The Devil’s Pact, Cult of the Ghost Chapter 5: Defeat

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The Devil’s Pact, The Cult of the Ghost
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter Five: Defeat

Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 – Sheriff Caleb Barends – Cassia County, Idaho

I came in the pregnant slut.

My finger twitched and my handgun went off.

Tammy, the lesbian dyke I was fucking, melted away, leaving me with my dick out, my cum squirting onto the bed. What the fuck was going on? I looked around and jumped. The redheaded dyke Carla was sitting on a chair watching me, a pendant flashing between her naked breasts. Between her legs was a black haired woman, her brown eyes wide with fear.

They had used magic to make me think I was fucking Tammy. That made them Warlocks.

You shall not make Pacts with Demons.

The First Commandment of the Theocracy rang in my mind. The Living God seemed to whisper me, guiding my hand. “Warlocks!” I roared as I pointed my gun at the two demonic whores and pulled the trigger.

My gun barked over and over. Fire belched from the 9mm’s barrel. The air rippled about the witches, wavering like reality itself was being bent. My bullets careened off, striking into the walls around them. Deflected.

My stomach lurched. I was in trouble. My trigger clicked. My gun was empty. I had to get out of here. There were thirty Warlocks here. A nest of inequity. They would need to be cleansed. The laws of the Theocracy were clear. Any Warlock that did not turn themselves in are subject to summary execution.

No threat is more grave to the world.

I pulled my pants up as I raced past the two Warlocks. I didn’t have time to button up, so I held on to my pants with one hand and my gun in the other. Women peered out of other doors. My favorite slut to fuck, Lizzy, stepped out clutching her infant daughter. Probably the spawn of the Demon these women cavorted with.

“Stop him!” screamed Carla. “He knows.”

As much as I would love to dash Lizzy’s baby upon the ground and crush its foul skull beneath my boot, I had to escape the house and raise the alarm. There were too many of the cunts for me to handle. I bowled over one of the cheerleaders, sending the slut falling on her ass as I barreled down the stairs.

“Not so fast!” screamed one of the twins—Rhonda May. She leaped at me, hissing like a wild cat. I smacked her in the face with the butt of my handgun. Blood streamed from her split lip as she fell down.

I burst through the door. More of the Warlocks were outside, gaping in surprise. I hauled ass to my SUV, gravel crunching underneath my boots. I holstered my pistol, ripped open the door and dug in my pants pockets for my keys.

“Come on,” I shouted, my heart hammering. I had been in a few tight spots over the course of my career, but I had never been in the lion’s den before.

I found the keys and jammed them in the ignition. My SUV started. I was getting the fuck out of here.


Rhonda May Meyers

I spat blood from my aching lip as I stood up. That asshole hit me. Anger burned inside me. I followed him out of the house. He was already hoping into his SUV. “No way in fuckin’ hell,” I muttered as I sprinted to the barn.

“What’s going on?” Heather asked, holding her daughter Donna.

“We need to kill him!”

The words hit me. We had to kill the Sheriff. He couldn’t be allowed to escape. Everything we had worked for the last eight months would be ruined. We were so close to rescuing the Ghost from Hell. We only were waiting on Tammy’s daughter to be born.

I burst into the barn, heading right for the weapon cases. I pulled out an M16 from the box, slapped in a magazine, and racked the chamber. I strode out, aiming the rifle at the fleeing SUV. I flipped the selector to a three round burst and pulled the trigger. The M16 barked. Sparks flew on the Sheriff’s SUV as he backed down the driveway to the road. I pulled the trigger again and again, the rifle thudding back into my shoulder.

“Die!” I screamed.


Sheriff Caleb Barends

My windshield turned into a cobweb of cracks as the first bullet punched through. Metal pinged and more glass rained down inside me. Small holes punched through the windshield. I couldn’t see anything. I kept looking behind me, ducking low as I could as I floored it.

