The Dirty Weekend Ch. 1

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I checked my watch again; she was only five minutes late, but it was enough to make me nervous. I tried to relax, leaned on the bar and sipped at my drink, not looking at the door too often. She’d get here; maybe her flight was delayed a little, or maybe she was held up at the airport, I thought.

You wouldn’t blame me for being nervous; I’d known this woman for a year or so, I knew her intimately, I’d had sex with her in every conceivable position, and some inconceivable ones, I’d been seeing her behind her husband and my wife’s collective backs since we met, but I’d never looked in her eyes, never touched her skin – a fact I’d be changing shortly. I couldn’t help but feel flattered though; Gina obviously thought enough of me personally, and as a cyber-lover, to risk this real meeting, to go to the trouble of arranging a hotel room for the weekend for us both while my wife was visiting relatives down south, so we could finally experience each other in the flesh, finally whisper sweet nothings in each others’ ears while we fucked the night away like rabbits.

Our online sex life was certainly amazing; I’d never been this horny since I was a teenager, she seemed to bring something out in me. As soon as I saw her (well, saw her entering the chatroom, at least) I wanted to drag her somewhere private, throw her down and fuck the colour out of her hair. And we did, as often as we could, on the computer and even on a few memorable occasions over the phone. Plus, we could talk to each other, we had a great natural chemistry. Not to mention, the most awkward phase had gone very well – the exchange of photos. Each of us had been a bit nervous of disappointing the other, but to my relief I got a picture attachment in my e-mail of a sexy, curvy blonde with come-to-bed eyes, a luscious mouth and a great body, and she obviously thought I wasn’t too bad looking, because – well, you don’t go out of your way when on an overseas business trip to meet an online lover at a quiet hotel unless you really want to, do you?

I should tell you a little about myself….my name’s Griffin but all my friends call me Griff. I’ve been a firefighter for about 6 years now, and it has the double pleasure of being a great, rewarding job which also gets me more than my fair share of female attention. It’s the uniform that gets most of the attention, to be fair, though I don’t think I’m too bad looking…i’m about 5’9, with short dark hair, dark eyes, a goatee beard and a pretty fit, well built body (perk of the job). For this assignation, I’d dressed in a pair of casual black trousers with a dark grey shirt open at the neck. I’d packed a change of clothes though, which were waiting in the room upstairs, as I anticipated some ripping. Pendik Escort We had both been waiting for this for a long time, after all.

Just as I was thinking this, fate decided not to make me wait any longer; Gina entered the small hotel bar, looking around a little anxiously. She was looking incredibly sexy, her petite curvy body clothed in a black blouse opened to reveal an impressive cleavage, with a knee length skirt which hugged her firm thighs, slit up far enough to expose black lacy stocking tops. I looked her up and down and smiled as I saw that she was wearing what she’d called her ‘fuck-me’ boots… black leather boots, almost knee-high and with stacked heels. To me she looked like sex on legs, and my cock immediately sprang to life in my boxers, twitching and swelling at the sight of her.

I waited till her cool blue eyes settled on mine, and saw a wide smile spread across that pretty face, her lips full and red. She sashayed over to me in the almost-deserted bar, her hips swinging, and I was filled with the sudden desire to find out exactly what lingerie she was wearing under that slinky outfit (she’s an executive for a lingerie company, so gets a lot of free samples, and she’d promised to bring her favourites along to show me). She slid up to me at the bar, catlike, her eyes dancing and her lips wet. Then that voice which I’d head in my ear over the phone, panting and moaning its way to orgasm, rang out, low and breathy:

“Hello there, stranger. Come here often?”

My Gina and her games. I decided to play along, toying with my glass and smiling into those sexy eyes. “Actually, I’m waiting for someone. My lover. But don’t tell my wife.”

“Naughty boy,” Gina said girlishly, an evil smile on her blow-job lips. “Can I keep you company till the lucky lady gets here?”

I looked around the empty bar. “Well, it’s a bit too crowded in here, how about you join me in my room? It’s the top floor suite, very luxurious.”

“How can I refuse?” Gina cooed, linking her arm through mine. I swear I felt a jolt of electricity shoot from her skin to mine as we brushed together. This was going to be a hell of a weekend. “Lead the way, handsome.”

As soon as we stepped into the tiny elevator and the doors closed behind us, I pinned Gina to the wall, my mouth seeking out hers, wet and hungry. I ran my hands all over those delicious curves as she moaned into my mouth, her tongue wrestling with mine, sharing frenzied breaths. She broke off long enough to pant “Oh God Griff I’ve been waiting so long for this…” before she kissed me again, hungry and hot.

I ground my throbbing hardon into her and she moaned louder, full of lust and anticipation for what Kurtköy Escort we were both about to experience after so long. My hands cupped and massaged her firm juicy tits through her thin blouse and her nipples stiffened like little bullets under my nimble fingers, hard and aching to be exposed to the air. One of her legs slid up and around my waist and Gina ground her crotch into mine, breathing hard and trying to devour my tongue.

