The Drag Show

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Although I occasionally patronize gay bars, I had never in my thirty-five years actually seen a drag show, so I decided to check one out. I went online to see where I might find one and discovered that a place I was familiar with was hosting an extravaganza featuring national drag queen stars as well as some of our local talent.

I arrived at the tavern fairly early only to find the place already busy and crackling with an air of excited anticipation. A place at the bar became vacant and I pounced on it.

I was perched at the far end of the bar nursing a beer. I’m a people watcher and it was a good vantage point to watch the Saturday night merriment. Within the growing crowd I noticed two fellows whose vibe clashed with the general convivial atmosphere. One was a big guy who was leering and aggressive. The other was a smaller man who was obviously not wanting the man’s attention, which only made the first guy more aggressive. Over the next twenty minutes, their drama made a circuit around the area in front of the stage. The small man would pull away, obviously saying go away or leave me alone. The lout would stay close on his heals becoming more assertive, even physical.

With my chin, I pointed them out to the bartender. “Who’s that asshole?” I asked.

A glance was all he needed. “That asshole is the owner’s brother. I’ve 86-ed him several times but the owner always lets him back in. I’ve given up with the guy.”

Now, I never liked bullies on the playground. I like the adult version even less. I tried to ignore the ugly scene but it kept getting louder and more annoying. The surrounding crowd sneered and kvetched but no one intervened so the ugliness slowly ramped up. Secretly, I’m sure, many were wanting the little guy to simply relent. After all, isn’t that what submissives do?

Finally I’d had enough. I emptied my beer with one final chug and wove menacingly through the crowd. The bully had a firm grip on the smaller guy’s arm so when I stepped between them I was instantly nose to nose with the asshole. He was startled as I stared hot daggers into his beady eyes.

“Go bother someone else, Fuckface.” When provoked my otherwise sonorous voice seems to echo from the flaming abyss of hell. “This gentleman obviously does not appreciate your attention.”

I watched the moment of assessment flash through his eyes. He was a tad taller than my six foot one but there was nothing soft about me. He, on the other hand, was oafish, big in size but feint of heart. I grabbed the wrist that held the smaller man, squeezing with a force that threatened to crush bone.

“Are you threatening me?” His befuddled mind was unable to summon more than the obvious.

“Bother him again and I will leave you broken and bloody on the floor. A promise, not a threat.”

He held my stare for a pathetic moment longer, attempting to salvage a shred of dignity. There was none to be had. He huffed once and walked away to the amusement of all the assembled crowd. I turned to the victim of his bullying.

“Maybe now we can all enjoy the evening in peace.” My voice had resumed its normal calm tenor. “I’m at the bar if he bothers you again.”

“No, let me buy you a drink. I mean, come on,” he pleaded, “that’s the least I can do. By the way, I’m Ethan.”

For the first time I looked at him. I guessed he was a bit younger than me, maybe thirty. As he relaxed from the tension, he assumed a look of warmth and kindness so natural it was surely his resting face. There was a winsome charm in his smile and he had green eyes so lustrous and clear they shone like an aura. Although a shorter man, maybe five-nine, he was trim with the suggestion of nimble grace. It was obvious why the lout was fixated on him. Ethan was an attractive, gentle gay man. He gently took my hand and urged me toward the tables that ringed the room.

“Phillip,” he said to the waiter passing by, “could you get me a wine and something for …?”

“Marc. Just a longneck Bud for me.”

Ethan smiled deeply into my eyes. “Of course, a longneck Bud. Come on.”

He led me to an empty booth. It was a couple of steps up from the floor allowing a good vantage of the show. He scooched in while I sat toward the edge, leaving a good distance between us.

“This is kind of a first for me,” I said.

He gave me a quizzical look. “First time at a gay bar?”

“No. No. First time seeing a drag show. I come here at times but usually on Saturday afternoons to watch the games.”

“Oh my god, Marc. You come to a gay bar to watch football?” He seemed teasingly intrigued. “What kind of a gay man are you?”

