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In the bar at the back of one of the hacienda’s huge, opulent living rooms, Raul Cortez was mixing drinks for he and his cousin, Don Francisco Ramos, the richest man in Mexico, and one of the ten wealthiest men in the world.

The Don was sitting on a leather couch flipping through the TV channels trying to find a good 11PM program to watch. Suddenly, Raul heard his cousin yell, “Get over here quick and take a look at the incredible body on this damned broad.”

Raul immediately ran towards Don Francisco, looking at the huge TV screen as he went. The Don had the “TMZ” channel on and one of their talk show hosts was just welcoming his first guests; a light-skinned, middle-aged black guy and a stunningly beautiful, unbelievably stacked, skimpily dressed, blonde, white woman.

With his eyes glued to the screen, The Don said, “Would you look at the set of tits and the fantastic ass cheeks on that babe, I’ve never seen a better body in my life.” Raul, running his eyes all over the woman’s ultra voluptuous assets, readily agreed with his cousin’s assessment, saying, “You are damned sure right about that, the bitch is stacked beyond belief, plus she’s dressed up like a high class hooker to really show off all of those amazing curves to their best advantage. She is one seriously hot Anglo chick.”

They watched the couple sit down on the show’s guest couch and then, in awe, saw the gorgeous, lush bodied, mind-boggling honey slowly cross her full-thighed legs, flashing the viewers a brief, but full look at the camel-toed crotch of her golden panties. The smiling, show host then began asking them some routine background questions, whose answers disclosed that they’re married and in show business together, the husband being a long time Gangsta Rapper and his wife functioning as his rap group’s, tits and ass shaking, attention grabbing, erotic lead dancer. In addition, they are the stars of a very successful reality TV show called Hot-X loves Cappuccino, which is currently listed as number one in popularity on all of the reality show industry’s rating charts. They reason they were on tonight’s TMZ show was to promote their very sexually titillating reality show.

As soon as this introductory phase was out of the way, without warning, the softball interview was suddenly turned into a very hardcore interrogation, as the show’s obnoxious, dirt digging host went viciously Jerry Springer on them, and began asking the outrageously curved wife some very pointed, provocative, odious questions about her rumored recent cheating, scandalous sexual misbehavior.

To let the audience know exactly what he was asking her about, the show’s smirking host flashed up on the studio’s huge TV screen several very sexually explicit photos of the wife’s statuesque body being groped, big time, by a previously unknown, small time, very ugly, bad ass, young black Rapper named Funk-U. The leering MC revealed that these hot, sordid pictures had just been released to the press a couple of hours ago.

While the shocked couple stared open-mouthed at the very revealing, damningly incriminating photos, the show’s no-holds-barred host brought out the additional fact that the Rapper was now out bragging to everybody that he had not only felt up Hot-X’s wife, like the photos showed him doing, he also had other, even more graphically dirty pictures of him groping her spectacular body and fingering it to a panting climax, plus a torrid sex tape showing him callously making out with the hot wife as she enthusiastically helped him take her all three ways.

The suddenly embattled couple found themselves on the defensive vehemently protesting her innocence, as they quickly tried to limit the damage in order to keep their reality TV show from being pulled off the air in a knee-jerk reaction to these very explicit, sexually damning photos that visually exposed the wife’s indiscrete, raunchy sexual misconduct.

The couple’s hasty denials were soon fighting a losing battle against the non-stop assault by the abusive, filthy minded, merciless show host. The wife’s reputation was quickly getting flushed down the toilet as the relentless asshole made her seem to be guilty of committing all of the lewd, decadent, very hot sex acts she was being accused of performing with the very nasty looking black Rapper.

The two Mexican cousins, enjoying both the prick teasing view of the luscious wife’s curvaceous, now squirming body, and hearing all the scandalous accusations being made about what she had been doing with it, continued to watch both husband and wife protest her innocence, insisting that nothing had happened with the Rapper, at all. She claimed that the graphically suggestive pictures were from a publicity photo shoot, and that they had been touched up to make it look like she was committing inappropriate, wildly dirty sex acts with the repulsive looking, dark black Rapper. Her husband was forced to jump in and join her in emphatically denying the existence of a filthy sex tape of the Rapper making out with his super stacked, obviously hot and juicy wife.

The Don looked over at Raul and winked, saying, “Those two are lying through their teeth. You can see from her body language that the Rapper has been slipping her the big one on the side; every where and way she can take it. Plus you can tell from the “I wish I wasn’t here” look on his face, that the, now publically cuckolded husband, had known all about his wife’s sinfully delicious, very raunchy sexcapades with the low life Hip Hopper.”

The TMZ TV show’s rowdy, mostly male theatre audience, more than a little sexually drunk from ogling Cappuccino’s dynamite body and looking up under her purposely revealing, very short skirt, were all cheering the vile host on in his efforts to paint her as being a round-heeled, cheating slut. It was obvious that the audience had already happily concluded that she was as guilty as hell, and that all they really wanted to do was get a copy of the sex tape, when it’s leaked out, so they could watch the ugly black Rapper nailing the hell out of the married blonde’s ripe white body, in every dirty way possible.


When the show was over, after a satisfying pause to digest the total verbal rape job the curves-stacked-on-top-of-curves, super sexy blonde wife had just received from the filthy minded host, Don Francisco said, “I’ve been thinking about throwing a special party for my donkeys, to celebrate the third anniversary of the first time one of them successfully fucked a human female. So, for the last couple of weeks I have been searching for the perfectly equipped Anglo broad to give to the donkeys so they can properly celebrate that astounding, historic fucking success, by using the woman’s prime, luscious white body to stick their cockmeat in and have all the fun they want ravishing the hell out of her – and damned if we haven’t just found the most gorgeous, stupendously stacked, total slut for the job, right here on TV tonight.”

“To make sure that I’m right about this, let’s check this Cunt out right quick. Go over and Google her name and let’s get a look at the pictures of her that are on the internet. Since she’s a currently hot celebrity who likes to flaunt her body the way she does, there should be plenty of her images for us to look at.”

Raul quickly got on the computer that was connected to the super wide screen TV and pulled up the first set of Cappuccino’s images. The two cousins then went through a virtual bonanza of king-sized pictures of her in various, very risqué outfits and poses, each one seeming to be sexier and more flesh revealing than the last.

After watching the steaming hot wife suggestively posing her superbly curved assets, The Don said, “Man, does she ever love to show off all of her stuff. This babe is definitely the prick teaser of all prick teasers, and she does have the most perfect body for donkey fucking I have ever seen.”

Raul then ran a search and found a web site that was exclusively dedicated to displaying Cappuccino’s super ripe body. Inside of that site he discovered that a special section had already been set up, containing even more of the just released, damningly explicit photos of the wife being callously felt up and thoroughly explored by the very dark skinned, gross looking black Rapper. These extremely graphic, very incriminating pictures showed him doing everything to her body but actually shoving his dick in it.

While they were shuffling through the erotic dirty pics, The Don said, “Damned Raul, would you look at the sensuous look on the bitch’s face. Is she enjoying getting man-handled by that ugly black bastard, or what? I mean it takes a real Cunt to let an ugly black asshole like him fuck her Damn, she is the most over-sexed, pure slut I have ever seen.”

Going back through the damning images, this time even more closely than before, The Don concluded, “Hell, there is no way that these pictures could have been touched up to achieve those positions, like she is claiming. The damned lush bodied broad is even wearing different clothing and jewelry in some of them, so there is no way that these pictures could have come from one photo shoot. Shit cousin, there is no question in my mind that the black punk has been sticking his dong in her and, with her more than willing help, completely gratifying himself by plundering the hell out of all three of her cock pleasing sexual receptacles.”