Just then we heard a tuneless bing! and the elevator arrived at our floor. The room we’d rented was the only one on this floor, so as to avoid unnecessary interruptions to our weekend of sex, so we stumbled out of the elevator, still kissing hungrily, Gina wrapped around my waist and grinding against me, licking and sucking my neck. I slid the key home in the lock and we tumbled in, somehow finding our way to the massive 4-poster bed, collapsing back onto it in a passionate heap. I immediately tore her blouse open with a loud RRIIIIPPPPP!, to a squeal of pleasure from Gina. I pulled the tatters of her blouse off, then the same with her skirt……RRRIIIIIIPPPPP!!!!! I thought she was going to cum already, the way she was moaning and panting.

She lay before me now in the lingerie I knew she’d picked out for this moment; a very sexy black lacy bra which showed off her tits to perfection, a pair of miniscule black panties barely concealing her shaved mound, her black stockings and boots. She knew I’d want her to keep those stockings and boots on while I fucked her; like I said, she knew me very well.

I stood up over her, cock aching and chest heaving. She got up on her forearms and smiled her catlike smile. Her eyes kept flicking from my face to my bulging crotch, and before I knew it she was on her hands and knees. pulling at my trousers, practically ripping them open, sliding her little hand into my boxers and sliding out my stiff pulsing cock, cooing with delight as she laid eyes on it for the first time. I was about to ask ‘do you like it?’ but she quickly answered my question by sliding my shaft into her wet waiting mouth, swallowing my cock to the root, moaning in bliss as her tongue flickered over my shaft and her ripe full lips sucked desperately on my throbbing stiff rod. Gina cupped and toyed with my hot heavy balls as her mouth worked expertly on my dick, keeping eye contact with me as she moaned and slurped and sucked and licked.

I pulled out of her mouth, not wanting to cum too soon from her expert sucking and the sexy way she kept gazing into my eyes, and I roughly pushed her back on the bed, sliding up between her spread legs and kissing my way over her hot inner thighs as her moans intensified. Gina propped her head up on a couple Maltepe Escort of pillows and gripped the covers, her hips writhing and bucking, and I could see her pussy glistening with juice through her skimpy panties already, a wet patch spreading before my eyes as she anticipated my tongue up her pussy.

“Rip them off, Griff… off those panties and EAT my pussy….oh god I need you so bad!” Ginahalf-moaned, and I was eager to comply. I grabbed a handful of think black lace and TORE them from her body as she giggled, moaned and gasped all at once. I kissed my way up her thighs, my hands sliding up to cup her wonderful tits, toying with her nipples. I breathed hot hard breaths on her pussy lips and clit and she moaned loudly, pushing her head back into the pillow and trying to grind her pussy into my face.

“Stop teasing and SUCK me, stud!” Gina cried, and I suddenly plunged my hot tongue straight into her eager waiting pussy, licking and lapping my way inside.

Gina bucked convulsively, raising her hips off the bed and thrashing her legs. “Oh…..oh……oh GOD!” she cried louder and louder, crying out my name as I relentlessly tongue-fucked her delicious, tight, juicy pussy hole, my tongue wriggling inside, exploring every part of the tasty meal. before me. My eyes were locked with hers as I breathed through my nose and kept up a faster and deeper rhythm with my tongue, my lips clamped on her sweet pussy lips as I ate her pussy with abandon, my lips and tongue in a frenzy while she kept up her dirty talk:

“Oh that’s it baby, eat that slutty pussy, lick it nice and DEEP, oh GOD yes SHOVE that tongue in me Griff, make your filthy little whore CUM in your mouth……”

No sooner spoken than I felt her pussy start to spasm and I immediately moved my lips to her clit, sucking on it hard while I pounded 2 fingers up her tight juicy hole and pumped as she came hard, her fingers in my hair and her pussy flowing with sweet sticky juice. Gina’s back stiffened and her hips bucked one final time as the last explosion of her orgasm hit her, then she lay back panting, my fingers buried in her pussy as I licked my lips and smiled wickedly up at her.

“Even sweeter than I thought it’d be, baby, ” I said, and she beckoned me with a finger. “Let me check for myself,” she panted.

I slid up her body, laying on her gently, and she took my face in her hands, plunging her sweet tongue into my mouth, kissing me with new passion and lust, tasting her own cunt juice and moaning as if it were the tastiest dessert she’d ever eaten.

We held each other close for a while like that, looking into each other’s eyes, like two lovers who had been apart for years. Which, for me, was what it felt like.

“Hi, Griffin,” she said, eyes sparkling.

“Hi there Gina, ” i replied. “Pleased to meet you.”

To be continued…

This is my first submitted story… please let me know how you liked it! all feedback welcome.

Part 2 coming soon

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