I blushed as I laughed. “The kind that doesn’t fit well with Bolu Escort the clubbing scene. But, I watch games in straight bars too. I’m versatile.” A laugh erupted from Ethan. I felt myself blush again. “I think I just used that term the wrong way.”

Our drinks arrived giving us both the chance to laugh. “No, you used the term precisely just not in the standard gay way. I get it. Well I’m glad I get to experience your first time.”

We had a moment to chat. I enjoyed the time and we ordered another round. It arrived just as the house lights dimmed and a spotlight illuminated the stage. A campy queen in a tuxedo took the stage welcoming us and introducing the first performer.

I leaned back and stretched my arm across the back of the booth. Looking over, I saw Ethan smile sweetly as he scooched closer. I let my hand fall softly on his shoulder. He came closer and rested his hand on my thigh. I could barely make out the green of his eyes in the dimness but they lit up as I slowly leaned in for a gentle lingering kiss before turning back to the show. He giggled and winnowed into my side.

The show was what I expected and more. It tickled me, as did Ethan’s finger tips on my leg. My fingers played with the hair around his ear. Somehow our bodies nestled more closely into each other.

The second act was pretty much the same as the first only campier and more brazen. The third act was even more outrageous. The crowd was getting louder. Hooting and whistles accompanied the music as Drag Queen
danced with a bump and grind. I was getting bored and found Ethan’s company far more intriguing than the show.



We gazed with rising heat into each other’s eyes. “I’m bored with this. I’d much rather be alone with you.”

Our lips met in a gentle, skating kiss that lasted a long moment. “I want to be with you, too,” he said. “I live close by. Let’s go there.”

As we started through the audience it became more boisterous in anticipation of the headline performer. The crowd from the bar joined in, blocking our way. I found myself pressed against Ethan from behind and took the opportunity to wrap him in my arms. I caressed his chest and flat stomach in a manner that was uncharacteristic for me but the crowd was oblivious to us. The display that they had come for was about to take the stage.

Ethan pressed back against me. His firm ass sought my manhood between his cheeks. The moan that escaped me was lost in the din of the crowd. Only Ethan heard. He danced his bootie deeper across my loins.

“We better find our way out of here before I disgrace myself and stain a good pair of slacks,” I said.

Ethan spun, looking up into me eyes as his groin kept contact with mine and swayed slightly in tempo with the booming music. His hands kneaded my shoulders, my biceps, my pecs. “Try to make yourself small, Marc, if that’s possible. Follow me. I’ll get us through this crowd.”

Later, I drove following his car across town. I laughed at my good fortune as the oldies station played a song from the sixties. The Rascals singing Good Lovin’.

His condo was perched on a ridge overlooking the river. I took in the impressive view as he unlocked the door. He stood aside and ushered me in. I wandered into the living room and made a quick survey of the place. The decor reflected the tastes of a thoughtful, discerning man, a man of substance with an eye for art. I turned to him. He was watching me from the foyer, appreciating me with a wry grin.

“Can I get you something?”

“Yes. You.”

He approached me slowly with his eyes locked on mine. The heat of anticipation increased with each step and my breathing mounted. He stopped a few aching inches away. I could feel his hot breath as we gazed ever more fervently into each others eyes, so close yet unable or unwilling to broach the gap until my longing could not be denied. Unbidden my hand rose to his cheek and, with eyes still lost within his, I bent to meet his lips. He melted into my kiss.

My arms wrapped his body and drew him tight. His lips were slick and lush against mine until they parted and our tongues touched for the first time. Then the ardor quickly rose as we held each other tighter. It seemed forever as my arms roamed his back and I kissed him deeply. I finally found his ass in my hands, each cheek so firm and supple as he pressed himself upward against me. Our cocks gamboled together through the dense fabric of our pants as I broke the kiss to bury my lips into the soft nape of his neck.

“Oh, Marc …” Ethan was gasping in quivering breaths, his body electric and pulsing against mine. “I want you naked in my bed.”

We Bolu Escort Bayan got there in fits and starts, always embracing, always probing with tongue and touch, finally arriving half naked, leaving a trail of shirts and shoes in our path. Ethan threw back the covers and bade me to sit on the edge of the bed as he wrestled off my pants and socks. Then he took my cock gently between his hands and stroked it deftly with light fingers. He sank to his knees and admired it longingly with his hot carnal gaze.