He sat back with a broad smile, and said, “Hell, if these pictures are as real as I think they are, then we are very much in luck, cousin. Most beautiful women have had a negative reaction when we first proposed that they have sex with my donkeys but, in this case, after dancing on the end of that ugly black Rapper’s big prick, agreeing to let herself get donkey fucked shouldn’t be a problem, at all, for Hot-X’s wanton Cunt wife.”

Invigorated, The Don went on, “Now pull up her biography and let’s see what details they have about this plush bodied tart.” Raul brought up Chickoipedia and, as he scrolled through the data, read out loud, “Lets see, she’s 30 years old, 5’2” tall and weighs 130 pounds, and her measurements are 39DDD, 23, 40. Shit, those truly are donkey fucking body stats, cousin,” Raul grinned.

The Don then had his favorite relative flip back to the wife’s internet images and, after some more very close examination, he exclaimed, “Sweet Jesus, that body of hers looks like it could handle fucking anything. Can you imagine how it would look with a donkey mounted between those spectacular thighs, pounding his monster cock into her juicy pussy, right up to her tonsils?”

Very pleased by that stimulating mental image, The Don had Raul go into the cable company archives and pull up the last three episodes of the couple’s reality TV show, all of which they watched intently as she put on an hour-and-a-half, show it all, soft-core porn spectacular.

During the viewing The Don commented, “Damn would you listen to that broad’s voice? Sometimes she sounds like a dizzy blonde who is sure that what she is saying makes perfect sense, but it never does. When she chooses to use that pop-tart voice, and flashes the empty headed facial expressions that go with it, she comes off as being a perfect, airheaded Baywatch Babe, and it makes you want to fuck to sexy slut’s brains out. It’s the kind of voice that makes you want to stuff her panties, or a big ball gag, in her mouth to muffle her while you make her body do what it was built to do – put out.”


The Don then gave a fist pump and exclaimed, “Damned Raul that does it. I am completely satisfied that we have found the perfect body matched up with the perfect slutty mind so, no matter what it takes, I must have her to give to my donkeys so they can nail her good and give her the damndest serial gang-banging she’s ever had, while we have the pleasure of watching her get all of the king-sized cockmeat shoved into her that the cheating Cunt could ever want.”

He leaned forward and said, in a serious tone, “Alright Raul, now all we need to figure out is what we are going to have to do get her husband to agree to let his prime slut give it up to my beasts. Working in our favor is the fact that they are already in serious trouble, and there will be a lot more of it coming when Funk-U releases the sex tape he’s bragging about. When that happens, their revenues will take a huge hit, plus my intuition tells me that they are living high on the hog and are spending their earnings about as fast as they make them so, no doubt, they are already faced with a real cash crunch. All things considered, she is very ripe to be had. As I see it, what we need to do to close our donkey fucking trap on them, is solve their problem with the Rapper, while simultaneously offering Hot-X so much money to let my donkey’s fuck his wife that the poor, beleaguered bastard won’t be able to turn it down.”

“Now, when we looked her up on Chicopedia, it said that the name of her husband’s agent is Maury Shine. With a name like that he can’t be anything but a Hollywood Jew, which means that he looks after himself, first and foremost, and will cheat his client every chance he gets. That being the case, Mr. Shine will be key to helping us persuade the husband to let us have his wife to fuck. When we tell the agent what we are offering to pay for her sexual services, the Jew bastard will quickly realize what a huge commission he will be getting from her doing my donkeys. That will give him plenty of incentive to agree to enthusiastically help us push his client into agreeing to throw his wife under the sexual bus.”

“So, first thing in the morning we need to have our ace West Coast pussy procuring lawyer, Miguel Perez, find out where Shine’s LA office is, then go and meet with the prick and get him to agree to help us talk Hot-X into pimping out his wife to my animals.
In order to make absolutely sure that we get the greedy, devious Jew completely on our side in the negotiations with his client, you tell Perez to start off the meeting by slipping him a $50,000 cash bribe to insure that the Hebrew will be very anxious to use his influence to persuade Hot-X to rent us his wife’s hot body to enjoy and plunder. Also tell him that he has full authority to give the slippery Jew anything else he thinks will inspire him to work hard to deliver her body to us.”

“Now, once he’s got the agent bribed and on our team, tell Perez to get from him all of the sexual dirt he can on the wife, so that he can confirm to me by telephone that she is the total slut we think she is and just how much he thinks she’s going to cost us. Between you and I, Raul, if she does prove out to be a voluptuous, deliciously dirty minded, nympho Cunt I’m looking for, I will pay whatever it takes to close the deal. I just want her outrageously stacked, super voluptuous body down here next weekend, giving my donkey’s a good time letting them gross themselves out pumping their cocks into all three of her cock holders.”


At 6AM the next morning, Raul punched in Perez’s cell phone number and soon heard the familiar sound of the slick San Diego attorney’s voice say, “Hello.” “It’s Raul, my friend. Don Francisco wants you to drop everything else you’re doing and go to work on procuring a super hot white chic to perform in a gang-bang fuck party that he plans to throw for his donkeys next weekend.”

Raul quickly brought the sleepy Perez up to date on everything that The Don had told him the previous night, described Cappuccino and explained what she is being accused of by Funk-U. He defined the exact details of the lawyer’s mission, then gave him Hot-X’s contact information, and the name of the Jewish agent. When he had finished, Raul hung up and let Don Francisco’s, extremely capable, very experienced, ace fresh white pussy negotiator go do his thing.

Perez’s first step was to look at the wife’s images on the internet. More than impressed by all the delicious curves and the sexy, naughty way she presented them, he pulled up the graphic, just released sex photos of the Rapper feeling up the wife’s goodies and groping them callously. He particularly liked the most sensuous photo of the group, one showing the Rapper just beginning to stick three of his fingers in her drooling mouth, said fingers obviously already glistening with her creamy white cuntal juices.

After a few minutes of visually enjoying the photos of her spectacular body being mauled by Funk-U, the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa leaned back and let out a pleased sigh, now fully understanding why The Don wanted to let his donkeys have this wanton slut to use and ravage in Tijuana. Donkey fucking was best done by a gorgeous, stacked, very bad girl, and this Anglo hottie certainly fit that description to perfection. But she was more than just a superbly built, beautiful, obviously cock-hungry woman, she projected the promise that she was the best piece of ass, ever. There certainly was no question in his mind that Hot-X’s wife was by far the sexiest looking woman he had ever seen. He was now as ready as Don Francisco was to watch her ripe white body get really smoked by the donkey’s huge black cocks, next weekend.

At 9AM Perez, who was very experienced at getting The Don whatever kind of pussy he wanted on short notice, placed a call to a close personal friend, and former college roommate of his, Harry Walker, who owned one of the biggest theatrical agencies in Los Angeles. It turned out that Harry not only knew who Maury Shine was, he also knew him personally, and had worked closely with him on several deals. In fact Shine’s office was just down the street from his, so they bumped into each other on a fairly regular basis.

Time being of the essence, and because of their close personal friendship, Perez cut right to the chase and told Harry exactly what his mission was and asked his buddy what suggestions he had for dealing with Shine, as well as his opinion on just how helpful he thought the agent would be in persuading Hot-X to make a whore out of his wife.

