The Dinner Party Pt. 03

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You are completely spent as you roll over on your stomach and grab a drink of water from the beside nightstand. I grab your hips and raise you up to your knees. You know what’s coming next. You know you’re going to get it from behind. You stretch your arms out and grab handfuls of the bed linens and brace yourself for what’s to come.

I position myself behind you, spreading your ass cheeks as I teasingly tap the tip of my cock on your little asshole and pussy lips and clitoris. Your mind races. Where is Mark going to fuck me next? You don’t actually care, you just want my cock inside of you. You are hyper-aroused. Any touch makes you shudder and shiver and have a mini orgasm.

You let out a guttural groan and moan as my cock slides deep inside your pussy. I just leave it there for a moment as you again ready yourself for what you know is going to be a very intense session of fucking.

I slowly withdraw the length of my member from your slick pussy as you beg me to put it back in and fuck you hard. I slowly re-enter you and bury myself balls deep into your dripping hole. I firmly grab your hips digging my fingers into your flesh leaving red marks. I begin to increase my pace of fucking you from behind. You moan and groan with each thrust.

You prop yourself up on your hands throwing your head back telling me to grab and pull your hair as I roughly fuck you from behind. I reach forward with one hand roughly grabbing a handful of canlı bahis şirketleri your messy tangled hair. I pull your head and neck back as I pound you harder and harder. I slap and spank your nice plump derriere as my balls slap against your clitoris while my cock plunges furiously into you gaping sweet pussy.

You’re in heaven as you can only pant and mutter; “Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Harder!” as you feel another massive orgasm building. I reach around with one hand and grab a handful of one of your breasts. As I firmly pinch one of your nipples your entire body shudders. My hand leaves your breast and I stick my fingers into your mouth getting them wet and slick with your saliva.

I take my wet fingers from your mouth and as my pace of fucking you continues, I gently slide my thumb into your little, tight asshole. You let out a whole-body groan as I fill both your holes. I quicken my pace and thrusts as you push back onto my hard cock. “Cum for me Mark! Cum for me now Mark! I want you to fill my pussy with you cum! I want to feel your hot cum inside of me!” This almost throws me over the edge. I almost lose it and orgasm in your slick and soaked pussy.

“Not yet babe! Not yet! There’s something else I want. You know what I want now don’t you babe? Can I babe?”

“Yes! Yes Mark! Take It! Take my ass! It’s all yours Mark! Please fuck my ass hard Mark!”

You don’t always like anal but sometimes you do and tonight canlı kaçak iddaa is one of those nights. You love how it makes me feel and you want to please me tonight. You love being a dirty little slut for your man at times. If your friends only knew.

You reach into the bedside table drawer and pull out the lubricant and your vibrator. You position yourself at the end of the bed on your knees with your face down into the bed sheets. I stand behind you as I squeeze a few drops of the lube on your ass and rub it in and all over. I gently rub the lube on your asshole and slide at first one finger in and then another. You let out a little gasp and sigh.

I generously apply the lubricant to my raging erection. You reach between your legs with your vibrator and stimulate your clitoris.

“Go slow Mark. Go slow and let me get used to you.”

I press the tip of my cock against your puckered little hole. You begin to relax as the tip slides in slowly and little by little. You gasp and sigh again as bit by bit my hard cock slides into and fills your little naughty hole. I can feel the vibrations from your toy on your clitoris as I continue to slide into your ass.

I begin a slow and sensual pace of sliding into your ass. I’m not really fucking it yet but just simply filling it. Filling up your little forbidden hole with my cock. Besides I can’t go to hard and fast quite yet as I will surely lose it immediately and I want to canlı kaçak bahis enjoy this special treat.

“Ohhhhhh! You feel so good in my ass Mark! Does it feel good for you too? I want you to go deeper, harder, faster … now Mark. I want you to fuck my ass! Pound me! Pound my ass! Make me your little slut! Make me your whore! Cum in my ass Mark!”

I do as you say and begin to relentlessly ravage your tight little hole with my hard cock. You’re feverishly rubbing your clitoris as I continue to thrust myself deeper and harder and faster into your ass. You know it’ll hurt the next day or so but it’s so worth it. Everytime you feel it, it will remind you of how much fun we had and how much of a dirty little girl you can be and it will bring a smile to your face.

I grab the toy from your hand and replace it with a dildo that is beside us on the bed. You wonder to yourself; “When did Mark pull that out? Wait a second … This is new! I’ve new seen this one before!?!?”

“I got you something new! Do you like? I want you to fuck your pussy with your new toy while I continue to fuck your little ass!”

You begin to squirt and gush wildly again as you plunge to thick rubber toy into your pussy as my cock ravages your ass. You are orgasming uncontrollable as your get both your holes fucked furiously.

I feel my orgasm building as your body bucks and heaves and contorts with your orgasms. My mind races. I’m about to cum furiously. I don’t know where I want to cum. In your tight little ass? On your plump ass and lower back? Or do I flip you over on your knees and cum all over your face and neck and beautiful bouncy tits?

“Where do you want me to come Babe?”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32