My heart beat fast. More guns barked. I could only pray the dykes didn’t have good aim. “Get me out of this, Living Gods. Don’t let your enemies slay me.”

Pain flared on my neck.

I reached the road, backing around the corner. I put the car into drive and grabbed my radio. “Officer in distress, 28 Yale Road,” I screamed into the radio. My passenger window shattered, glass spraying across the seat. I floored it. “Officer in distress!”

“Officer in distress, 28 Yale Road,” the dispatch answered, her voice sounding cool. “Which unit?”

“The Sheriff!” I screamed. “I’m declaring a tac alert. All units are recalled. Full riot gear. Bust out the MRAP and the assault rifles.”

“Copy that, Sheriff. All units, county wide tac alert. All off duty units are recalled.”


Deidre Cheshire

“Blow the mines,” I screamed as I burst out of the house.

Rhonda May, Marybeth, and Kelly were firing at the fleeing SUV. He was already on Yale Road, flying towards the interstate.

“Hurry! Before he’s past them!”

None of the three young women heard me over the bark of their M16s. Loud cracks filled the air, brass casing twinkling as they fell at their feet. I raced to the barn. I would do it myself. This was a complete disaster. What had gone wrong with the illusions?

The gunshots stopped.

The Sheriff was a half-mile down the road. Past our mines. “Dammit,” I gasped.

“I’m so sorry,” Carla cried out. The redhead burst naked out of the house. She was crying, her body shaking. “It’s all my fault. I-I dropped the illusion.”

“How?” I demanded, panic and anger swirling inside me. “He’s going to bring help.”

“H-he fired his gun while he was in the illusion,” Carla answered. “You know how’s he’s been getting. He pulled it out and was putting it in the illusion’s mouth, making her suck it. When he came, he pulled the trigger. It startled me.”

“Lionesses!” Latonya, the cheer captain shouted as she poured out of the house. “Let’s arm up and get out to the fence.”

The bayan escort gaziantep Boone High cheerleaders had determined faces as they pulled out their M16’s and handguns, tucking the sidearms into their pleated skirts. Latonya looked fierce, her ebony face hard as stone.

“Let’s hurry, ladies,” she clapped. “We’ve drilled this.”

“What are we going to do?” Carla sniffled.

“Pull yourself together,” I told her. “You can’t fall to pieces right now.”

“Right,” she nodded as another sob wracked her body. “I’m trying. My hand won’t stop shaking.”

The cheerleaders raced to the prepared trenches dug in the field along the driveway. Rhonda May and her twin sister joined them along with a few of the older women. This was a complete, fucking disaster. “Heather,” I barked at the redhead standing in the center, her face pale with shock.

“Yes, Miss Cheshire?” she stammered.

“Get Tammy and all the infants into the basement with their mothers.”

“What about Ursula, Kelly, and Latonya?”

Right, three of the cheerleaders were mothers, and they were already out in the trenches. “Have Cheryl-Lynn, Dr. Savitri, and Nevada watch their daughters.”

“And let Lynn watch my Annabeth,” Carla added.

“Hurry, Heather,” I snapped at the young woman. “The cops are going to be racing here.”

“Should we activate the shield?” Carla whispered.

Once the shield was activated, there was no hiding what we were to the world. It would be a sign. The Theocracy would bring every ounce of its power upon us. Mark and Mary had solidified their control over half the world and all of the Americas. I knew this would come to end one day, but if the Theocracy learned about us, it would be far sooner.

Maybe before we had even rescued the Ghost

“If we have to activate it, we will. But if we can somehow defeat these cops, then we might get out of this. We have the charms. We can shield ourselves from their weapons. The Sheriff is proud. He won’t call in help. If we can destroy the cops, that could buy us a few more days.”

Carla nodded, hope blooming in her green eyes. I wanted to believe my words so bad. But despair was nibbling away at me. I pushed it down. I had to be strong. I led these thirty women here. This was all my plan.