Harry told him that Maury had been Hot-X’s agent throughout the pioneer Rappers career and that his client let him handle all of his contract and money matters. He also assured him that Maury knew, in infinite detail, everything there was to know about both the husband’s and the wife’s personal lives. There was also no doubt in his mind that, if the whoring out of Hot-X’s wife would put a large commission in his pocket, Maury would do absolutely everything he could to help Perez convince X to agree make his wife take the booking, and then the fucking. He laughed that the little Hebrew was such a money-grubbing slime ball that he would prostitute his own mother if he thought that she could make a few bucks turning tricks, and then keep all the fees she’d Rus Escort earned on her back, for himself, so Harry didn’t think the little asshole would treat Hot-X’s statuesque wife any better. In fact, he recalled that Maury had complained to him several times that X’s wife treated him like a piece of shit and wouldn’t let him get near her. Her negative attitude towards him kept him madder than hell at her, therefore, Harry was sure that giving the obnoxious little Jew a chance to help sell her body to The Don to be used for a good donkey fucking would be an opportunity for payback that Maury wouldn’t pass up. Harry laughed that he could fully understand Cappuccino’s attitude, though, because every time he met with Maury he felt like he needed to take a shower afterwards.

In closing, Harry asked, “Damn, Shine has introduced me to Cappuccino and her husband a few times, and I’m telling you that she is the hottest, sexiest looking woman I have ever seen, period. The drop dead gorgeous broad looks like a walking, talking fuck, so my question to you is, as a part of this deal, are you going to get a piece off her action?” Perez responded, “For the women I bring in for him, The Don lets me get sloppy seconds after he and the donkeys are completely through using them.” Harry laughed uproariously, “You lucky bastard, that hot assed, super stacked honey should be at the very top of her fucking game for you, after she’s been nailed by six donkeys for three straight days. That will be some kind of sloppy seconds.” Perez smiled wickedly and responded, “You’re right old buddy. Plus watching a Mexican donkey’s huge black cock disappear fully into one of you Americans gorgeous, white bodied women, is very stimulating to us Mexicans, to say the least.”

To help grease the skids, Perez asked Harry to phone Maury and set up a 1PM appointment for him at the agent’s office, but not to mention the donkey fucking because he needed to do that face to face with Hot-X and his wife. Harry gladly made the call to the sleaze-ball agent, responding to his hello with, “Hey, Maury baby, it’s Harry Walker. I’ve got a lawyer friend of mine whose mega-rich Mexican client wants to book Hot-X’s wife to perform sex for him in Tijuana next weekend. And, before you ask, let me assure you that this is a legitimate deal with one of the real super-rich guys in the world.”

Shine responded, “Well Hot-X has never agreed to whore out his prick teasing wife before, but things have just dramatically changed for them, financially, so this just might be the perfect time to pursue getting him to agree to let her get fucked for money. So what’s the guy offering to pay for her sexual services?” Harry responded, “Damn, old buddy, it’s always good to know that I’ve called at exactly the right time to take advantage of a super sexy, always hot wife with money problems. Now my friend didn’t tell me how much his client is willing pay for her, but you know how crazy rich Mexicans can get when it comes to fucking fabulous looking, white American pussys, so let me speculate for you. Considering Cappuccino’s celebrity status, for her to let a bunch of horny Mexicans gang bang her for three days, she should be able to get as much as $500,000. That means you would be picking up a quick $100,000 commission for helping pimp out your client’s luscious ball-buster. Hell, you lucky little prick, at that price I’d say that you have no choice but to meet with my friend and help him get Hot-X’s voluptuous Cunt fucked.”

Completely turned on by the idea of the possible size of the commission he could get from helping peddle Cappuccino’s very fine ass, without a pause, the greedy little agent replied, “You’re absolutely right, Harry, so count me in. What time will the guy be here?”

“His name is Miguel Perez and he’ll be in your office at 1PM. Now be completely open with him, then do everything you can to help him book your client’s wife for a profitable, stimulating, Tijuana fuckfest weekend. Then, after you’ve got her signed up, just sit back next weekend and have yourself a few drinks by the pool while X’s fabulously built bitch fattens your bank account by letting herself be Mexican gang-dicked in Tijuana, Harry laughed. “You lucky SOB, is this a great country, of what?”


Perez had his Rolls Royce limo take him from his San Diego home to Shine’s LA address, where a secretary ushered him into the agent’s large office. He shook the skinny little Jew’s clammy hand and, while exchanging a few pleasantries, Perez looked the sloppy office over. The desk’s large waste basket overflowed with balled up paper, fast food containers, soiled paper towels, empty cans and other assorted debris. The dirty desktop was littered with sheets of paper and a large ashtray was filled with cigarette butts, used matches, ashes and the remains of a couple of half-smoked, long, fat, smelly cigars. In general, the hygiene of the room matched that of its grubby occupant.

At the other end of the office from the desk was a seating area containing two leather couches with a coffee table between them. On the wall behind the seating arrangement was a life sized picture of Hot-X and his wife on stage, showing him singing and her shaking her body in a torrid, flesh displaying dance number. This pictorial vision of her nearly naked, magnificently curved, frozen in action body, caused Perez’s mouth to get very dry. She was one unbelievably hot sex goddess.

Pulling his eyes away from the tiny-costumed, exposed flesh, form, he and Shine sat down at the agent’s desk. After getting a good look at the balding, unkempt, ferret-faced, 40-ish Shine, and hearing the words he had uttered so far, he could see that Harry had been exactly right about the shady little creep. He was about as sleazy as you would expect a Rapper’s Hollywood Jew agent to be, and it was immediately obvious to him that nothing he proposed to Shine was going to bother, or offend him, in any way. Virtually stamped on little weasel’s forehead was the motto, “Show me the money.”

Perez looked across at the rumpled agent and said, “Mr. Shine, as my good friend Harry told you, I’m here on behalf of an extremely wealthy Mexican client to arrange for the booking of your client’s wife to perform a sexual engagement for him in Tijuana next weekend. Harry advised me that you were the right guy to talk to about getting this deal agreed to and booked today. He also told me that you could answer any personal questions I have about your client and his wife.”

“Yeah, I’ve been Hot-X’s agent for many years and I handle all of his business and money matters,” Shine confirmed. “I’m also X’s friend and confidant so there is nothing about him and his wife that I don’t know,” Shine assured him.

Perez quickly took the initiative, saying, “In order to demonstrate to you just how really serious we are about closing a deal for the use of your client’s wife’s sexual services, here’s $50,000 in cash that we want you to have, in exchange for you giving me your full support and assistance in pushing your client into accepting the more than generous offer I am going to be making for the unlimited sexual use of his wife’s absolutely superb body for three days in Tijuana.”

The surprised little Jew agent quickly took the envelope stuffed with $1,000 bills, looked inside it, licked his lips then, with a nauseating grin, shoved it in his desk drawer. He then leaned back in his swivel chair and said, with the cunning look of a shark seeing blood on the water, “I am totally at your service, Mr. Perez, so please tell me just what kind of sexual activities your Mexican client has in mind for Cappuccino to perform for him in Tijuana.”

With the well bribed Hebrew agent making it perfectly clear that he was ready to do whatever he was told to do, Perez replied, “Short and sweet, I’m here to get Cappuccino and her husband to agree to let her get totally orgied in Tijuana next weekend. So, the question to you is, do you think that you are going to have any trouble getting Hot-X to agree to make his wife available to fuck for my client,” Perez asked, aggressively? “Not at all, Mr. Perez, under the threatening circumstances they currently find themselves in, if the price is right, I don’t think that Hot-X will have any problem making his wife available to perform at your client’s Tijuana sex orgy,” Maury replied confidently.

“Excellent,” Perez responded, “Now, before I can give you a price for Cappuccino’s bodily services, I need to know a few things about her sex life. As you give me the answers to the questions, please understand that, because of how spectacular her body is and, because of the type of sex my client has in mind for her to perform with it, the sluttier she actually is the more my client is going to be willing to pay for her. We aren’t interested in having virgins perform these orgies for us, we want them to be done by stunningly beautiful, ultra-stacked, very experienced, totally uninhibited, hot-assed Anglo sluts, just like Hot-X’s wife appears to be. Is that understood?” “Absolutely,” leered the devious little weasel who, with the bribe tucked safely away in his desk, and with getting Cappuccino gang-fucked being the only issue, he was feeling more hopeful by the minute that his potentially big commission was going to become a reality. He assured Perez, “X has always gotten a kick out of telling me every intimate little detail about he and his wife’s sex lives, so what I will be telling you is coming straight from the horse’s mouth.”