“Beautiful,” he said with a sigh.

A thrill shot through me as laid wet kisses over my cockhead and his tongue tickled the delicate underside. He played with the pillowy crown making me shiver then he slowly inhaled my thick shaft until it lodged deep within his throat. Several circuits he made, up and down the shaft, ever deeper. I moaned and craned upward. He welcomed my cock again and again within his marvelous mouth. Too soon I approached my limits and begged him to stop. Reluctantly, and just in time, he stopped. He remained there, on his knees at the bedside, adoring my manhood with his eyes, occasionally kissing sloppily at the base. Then he looked up to me.

“Your cock is perfect for me.”

I pulled him onto the bed. We rolled across its width as we kissed and embraced. His nipples were full and sensitive. I rolled them between my fingers before taking them with my lips and sucking them into my mouth. His hands pressed me to his tits as my tongue swaddled first one, then the other. I proceeded further as I pressed him to the mattress with one hand.

“I want you to just lie there, Baby.” I kissed the tender crease of his groin where the nerves lie close to the surface. He twitched beneath each kiss. “I just want to love you all over.”

Somehow he had retained his underwear through our tumbling passion. They were sleek and glossy silver, and his straining cock was outlined beneath the sheen, the cockhead clearly visible. My fingertips played up and down the shaft, then across the pliant flesh at the crown. A stain spread. I captured it beneath the fabric and rubbed it across the cumhole, causing the stain to grow and gush. His breath caught and his pelvis craned.

I peeled his underwear off and shucked them across the room as I crawled between his legs. His bare cock was as I imagined it, firm and throbbing, almost six inches long. I kissed the base of his shaft, nibbling at his flesh. My mouth leaked profuse juices as I traced my lips up the ridge to the electric nodule of nerves beneath the crown, teasing it with my tongue.

My lips surrounded his cockhead. I lapped at the plush tissue as cum leaked from the tip. I raised a hand and slathered my fingertips with our thick combined juices, then lowered it between his cheeks to the rosebud of his ass. Ethan moaned and spread his checks for me. As I swaddled his soft cockhead my slick fingers stroked his tender fundament. I gathered more precum between my lips and deposited more juice to my fingers. I stroked his rosebud deeper as I sucked his cock slowly to the hilt. He moaned and craned upward, deep into my throat while capturing my fingertips in the vise between his cheeks.

I paused between deep urgent sucks to slather more juice on my fingertips. Then my fingers sought deeper flesh. His ass convulsed in the throes of pleasure, opening and closing his sphincter, luring my finger deeper. With his cockhead deep in my throat my finger finally garnered passage. Ethan gasped and pressed against my finger, clenching it deeper until it found the spot and he let loose a gasping moan of pleasure.

I continued to suck his cock to the hilt as my finger began to strum his gland. His breath was fevered and broken as I adored both cock and ass in a unity of carnal sensation. His hips rocked in rhythm to my ministrations as the heat of his molten lust rose. My mouth let loose of his cock. His eyes were clouded with passion as he met my gaze.

“I want it, Baby. I want to swallow all your sweetness.” My finger stroked deep inside him and I kissed his engorged cockhead. “Will you give it to me, Baby? Give me your cum?”

His eyes bulged with lust and his gaping mouth gasped “Yes.”

I sucked his cock with even more fervor as he undulated and bucked between my lips and fingers. Suddenly, his body craned tautly upward, clenching my finger tight to his spot, face reddening, unable to breath. Then he erupted into my mouth, convulsing as he unleashed spasm after spasm of thick, juicy cum. I hoovered every drop greedily, allowing nothing to escape.

Ethan collapsed with his cock still in my mouth. My finger massaged his gland gently Escort Bolu as the last of his splooge drained out. I drew my tight lips slowly up his shaft causing him to whimper and shake, finally reaching his cumhole, still sucking until satisfied I had every last drop. Then I released his manhood. I let my head fall onto his thigh as my finger withdrew with a plop.