“Carla, let’s man the mines. We’ll be ready to detonate them when they come down the road.”

“Okay.” She swallowed. “We’re going to kill them, Deidre.”

I winced at the pain in her voice. “They’ll be tryin’ to kill us,” I answered. “What we’re doin’ is a death sentence these days.”

“Fucking Mark and Mary,” spat Carla.


Sheriff Caleb Barends

My neck throbbed. One of those cunt’s had grazed me. I patched it up as I waited for back-up on I-84 at the turnoff to Yale Road. Just a cunt hair over and the bullet would have struck my carotid artery and I would have bled out. My body trembled as the adrenaline bled out.

“Fucking dyke cunts!” I snarled, walking around to the back of my SUV. I pulled out my bulletproof vest and loaded my AR-15.

For the last few years, I had applied for every Federal grant. Homeland Security and the Defense Department had been funneling weapons into every police agency in the country as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had been winding down. That was before the Theocracy took over. Now the Middle East was one furious war as the Muslims fought back against the Living Church.

Sirens blared as the first of my deputies arrived. More and more flooded in, wearing their riot gear. And then, barreling down the road, came the MRAP. A Mine Resistant Ambush Protect vehicle that had been sold to my department for a few hundred bucks by the Department of Defense. It was black, armored, and deadly, designed for use in convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My deputies gathered round. “We’re going to haul ass down Yale Road,” I told them, their faces serious. They all had AR-15’s, the civilian version of the M16, or combat shotguns slung over their black body armor. “The MRAP will take the lead. We need to put these Warlocks down as fast as possible before they can cause any problems.”

“Are they all Warlocks?” Deputy Jarvis rumbled. “Or are we looking at one Warlock and her harem of Thralls?”

“No idea. But the redhead cunt, Carla, was casting a spell, and Deidre’s the leader. So maybe two or maybe all of them.”

“Fuck me,” Deputy Mathews groaned. “We all have been out there. What if they cast some spells on us?”

I shuddered at the thought. “I don’t know. Let’s assume they haven’t. Ain’t nothing we can do if they did. So we need to burn them down fast. They’re a threat. They’re Warlocks. They’re a threat to the Theocracy. This is our job.”

The deputies all nodded, excited adrenaline pumping through them.

“So we’re going to go there and we’re going to execute every fucking one of those cunts! They’re polluting our community. They’re an affront to our Living Gods.”

“Mark and Mary!” the deputies cheered. They were all faithful.

“Then let’s roll!”

I joined Deputy Jarvis in his SUV. Mine was smoking. The radiator had been damaged and the engine now whined. I’m lucky I made it out. Both front tires had been shot up, and I had been driving on rims by the time I reached the highway.

The MRAP led the way, roaring down Yale Road. A convoy of twenty cars followed. Each had a two or three of my deputies. I clutched the AR-15, excitement bubbling through me. It was a shame they all had to be executed. I really would like to keep Lizzy and a few of the other young women.

But if they were Warlocks, they had to die.

Yale Road was long and it was miles to their ranch. We flew past pastures of cows, fields of potatoes, wheat, cabbage, and other crops. After a mile, the pavement ended and Yale road became gravel. All I could see was dust billowing around us, hiding what we were driving into.


Deidre Chesire

“They have a fucking tank!” Marybeth screamed.

A long line of dust was hurtling towards us. Lights flashed and sirens blared. At the front was a black, armored nightmare. I swallowed. Would our mines be enough to take that out? I held the detonator in my sweaty hand.

“Wait until they’re all in the killzone,” Carla whispered. “Oh, god, I can’t believe we’re about to do this.”

“For the Ghost,” I whispered.

The tank and six or seven cars were in the zone. I pushed the button.