“Good, now I want you to give me all of the sordid details about Cappuccino’s sex activities, starting with; has that vile looking black Rapper, Funk-U, been fucking her like he claims he’s been doing?”

Shine responded, vindictively, “Shit yes he has. The black mother fucker has been banging the hell out of her for the last six weeks, day and night, right up until he turned on her yesterday and released those damnable sex photos to the press.”

“Did Hot-X know that Funk-U was forking the hell out of his wife,” Perez asked? “Hell yes he did,” Maury spat out. “X also knew that the young, low class, dirt bag Gangsta Rapper was letting the other members of his Rap group put the meat to her, too.”

‘In that case, I assume that she and her husband must have an understanding about playing around on the side so, to make sure that I fully understand how really slutty she really is, please quickly summarize her lurid sex life since she met and married Hot-X ten years ago,” Perez requested.


The little Jew jumped on the subject with spiteful relish, saying, “X met the round-heeled bitch at the LA suite of Penthouse Magazine, where she had been functioning as a greeter and escort for several months. As a Penthouse escort she was assigned to entertain a celebrity virtually every night, and take good care of their sexual needs.” Sneering, he added, “The Penthouse escort girls technically weren’t whores because they were paid a flat salary for gratifying the member’s often disgusting sexual fantasies.”

The first time X saw her he had her assigned to be his escort that night. She laid him so well that, four months later, he married her sweet white, well fucked ass even though he knew that her ironclad, unbreakable personal services contract with Penthouse still had four months to go. As a result she continued sexually servicing celebrities every night until the contract finally ran out. He often tells me that she has saved him a fortune in prostitute fees because she turned out to be such an incredibly wild, totally dirty fuck.”

“For the first five years they were married, X and Cappuccino were never out of each other’s sight and he pounded that stuff every night. Then Mother Nature finally took over and during the next couple of years the number of times he was banging the cock-hungry harlot gradually dwindled down to once or twice a week.”

“At the beginning of their eighth year of marriage, a close friend of X’s purchased a women’s only nightclub in LA, called Caligula’s. The first thing the guy did was establish a special night, once a month, for his rich male acquaintances to attend a private sex party to which they were each allowed to bring one female companion; their wife, a girlfriend, a hot date, somebody else’s wife, a MILF, or even a hooker. The only requirement was that she had to be good-looking and very broad minded. The group ended up having 24 guys in it.

On party night the room had twelve four place tables scattered around it. Two couples were assigned to each table by a lottery number. At these parties the women the members brought with them could only engage in sexual activity with the Club’s stud dancers. All the guys were allowed to do was watch their women in action and urge them to be very bad each time one of the club’s stud dancers came to their table. After the party was over each table’s pair of couples went to one of Caligula’s adjacent sex cribs, where each guy got his rocks off in his table mate’s female partner, as many times as he wanted.”

These restrictive rules did not apply to the women. They were allowed to make out with each other any time they wanted. X said that the tit sucking, clit licking, pussy eating, ass rimming, girl-on-girl action was really something to see. It seemed that none of the women had any trouble being bi-sexual.”

“At the first party, the Owner had three of the Club’s extremely well hung stud male dancers come in, naked, and parade around among the tables, offering to let the women play with their cocks. It turned out that nearly all of them grabbed a handful of the huge, bare pricks and played with them, and their balls.”

“The studs then made a second pass through the audience, this time offering to let the women kiss their cockheads. About half of the females, urged on by everyone else, with balls in one hand and the shaft in the other, kissed and licked the heads of the meaty pricks.”

“During the third trip through the audience, a half dozen of the women stuck the stud’s cocks in their mouths and sucked on them, to the enthusiastic applause of the onlookers. Only three of the women ended up getting down on their knees and sucking the jumbo sized cocks to a climax, and then swallowed the stud’s hot, creamy ejaculations. One of those three hot Cunts was Cappuccino.”

“As soon as X saw her in action that first night, he discovered that he liked the hell out of watching his spectacular wife performing sex with others, male or female. He particularly liked seeing the sensuous look on her face while she devoured a big meatpole, followed by her look of surprise when it went off in her mouth, concluded by the look of pure lust that that crossed her face when she swallowed the half-a-cup sized volume of thick jism the professional stud performers were usually able to shoot between her teeth.”

“Of course sucking cocks was only one part of the sexual activities at the parties. By the third month the women had gotten much bolder and all of them were greedily sucking on the performer’s cocks. At the fourth party they were given the additional choice of bending over their table and letting themselves be mounted from behind by a stiff bonered stud, then get their channels deeply plowed. Cappuccino was the first to volunteer to perform that pleasurable task and X got to watch his luscious wife put on a hot, ass humping performance for the huge weapon that was impaling her, and be the first to let a stud shoot his full load inside of her steaming, well reamed cuntal channel. The first cum shot that she had felt explode inside of her pussy caused her to climax, and the audience cheered as they watched the stud’s thick joy juice begin oozing out of her plundered, squeezing, creampied snatch.”

By the sixth party, the owner had to import some of his male porn movie performers to help out the studs. That night X watched as Cappuccino was put between two well hung porn movie guys, who promptly rammed their rigid cocks up her ass and down her throat, simultaneously. After several minutes of getting this wicked double spearing, she got cum shot into both ends of her very over-heated body.

X had liked the Caligula sessions so much that, after six months, he arranged with Caligula’s owner to have a couple of the studs come over to his condo for private sessions with Cappuccino. These affairs were held halfway between the regularly schedule parties, and the well equipped studs enjoyed putting on an, anything goes, show with his wife’s amazing body and hungry orifices. It turned out that the Caligula studs had liked fucking her so much at the regular parties that they volunteered to do these extra sessions with her, for free. During these private, sometimes bondage, debaucheries she honed, to perfection, taking double and triple penetration.”

“The Caligula parties revitalized their sex lives and, stimulated by watching his wife be the star slut of the orgies of sex, X was soon back hitting her stuff every other day. He told me a year ago that she loved cocks more than any woman he had ever known, to the point where she was obviously addicted to them.”


“This Caligula sex has been going on for the past three years but the Funk-U sex only started six week ago when X made the mistake of going out of town for four days, leaving Cappuccino by herself. As soon as he left for the airport, she called an old girl friend of hers, who invited her to an after concert party being held for the Hip Hop show’s performers. There she met Funk-U, who was a marginally talented nobody. She had been so horny that, as ugly as the Rapper had looked, she still promptly gave it all up to him that night.

She had been so turned on by the size of Funk-U’s massive cock, and the nasty way he used it in her, particularly up the ass, that she went back to the concert the next night to get some more. This time Funk-U took her to a nearby flophouse that his group had rented for the purpose of having a place where they could take their groupies to be fucked. Once there, Funk-U introduced her to the abusive, demeaning life of being a groupie, by making her let his ugly, grossed out, raunchy Rap group members nail her all night long, one right after another, then all together in an orifice filling, multiple penetration, cum hosing pile.”

“X returned from his trip a day early and Cappuccino didn’t come home until 7AM the next morning. When he asked her where she’d been, she confessed that she was out partying and cuckolding him behind his back. When he asked her why she’d done it, she told him that it was his fault for leaving her by herself with nothing to do, and that she had already gotten so hooked on all the sex she was getting that she wasn’t ready to give it up.”

