The Dragon Lady

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Mai hissed in anger and disappointment at seeing her favorite skinny dipping and camping spot invaded by a strange interloper. Boy was she pissed, but instead of leaving or storming into the clearing, she sat back and waited, and watched!

She was in her van, but her approach had been quiet, and she now sat with the engine off and her vehicle still mostly hidden by the trees of the hidden approach to this out-of-the-way spot on the Ocoee River, just 5 miles east of Cleveland, Tennessee. It was late May and although the East Tennessee Spring weather was warm during the day, the river was cold year-round, which was why it was such a great destination for trout fishermen and kayakers during the summer months.

Mai was a dedicated cold water skinny dipper, a pastime she came by honestly, the only daughter of two old California hippies, first-generation immigrants from Southeast Asia, whose heyday was in the 70s. She was a stunning and unusually statuesque Asian woman of Vietnamese and Filipino ancestry. Her mom, Linh Ngoc Nyuet, a tall and exotic beauty in her own right was a first-generation refugee from Vietnam who had escaped with her parents after the fall of Saigon. In Sacramento, she had met Ernesto Fernandez, also a recent immigrant from Luzon in the Philippines. Mai Linh’s parents were free spirits who had decided that opportunity in America meant they could travel and stop to work whenever necessary, and by keeping their possessions few and their lifestyle simple and free of excess ambition, they could lead the ultimate Bohemian lifestyle. They raised their one and only daughter with the same values and independent spirit.

Like her parents, Mai traveled and lived in a tricked-out camper van and she preferred to be off the beaten path as much as possible, although her chosen career path meant she did spend some time where she could access the internet from her iPad and advertise and book clients for her unique type of “Service”. Mai Linh, aka “The Dragon Lady” was, to her knowledge, the only technically homeless Professional Dominatrix.

Besides being her home on wheels her Oversized custom camper van, also served as her “Mobil Dungeon” and one-woman brothel. She was quite proud of the range of services she offered for the sexually and emotionally adventurous men of means that were attracted to her amazing and totally exotic and erotic looks and figure. At 5′ 8″ in bare feet and a very fit and curvy 120lbs. She had the body of a dancer but with a completely natural 34DD rack and an ass that captivated men’s minds more surely than crack cocaine. Her hair, raven black and silky straight extended down below the cheeks of her ass, and one of her favorite techniques was to use her hair as a whip across her client’s bodies and had been known to raise welts on a man’s chest and shoulders when she was displeased with his level of submission.

She wore her nails long, most of the time, and in the style of stiletto tips with a pronounced curve which really gave her the appearance of having dangerous yet sexy claws. And dangerous they truly were as she kept them hard and sharp enough to pierce skin and muscle tissue if she wanted and her clients consented. She was not a sadist, per se, but she was very much a feminist and a true believer in the Superiority of The Female of the species. She understood in her own mind that the divine Goddess had created Woman after her own image and set her in charge of bearing offspring and keeping the male worker population in line and just strong enough to hunt and provide for the family and community, and when need be, to fight…but NEVER to rule. Well that concept had surely gotten fucked up, hadn’t it?

The world under the Old White Patriarchy had totally gone to hell in a handbasket and if She and Women like her did not bring back balance to nature and humanity, the world was surely fucking doomed!

If she had her way, all men would be rounded up and those that were hopelessly misogynistic would be made to entertain the Women in gladiatorial games until they were all killed off or had become sufficiently frightened of their imminent extinction to allow themselves to be made docile with the other less misogynist drones that had already been put on a regimen of forced milking to keep their male hormones under istanbul travesti control. Ahhhhh…she thought, could that perfect world even be possible? She doubted it. Donald Trump had killed most of her hopes that the world could be saved.

She snapped out of her daydreams as the man in the green van emerged from the van and began to head for the water. What the fuck is he wearing she wondered? The guy, an older white guy, maybe in his 50s, with copious amounts of grey body hair, but a perfectly shaved head, appeared to be wearing a THONG! What the fuck? She grabbed her binoculars and took a better look. She realized that what she was seeing was not a store-bought thong or bikini underwear or swimsuit, but it was a traditional Japanese male loincloth called a Roku shaku fundoshi. A six (Roku) foot (shaku) long strip of cloth roughly 7 inches wide had long been one of several types of fundoshi or loin clothes worn by the men of old Japan. After World War 2, they had, for the most part, been replaced by modern western style underwear. However, they could still be purchased and were worn mostly for ceremonial purposes during festivals. As she watched him move she knew he was not Japanese and not even Asian for that matter. Who is he, she wondered.

