The Doctor Will See You Now

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I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, stupidly thinking everyone in the waiting room knew why I was going to see the doctor.

“Miss James to room 3 please.”

I got up and tripped on my own feet as I made my way down the corridor. This was ridiculous. My lovely lady doctor had seen me for years and had never made me feel embarrassed. Why would she now?

I knocked and went into room 3, but was faced with a gorgeous, young and very male doctor.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I must have the wrong room, I thought they said room 3 for Dr Kate.”

He smiled and gestured to the chair.

“Dr Kate is unwell today. They should have told you when you booked in so I’m sorry about that. I’m Dr Ross Brown, the locum for today. How can I help?”

I felt my cheeks redden as I realised what this meant. I either made up a random illness or I bit the bullet.

“I…uh…it’s a bit embarrassing really.”

He nodded, sitting back in his chair.

“Please don’t be embarrassed, I’m sure I’ve seen and heard a lot worse. We’re here to help.”

I smiled and took a breath.

“It’s just that, well I’m having a problem getting, well, wet. And then I can’t orgasm as easily as I used to be able to.”

He pulled his chair up to his desk, his face not giving away any sign of shock.

“OK, well we can certainly help I’m sure. Have you discussed this with your partner? Maybe you’re stressed or he’s changed the way he’s touching you? Or she, sorry.”

I smiled at his assumption but shook my head.

“I’m single. I normally just, how shall I put it, sort myself out.”

“No problem at all. How often do you masturbate?”

I reddened again.

“It can be two or three times a day, but I just can’t do it kozyatağı escort at the moment without having to use lube. I’ve never had this trouble before.”

“OK, well let’s examine you and see what can be done. If you could take off all your clothes and lie on the bed. I’m going to lock the door just to avoid anyone coming in accidentally. Is that ok?”

I nodded, a little unsure about this examination, but at the same time ever so slightly aroused by the thought of it.

I took everything off, then lay down on the couch.

He approached the bed, rubbing his hands together.

“I’m just warming my hands a little, I don’t want to shock you.”

I gave a nervous laugh.

“Just relax. First I want to just check your reactions to touch.”

He ran his hands over my tummy before moving them up to my breasts. He gently ran his thumbs over my nipples, making them stand to attention.

I took a fast breath in, getting more aroused and, feeling stupid given what I had just said, could feel myself getting wet.

“Good. Nothing wrong there.”

His thumbs kept moving over my nipples and I involuntarily bent my legs to open them slightly.

“OK, while you’re here, I’m going to just check your breasts for any unusual lumps. Just relax.”

I took a breath in and closed my eyes as he gently massaged one breast and then another, his fingers probing and pushing, before grazing over my nipples again. The pulsing between my legs was getting stronger and I cursed my body’s lack of loyalty to the reason I was here in the first place.

Opening my eyes, he smiled at me.

“OK, no problems there. Now, I need to move down, just küçükyalı escort to check everything is ok. Could you lie with your legs open please?”

I felt myself reddening, and opened my legs, pulling my feet up towards me.

“Just relax.”

I took a breath and shifted slightly as he gently pulled my legs open a little more.

I felt one hand open my lips slightly, and the other gently rub from my clit down to the entrance to my vagina. I involuntarily made a gentle moan and opened my legs wider.

He stroked again, and I could feel how wet I was getting.

“I don’t see any issues with how wet you are getting. Would you like me to keep examining to see about your orgasm issue?”

Knowing this was wholly inappropriate but way too turned on to care, I nodded and managed to let out a low, “Mmh Hmm.” Before closing my eyes and taking a quick breath as I felt two fingers slide inside me as his thumb kept stroking my clit.

His fingers moved in and out, in and out and I opened my legs wider to encourage more.

“I think it would be better for me to be able to see what’s going on. Could you put your legs up in these stirrups please?”

I opened my eyes and saw the stirrups at the side of the bed. Without saying anything I did as I was told, the stirrups opening my legs wide and high. I was now completely exposed and could feel that I was so wet it was trickling down me.

“OK, now I want to try and bring you to orgasm, so please just relax.”

He started fingering my clit harder and I moaned as it turned me on more and more. I tried to thrust towards him, wanting something inside me again. Sensing this, he turned away mutlukent escort and I heard him open a packet.

“This is just a speculum, but we can use it as a dildo for now if you’re happy with that?”

I nodded, desperate for an orgasm now.

He inserted the speculum but didn’t open it as the nurse normally did and instead moved it in and out of me, all the time rubbing my clit.

I was moaning now and breathing heavily as I could feel an orgasm building. On and on he rubbed, my legs wide open as I pushed down on the stirrups to thrust up against his hand and the instrument moving into me.

I suddenly cried out and came hard, then kept coming as he kept on rubbing at me.

“Fuck!” it came out louder than I had anticipated, and I lay back my body quivering with the orgasm that had ripped through me.

I opened my eyes and watched as he withdrew the speculum, gently brought my legs down onto the bed and turned away to wash his hands. Not managing to completely turn before I saw the bulge in his trousers.

“Right, I think we can assume that your problem has at least temporarily resolved itself. If you could get dressed?”

I got down from the bed, conscious how wet I was, and got myself dressed quickly.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m quite embarrassed. I wasted your time.”

He leaned forward in his chair.

“Please don’t be the slightest bit embarrassed. I’m pleased I have been able to help. Perhaps you should come back in a month to just have a progress update? I’ll be covering for Dr Kate’s holiday then?”

I looked at him and saw the slightest glint in his eye.

“Sure, if you think that would be a good idea for me to check everything’s ok then I’ll make the appointment.” I flashed him a smile as I stood up and went to open the door. “Until next time then.”

I closed the door behind me and walked out with my head held high. I didn’t know how many people in the waiting room may have just heard me come, but I knew for sure that I didn’t care and for once couldn’t wait for my next appointment with the doctor.

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