my feet rest on you shoulders. My scent intoxicates you, my body quivers with anticipation.

Using your fingers you spread me wide open. First you lick my inner lips, occasionally swirling your tongue around my clit yet never touching it. You begin to alternate your tongue, giving me slow flat licks, and then pushing the tip against my swollen clit. I moan, arching against your mouth demanding more. Your tongue darts inside my cunt, the pad of your thumb rubbing against my clit.

Thrusting my hips upward, I explode in a powerful climax. I cry out as I cum all over your face. You continue to lick me as I come down from orgasm. While I’m still tender you insert you middle finger, pushing it against the roof of my slick pussy. I feel you rub against my g spot, building the pressure again. Your tongue flicks my clit. I clamp my legs around your head trying to hold you still.

“No, not yet. I can’t take it again so soon!” Anadolu Yakası Escort You push my legs apart and up, touching my knees to my tits. Your fingers bite into my flesh leaving small bruises.

“You are mine to do whatever I want to… and right now I’m going to make you cum over and over until you beg me to fuck you.” You let my legs go to kneel over me; you grab my chin, turning my face to look at you. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

Our eyes meet and I realize I’m completely at your mercy. You lean down to kiss me, I bite your lower lip in defiance. You twist a nipple in your fingers causing me to release my hold.

“Fight all you want, but you will beg.” As you release my tender nipple you make your way back down to my sensitive clit. You push my legs back up and dive in. I feel your moustache brush against my lips as your lick the bottom of my opening. Your tongue drifts lower, licking up cum that has steamed over my ass. You swirl the tip around my anus, then press it against the centre. I arch my hips and moan, you here a please escape my lips.

“Please what?” you ask. When I don’t reply you move away, nibbling on my inner thigh. You hold my hips in place when I try to move my cunt against your mouth. You say again, “Please what?”

“Stick your tongue in my ass!” You look up to see me blushing; amused you continue your torture. Your tongue returns to my ass, circling it. I feel it press against the centre, my hips arch up against it. You penetrate me, first with your tongue, then with your finger. I thrash against your hand as you pump your finger in and out. You bring your tongue back up to suck on my clit. As I begin to cum you lift your head to watch me.

“You like that don’t you?” you ask. “You want me to fuck you now don’t you?” you hear and incoherent moan. You pull your fingers from me and reach up to squeeze my tit. I turn my head to look at you. “I’m sorry I didn’t quite get that.”

“YES!” I growl at you. I feel you pinch my nipple hard, telling me I didn’t answer you completely. “Yes I want you to fuck me, I want your cock inside me!” Pleased with my answer you come up to straddle my chest. The tip of your hard cock rests against my lips. I open them and touch my tongue to your swollen head, licking up precum. You reach over to the bedside table to get a condom giving me more access to your shaft. I run my tongue over the underneath of it.

“You’re such a tease,” you say, putting on the condom. You slide down beside me, your hand going between my legs to stroke. “Get on your stomach.” Before I can hesitate you flip me over. You lift my hips up to put a pillow under me, exposing me to you. I feel your finger probe against me, lightly rubbing my clit. You push my legs apart with your knees. Feeling my unease you try to reassure me, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle until you’re used to me.”

Your hands grip my hips as you guide yourself to my opening. You push the tip against it, penetrating. As you push forward, you feel me surround you. You pull back and thrust forward, going deeper each time. I moan, my hands fisting in the covers. When you completely fill me, you Kartal Escort lean forward to kiss my neck. You groan as I tighten around you.

“Fuck. You are so tight.” You pull out and slowly thrust into me again. My breath catches. “You like that. Is my cock big enough for you?” On a shaky sigh, I answer you.

“Oh god yes, it’s been so long since I’ve been fucked by someone so big” As I tell you this you begin to pump my cunt; a slow but steady rhythm. You brace your hands beside my shoulders; your hips grind into me. I feel your balls slap against my swollen clit as you pick up your pace. I can hear your breathing, ragged with pleasure. I push my ass against you, matching your thrusts.

You straighten your body, exposing my ass to your probing fingers. Your thumb pushes inside me causing me to cum hard. You feel my muscles tighten around you, urging you on. You feel yourself getting close and pull out. I moan in protest, bucking against your hand.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” I beg. You remove your hand; I feel your weight leave the bed. “Where are you going?” you don’t answer, I can hear you rummaging around behind me. When I try to roll over to see what you are doing your hand clamps down on my calf.

“Don’t be so impatient,” I hear you say. You climb back on top of the bed, I feel you straddle me, your ankles resting against the backs of my knees. You spread my ass cheeks with your hand, drizzling something cool over my anus. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since you told me you were disappointed the first time your ass was fucked.”

I feel pressure against the tight opening and realizing your intentions I try to relax. I moan in pain and pleasure as you tip pushes past the tightness. You push a little deeper before retreating. You spread my cheeks wide as you push in again. Once you are half way in you lean forward to pin me to the bed; your hands grip my shoulders. I moan as you continue to fuck me, going deeper and deeper until I’m completely filled by you.

As you wait for me to get used to you, you lick my neck; bite my shoulder. You whisper to me how tight I am, I try to answer you but can’t speak. You feel me push up against you, urging to continue. On an oath you begin to pump into me. You see my hands griping the sheets, my knuckles white. You slowly pull out thinking I’m in too much pain. Just before you get the entrance I scream out.

“Oh fuck me, please fuck me!” at my urging you thrust into me again. “Oh yes, god yes!” Needing no further encouragement you pick up your pace. I feel your heavy breathing against my ear, your groaning, whispers of how much you like it. You hear me urge you on, whimpers of pleasure escaping my lips as I tell you to go harder, deeper.

I feel pressure building inside me, your cock hitting the top of my pussy through the layers of tissue. I fight not to tighten against you as I begin to cum, knowing I could hurt you or worse push you out. It only heightens the orgasm giving me the strength to rip free of my restraints. I reach my hand back and dig my nails into your hip. I scream my pleasure, my body violently shuddering against you. Unable to control it anymore I squeeze my ass around you causing you to cum hard. With each shot of cum you thrust deep into me until you’re empty, you collapse.

I begin to feel you soften inside me; still joined you roll us onto our sides, holding me against you, both of our bodies still quaking.

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