The Double D

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The usual warnings apply. This is an adult story, about an adult topic, written for adults. If you are too young or prefer not to read this type of material, then don’t. This story contains material of an explicit nature about the relationship between people. It is not for children. The author does not advocate, encourage or promote real world practice of the acts depicted within, especially those which pertain to non-consensual or unprotected sex.

Now if you have gotten past the warning, join me as I pull another fantasy out of that dark place in the back of my mind where I keep all my fantasies.

**** Phone Call

“Ring, ring” … “Ring, ring”

Having broken my concentration, I answered the phone: “Hello this is Al; you’re on the company’s dime.”

The voice from the other end was unfamiliar.

“Ahhhh, hello Al, this is Amanda Lawson from church. My daughter Wendy has done some baby sitting for you and your wife on a few occasions. Is this a bad time?”

“Hello Mrs. Lawson, no I’m not busy, what can I do for you?”

“Please, call me Amanda: Mrs. Lawson is too formal. Well, I have a request of you, but I need to talk to you in person. Can we get lunch together sometime?”

“Well Amanda, the rest of my week is booked, so unless we get together today, it’ll have to wait until next week.”

“Today is fine. How about 12:30?”

“Well 12:30 is fine. Could you meet me at the Bread Co. in the valley?”

“Yes, I know the place. I’ll meet you there at 12:30. See you then and thanks,” and then the line was dead. The rest of my morning proceeded very quickly, and before I knew it was lunchtime.

I met Amanda at the Bread Co. She said that she wanted to buy my meal since it was her invitation that we meet. So I ordered my meal and let her pay for both. We located an out-of-the-way location to eat and talk. After a few minutes of superficial conversion she finally got the nerve to explain her request.

“Al, let me start with a story. This is a very strange story, but it’s true, and please let me finish before you interrupt. Can you please do that?”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

“From the story told to me by my great-grandmother, it started in the early 1900’s. Having only learned how to make love on her wedding day, a mother of one of my ancestors decided her daughter should be taught about making love differently. So she found a willing man to teach her daughter about the subject in a very unique manner. It worked so well that this unique sexual training process has continued in my family for generations and now it’s time for my daughter Wendy to be taught. This training technique has been given a name in my family called ‘Débutante Depucelate’ or ‘The Double D’. Over the many generations a set of rules and criteria was developed to help the daughter select their teacher. Wendy has selected your as her first choice.”

I stared at Amanda with my month open in shock, my mind spinning. After a few seconds, I asked, “What are you asking?”

Amanda looked me straight in the eyes, and without batting an eyelash she said very quietly and calmly, “I want you to fuck Wendy.” And then she sat back with a grin on her face, because she knew exactly what was coming next.

“What the fuck! You want ME to fuck your daughter!” I said more loudly then I should have.

“Shhhh, someone might hear you.” she whispered. “Let me put it correctly. Wendy wants you to make love to her, and you have my blessing to do so if you wish.”

“Why me? What do you mean ‘criteria’?”

“Well, over the years the criteria has manifested into the following: ‘Happily married for at least eight years, never divorced, and with at least two children, and to be selected by the initiate, And you dear man meet those standards. Also you must agree to the following: to be kind, gentle, and understanding during this process. In essence, to be a perfect gentleman, before, during, and after the process. All parties must agree to no other intimate contact before or after the process, especially after. This does not mean never to see each other again, but no further sexual contact. This only reason for this sexual encounter between you and Wendy is to provide her with sexual knowledge not normally achieved until she is married. It will provide her with the knowledge of the pleasures to be derived from a monogamous long-term relationship with a husband. So are you up to the task, or does Wendy need to select someone else?”

I was hooked. “Okay, I’ll do it. Is there a set way to get ‘it’ done?”

“No, there’s no set way. For my encounter, Dave took me to a hotel for a night. And for one of my sisters, her encounter lasted a couple of nights. We just need to find a date after her 18th birthday and just before her period starts. We can’t spoil her night with her period now can we?” Amanda winked.

“A couple of nights; that sounds more my style. I can be very romantic if I’m not rushed. What about, ah, protection?”