The mines detonated with a loud clap. A physical wave of air slammed into me, whipping my hair. My ears rang, aching as they were assaulted by the shockwaves. White smoke rose, blown away by the wind to reveal the carnage. Twisted cop cars littered the road, metal mangled and shredded by the explosion. Some were knocked into the ditches, fires burning, adding black smoke to the air. The rear of the convoy slammed on their brakes before the mangled wreckage.

And the tank kept coming. It looked unphased by the claymores.

“Shit!” Marybeth screamed and hopped out of her trench, running away in fear.


Sheriff Caleb Barsend

“Shit!” I gasped as the boom deafened my ears.

Deputy Jarvis slammed on his brakes.

I peered ahead. Fire burned. Blackened, twisted vehicles littered the road. The ground on either side was cratered. They had mines. Those fucking dykes blew up six or seven of my deputies’ vehicles.

“Fuck me,” Jarvis groaned.

Gunfire erupted. They had women in trenches firing their guns at our Vehicles. My deputies piled out, returning fire. Some were shot as automatic fire raked their vehicles, screaming in pain as they clutched their wounds.

But the MRAP kept barreling forward, turning down the driveway. Ten of my SWAT officers were in there with submachine guns. They’d take care of those cunts in the trenches. I ducked out of the SUV as bullets pinged off my vehicle. An excited thrill passed through me. I felt like I was in the Army all over again.

“Pour all your fire on those trenches!” I shouted. “Keep them pinned down! Let’s teach these cunts not to mess with the Caissa Sheriff’s Department!”


Marybeth Sargant

I ran towards the barn. The tank roared behind me. “Please, Ghost, let this work!” I shouted, my heart thundering. I passed Deidre and Carla—the redhead was still naked—my pleated, black-and-gold skirts swirling about my legs.

“What are you doing?” Deidre screamed. The air warped about Deidre, her shield charm deflecting fire coming from the tank. “We need to hold them off!”

“Saving us!” I answered and darted into the barn. I ripped open the crate. An RPG lay packed in straw. The warhead was a long, green cone of death. I picked it up, too scared of the tank to be scared of the rocket launcher right now.

“Shit!” Carla shouted as I ran back past her, slinging the RPG on my shoulder.

They were simple to use. I aimed down the driveway. Deidre chanted behind me and the air rippled in a sphere about me. The police were firing out of the tank at me, muzzles flashing from armored slits. I hoped this works. I squeezed the two triggers.

The RPG bucked in my arms. A loud, burning hiss erupted. It shot forward, trailing smoke. I coughed, catching a lungful of the acrid cloud. It streaked down the road, spiraling a bit, then slammed into the front of the tank.

Metal groaned. Fire blossomed. The shockwave struck me. The shield rippled. Heated shrapnel flew through the air, raining down on the ground. Smoke poured out of the a gaping hole. A hatch opened in the back and black garbed SWAT officers poured out with MP5 submachine guns.

My fellow cheerleaders opened fire at them. Bullets hissed through the air as the officers returned fire. Air rippled about my cheerleaders as their shield charms held. The swat officers were moving and fire, racing for cover.

Bullets struck exposed legs, a few falling on the ground. Their body armor absorbed some of the hits, but more fell before they could reach cover, cowering on their bellies behind a wooden slats. The other cops rallied, firing their own assault rifles back at us.

I grabbed a crate of ammo, lugging the heavy, metal box towards the trenches. My girlfriend Ursula rose, her pleated skirts swirling about her thighs, and lobbed a grenade at the cops. Dirt fountained and more grenades flew from the trenches.

“That was awesome,” Urusla beamed as I dropped into the trench. “You blew the fucking tank up!”


Sheriff Caleb Barends

“We have to fall back,” Deputy Mathews yelled. “They’re too well armed. Look what they did to the MRAP.”

I ground my teeth, glaring at the fucking dyke cheerleaders calling out vile slogans as they fired their guns and hurtled grenades. Wounded deputies were being piled into the few patrol cars still working while the last survivors of my swat team made a dash for cover.