“Not at all pleased with her answer, X went to see the young Rapper, Sincan Escort who was 25 years his junior, and demanded to know what he was doing making out with his wife. The Rapper was able to calm X down long enough to tell him that he had it all wrong. Cappuccino had been the aggressor and she had picked him up at the concert party, then had given him head with everybody at the party watching, then had grabbed him by his pecker and led him down the hall to the hotel room she and her girlfriend had rented, where she proceeded to ball him all night long.”

“When X had finished digesting the news about the way his wife had officially cuckolded him behind his back, Funk-U sat him down and reasoned with him that all black men love to put their meat in voluptuously bodied, blonde white women, like his superbly stacked wife and that, as a bro, X should be happy to pass her around to his black brothers and let them get a sample of the Anglo stuff he’s forking.”

“Since X loved to watch his wife get fucked’ he and Funk-U were quickly able to reach an understanding, and the next night X brought Cappuccino to the Rapper’s flophouse where they fucked her together. From then on X got to watch her getting it from all the mangy group members, any time he wanted too. It didn’t taken long for X to discover that he liked, even better than the Caligula action, watching his blonde, stacked, wanton white wife getting really hammered by a bunch of big-dicked, shiny black Hip Hoppers, who thoroughly enjoyed callously violating her orifices while they subjected her to an endless stream of profanity laced, demeaning verbal abuse.”

Shaking his head, Maury concluded that, “Up until he released those damned pictures yesterday, everything had been going just fine and the hot-assed slut was happily getting all of the cockmeat stuffed in her body that she could possibly want.”

“Hell, only a week ago, Funk-U had spiced things up by bringing a beautiful, hot, young, bronzed Latina groupie with him and immediately had the surprised Cappuccino make out with her. The next night X was there when Funk-U brought the same Latina slut back again and, this time, he had Cappuccino lick his balls and rim him while he fucked the kneeling Latina bitch up the ass, from behind. Periodically during the gonzo anal attack, he had Cappuccino get on her hands and knees, with her face right next to the Latina’s ass, then, during the raunchy ass fucking session he would repeatedly pull his black dick out of the Latina’s ass, and stick it in Cappuccino’s mouth to suck.”

“Shit, just the night before the pictures were released, with X again watching the action, Funk-U had sat naked on a couch with Cappuccino in the reverse cowgirl position taking his cock up her ass, while the Latina knelt in front of her widely spread thighs and ate her already well fucked, oozing snatch, stopping every so often to raise herself up and French kiss Cappuccino’s drooling mouth. Later the Rapper made her lay on top of the Latina, in the 69 position, then let all of the rap members take their turns fucking the three holes available on each end of the sandwich of female flesh. All the time this was going on Fuck-U knew that, in just a few hours he was going to be throwing her to the negative publicity wolves.”


“After the shit hit the fan last night, X and I huddled and tried to figure out how this had all happened. The only thing we could come up with was that Funk-U has always cared a lot more about his career than fucking Cappuccino. As best we could figure, apparently Funk-U and his manager determined that the best thing he could do to bolster his going no where quest for stardom, was to figure out a way to exploit the fact that the world famous prick-teaser, and very married Cappuccino, was giving it up to him every day, and thereby get some much needed free publicity that might help jump start his struggling Hip Hop career.”

“Knowing that Cappuccino was so hooked on his cock that the sex stupid slut would do anything he told her to do, he got her to let a photographer take photos of them having wild, raunchy sex together. Then he followed that up by getting the insatiable Cunt to agree to let him make a sex tape of them fornicating in every filthy way possible. When they had shot all of the stuff they needed without saying anything to she or X, Funk-U had his manager leak to the press the already infamous, very indiscrete photos that you have seen of him groping and manhandling Cappuccino’s cooperating body. I have to hand it to Funk-U’s manager he couldn’t have timed it any better. The leaked graphic pictures have already produced an explosion of free publicity for the low life Rapper, and has gotten him lots of interviews, during which he brags about all of the things he’s done to the cheating slut, on the, yet to be released, sex tape.”

“X and Cappuccino were so blindsided by this unexpected publicity stunt that they haven’t even started on the defense of denying everything, to try and defuse the situation, as best they can. Meanwhile they are waiting, in dread, for the next shoe to drop, the release of the sex tape. The one thing they know for sure is that, if the lewd sex tape comes out, they can kiss their reality TV show, and all the money it pays them, goodbye. Hell, they have already been reduced to hoping for some kind of fuckin’ miracle to save them.”

“Damn,” Perez grunted, “It seems to me that buying the dirty pictures and the sex tape from Funk-U, then lying and denying everything, would be the best way out of this problem. If that were done, she would probably be hotter and more popular than ever ”

Shine replied, “Funk-U’s manager has already approached me early this morning about selling us the pictures and the sex tape for $1.0, million. But there are two problems with the offer, (1) it would put a real strain on X’s finances, plus he just doesn’t want to part with that kind of money at all, and (2) even if X agreed to give them the money, he could never be sure that Funk-U had actually given them all of the dirty stuff he has of her. Since Funk-U can’t be trusted at all, they would always be waiting for another copy of the stuff to surface.”


Perez held his hand up and said, “Okay, Maury, I am satisfied that your client’s broad is absolutely the perfect slut for what we want her to do for us, so I am prepared to offer you top dollar for the use of her sexual services in Tijuana.”

“But just one more thing before we talk deal. Is Cappuccino as dumb as she sometimes acts, or is she as smart as she acts the rest of the time?” “Well both, actually,” Shine replied. “Her body has been shaped like it is since she was 14 years old, so her whole life has evolved around men wanting to have sex with her and men having sex with her. Dealing with men’s advances around the clock didn’t leave her with much time to store up a lot of intellectual information in her head, so she sometimes comes off as being an easy, empty headed blonde. But don’t let that breathless, dumbed down voice and “Wanna-Fuck-Me” facial expression act fool you, she puts it on whenever she wants to gain an advantage over men who are panting for her pussy, thereby enabling her to get exactly what she wants from them. She may not get invited to any Mensa meetings, but she is plenty smart enough to know exactly how to flaunt and use that body of hers to get anything and everything she wants,” Maury said, resentfully. “But also always remember that, like all women, she was born to be fucked and she’s always ready to give it up to any man who offers her the right price, which just means that she can be stupid as hell sometimes.”

“Good to know,” Perez smiled. “By the way, this crisis scandal she’s caused must be going to cost you a lot of commission money.” It damn sure is,” the little slime ball replied bitterly. “That hot assed bitch’s cheating is going to cost me plenty, which is why I need to have her fuck for your guy to more than make up for what the stupid slut’s fucking around on her husband is going to be costing me.”

Perez leaned forward and said, “So, if I am reading the situation correctly, if the price is right, you don’t think that X will have any problem at all having his wife give her body up to be used for my client’s entertainment.” The anxious little Jew shot back, “You are exactly correct, Senor. Under the circumstances, for the right price, I promise you that I can talk X into making his wife whore herself any way your client wants it.”

“And you’re sure that Cappuccino will go along with her husband’s decision,” Perez asked? “Absolutely,” Shine responded, “She knows that her sexual indiscretions have caused this mess, so she’ll do whatever X tells her to do to remedy the problem.”

“Now, I hate to be pushy but, in order for me to be able to help you get what you want by convincing X to whore Cappuccino out, I need to know exactly how much money your patron is willing to pay to get to put the meat to the best body in the whole god-damned world, a title that was just bestowed on her by Esquire Magazine.”

Perez leaned back and said, with a smile, “Alright you pushy little prick, how does a million dollars a day, for three days, sound to you?” Spluttering in utter disbelief, Shine choked out, “Holy crap, $3.0 million for the use of her body for three days? Shit, she probably does have the best god-damned body in the world, but you have got to be shitting me.” Perez calmly responded, “Believe me, I am not kidding at all. Because she has a perfect body that is controlled by the mind of a pure slut, she is exactly the Cunt we are looking for. That being the case, I have purposely set the price so high that she and her husband will have difficulty turning it down. So now it’s up to you to do your part in getting Hot-X to agree to let his wife get fucked for $3.0 million, no matter what sex acts she has to perform to earn it?”