“Romance is what Wendy needs: Kurtköy Escort my session was wonderful, but my sister seemed in cloud nine after she got back from her session. Let’s go for quality, so more time is good. I want this to be very special for Wendy like it should. As to protection, there will be none used. That’s the reason to pick a time just before Wendy’s period, she should be infertile. In the many encounters setup by my family there has only been one known conception. Just to let you know, if that did occur between you and Wendy, Wendy and I are prepared to raise the child without bothering you. We would protect your marriage at all costs. You already have a wife and children and you don’t need other complications. So are you still willing?”

“Amanda, you have your man, and we know it most likely will be a weekend. So when is Wendy’s birthday?”

“May 10.”

“So in about two weeks.”


“Okay I’ll go check my calendar and prepare my wife for one of my ‘hiking trips’. Do you want to call me with some possible dates?”

“No, I would like to meet again for lunch next week, and bring Wendy along just to be sure she is good with everything. She’ll know more about ‘clean’ dates, and the more time you both spent with each other the better it will go later.”

“Okay, what about Tuesday next week?”

“That’s good for me. See you here at 12:30, next Tuesday,” and with that, Amanda left.

**** Lunch Meeting

Well to say the least, I was a tad distracted for the next six days. But I muddled though it until lunchtime Tuesday when I met Amanda and Wendy.

Now during my previous meeting with Amanda, I hadn’t noticed much about her appearance. But with sex firmly planted in my brain I took a very close look at both women. Both mother and daughter were the same height, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, but after that they were almost completely different.

Amanda is beautiful in a plain sort of way. Short brown hair, beautiful face and smile, brown eyes, normal figure, nice breasts and butt, shapely legs. She looked like she took the time to work out but not too much.

As to Wendy, damn I nearly dropped a nut, long blond hair, piercing blue eyes, face and smile of an angel. Wide hips just right for making babies. Ass, oh so fine, not too large and not too small and it looked very firm. Beautifully sculptured legs. Her Catholic school uniform did very little to hide her very gorgeous breasts, my guess 38C.

“Hello, Amanda and Wendy. Oh, and may I wish you an early happy birthday.”

“Hello, Al,” said Amanda.

“Hello, Mr. Hilton,” blushed Wendy, looking at the ground.

As I reached forward and gently raised Wendy’s chin with my fingertips. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said, “Wendy, no more Mr. Hilton between us, ever. It will be Al to you, okay?”

“Okay,” she said demurely, licking her seductive lips. It took a lot of effort not to kiss her right there and then, but I knew I should wait for later.

“Al, Wendy and I have come up with a date that might work. What about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend? Wendy and I will meet you here on Friday at noon and then return back here Sunday at noon.”

I though over the date, and then said, “Amanda would you and Wendy mind if we extend it one more day? What if I bring her back here Monday at noon?” I noticed Wendy puzzled expression, and added, “I’d like to take Wendy to Branson over that weekend. There are many things to do and see there. I want it to be a special time for Wendy.” Wendy’s expression brightened, but her mother’s deepened.

They started whispering between each other, and after a few minutes I added. “Amanda, I make you this promise: Wendy will be in complete control during the weekend. If she wants to come home sooner, she can. If she doesn’t want to go to Branson, she doesn’t have to. And we’ll spend the first night here in a hotel room. Then if she wants, we’ll go to Branson the next morning. She’ll be in total control.”

After that comment, Amanda looked at me and said, “Okay, Monday at noon is fine.” Wendy looked at me and smiled for the first time, I started to squirm in my seat now, looking at that gorgeous creature.

“About the hotel, during the weekend, how do I introduce Wendy? As a daughter, a co-worker, a friend?” I asked.

Smiling, Amanda answered, “Well I did forget to tell you about that: you and Wendy will be newly weds. That the way it’s been handled for many years. You do get strange looks, some smirks, but it takes care of many questions.”

“Amanda, what do you think about getting together again in about a week to do some shopping? I’d like to buy Wendy some nice clothing just for this occasion.”

Amanda and Wendy both brightened up and looked at each other, and both said “Yes!” together. (Boy am I a dog, just get to a woman’s heart though my wallet.) So we agreed to meet on Wednesday of the next week at noon at the mall. Amanda and I then exchanged some contact information and I then left Pendik Escort knowing it was going to be another long week.

