The Devil’s Pact Chapter 1: The Baristas

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The Devil’s Pact

Chapter One: The Barista

“That’s it?” I asked, my thumb still throbbing from the pen prick.

“That’s it,” the Devil answered jovially, putting the contract into his satchel. “Well, I’ll be going. Unless you have any more questions, Mark?”

There was an awkward pause, as I tried to think, but I was still too amazed that it worked. After 27 years of life, I was still a virgin. I wasn’t ugly, just average looking guy with glasses and a little overweight. I was just painfully shy around women. I guess it was a mix of a lack of confidence, nervousness around strangers, and a fear of rejection that led to my situation. Probably more fear of rejection than anything else. It was desperation that brought me out to this lonely crossroad at midnight in the forested foot hills of the Cascade Mountains.

I had read that if you buried a box containing certain items at a crossroad at midnight, you could summon the Devil. In exchange for your soul, the Devil would grant you three wishes. Feeling ridiculous, I gathered the items: a photograph of myself, dirt from a graveyard, bone of a black cat, and a yarrow flower. I found a crossroad formed by two gravel back roads and buried the box.

And I waited, feeling like a complete moron. And waited. And waited. Eternity seemed past, my stomach twisted into knots. I was just about to leave when the Devil appeared, stepping out of the shadows. I was stunned, my thoughts scattered at his appearance. The Devil greeted me with a friendly smile. He was a handsome man, dark hair, dressed in an expensive black suit. The only thing unusual about him was his scarlet eyes.

“Hello, Mark Glassner. What can I do for you, tonight?” the Devil asked, pleasantly.

“I…uh…” I stammered painfully, surprise tangling my tongue. He waited patiently as I gathered my thoughts. “I want to make some wishes.”

“Of course, of course,” he said. “What would you like.”

I swallowed. My voice cracked as I told him my wishes. “A long, healthy life.”

The Devil nodded. “That’s good one. The second?”

“Sexual stamina,” I said, my cheeks reddening in embarrassment. “I want to be able to…uh…perform as many times as I want.”

The Devil nodded. There was understanding in his eyes. Not judgement. Feeling more confident, I told him my third wish. “I want people to do whatever I tell them to do in a friendly and helpful manner.”

The Devil grinned, a predatory, hungry smile. With a flash of scarlet light and yellow smoke, a contract appeared in his hand. The smoke smell acrid and foul, like rotten eggs. “Look it over,” he said as he handed me the contract.

I did. The contract seemed straightforward. Three wishes for my soul. Seemed cheap. What was my soul really worth? What had I done with my life. Nothing. Just a cheap, one bedroom apartment, a shitty car, and a terrible job trying to sell vacuum cleaners to stuck up rich bitches. I nodded and with a flourish, the Devil produced an old fashioned, black fountain pen. He pricked my thumb with the pen and I signed the contract in my own blood. Then the Devil signed in his.

“Well, I’ll be going. Unless you have any more questions, Mark?”

The Devil took my silence as a no. With a friendly smile, he vanished back into the shadows. And it hit me, what I just done. I stumbled under the weight of my actions, bumping back into my beat-up old Ford Taurus. My legs felt weak, wobbly like a newborn animal. I set heavily on my car trunk, shocks squeaking as the car rocked, and I starred up at the stars wheel across the night sky.

I thought about what I would do with my powers. Fantasies flashed through my mind. Getting even with people, living a life of luxury. Getting laid. Definitely, getting laid. I made plans, playing out scenarios over and over in my mind. Before I knew it, the sun was rising.

As the sun rose, blushing the horizon in pink, I felt different. It was as if while I watch the stars I was taken apart and stitched back together. Remade. Reborn. Better than I had been. No longer that virgin loser. I had a whole new life ahead of me. I was someone, now. Smiling, I slid into my car, started the engine, and peeled out down the gravel road to find this new life.

I drove back into civilization, passing shopping centers on the Spanaway border. I was a mix of excitement and exhaustion. I felt like I could sleep the day away, but I was far too excited to sleep. Seeing one of the many Starbucks that seemed to be on every street corner in Washington, I realized I could kill two birds with one stone. Get some desperately needed caffeine and test out my powers. I pulled into the parking lot and walked inside.

I was nervous as I entered. Doubt wracked my mind. All the confidence and certainty I felt watching the sun rise had evaporated. This wasn’t going to work. Last night was a dream. A hallucination. Some horribly elaborate prank at my expense. Possibly with hidden cameras and some Ryan Seacrest look-a-like about to ambush me and broadcast my humiliation to the world as part of some terrible reality TV show.