She watched as he gingerly stepped into the water. He wasn’t a total idiot; he had water shoes on so he could navigate the rocky river bottom. He moved rather well and quickly got immersed to his thighs and then after a few moments of hesitation as he let his body acclimate to the frigid water, he stepped so that his balls and groin were fully submersed and she couldn’t help but laugh as she could see him stiffen as she imagined his cock was shrinking like saran wrap under a blow dryer. Then…he was gone! He made his move from standing to an aggressive dive into the rapidly deepening pool he had been walking into. She had to admit, that took…balls. Even small ones, she guessed.

With the interloper submerged she got out of her van and walked down to his campsite, about 40 yards distant. She moved to try to put his van between him and her so that she could approach unseen. Once in his camp, she took stock of what he had and tried to determine as much as she could about him by the state of his camp and vehicle.

The van was an older model Ford, Econoline that had been customized and it was nicely furnished with a full bed, small refrigerator, stove and Porto Potty. His camp was tidy and he had built a fire circle from rocks and had laid a fire, but not yet lit it. He had a stainless steel rocket stove large enough for a coffee pot or a wok for cooking. He had a small wooden folding prep table and had obviously been prepping vegetables for supper as he had what looked to be a Shun 8″ chef’s knife on the Bamboo cutting board. The guy had style and good taste in kit, it seemed to her.

“Excuse me!”

She jumped two feet involuntarily! She had been so busy with her inspection that she failed to realize that not only had the van hidden her approach from him, but it also hid his return from the water from her!

“Fuck me!! You scared the SHIT out of me! Asshole!” she bellowed.

“I’m the asshole?! You snuck into my camp while I was taking a dip, so technically you are the intruder. And by the way, I saw you drive up about 15 minutes back. You should have come down and introduced yourself then.”

“I’m sorry, she said, chagrined to have been seen and to have allowed herself to be caught off guard. I normally have this site to myself whenever I come through here and I was taken aback that someone was here. I didn’t know for sure if I wanted to meet you. That’s why I snuck in. Once again I apologize.”

“No worries, lovely Lady, I don’t mind a visitor, especially one that seems to have come from Heaven itself.”

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at his cheeky attempt at a compliment. But she had to admit, she was somewhat intrigued. And she really did want to go for a dip!

“I apologize for taking your favorite spot,” he said. “You have good taste in surroundings. I had been here myself a couple of times over the last few years. My name is Reggie.” He stuck out his hand and she accepted the gesture and returned his shake. “Why don’t you bring your van down, there is plenty of room travesti istanbul here and I am a good neighbor. I keep to myself and I don’t poke into other people’s business. I will only be in the area a few days and then you can have the place to yourself.”

“Are you vagabonding or are you in this area on vacation?” She inquired with her best inscrutable expression.

“Oh I am a committed vagabond. I will only be here for the few days it takes for me to handle a couple of catering events and then I will move on. I am a chef by training and I use the internet to book myself in for lucrative parties and events I provide high-end menus and hire servers. bartenders and the like from local sources. How about you? Are you here for business or pleasure?”

“Yes”, she said with a coy smile. “I am here for both.” She wanted to add, “My business IS pleasure”, but wasn’t yet sure about sharing the nature of her business with this stranger.

“At least tell me your name, I feel totally at a loss.”

“My name is Mai.” She cooed and offered, “I too am a committed vagabond. I go where I want, when I want and when the urge strikes me I will make money to feed my lifestyle.”

“What do you do for money?” he enquired.

“You feed people’s appetite for food and libation. I feed people’s needs for something less socially acceptable.”

Although she was not dressed in her leathers, Mai was still an alluring woman with her long shapely legs and ass that were clad in a revealing pair of tight short shorts that did not leave much to the imagination. Her flannel shirt was tied just under her ample breasts and the checked pattern did little to camouflage her perky nipples dimpling the fabric. Her flat belly showed a hint of the 6 pack she had worked long and hard to build and his eyes took in all of it, and somehow managed to remain respectful in his appreciation.

It was at that point, that they both seemed to realize that he was standing in a wet loincloth that ALSO left nothing to the imagination and his appreciation for her was growing!

Totally mortified he quickly turned his back on her as she fought to stifle her giggle and cover her smile.

“I apologize for that, I wasn’t thinking!” he croaked.

“Parts of you were thinking!” “I could see your mind at work!” she laughed.

Totally crimson now, Reggie rushed to his van and jumped in and slid the door shut.

“I’m sorry; I will be back out when properly clothed! I am dreadfully sorry for that!”

Suddenly the door slid open and Mai was standing in the van.

“Don’t run away! Let me help with that,” she said in a breathy seductive way.

Reggie froze his eyes wide and his mouth agape. As he felt her fingernails trail down his back, too light to leave marks but firm enough to communicate her intent. As her hands reached the fundoshi she deftly untied it and slid it to the floor. Her nails were sending explosions of erotic sensation through his lower body which beat against his brain like a bass drum. Her fingers lightly stroked his cock which was fully erect and straining.