**** Shopping Trip

At noon the following Wednesday, I met Amanda and Wendy at the mall. I wished Wendy a late 18th birthday and presented her with a birthday card. We then discussed what clothing was needed for the upcoming weekend, and we concluded that Wendy would arrive with nothing and wear what we bought her today. So we needed enough clothing for three days and nights. So off they went shopping, I said they, because I was here only to smile, nod, and pay. But I was enjoying the show.

First was an evening dress (I told them to pick one up for the first evening). They finally chose a blue evening dress that made Wendy’s blue eyes pop. It was strapless, (I finally told them strapless), and it really showed Wendy’s great figure. It was a little longer then I wanted, (just above the knees) but it was the right dress for that evening. Amanda let Wendy know that they needed to pick up a strapless bra, shoes, and pantyhose to work with the dress. At this point I raised an objection.

I said “NO pantyhose! Thigh highs, garters or stockings, but NO pantyhose! Okay?” They both nodded their agreement but were very surprised about my comment.

Next they selected two skirts, two pairs of shorts, three blouses, and another dress for evenings. They got in a conversation about jeans. I asked “Could Wendy bring a pair since she might some?”. They both seemed to agree about that and moved on to the next item, a swimming suit.

At this point I decided that I needed to do some shopping for the upcoming event, and I was having a hard time just sitting with my boner. So I asked them if I could leave and meet them in the Food Court. They said it was alright. Before I left, I told them to get me after they found Wendy some bras and panties for the upcoming weekend.

I went and purchased a suitcase for our items, toothbrushes, a woman’s shaver, toothpaste, antiperspirant, combs, brush, perfume, cologne, and some makeup supplies. I also picked up some special gifts for this occasion. After that, I went to the Food Court to wait for the women. After a little while they both showed up and I let them pack their purchases in the suitcase. Both women noticed the makeup and started scolding me about my selecting it without them around. So I handed over the receipt, and pointed both of them to the store where I purchased the makeup.

After a few minutes they both came back looking like the wind had been knocked out of their sails. Amanda commented that I had done very well without them and she was surprised a man could ask the right questions of the salespeople. We all had a little snack together before tackling the last needed items, shoes.

I’d rather watch paint dry then to shop for shoes, but I needed more time with Wendy. I also hoped to sneak a peek at Wendy’s goodies when she was trying on shoes, (not that I needed too, but, hey! I’m a man). We decided that Wendy needed three pairs of shoes. One pair that matched her evening dress, a pair of sneakers, and another pair for dressier times. Well I did enjoy the show, but nothing was reveled during the various shoe changes. Finally, the selections were made and purchased. It was now time to return to everyday life and leave the company of the two beautiful women.

As we were getting ready to leave the mall, Amanda handed me an envelope with some money in it, “This is what Wendy and I saved up for this encounter. It should help defray some of the cost but we didn’t count on all of the extras.”

I thanked Amanda for the money and I told her I would meet them at Bread Co. in nine days. I then pulled Wendy aside and whispered into her ear, “You are a beautiful woman and I am looking forward to our weekend together.” And then gave her a peck on the cheek and turned around and left. But before I had gone too far, Wendy yelled to me and as I was turning around, I was almost knocked to the ground by her. She then gave me a deep and passionate kiss and I felt her full breasts pressing against my chest. Then she turned around, grabbed her surprised mother’s hand and pulled her out the door.

Me, I just stood there, with the same surprised look as her mother. I now knew it was going to be a very long nine days.

******** Friday

**** Exchange – Lunch together

Eight … Seven … Six … Five … Four … Three … Two … One … ZERO. Nine long days later, at noon, I met Amanda and Wendy at Bread Co. I presented Amanda with a dozen deep pink roses and I gave Wendy a dozen white roses. Amanda gave me a hug, while Wendy just shrugged her shoulders and said “Thank you,” very softly. I figured she was very nervous about what was to occur shortly but I knew that was part of my task today. I needed to proceed very slowly, to allow Wendy to over come her fears and enjoy what was to happen between us.

Wendy was again dressed in her Catholic school uniform, while her mother wore a casual navy Mutlukent Escort blue business outfit. We all ordered something to eat and this time I took care of the check. Lunch was fairly quiet and Wendy did not eat very much, so I decided that I needed to calm down Wendy’s nerves.

“Amanda, tell me something that Wendy did when she was younger, that she wouldn’t want me to know?” I asked.