The Starbucks was crowded with people heading off to work. Three baristas worked the shop. A nerdy looking guy and two, attractive women, all dressed in the baggy polo shirts, black tucked into black pants, and black hats. All wore the green aprons with the Starbuck’s mermaid embroidered in white. One of the barista’s, who’s name tag read “Cynthia”, was a tall women, mid twenties, with black hair cut short in a vaguely punkish style. Her nose was pieced and a second piercing was in her right eyebrow. Her dark eyes, hair cut, and piercings gave her face a certain predatory wildness. The second female barista, Mary according to her name tag, was a little short than Cynthia. She had long, auburn hair pulled back into pony tail, and her heart-shaped face was dotted with freckles. She was maybe nineteen or twenty and had the most beautiful smile, complete with cute dimples.

I got in line behind a cute twenty-year old. Curly, brunette hair fell about her purple hoodie covered shoulders. My eyes traveled down her back to stare at perky ass covered by a jean skirt. Long, tan legs, well-toned, peaked out the frayed edges of the skirt. Staring at the bubbly ass, I wanted to reach out and squeeze it. My was cock hardening.

Gathering my courage my courage, I croaked out, “Hi.”

The brunette turned, eyes me up and politely smiled, before turning back.

I can do this, I told myself. You’re a new man. Reborn. I cleared my throat. “Hi, I’m Mark. What’s your name?”

This time the brunette’s smile was far friendlier. “Vivian Anders,” she said. Her voice had a smokey, sultry quality about it.

This was going to work. “What color are your panties?”

Vivian blinked, clearly taken-aback. “White, with pink polka dots.” Her tan face flushed. “Why did I say that,” she whispered, mortified.

“It’s all right,” I told her. I grinned. It worked. “You want to please me, don’t you. Nothing makes you happier than to please me.”

She nodded, embarrassment fading, smile growing. “What else can I do for you, Mark?”

“Can I have everyone’s attention!” I yelled. The entire shop full of people turned to face me. “The coffee-shop is closed now. Everyone except the staff and Vivian, here, need to leave. Staff, lock up the store and close the blinds.”

There was some grumbling, and a few clearly seemed confused as they walked out the shop, wondering why they were listening to some random guy. The staff seemed even more confused as they started to lock up and close the store blinds. “Who are you?” asked the male barista, who’s name tag read “Ethan.”

“Mark,” I answered. “And we’re going to have a party.” Cynthia gave me a wicked smile, Mary a nervous smile. Vivian bounced on her heels in excitement, clearly eager to please me.

Once the store was locked up, I gathered everyone together. I handed my smart phone to Ethan. “You’re going to film this,” I told. “You’re not going to speak, make noise, get in the way. You’re just going to film. You’re not going to get excited or aroused. Okay.”

Ethan nodded, brows furrowed in confusion. But he took the phone, and he didn’t say a word. I turned to the ladies and smiled at them. “Vivian, Mary, and Cynthia, from now one, nothing in the world makes you happier than to please me.”

“What would please you, Mark?” Cynthia purred, licking her lips. She was definitely a wild girl.

“How about you lovely ladies take off your clothes,” I answered. “Let me see those hot bodies of yours.

Cynthia gave a wicked laugh, untied her apron, and quickly pulled her black top off, exposing pale breasts cupped in a black bra. There was a tattoo of a pouncing tiger that ran from below her left breast, down across her stomach, and disappearing into her pants. Flushing a beautiful crimson, Mary pulled her black polo over her head, small breasts covered by a plain, white bra. Vivian’s hoodie and shirt were already on the floor and she was reaching back to unhook her white bra, her large tits straining against the material, waiting to be set free. My was cock painfully hard in my pants. This was happening. I was about to lose my virginity to three hot girls I just met.

Mary was kicking off her shoes and sliding down her pants. Like her bra, her panties were a plain white. I glanced at Cynthia and saw my first pair of live tits. They were perky and firm, a nice handful. Maybe a B-cup. Her nipples were hard and her areolas were the size of quarters. With the bra off, I cold see the tiger’s tail wrap around the bottom of her breast, up the left side and ending just above her aerola. She unbuttoned her tight pants and with a sexy shake, shimmed them off her hips. Underneath was a black, skimpy thong. I could see her tiger tattoo continued across her waist and around onto her right asscheek. Then she pulled her thong off and twirled it on her fingers, and tossed it to me. Cynthia placed her hands on her hips and gave me a challenging, lust filled stare.

Her pussy was beautiful. Fully shaved. Red lips slight spread, hinting at the warm, wet depths. A small voice whispered at the back of my mind, telling me this was wrong. I ignored it. I was a new man. I didn’t need guilt anymore. My cock ached, wanting to plunge into her juicy depths.