With a potential $600,000 commission dancing around in his brain, Shine practically yelled, “Shit man, I’m on this like butter on toast. I promise you that I will convince X to agree to make his cheating slut wife put it all out for your boss, any and every way he wants it.”

“Wonderful. Now, to be able to get the best out of Cappuccino we want her to have a clear mind, completely free of worries, so that she can fully concentrate on performing the demanding sex acts we have planned for her in Tijuana. Therefore I am going to give your clients an additional sweetener to the deal by taking the necessary steps to resolve their problems with Funk-U, long before she goes to Tijuana.”

“For his own personal protection, my client employs a Para-military, special strike force unit that takes care of the problems he encounters, from time to time, with the Mexican Mafia and assorted drug kings. I will have that unit dispatched to Funk-U’s quarters, and to his manager’s facilities, tomorrow, where they will forcefully enter the structures, gather up all of the incriminating pictures and the sex tape. And, please believe me, when faced with this strike force, the Rapper and his posse will be more than willing to turn over everything they have to them, or they will get their nuts handed to them in a bag. When the unit has all the materials in their hands, they will give Funk-U $100,000 to leave your clients alone, under the threat of severe reprisal and, believe me, your clients will never hear from them again.”

Shine listened in amazement, then asked, “Damn, can you really do that to Funk-U without any problems with the US police?” “Believe me, my friend, our unit has police connections everywhere, so there will be no problem. No one will ever know that anything happened, except Funk-U and his manager,” Perez said with a sinister smile.

Perez stood up and asked, “So, Mr. Shine, are you ready to get busy selling this deal to your client.” “Shit, are you kidding, you have given me an offer that I can really sell,” grinned the confident little weasel, looking like he was going to have an orgasm, right that minute.

“Where are they right now,” Perez asked? “We’re in luck, they are at their condo here in LA, and it’s not too far from here,” Shine responded eagerly. “Good. Call them and get them to come down here right away, so that we can talk over the details of the deal with them, and then consummate it, today,” Perez ordered. “I’ll call him right now,” Shine promised. “Good. While you are doing that I’ll step outside to my limo and call my client and bring him up to date on how well things are going, so far,” Perez told him.


Moments after Perez left the room the unscrupulous, dollar driven little agent, with visions of the huge commission dancing around in his head, was on the phone, in total pimp sales mode, saying, “X baby, I’ve got some fantastic news for you, news that is going to knock your socks off and completely solve all of your current problems. There’s a Latino attorney outside of my office, representing a super-rich Mexican who wants to book your wife for a three day orgy gig next weekend in Tijuana, now hold on to your hat, he says that his client is willing to pay $3.0 million for the right to use her body, sexually, any way he damn well wants too.”

“You’ve got to be out of your fuckin’ mind, $3.0 million to get some of Cappuccino’s tail? I mean she is spectacular, but who in the hell would be crazy enough to do something like that,” X blustered?

“Apparently this fucking Mexican billionaire is crazy enough to do it, that’s who, asshole. The rich bastard saw you two on that TMZ show last night and was so impressed by Cappuccino that he decided that she was the sexiest looking woman in the world, and wants her to fuck for him at a private three day sex party he’s throwing next weekend in Tijuana. And, X, I have it on good authority that this guy is absolutely legit,” the agent assured him.

X pondered for a few moments then, with his curiosity, greed and voyeurism all peaking at once, replied, “Okay, let’s suppose that you are right, what in the hell do you suppose he wants her to do for him for that kind of money,” X questioned?

“Who gives a shit X, we’re talking about three fucking million dollars for her to get screwed for three days. As far as I’m concerned, for that kind of money, I wouldn’t care what the rich SOB does to her. But if you want me to hazard a guess about it, I’d assume that he has in mind some kind of Mexicanized version of the type of gang banging she’s been getting from Funk-U and his Rap group,” the anxious Maury almost shouted, as he tried to keep X on track.

Agitated, X responded, “Damn it to hell, Maury, you mean that the rich SOB is going to pay $3.0 million to do to her what Funk-U and his bunch have been doing to her for nothing.”

“Christ, I don’t know, X, but what god-damned difference does it make anyway. The fact is that your very experienced, hot assed, cheating wife is apparently being offered a way to fuck her way out of this mess that she fucked the two of you into,” Maury reasoned, irritably.

“But listen, X, that’s not all he’s offering you,” Maury went on excitedly. “Besides paying her the $3.0 million to let herself get orgied like a fuckin’ porn star, as an additional incentive, the Mex is going to dispatch his own special Para-military unit to LA with instructions to recover all of the dirty pictures and sex tapes that Funk-U has of your wife, then eliminate the problem with the Rapper, forever, through the threat of extreme violence. Hell, that means that, in one weekend of whoring her sweet ass, your Cunt wife can solve all of your problems – money, reputation, everything. Your cuckolding denials will suddenly become pure gold during all of the interviews that you and your sexpot wife will be giving in the future.”

Shine took a deep breath, then went on, “Look, old buddy, lets reason together here. As far as I’m concerned you two are being given the chance of a lifetime to right the ship Cappuccino has practically sunk for you. So, as your business manager, I strongly recommend that you get your black ass down to my office, right now, and bring your hot pussyied wife with you, and lets sit down and listen to what the Mex attorney has to say then, hopefully, agree that your wife will do whatever has to be done and cut the $3.0 million deal with him. It’s time for you to quit fooling around and go ahead and peddle your wife’s flesh like a god-damned Pimp. And that includes having her suck this attorney’s cock, rim him, bang him, or do whatever else it might take to close the deal. Your god-damned cheating wife owes you that much for being stupid enough to let that black bastard stick his cock in her in the first place, and exposing to the world the fact that she has been cuckolding you with an ugly, small time, piece of shit, loser like that punk Rapper,” the agent threw in for emphasis.

He leaned back in his chair, sweating, and concluded, “So let’s quit fucking around, X. Bring your wife’s voluptuous assets down here and lets cut a deal for them, and then let her get started on fucking all your problems away.”

After a brief pause the agent heard X mutter, “Okay, I’ll have her pussy down there in an hour,” followed by the click of a telephonic hang up.


After Perez hung up from talking to Don Francisco, he got out of his limo and started back towards Shine’s office. Things were going very well but he was playing a game in which he had no alternative but to win. He had to deliver X’s Cunt to Tijuana next weekend, or else, because The Don did not accept failure of any kind. His mind raced as he made his way back into the office, and he concluded that he should make the agent fully aware of what the real deal was, and offer him some additional incentive to help him convince X to let his wife get donkey fucked.

When he got inside, the excited little agent told him, “X and his wife are on the way here, and I have him completely convinced to pimp her out. The only small detail left is that X is very suspicious that, for the $3.0 million, your client wants Cappuccino to do a lot more for him than put out straight orgy sex. I’ve got him to the table ready to agree to hand over his wife for a good fucking, so now it’s up to you to give him the assurance that nothing else is involved.”

Perez responded, “Well X’s suspicions are well founded, Maury, because much more than straight, gang bang sex is involved. I haven’t told you anything about the real nature of the deal because I only wanted your client to hear it directly from me, face-to-face. But, since we’re only a few minutes away from meeting with them, I am going to give you a very brief heads-up about what we have in store for Cappuccino next weekend, so you can help me get them over this last big hurdle.”