“Fuck,” I growled. “Put a call into the Guard Unit up in Twin Falls. Tell ’em we need their help ASAP.”

“The Governor’s got to okay that.”

That was a bitter pill. I didn’t want to have to admit that I fucked this up. I surveyed the scene. Half my deputies were dead or wounded. “Fuck, fall back a mile. We’ll set up a new perimeter down there and bunker down until the military can be called in.”

We fell back, racing down in the drainage ditch on the far side of the road, leaving behind our smoking vehicles. I was the Sheriff of this County. I ran things now. I shouldn’t have to be forced to flee like a cur.

“That’s right!” shouted the cheerleaders. “You fucked with the Lionesses and we clawed your sorry asses!”

I was going to make all those cunt’s pay.


Heather Pritchard

“Govenor Cantrell has just activated the Idaho National Guard,” the reporter said. I sat in the living room with most of the other members of the cult, staring at the TV. “A den of Warlocks has been discovered and killed twenty-seven deputies of the Caissa County Sheriff Department.”

“A sad day for America and the Theocracy,” the co-anchor agreed with a somber nod.

I clutched my daughter tight, rocking my infant in my arms.

“What are we going to do?” demanded Ruth. Even in a crisis, the exhibitionist was naked. She hadn’t worn clothing since spring when it warmed up. The young woman leaped to her feet, her breasts bouncing. “The military’s getting involved.”

“Do we run?” asked Tammy, clutching her pregnant belly. She was due any day now.

“They’d just catch us,” Mindy said, tears brimming in her eyes. “I want to see the Ghost again. We have to activate the shield.”

“Once we do that we are never leaving this farm,” Deidre said. “They’ll surround us.”

“We have magic,” Mindy said. “We can hold them off until we can summon the Ghost. We just need a few days.”

“And then what?” Dr. Savitri asked. “We’ll run out of food. Our magic can’t supply all we’ll need.”

“We have enough saved for a few months. We can stretch that out longer with spells,” Carla said, cradling her own infant. “But we can’t stop the military without the shield. It’s why we prepared it.”

“Yes,” Heather nodded, staring at Deidre. “We can buy six months. That should give us and the Ghost time figure out a way out this mess. Let’s activate the shield.”

“Yeah,” Cheryl-Lynn agreed.

“It’s what we need to do, Miss Cheshire,” Lizzy whispered, clutching Gabriela to her breast. “The Ghost will know how to save us.”

Deidre gave us all a sad look. “Okay. We’ll cling to this one bit of hope.”

“You don’t think the Ghost will save us,” I accused, staring into her eyes.

“He will,” Deidre assured us. “Once we summon him, we’ll be chained to him permanently. Where the Ghost goes, so shall we. If you want out, now is the time.”

I shook my head. “There is not a single woman here that will abandon the Ghost now. We didn’t scrape through the winter and put up with that pig to quit now. Right?”

“Right!” the cult shouted. “We’re the Ghost‘s.”

Deidre’s gloomy expression faded, replaced by a smile. “You’re right. We’re the Ghost’s no matter what happens.”

She grasped her amulet and energy rippled around. “I call upon our protective spirit. Ghost, activate our defenses we prepared. Let our energy feed your shield and protect us from our enemies. Shelter us with your strength.”

The energy flowed out. I glanced at the window. A green dome rose up, climbing high into the sky and arching over us. Encasing us in a bubble of protection. It rippled and undulated, distorting everything beyond. Her stomach clenched as everything roiled.

“We’re safe,” Deidre whispered. “For now.”


Thursday, July 17th, 2014 – Sheriff Caleb Barends – Boise, ID

“The Governor will see you know, Sheriff,” the buxom, young secretary said. She wore just the slip of a dress, her round tits all but falling out. She was one of the Governor’s harem, and he was a lucky man to have that lithe creature at his beck and call.