Vivian’s tits were free, now, as tan the rest of her fine body, save two triangular patches covering her dark nipples. Her breasts were large and full, definitely C cups. Her panties were indeed white and covered in pink polka dots. Vivian stepped out her panties, revealing a neatly trimmed, brunette bush and the tan lines left by bikini bottoms. Mary was fumbling with her bra clasped, face almost as red as her hair. Clasp finally undone, she shyly slid the straps off her shoulders and revealed small breasts spotted with freckles and pink, turgid nipples.

I smiled at her. “Very nice tits, Mary.”

She smiled. “Thanks.” Confidence ballooned in Mary. She stood up straighter, her perky breasts thrust out. Her fingers slid into her plain, white panties waistband and pulled them off. Her pussy was hidden by bright, auburn, and very curly pubic hair.

I pulled my shirt off and quickly dropped my shorts and underwear. Cynthia licked her lips hungrily as she stared at my cock, a vixen in heat. I stared at each of them. Cynthia the most confident and Mary the more reserved. All three were gorgeous. All there were going to be mine.

“All three of you are so beautiful,” I told them. Mary giggled and somehow Cynthia’s grin grew more wicked. “Turn around for me. Let me see those asses.” Three beautiful asses faced me. Vivian’s tanned and toned, Cynthia’s slim and tattooed, and Mary’s fuller, rounder ass faced me. “Bend over, ladies.” The bent over. Cynthia’s shaved lips glistened with her juices and gold ring pierced the middle of her labia. Vivian’s brunette pubes were matted with juices and lips parted and juicy depths exposed. Mary’s auburn pussy hair was thinner around her pussy, her lips tight, clitoris peaking out pink and hard. All three were so beautiful. They weren’t the perfect, airbrushed sluts you so in porno’s. But they were real, naked girls before me.

“Am I making you happy?” Vivian husked in her smoky voice, peering sultry at me over her shoulder, wiggling that tight ass.

“Are we?” Mary asked, a catch of fear in her voice. “Are we making you happy?”

I reached out and rubbed Mary’s ass, giving the plump flesh a nice squeeze. “All three of you porno izle are making me so happy.” Relief spread on Mary’s face, her beautiful smile deepening. She was my favorite, I realized as a squeezed that ass. “So happy.”

Not wanting to leave the other girls out, I caressed Vivian’s ass, fingers dipping towards her pussy. Then I moved over to Cynthia’s smooth ass, tracing the tiger tattoo across her asscheek. “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you Cynthia?” I asked, grabbing her pussy ring and pulling gently at it.

She gasped. “So dirty,” Cynthia purred. “I’m a naughty, dirty girl.”

“I bet you’ve fucked another woman, before?”

She licked her lips. “I love to eat pussy almost as much as I love to suck cock!”

I grabbed Vivian’s arm and as I led her to a nearby chair, I asked Cynthia, “I bet you’ve always wanted to eat Mary’s tight pussy?”

Cynthia eyed Mary, who gave a nervous laugh and shrank away from her co-worker hungry gaze. “I’ve frigged my clit in the walk-in thinking about that sweet face between my thighs.”

I sat down at the chain, pushing Vivian down on her knees before me. Cynthia walked with a predator’s hunger towards Mary, who took an involuntary step back, glancing over at me. “This will make you happy, Mark?” Mary asked, voice tight with nerves.

“I want to watch that slut make you cum, Mary!” I groaned as Vivian’s hands stroked my cock slowly, with a firm, pleasing grip. I looked down to see Vivian’s tanned face staring up at, lips moist, eyes shining with lust. Her tongue flicked out, grazing the head of my cock, my cock twitched in pleasure. Her tongue left wet trails as she licked up my shaft, ending at my head, briefly sucking, teasing my cock before starting at the bottom again. Her fingers gently cupped by balls, rolling them between her fingers.

Mary was shaking as Cynthia stood before her. She was clearly scared at the idea of fucking a woman, but wanted so desperately to please me, to make me happy. Cynthia reached out, tracing black-painted fingernail across her right breast, drawing a line down to her nipple, rubbing and pinching it between fingers. Mary gasped and jumped, licking her lips.

“See, it’s not bad, baby,” Cynthia cooed. Her other hand grasped Mary by the hip and pulled close, groins pressed together, nipples rubbing on the other’s breasts. “I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad!” Cynthia hissed between kisses on Mary’s neck, working her way up to her ear. “Ever since I walked in on you changing. Red-head’s make me so wet. I had to jill off in the walk-in. Just stuck my hands in my pants and pinched my clit and came so hard!”

