The Diaper Spa Pt. 10

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Angela wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of seeing Ashley on Monday. Their encounter at Margaret’s had been stressing her out all weekend. She kept thinking about what she should and shouldn’t have said. Though Judith was around to provide happy distractions, it still weighed heavily.

She approached the chart for the day with caution. Sure enough, she was paired with Ashley. It made her paranoid that Megan figured out exactly what had happened, but she knew that was impossible. Unless Ashley had told her. But why would she do that? There wasn’t a whole lot she knew about Ashley, but she knew she wouldn’t go telling Megan about something that happened outside of work.

Ashley came in a few minutes later, and Angela still wasn’t ready. She had checked the chart and came over to Angela. She had a smile on her face, which completely threw Angela off. It wasn’t just that Ashley was smiling after this weekend. It was also that she was smiling, period. Angela could count the number of times she saw Ashley smile on one hand, and it was never this big.

“Hi Ang,” Ashley said. “Looks like we have the same diaper,”

Angela looked down at her Abena M4 and then at Ashley’s. “Oh, I guess we do,” she said with a bit of a laugh. “Um, do you need to be changed?”

“I’m dry as can be, Ang,” Ashley laughed, pulling open the front of her diaper as proof. “But I appreciate your concern.”

“No problem!” Angela said, cringing at the thought of sounding too eager. She felt like Ashley was putting on her on, but she couldn’t tell why.

Everyone seemed like they were in a great mood that day. Angela could usually absorb the mersin escort energy of a room, but it wasn’t working this time. Ashley had never seemed so upbeat, and Angela was worried that she was in denial. She tried to check for signs of her cracking, but they weren’t presenting themselves. As Angela was diapering clients, she was still asking them questions and making conversation, but she was spacing out when they replied. A freshman at the local college started peeing in her open Molicare and it took Angela a few seconds to realize she was spraying onto the changing table.

“I’m sorry,” the girl said sheepishly, her name was Diane and she was visiting for the first time with some friends.

“Don’t worry,” Angela said, wiping up the table. “You have a good aim.”

“Are you going to miss her?” Diane asked.

“Who?” Angela asked.

“That girl,” Diane said, pointing her head towards Ashley. “I overheard her saying something about how she won’t have to wear diapers anymore.”

“What?” Angela said. “That’s not true. She’s..”

“Incontinent?” Diane asked.

“Yes,” Angela said, wishing she could keep some thoughts to herself.

“Well, I swear I heard it,” Diane said, as she hopped off the changing table. “Guess you’ll have to find out yourself.”

Looking over at Ashley again, Angela felt that Diane’s testimony had more weight than she wanted to admit. But it still didn’t make any sense to her. At lunch time, she decided to confront Ashley. She didn’t want it to be a tense encounter, only to help clear up whatever was going on. Ashley seemed like she kocaeli escort was in such a good mood, Angela figured she could approach her about just about anything.

“Hey Ashley, can we talk?” Angela asked.

“Sure,” Ashley smiled. “What’s up.”

“Well, you seem so…” Angela paused, struggling to think of the right word.

“Cheerful?” Ashley finished for her. “I just got some really good news.”

“Oh?” Angela asked. “What about?”

“So I’ve been trying for years to find a doctor who can help with a surgery to not make me incontinent anymore. And I found one that’s perfect.” She opened a link on her phone, showing the website of this doctor. Ashley was so happy, but Angela still had questions.

“You’re going to do it, stop wearing diapers?” Angela asked.

Ashley laughed, “Well, I’ve been kind of sick of wearing diapers my whole life. It’s kind of embarrassing and gross.”

Angela frowned, “I don’t think so.”

“I know it’s fun for you to get your diaper soaked or to drop a big stinky turd in it, and I enjoy those things too,” Ashley said. “But imagine if you had to do it your whole life. You were afraid to have people over because they would figure out about you needing to wear diapers? And I know you’re 24/7, but it’s just not the same. Please, Angela, try to understand where I’m coming from.”

“Can you afford this? Are you going to leave Padded Bliss?” Angela asked.

“Our insurance will cover it, and yes, Megan already knows. She was sad but also happy for me,” Ashley replied.

It was hard for Angela to hear this. She knew samsun escort it was selfish to protest but she didn’t want Ashley to feel ashamed of being incontinent. Ultimately, she knew it only mattered if she was happy, and she told Ashley as much.

“Can you help me with something in a second?” Ashley asked.

“Need a new diaper?” Angela asked.

“No, actually, I think I might need to poop soon,” Ashley said. “And I want to see if I can do it on the toilet.”

“Why do you say that?” Angela asked.

“Because I always have a poopy diaper before lunch,” Ashley said. “Now, let’s get going before I miss the toilet.”

They headed for the bathroom, which was almost never occupied. Ashley dropped her pants and peeled off her diaper. It was a little wet but nowhere near ready to be changed. Sitting down, she looked a bit nervous.

“I usually have really big poops,” Ashley said. “I’m not going to clog it, am I?”

“No, not as long as you don’t use too much toilet paper,” Angela said, struggling to remember the last time she used a toilet.

A gentle trickle of pee started coming out of Ashley. She laughed in amazement at the sound of her pee hitting the water. Before she knew it, a thick poop was emerging from her asshole. It was one long, unbroken piece that splashed into the water. Angela had to remind her that she was already sitting down and didn’t need to squat further. They waited about five minutes for all of her poop to come out and Angela helped wipe her ass.

“Wow,” Ashley said, as she and Angela looked at her load in the toilet.

“How do you feel?” Angela asked.

“I feel so good,” Ashley said. “And I love how little I have to wipe,”

As disappointed as she was about Ashley leaving, Angela knew this meant a lot to her. For now, she could put aside her disappointment and be proud of her colleague. As she helped her into a clean diaper, she wondered if Ashley would have a change of heart.

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