I stood up, adjusting my uniform, then strode into the Governor’s office. Governor Cantrell rose, his ebony hand shaking mine when I reached his desk. “This is quite the fuck-up, Sheriff,” he said as he sat back down.

“They used their magic to befuddle me and my men for months,” I spat. “Fucking dykes.”

“You never thought it was suspicious that a group of women called themselves the Sapphicists and tried to keep apart from the rest of the Living Church?”

I glowered at his rebuke. “Well, no, sir. They claimed to want to devout their lives fully to the Gods and express their love to their fellow women. Like they were nuns or something. Least, that’s what I thought.”

“Do you have any idea how to break their shield?”

“That’s a tough nut to crack, sir. The Guard shelled it for seven hours straight. Didn’t even dent it as far as I could tell. They got filthy, devil magic. When my men tried to arrest them yesterday, they made the ground erupt and destroyed my MRAP.”

“With conventional weapons?”

“Maybe. But where’d they get an arsenal like that? They had a rocket launcher! I bet they were using their vile spells. This is beyond us mortal men, Governor.” It galled me to admit it. “I tried to handle it on my own, and you saw the mess that left.”

The Governor nodded. “I had the same fear. I—”

His phone beeped. He reached over and picked it up. “Yes, sweetie?” I didn’t hear what his sex slave answered back, but the Governor’s dark face grew pale. “Okay. Patch Him in.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Our God.”

A chill ran through me.

The Govenor turned his chair to a TV set in the corner. I hadn’t noticed it. An aide wheeled it forward and an image appeared on the screen. An Asian woman with a porcelain face in a very low-cut, navy-blue stewardess outfit appeared. It was so low cut, I could see her nipples topping her apple-sized breasts.

“Governor Cantrell?” she asked. “I’m Sergeant Yamaguchi, communications technician for the Gods. Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” the Governor said, his voice cracking. “I have Sheriff Barends from Caissa County with me.”

“Very good, Governor,” she answered. Her voice had a military bearing despite the provocative nature of her outfit. Only the most beautiful women directly served the Gods. They had such style. “Stand-by for our God.”

My throat was dry. I was really going to speak with the Living God. I trembled in awe.

“Okay, he’s here.” Sergeant Yamaguchi looked off screen. “Master, Governor Cantrell and Sheriff Barends.”

“Thank you, Ami,” a deep voice said. The woman stood, and I caught a brief flash of her naked ass beneath her skirt. I heard a deep kiss exchanged. “Take Chase.”

“Gladly, Master,” Sergeant Yamaguchi cooed, her voice sing-song. “How are you doing today, little mistress?”

The God sat down. Fit, handsome, His eyes intense blue. He stared at us for a moment. “This is quite the mess we have.”

“Sorry, Sir,” stammered the Governor. “We tried to handle it on our own, but…”

“But they’re Warlocks,” the God nodded.

A baby gurgled in the background. The Holy Daughter. Sergeant Yamaguchi sat behind the God, dandling Chasity in her arms and grinning at the infant Goddess.

“That’s right, Chase,” the God smiled, looking back at His daughter. “They fucked up in Idaho, and now Daddy has to clean up their mess.”

I swallowed, a tremble past through me. The God was disappointed in us.

He turned back to face us. “I’m sending a company of the Legion.” They were the Living Gods’ personal soldiers, blessed to fight dark powers. “Along with Desiree and Alison. They will take command and you will render them all the assistance they need.”

“We will, Sir,” the Governor nodded. “The Holy Sluts will have every resource of the State of Idaho.”

“Good,” He nodded. The screen went dark.

I let out an explosive breath. “He didn’t punish us.”

“Yet,” groaned the Governor. “Maybe He’s leaving it for Alison and Desiree.”

I swallowed. Those women were ruthless. They had destroyed the Patriots and executed over a dozen rogue Warlocks. “I better get ready to meet them and make sure they have all the help they can get.”

To be continued…

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