Vivian’s wet mouth fully engulfed my cock, sucking hard. Electricity raced through my body. It was so amazing. Masturbation paled in comparison with a hot chick sucking your cock. Her lips moved up and down, tongue swirling about the tip. Cynthia was grinding on Mary, kissing her way along Mary’s cheekbone to her lips. Aggressively she kissed Mary, shoving her tongue in her mouth, hands squeezing her ass, pulling their groins tight together. Mary’s arms wrapped around Cynthia, holding tightly to her as they frenched, both girls moaning into each other’s lips.

Cynthia pushed Mary back, until she sat down on the edge of a table. Mary was breathing hard, her whole body flushed crimson, eyes closed. Cynthia kissed and bit at her neck, moving down. Hands groped Mary’s breasts, squeezing and caressing. Fingers toyed with her hard nipples as Cynthia kissed lower and lower. She licked Mary’s left nipple and sucked on it, playing with the hard nub with her tongue. Cynthia’s right hand slid down Mary’s stomach and disappeared between her thighs. Mary gasped as Cynthia’s fingers played with her pussy, body shaking in pleasure.

Cynthia’s fingers came away glistening with Mary’s juices. She smeared the juices on Mary’s right nipple before sucking it with gusto, her hand returning to Mary’s pussy. Her finger’s hooked and Mary jumped as they penetrated her cunt. Mary was moaning shrilly, yelling each time Cynthia’s fingers pumped into her hot cunt. Cynthia pulled her sticky fingers out of Mary’s cunt, holding them before Mary’s lips. “You taste so good!” Cynthia moaned. “Taste yourself.”

Mary’s tongue flicked out hesitantly, gathering her dewy fluids off Cynthia’s fingers. “I do,” she whispered in amazement. She smiled and sucked Cynthia’s fingers into her mouth, savoring her pussy’s taste.

Vivian sucked hard on my cock, bobbing up and down. It was wet and warm and so wonderful. I stroked her silky hair and moaned. I watched Cynthia kneel on the floor before Mary, spreading her white legs apart and exposing her curly red pubes, matted with juices. Mary’s eyes shot open and her back arched as Cynthia nosily began to eat her cunt. Cynthia’s tongue was licking, tasting her pussy, caressing the lips and clit. Finger’s began fucking Mary who was shouting at the top of her lungs, “Its so good! Oh my god! It’s so good! Eat me! Oh god! I’m gonna cum! Oh god!”

Mary’s toes curled and her body went rigid, hands grasping Cynthia’s head, as she came with a loud yell. She was so beautiful. My cock exploded in Vivian’s mouth, several squirts of my cum filling her mouth. I breathed heavily and looked down at Vivian who smiled up at me, cum glistening on her lips.

She swallowed my spunk. “Was it good, Mark?” she asked. “Did I make you happy.” I nodded, too overwhelmed by my first blowjob to speak. She smiled and started to clean the remaining cum of my cock.

Mary had cum once, but Cynthia showed no signs of stopping. She had both arms wrapped around Mary’s thighs, her mouth shoved hard against her pussy, tongue-fucking the red-head. Mary was hissing a constant stream of, “Oh my god! Eat me! Oh god!” My cock was beginning to harden again as I watched Mary cum again and again, collapsing back on the table. Cynthia let her go, standing up, face smeared in pussy juices, her thighs stained with the fluids leaking from her own cunt.

“You made me happy, Mary. Did you like getting your cunt eaten?” I asked.

Breathless, she nodded. “I didn’t know a woman could make me cum so hard.”

“Didn’t you know?” I asked. “You’ve always loved women. You love their firm breasts, hard nipples, round asses, and juicy cunts. The only thing you love more than fucking a woman is fucking me.”

Mary eyed Cynthia’s body, realization dawning on her. “You’re so beautiful, Cynthia. How have I never seen how hot you are?”

“Why don’t you return the favor, Mary,” I told her. “Eat her pussy. Make her cum. Look how wet she is.”

“I’m so wet for you, baby,” Cynthia purred, fingers playing with her clit and rubbing her shaved pussy. “Come taste my honey.”

My cock was hard and ready to go again, and I looked down at Vivian who still gently licked at my cock while smiling up at me. “Sit on my dick, Vivian.”

“Oh hun, I though you’d never ask,” Vivian moaned in that sexy, smokey voice of hers. She rose up, ponderous breasts and hard nipples jiggled before my face as she straddled my hips. My hand grabbed one, feeling the firm orb while I buried my face in those titties, hard nipples rubbing on my cheeks. Her hand was on my cock, steering it towards the warmth of her cunt. I groaned as the wet lips of her pussy engulfed the head of my cock, slowly lowering down my shaft.