For a long time I lay there. His beautiful cock hung flacid and spent. His breath stilled. I looked upward and watched as he drifted within the revery of sated passion. I thought he was asleep when I finally lifted my head.

“Where are you …?”

“Shhh.” I kissed his pliant cock. “I’ll be right back.”

As I rinsed my hand in his bathroom sink, I caught my reflection in the mirror. I could swear I glowed. “Now that was fun,” I said to myself.

I heard a drawer open and close in the bedroom behind me and guessed Ethan was retrieving his lube. I brought the hand towel with me as I turned off the bathroom light and caught Ethan with his hand between his legs preparing himself. He smiled sweetly as I neared, a longing lingered in his eyes. I walked with my stiff cock proudly before me. He rolled over and took it in his mouth, sucking me slowly and deeply for a moment before slathering it with lube. I handed him the towel. He cleaned his hand.

I lowered my lips to his then slowly lay atop him. His legs spread wide to accept me then clamped around my waist to keep me imprisoned within his wanton embrace. Our eyes locked in a deep swimming gaze when I pressed against him. I saw the slight wince and heard the soft whimper as I entered. Then his eyes became hungry again and yearning. I pressed gently deeper and the green irises gaped wider. I saw something deeper within. Leaning down, we kissed softly, deeply, soulfully. He relaxed and we shared a deep breath. He kegeled his core around my cock, urging me deeper. We exhaled together as I sank into him, our eyes gaping to the sublime pleasure of union. When I could enter no further we lay quietly, gasping as our uttermost selves connected and currents of soulfulness coursed through our eyes.

I moved. He clenched to retain me. I plunged slowly back. He rose his hips to meet me. We kissed again. Slowly, deeply we fucked as our tongues winnowed tighter. My thrusts were met by undulations within his cloying depths. My pace gradually quickened. I broke our kiss, sucking air and buried my face against his neck. With each thrust, my loins grew hotter. My breathing became grunts that were echoed by his groans. I felt his cock stiffen beneath me. His nape became sloppy with my kisses. I moved faster as his hips urged me on. My kisses moved up his cheek and back to his lips. I felt goo spread between us as my cock massaged his gland. I rose up on my elbows in order to hunch him deeper. My cockhead pressed against his tightness. I could see the flash in his eyes each time it crossed his spot,

“I’m not going to be able to hold back much longer.”

“Don’t try. Give it to me, Marc. Baby.”

“Oh god … you feel so … fucking good …”

His eyes were flush with passion. I felt the hot spunk rising from my loins. I clenched tightly against the flow.

“Don’t try, Baby.” he said. Give it to me. Please. I want it, Baby. Breed me. Breed me please.”

I erupted like never before. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed from me. Spasms of hot passion convulsed my loins, again and again. Finally my arms gave way and I collapsed upon this beautiful, amazing man, spent, sated, with nothing left to give except the desire to give more.

I can only assume time passed because time never stops. I revived to discover myself fully splayed atop Ethan. I raised up onto my elbows.

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry. I must have been crushing you.”

“No. I loved the feeling of your body on mine.”

My cock had already withered free of him as I rolled off and lay by his side. I was trapped in the aura of his eyes. His smile was graceful and warm. Time resumed its passing as we kissed and gazed.

I finally said, “That was … amazing. You are an astonishing, beautiful man.”

“Me?” Ethan said incredulously. “You made me cum twice.”

“You did, didn’t you?”

“The second time, together. In perfect passionate sync with you.”


“That is the sign of a stellar fuck. You, my dear Marc, are one hell of a lover.”

We kissed again. Finally, Ethan said, “We’re both a mess. Let’s grab a shower together.”

His shower was easily big enough for us both. We soaped, and caressed, and kissed until the hot water ran out. Then we toweled off with luxurious care and emerged from the bathroom with the cleanest ass and cock in town.

Ethan took my hand and led me back to his bed. “You’re going to say, aren’t you?” he asked as he pulled me in.

“Are you kidding?” I flung the covers over us. “I’m damn sure staying. In fact, I might never be going away.”

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