“Mmmmmmmm, seems like you aren’t too upset about this breach of etiquette. Do you want me to stop?”

“Uhhhh…!” He croaked as his head rolled back and soft moans began issuing from his throat.

She turned him to face her and pulled his face to hers and began a deep, probing, and passionate kiss. She pushed him back onto his mattress and crawled on top of him returning to the long kiss. Her mouth was sweet and her probing tongue thrilled him and entranced him in a way he had never experienced before. Her nails darted lightly over his chest and abdomen and the sensation was mind-blowing! As her fingers closed on his cock it was fully erect and hard like a fire hose. As she stroked him he let out moans and whimpers which fueled her lust and passion. She pushed herself up off of him so she could look down at him his eyes pleaded with her and his hands reached for her breasts as she stripped off her blouse and gave him a thoroughly wicked and seductive smile.

“How does it feel to be topped by a woman?” she cooed.

“Very natural, and I love it”, he whispered.

“May I please…” he ventured as she raised an eyebrow, and then demurred,

“Go ahead my pet.”

Reggie rolled istanbul travestileri Mai over on the bed and began kissing her breasts and side. Using his tongue and lips and teeth he worked his way down her body licking, nibbling, and suckling all the way down to her abdomen. He lightly stroked the inside of her thighs and kissed them tenderly and then more urgently. He allowed his fingertips to lightly brush the outer lips of her vulva and he noticed she was already fairly wet. He gave her labia a light kiss and then began to lick, lightly at first and then he probed deeper with his tongue and used his nose to press against her clit. She moaned loudly and began to caress his head with her fingertips and nails. He used the tip of his tongue to circle her clit and give it quick licks as her moans became louder and more urgent.

Turning his head to suck her inner labia into his warm mouth he started to press her clit with his finger and then slid the finger into her pussy and then added his second finger. He returned his tongue to her clit head as he began massaging her G-spot area and used a come hither motion of his fingers to cause her to gasp and arch her back. He could tell she was getting close and he slowly removed his fingers and turned from her vulva to her taint and began licking and stroking her along it and stroking the opening of her asshole.

He turned her onto her stomach and before she could react, he buried his tongue into her sphincter and she let go a moan that sounded like a cat in heat. Using his tongue and one finger of his right hand he stimulated her ass and with his left he returned to her clit and began doing circles with moderate pressure and speed. He built her once again to just short of climax and then to her total surprise he sat up and slapped her on the cheek of her ass.

This got a startled cry and then when he followed closely with a second she gave an appreciative grunt as he once again turned her over onto her back and landed face first into her hot and thoroughly soaking wet pussy. This time there was no edging just a solid sucking of her clit and two fingers dancing on her G-spot until she came with a thunderous scream followed by a whimper and a sigh.

He crawled up so they were eye to eye and her look of total pleasure and release mingled with appreciation let him know that he had done what he had hoped to do.

She bit her bottom lip and said, “I can’t let you have the final word” she flipped him over and quickly mounted him in Cowgirl position and began to fuck him as if this were her last chance to have cock.

His moans were her catnip and the more vocal he got the harder she ground on him. She reached down and scratched him slow and seductively down his chest and he threw his head back and howled in pain and ecstasy! His climax triggered one of her own, and the van rocked mightily as anyone within half a mile would have been able to hear that two animals had just climaxed a fight to the death!

She rolled off of him and lay next to him as they both breathed deeply and sighed with thorough contentment.

“Oh my God, That is an absolute first for me!!” She said with obvious amazement. “I have never had totally spontaneous sex with a stranger before! I mean sex with strangers yes, I do that all the time, but this was different. It felt totally feral!”

“I know what you mean, I felt like prey and like you were the lioness! It was a total turn-on for me, so I hope you aren’t thinking it was a mistake.” He said feeling. “I get the sense that you are an Alpha female, is that accurate?”

“Yes, I am a pro-domme in my business, but I am also a female supremacist. Do you know what that is?”

“I believe I do.” He said “I am sort of a feminist myself, but I am totally unashamed of being a man and very masculine, I hope you agree about that last part, but when you came on to me like that it was the sexiest thing that has ever happened to me. I think I could really enjoy being submissive to some like you. That is, as long as you don’t try to make me into a sissy! That is something I totally am not!”

“No, you are right, you are very manly, very masculine and taking you that way made me feel all that much more feminine. I really feel like our energies worked well together.”

She looked at him contemplatively for a long minute and then she began to drag her nails seductively up the inside of his thigh.

He issued forth a long moan and looked deeply into her seductive eyes and pleaded with her silently to take him again.

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