“For the last three years Sıhhiye Escort my client has owned six donkeys who are fully trained to fuck human females. Next weekend he wants Cappuccino to be the human female that they all fuck, while my client and his friends watch her take on the six huge cocks. As you saw by the amount of my client’s offer, he is very generous in financially rewarding the women who put on the donkey fucking shows for him, in which they let themselves get screwed, all three ways, several times over,” Perez told him.

“Holy fuckin’ shit, you actually mean that the deal is that his wife has to let a bunch of donkeys fuck her to earn the $3.0 million,” Shine exclaimed? “That is exactly what I mean,” Perez confirmed. “Now I’m already positive that the $3.0 million fee will be much too tempting for X’s smart, promiscuous, completely uninhibited wife to pass up, and that she will end up agreeing to do anything and everything that my client wants her to do with, and for his donkeys. That just leaves her husband to deal with, so the question to you is, can you get X to agree to sell his wife’s services to my client and let her get donkey fucked?” With his head held in his hands, still trying to digest the enormity of what he’d just been told, the disheartened the little agent whined, “Shit, I don’t know, that is a very big hill to climb.” “I know that it is a big step, you little bastard,” Perez yelled, “That’s why I gave you the $50,000 bribe, and that’s why I am going to give you an additional incentive to spur you on to use your friendship with your client to get him to give his wife’s body up to be fully exploited by The Don’s animals.”

He paused briefly then said, “I have a question for you, Maury. Have you ever gotten your hands on Cappuccino’s body?” “No, the round-heeled slut can’t stand for me to even get near her, so I haven’t gotten so much as a kiss on the cheek from the over-sexed prick teaser,” Maury grumbled, bitterly. “After all that I have done for them over the years, the bitch has never said thank you to me, not even once.”

Perez leaned forward and asked, “Well, how would you like to fuck her right here in your office this afternoon? I mean stick your cock in her everywhere you want to and make the bitch pay for all of the insolent treatment she’s subjected you to over the years?” “Are you kidding me, I’d give my left nut for the chance to get into that stuff,” Maury groaned?

“Alright then, I’m going to throw in another bribe for you, one that will truly make your day. If X agrees to the deal, I am going to make it a condition of closing that the beauteous Mrs. Hot-X demonstrate to me that she really is committed to letting the donkeys fuck her, by agreeing to let something worse that a donkey fuck her today – namely you. That means, if we are successful in closing the deal, you are going to get to do whatever you want to her body, no holds barred, for the rest of the day and evening.”

He heard Shine yelp out, “Jesus H. Christ,” then start choking. While waiting for Shine to catch his breath, even though he did want to do everything he could to maximize the odds of getting the deal closed, he knew that this was probably an unnecessary bribe to the little troll. But it didn’t really matter if it did prove to be an unnecessary step, because he was also doing it to serve his own horny self-interest. Although his agreement with Don Francisco was that he couldn’t fuck the women he procured for the fuck parties, until after The Don and his animals had all taken their turns plundering their bodies, it didn’t prohibit him from watching someone else fuck the procured woman, before she was delivered to Tijuana. After having worked on this project since 6AM, looking at her body and all the risqué poses she put on with it, plus hearing all the torrid descriptions of Cappuccino getting club dance stud and Rap groupie fucked, he had become lustfully intrigued by this perfectly built, beautiful, sex drunk, very whorish woman that The Don wanted to have for his donkeys to fuck. He was infatuated by the dumb blonde facial expressions she sometimes used, mouth open expressions that made her look like she was just getting ready to go down on an over-sized cock. He also loved the erotic look on her face that was there all the rest of the time, a sensual expression that looked like someone was in the process of finishing shoving the rest of his cock into her hot pussy. He had become so intrigued, in fact, that he wanted to watch someone put the meat to her, today. He had realized that, in this situation, Maury was the only one he could use for the job but, luckily, Maury was also the perfect guy to put on a nasty sex show with X’s stunningly beautiful, pure Cunt wife. The little Jew was slimy, gross and disgusting and she was beautiful and perfectly built and couldn’t stand him, all being factors that provided the ingredients necessary for a nasty porn show. He would get to see this spectacularly built woman put out to the revolting little Hebrew slug, and get screwed completely over, providing him with just the kind of sexual gratification he needed, right now. The only thing that could make it even better would be having a hot slut on her knees, between his spread thighs, giving him a blowjob while he watched the ugly little Jew plunder Cappuccino’s statuesque body.

Hearing another noise from Shine broke his train of thought and he glanced over at the little Jew who looked like he was going to pass out. Apparently the thought of getting a $600,000 commission from Cappuccino getting donkey donged, plus the thought of getting to do anything he wanted to do to her prime, juicy, hot body, today, had been too much for him, because it looked like he was having a heart attack. But the skinny little troll soon recovered, then jumped to his feet and shook Perez’s hand, profusely saying, “Thanks, my friend, I promise that I will reel X in, no matter what it takes, and because I couldn’t think of a better thing to happen to his full-bodied, tramp wife than to get fucked by a bunch of donkeys.”

Putting his hand on the Jew’s shoulder, Perez advised the little slob, “When she agrees to do the demo with you, I expect you to take full advantage of the situation and make a real pig out of yourself while you are working her over. This will probably be the only chance you’ll ever get to nail the bitch this way, so don’t hold anything back and treat her like a cheap whore, while you re giving it to her and getting your payback. I am expecting you to provide me with some real nasty sexual entertainment, by doing the dirty with her, so don’t let me down.” Shine responded by rubbing his hands together as he thought about getting them on the body that had been prick teasing him for years, “Don’t worry, I’ll nail the hell out of the slut.”


X hung up the phone in his study and went into the kitchen where he found his wife pouring coffee wearing only a pair of light purple, satiny bikini panties a companion, extremely low cut bra, and color matching 5 inch, stiletto heeled shoes.

Standing next to her was her mother, Michelle, who had rushed right over after watching last night’s disastrous TMZ show, in order to console and comfort her suddenly publically infamous, scandal ridden, sexpot daughter. They had stayed up so late last night that Michelle had elected to stay over in one of the guest rooms for the rest of the night.

Cappuccino’s mother was one hot looking, very well-endowed broad, herself. This morning she was decked out in a pair of mouth-watering, skin-tight, white pants and a low cut red top that fully displayed the cleavage of her huge breasts. Accentuating this simple, sexy outfit, his mother-in-law was wearing 4 inch high heeled, white summer wedges. Just like her daughter, she enjoyed using tight, revealing clothing to enticingly advertise her gloriously shaped assets. She was built like her daughter, but was two inches taller and five pounds heavier. She was a tanned and toned bombshell who looked like she was 30 years old. As her husband had told him the other day, Michelle was one prime Cunt.

She had been 17 when Cappuccino was born. Six months later, her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. She had soon taken up with a wealthy Jewish playboy car dealer who had used his low level movie industry connections to get her on a lot of casting couches where she earned several roles in some very cheap, exploitive B-movies. Although she looked fantastic on the sliver screen, she quickly proved that she had no acting talent, at all.

When the legitimate movie became out of the question, her enterprising playboy/car dealer quickly pushed her into the porn industry. She spent the next two years making a lot of very dirty movies, including one containing a still famous deep throat scene, during which she spent several minutes on her knees getting throat fucked, swallowing every bit of a very thick, nine inch long cock that was being shoved rudely between her stretched lips. The guy doing the face fucking held her head in both hands while he humped her face, ending each deep, grinding thrust by mashing her face and lips hard against his hairy pubic mound, as he forced his prick in to maximum depth. A very close by microphone had clearly picked up all of the juicy sounds of her drooling mouth getting fucked, including the noisy climax when the guy, with his tool buried in at full depth, shot his wad down her throat, the thick cream gagging her.