“Hmmm, let’s see. Oh yes, there was a time her imaginary friend bit the dog.”

“Mom, don’t,” whispered Wendy, blushing a bit.

“Please, tell.” I said.

“Okay, she was about six-years-old at the time, and we had just gotten the dog, Brandy. It was around dinner time and the house was busy, and no one was paying attention to Wendy, but it seems everyone was paying attention to the dog. Well the next thing we knew, the dog let out a blood curling yelp. We checked to find the dog under the bed in Wendy’s room, with Wendy just staring out her bedroom window. We asked Wendy what happened and she said that Pam had bitten the dog. We asked her who Pam was, and she said Pam was her invisible friend sitting on the bed. Of course there was no Pam and Wendy got into a mess of trouble that night. Later she and Brandy became the best of friends.”

“Wendy, what’s your favorite moment and why?” I asked.

Wendy answered with something unimportant and then I asked Amanda something about Wendy again. I did this a number of times, switching the questions between mother and daughter. After a while I noticed Wendy start to relax, smile, and eat a little more.

After everyone was finished eating, Amanda said she needed to do one more thing before Wendy and I left for the weekend. She suggested that we go outside and find a quiet place to say goodbye. We found a spot across the street under a grove of trees. At this point Amanda told us that there was a symbolic ceremony that the mother performed before the couple left for their encounter.

Amanda held up two rings and then she read the following:

“By my giving this first ring to Wendy, I, Amanda Lawson, give my blessing to her to participate in the ‘Débutante Depucelate’.” At which point she put the ring on Wendy’s left ring finger. She then gave me the second ring, and told me to repeat after her.

“By my giving this ring to Wendy Lawson, I, Al Hilton, understand the terms of ‘The Double D.’ and I will not have any other future expectations from her.” I slipped the ring on her finger, right beside the first one.

“Wendy, the wearing of these rings, shows that you have consented to ‘The Double D.’ You agree that you have no future expectations from Al after ‘The Double D’.”

“Al, these rings symbolizes that Wendy gives her body to you for both of your pleasures. They also symbolize your commitment to Wendy’s training.”

Amanda then said to both of us, “Now go and enjoy ‘The Double D,’ I will see you both back here Monday at noon.” And with tears in her eyes she turned and quickly left, leaving Wendy and me to start ‘The Double D.’

I led Wendy over to my van and opened the door for her to enter. As she got seated in the van, I could see she was very nervous. Walking over to my door I tried to think of ways to calm her down. As we drove together to the hotel, I put on some relaxing music, and then I whispered to Wendy.

“Lean back, close your eyes, and listen to the music.” She did as I asked. “Now take some deep, deep breaths.” After a few minutes I continued. “Wendy, for the rest of our time together, I want you to know you are in charge. I have made the plans for us, but if you do not want to do anything that I have planned, we won’t do it. If you wish to leave and go home, I will take you. I am not just saying this, I have promised your mother and I really, really, mean it.”

I just let her relax for a few more minutes before I continued. “We’ll be at the hotel in a few minutes. I’ve already checked in and dropped our bags off in the room. It’s a very pretty room; I think you’ll like it.” I decided I wasn’t helping her situation very much, so I let the music try to soothe her.

After I parked in the hotel’s parking lot, I took Wendy’s left hand and looked over the two rings. I asked, “Did your mother buy the rings for you?”

Wendy looked at them and said, “No, they belong to the family. I have to give them back to mom after this weekend. She’ll pass them on to one of my aunts or cousins.”

I then raised her chin so that we both could look in each others eyes and I told her, “They’re beautiful, just like you.”

I led Wendy to the hotel elevator. In the elevator Wendy asked, “Are you embarrassed of me?”

I looked puzzled and asked, “No, why would I be embarrassed to be seen with a beautiful woman?”

“Then why did you check-in earlier?”

Grinning, I chuckled my answer, “Your school girl uniform doesn’t look too newly-wedded.”

She quickly glanced down to take a look. Then she spun around making her skirt billow out and said, “Oh Yeah, I see what you mean.”

**** Hotel Room

I slowly led her to our room for the evening, the Honeymoon Suite. I opened the door and I let Wendy enter before I followed her into the very romantic room. Wendy took a look around the suite and then looking at me asked softly, “What’s next?”

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