The Dragon’s Lair

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I had just turned twenty-one and my current boyfriend had decided to get me a present I’d never forget, or be rid of — a tattoo. I was apprehensive because the only other tattoo I had done was an unpleasant experience to say the least. But I was game for almost anything and I cared for Sam a lot so I said he could pick the design and the placement if he wanted. He agreed and we went shopping for an establishment that was clean and did good work.

When we finally picked a place I watched a woman get a tattoo on her lower back while Sam looked at all the designs on the walls. I noticed that the guy that did the work was around my age and had gentle hands so I began to feel less nervous. Watching the guy work I became a little lost in his arm movements, finding them somewhat erotic in a comforting way. I was so lost in him that I didn’t hear Sam call my name, after the third time he finally came to stand beside me. “Hey, Rach, I found one. Come see if you like it.”

Following him over to a north sidewall I could only stare at the dragon that was at least seven inches long and immensely thick. It was colorful to say the least and coiled substantially around itself but the tongue is what caught me off guard. It was long and un-ordinarily sized for a dragons tongue and it seemed to flicker at the end in twin spears. I stared up at Sam and asked, “You actually expect me to get that somewhere on…me?”

I mean I was slender framed and that thing was huge. I tugged on my dark hair, once again becoming slightly nervous. Sam put his finger under my chin and met his blue eyes with my green ones, “You said I could pick the design.” I sighed in apprehension and knew that this dragon was my new tattoo.

“Now where should it go?” Sam wondered, playfully expecting me like a Greek statue. I was worried about putting it somewhere visible and he knew this. He looked at the dragon again and smirked a sexy smile, I just quirked an eyebrow at him in question. He pointed his finger at the end of the dragon’s tongue — the wagging twin spears. I still didn’t get it; I could be dense at times. Sam then pointed a finger at my left canlı bahis inner thigh. Oh I got it then. “No way, that area is sensitive enough as it is!”

“Come on Rach, I get to choose remember.”

I remembered, but the thought of another guy looking at me in my underwear made me a little shy and yet a little horny. I remembered the guy in the other rooms’ hands, seeming gentle enough. I began to shift my feet in hesitation and Sam interpreted it correctly, “You can always imagine his hands are mine.” At that statement I felt a small trickle of wetness surge straight to my pussy. I bit my lower lip in nervousness and finally agreed.

We waited for the guy to finish with the woman before me. She came out of the tattooing area with a slight blush to her cheeks and said thank you to the artist, I thought that a little weird but dismissed it. He then turned to me and his gray eyes captured mine, “What can I do for you today?” I couldn’t really speak. This guy was adorable in an unconventional way and he had a sexual magnetism that I couldn’t really place. Sam took over from there.

“She needs this dragon tattoo,” he pointed to the wall, “done on her left inner thigh.” I couldn’t help blushing when the tattoo guy stared openly at my thigh. But he was professional, “I can do that, just give me a few minutes to get ready and you can fill out this paperwork.” I found myself saying “thank you.”

I was filling out paperwork when Sam got a call on his cell-phone. He seemed upset. “Hun, I have to go into work for a few hours, do you want to postpone this?”

“No, I’m already here, I might as well get it over with.” He chuckled sensing that if we left I might not come back. “Alright, I’ll come pick you up in a few hours.” He kissed me and left. I turned to find the tattoo guy waiting for me. “My name’s Jason by the way.” “Hi Jason, my name is Rachel.” We shook hands and when his hand lingered on the back of my wrist I got tingles in my skin and I suddenly felt sixteen again.

He told me I’d have to take my jeans off and shave my thigh, he pointed me in the direction of the bathroom. I began thinking of his hands bahis siteleri again and that was a bad idea because I became hot and wet all at the same time. Taking off my jeans I felt weird in a good way, I don’t really know why. This wasn’t Sam, he was just a guy that had a job to do. But this thought made me wetter even still. Shaving my thigh was a chore in itself and my hands were shaking in sexual anticipation. Finally done, I took a breath and opened the door.

Seeing him staring at me as I made my way to the chair in my lacy micro fiber hipsters, made me suddenly embarrassed because I’m sure once I sat down and he was working he would be able to smell my excitement. Forcing that out of my mind I sat down. He did his best to calm my nerves before getting started, talking to me and asking me questions, never mentioning the upcoming process. I was getting comfortable with him and I temporarily forgot what was going to happen.

Then he made me spread my freshly shaven thigh towards him. His hands were softly calloused but gentle as he transferred the design from the paper to my thigh. I felt another rush of moistness and I tried to fight it back, which of course was futile, and it didn’t help that he told me I had beautiful thighs. His gray eyes locked with mine as if he was making sure it was okay that he had said that. I could only stare back but then I had the urge to swipe a lock of blond hair from his forehead. Touching his face gave him his answer and with a slight smile he went back to work.

Once that hum of the needle began I tried to block it out, sensing my tenseness, he rubbed a gentle hand along my thigh and up to the edge of my panties. I wanted to cry at him and tell him to go further, but he didn’t because I wasn’t tense anymore. Biting my lower lip again I looked at the ceiling, not wanting to watch. I felt his finger under my chin as he brought my eyes to his. I knew he wanted me to watch, even if he didn’t say it. I stared transfixed as the dark outline was inserted in my skin, crying out in some sort of pain and pleasure as he put those twin spears of the tongue closest to my cunt. That area bahis şirketleri was the most sensitive and having pain applied to it made a trickle of wetness creep down between my clit to my ass cheeks, sensing I wanted to shift to be more comfortable, he placed a hand on my abdomen and told me not to move. That was like telling me not to breath but I did my best to obey. I moved my hand to rest on the arm of the chair and as I moved my hand it brushed against him and I suddenly felt he was as aroused as I was.

When he began to change colors I shifted positions, “Am I going to have to strap you down?” he half joked with me as he smiled. And I replied, “I wish you would,” half joking back at him. He chuckled and said something under his breath I didn’t catch. Turning back to the issue at hand he gripped my thigh to steady it and stretch it to apply color. Green is a nice color but not so naughty as red, when he applied the red and red-orange colors I felt like I was in heaven. The pain didn’t register anymore and I only focused on his back and arms as he moved with a gentle speed over my skin. The twin spears were a bright red and when he applied it up there I couldn’t help but cum. It was as a small orgasm and I was sure he’d missed it, but to my surprise he smiled up at me and bent to apply his tongue to the wet spot in my panties. I was shocked but did my best to be a good girl and not move.

All hell broke loose when he shifted the needle in his other hand and placed his fingers boldly into my hungry cunt. Even through my underwear I could feel his gentle hands. I gasped for air and I felt my head spinning, especially when a shock of naked skin on my clit brought me to another orgasm right in front of him. He left his fingers still inside me as I calmed down. And he smiled up at me and said he was done. Done? Where had the time gone?

Two and half hours had gone and my tattoo was done. As I sat up to go put my jeans back on he grasped my hand and let his fingers linger on my wrist. I could only stare at him with passion filled eyes. He let me go and I went to change. Sam was waiting for me when I came out. “How’d it go?”

“Fine.” It was all I could say.

Jason turned to me and said something that only I heard. “I’m glad your dragon has a nice lair to come home to.”

Blushing, I turned to leave and said, “Thank you.”

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