Michelle had been a brunette during her porn star days so today, as a redhead, although her face was virtually unchanged, she was only occasionally recognized by porn movie buffs. At age 47, she still looked like a dynamite MILF / Cougar, who would be perfect for making sex movies of her seducing teenage boys, or movies involving several teen boys making her perform extremely hardcore, double and triple penetration sex with them. But, instead, for the last ten years she had been living the easy life in virtual anonymity, married to a very successful Lebanese lawyer, who was ten years younger than she.

X went over to took his wife’s lush body in his arms and kissed her flush on her wide, full lipped, cocksucker mouth, before stepping back and saying, “Ladies, lets sit down at the kitchen table and talk over some serious business.”

Bringing their coffee with them, they sat at the round table and listened as X announced, “That was my agent on the phone. He tells me that he has a high dollar Mex lawyer in his office whose stupidly rich Mexican client saw the TMZ show last night. The SOB was so taken by you, Cappuccino, that he is convinced that you have the sexiest body on the planet and, based on the nasty things that you were being accused of by the show host, he thinks that you obviously also have the perfect, naughty, over-sexed mind to go with it. Having reached that salacious conclusion, he has already sent his attorney to Maury’s office, where the Mex legal eagle has told him that his client is offering to pay $3.0 million dollars for you to go to Tijuana next weekend and get orgy fucked for three days. Who will be fucking you hasn’t been disclosed yet.”

Both mother and daughter’s mouths dropped open in stunned amazement, and remained speechless until Cappuccino finally gulped and gushed out, “My God, darling, did the guy really say he thought I was the sexiest looking woman in the world?” “That’s what Maury told me,” X grunted. Swelling with pride, she said, breathlessly, “Hoch, how very flattering that is. And just because of the way I look the guy is willing to pay $3.0 million for a weekend of sex with me?” Her excitement grew even more quickly as she thought of what that much money would do for their bank account balance.

X went on, explaining that, as part of the deal, the Mexican would immediately take steps to get the Funk-U problem eliminated by having his personal security team visit the Rapper and forcefully persuade him to turn over all the dirty pictures of the two of them in action, as well as the sex tape. When they have everything they will take decisive steps to make sure that we never hear from the Rapper again.

Leaning back, he concluded, “That’s everything I know, so far, ladies. It all sounded like a hoax to me, but Maury swears that a very reliable source promised him that this guy really is legit and that the offer he’s making is bona fide. So Maury wants us to go down to his office, right now, and meet with the guy’s attorney, who will fill us in on all the details, and then sign up the deal. So baby, the first question you have to answer is, are you ready to sell him the use of your body for $3.0 million, and officially become a high priced whore?”

Cappuccino looked at Michelle and said, “Oh God, Mother, this is all so sudden, what do you think I should do?” Michelle calmly responded, “Well, based on what happened to you on last night’s TMZ show, I think that both of your careers are at serious risk, and the longer this sex scandal stays in the news, the more your revenues are likely to suffer. What you are being offered seems to be a golden opportunity to quickly solve all of your problems at once, and allow you to go on with the lives you were leading before you took up with that damned, no good, black trash Rapper. Therefore, I think that you have no choice but to go and meet with the lawyer and see what the deal is. If it turns out to be you being the primary gang-bang entertainment at a three day sex orgy, then you really must do it. That is certainly what I would do if I was in your position, right now.”

Husband and mother watched Cappuccino mull the situation over in her mind for a few seconds then, with a sensuous smile, reply, “The thought that there is a super rich guy who likes the way I look so much that he is willing to pay $3.0 million to get to use my body any way he wants, is giving me such an amazing rush that I want to let him have me to use. Not only that, I am so turned on by the whole thing that I am going to enjoy doing it for him, no matter what, so I don’t see how I could possibly turn the offer down.”

X looked at this mother-in-law and injected, “But Michelle, before we hastily leap at this deal, as incredible as it seems to be, consider this; if the deal does turn out to be real, it is hard to imagine that the Mexican doesn’t have a lot more in mind for your daughter to do than just having straight, raunchy, demeaning sex with him, and a bunch of his rich asshole buddies. I don’t know what it will turn out to be, but for him to pay that much money, I’m sure that he must have something much dirtier and more challenging in mind for your daughter than for her to just get gang-banged in Tijuana.”

Michelle put her hand on her son-in-law’s arm and responded, “You two are up to your necks in trouble right now. My daughter’s promiscuity initiated the problems you have, but you also aided and abetted her wanton misbehavior by agreeing to let Funk-U and his group keep fucking her. So now the two of you are just going to have to bite the bullet, and my daughter is going to have to pay whatever the physical and mental price is for letting the Mexican do whatever he wants to her, no matter how demanding, lewd and disgusting it might turn out to be. Besides, it’s hard to imagine that, after what she’s been doing for Funk-U and his fuck team that she isn’t perfectly prepared to take on anything the Mexican wants to throw at her.”

Argued out and anxious to get all of their problems behind them, X said, “I guess you are right, Michelle, that is the same thing Maury advised me on the phone. So you’re again telling me that, if you were in your daughter’s place, you’d take the money and go get fucked?” “Absolutely, I’d do it in a heartbeat,” she assured him. He looked at his wife and asked, “So you are ready to go down to Maury’s office and check this thing out?” She responded excitedly, “Am I ever, I can’t wait.”

When they had all stood up, X reached out and grasped both of the women by the backs of their necks, then pushed their faces and bodies together, and said, “Honey, give your mother a real hot kiss to thank her for making this decision much easier for us.”

The titillating sex sexual situation and discussion already had both females fully turned on, so they instantly went after it, driving their tongues into each others mouths as they rubbed their tits and pubic mounds together and fingered each others clits. X watched them play with each other for three or four minutes, and get themselves boiling hot, before he forcibly pulled them apart and said, “Honey, it is time for you to get ready to go.”


Turned on, wet-mouthed and gasping, Cappuccino took her mother by the arm and led her out of the kitchen saying, “Come and help me pick out something wickedly sexy to wear that will put all my goodies out on full display. I want the Mexican lawyer to be very pleased and impressed with what his client will be getting for his $3.0 million, and make him even more anxious to close the deal.”

When the two women returned, Cappuccino looked absolutely sensational, truly like a fuck going somewhere to happen. With the moves of a pole dancer, she modeled her body and the whore-purple, flesh hugging, skin exposing dress her mother had chosen for her to wear for the occasion. Striking a final pose, she asked her husband, coyly, “Think the Mexican is going to like me, baby.”

“Damn, you have really out done yourself this time baby, and you truly do look like a pure slut,” her husband marveled, approvingly. “You certainly look like you’re all ready to become a real, high paid whore.”

He then reached over and smacked Michelle on her superb ass, producing a loud splat, as he said, “Congratulations for helping your daughter get dressed up so sluttily, and thanks for your good advice to both of us. Come to think of it, you have been so helpful, and you look so damned good yourself, why don’t you come along with us to the meeting. We could certainly use your wise council and encouragement, plus your presence would add just the right touch of sinfully beautiful slutiness to the steamy sexual atmosphere we are going to be meeting in. Hell, knowing how much Mexicans love Anglo women, keeping the lawyer’s attention diverted by both of your bodies, just might cause him to let us have something we might not otherwise get. In fact, since you said that you would be willing to do what your daughter is going to agree to do to solve our problems, maybe you could be even more help with the Mex lawyer. If it is okay with you, during the meeting, if it looks like he’s really horny for some of your stuff, I’ll tell him that you used to be a porn movie star and assure him that you are available to give him a sample of your well honed sexual skills, as a freebee.”

Michelle wordlessly freshened up her lipstick, then let her son-in-law enjoy the sight of her fully curved, tight fleshed, statuesque body strutting across the living room floor, where she grabbed her purse, and said, “I am willing to do anything you want me to do to help you two land this deal and end your current problems. So let’s go, I’m at your disposal.”


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