“Jesus!” I moaned. I was in a woman. It felt amazing. A warm, tight wetness encased me, the walls of her pussy soft and velvety. It was too much for me. I bit her nipple as I came inside her.

“Fuck yeah!” Vivian yelled, “Fill my hot cunt with your spunk. It’s so warm.” Her hips rose and fell, rotating about my still hard cock. It was so wet inside her. I grasped her ass, squeezing her firm cheeks and threw my head back in pleasure. I didn’t even get soft after cumming. Her warm cunt kept me hard.

I looked to my left and saw Cynthia sitting on a table edge, leg’s spread wide, fingers pulling at her nipples. Mary was knelt before her, face inches from Cynthia’s wet cunt. Mary’s ass faced me and I could just see a hint of red, furred pussy peaking out at me. Vivian was hugging me tightly now, fucking me hard and hissing in my air how great my cock felt inside her, how happy she was to fuck me.

“Start by licking up my slit,” Cynthia instructed Mary. “Give me clit a little flick and start over.” Mary’s head moved in and Cynthia groaned, throwing her head back and closing her eyes in pleasure. “How do I taste, baby?”

Mary giggled. “Sweet and tarty,” she answered before diving back in.

“Uhh,” Cynthia moaned, “That’s because I’m such a dirty tart. Dig into my pussy with your tongue know, dig in deep. Oh, yeah! Just like that!”

Vivian started doing a twist with her hips, fucking my hard and slow now. “Oh, god that’s great, slut!” I hissed into her ear.

She leaned away from me, arms grasping my shoulders, face contorting in pleasure. “Do you like it! Do you like my dirty cunt on your cock?”

“I do!” I moaned. “I love it!” Smiling, Vivian bent down and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue playing with mine. I was in heaven.

My fingers dipped into Vivian’s ass crack, teasing her puckered asshole. She moaned into my mouth, her brunette hair spilling across our faces. I stuck my finer into her asshole and she gasped and stopped fucking me in surprise. “Don’t stop!” I hissed and sucked a big nipple into my mouth. She started fucking me again. Shallow strokes that kept me deep in her pussy.

“Don’t be afraid to use your fingers,” Cynthia was telling Mary. “Uuhhh, yeah.” Cynthia gasped. “I like when you pinch my clit!”

A low moan was coming from Vivian, now. Her hips quickened their paces. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh god, you’re big cock’s making me cum!” Her pussy tightened on me as her body bucked in my arms. It felt so good. I was so close. I moaned through clenched teeth as I shot a second load into Vivian’s warm depths. She collapsed on me and gently kissed me. We enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms and watched Mary’s lesbian instruction.

“Your tongue is so limber,” Cynthia moaned, Mary’s head was shaking from side to side, lips plastered to Cynthia’s cunt. “Stick some fingers in, baby!”

Mary started to lick at Cynthia’s clit as she slid two fingers slowly inside her. Cynthia panted, rotating her hips as Mary finger-fucked her. “So god-damned good!” Cynthia hissed. “Curl your fingers up. Yeah, right there! Keep rubbing right there, bitch! That’s my g-spot!” Cynthia’s backed arched in pleasure, breasts heaving and one hand grabbed Mary’s auburn braid, pulling Mary harder against her clit. “Oh, god! I’m gonna cum! Fuuuck!” Her body went rigid, then shook twice, and she collapsed back on the table. “God damn, this girl learns fast. She’s a grade A muff diver.”

Mary grinned at me, face smeared in pussy. Behind her, Cynthia’s legs were still spread open, her pussy gaping and fluids drenched her thighs. “Did you like it?” I asked Mary.

She nodded. “I loved it!” Her tongue licked red lips, scooping Cynthia’s cunt juices up.

I beckoned to her. She rose, small breasts jiggling slightly, and sauntered over to Vivian and I. “Give me a kiss.” Smiling, she bent down and kissed me gently and I tasted the tart flavor of Cynthia’s pussy juices. “Let Vivian taste, too.” Mary turned and the two ladies kissed before me, tongues playing with each other. I stuck my hand between Mary’s thighs and shoved two fingers into her cunt. She moaned into Vivian. I pulled my sticky fingers to my lips and tasted her juices. They were sweeter than Cynthia, with a hint of spiciness. I held my fingers up to the ladies who broke their kiss and licked the rest of the juices off my fingers.

At the table, Cynthia had recovered, sitting up sightly and staring at me with a predatory hunger, one hand lazily playing with her clit. My cock started to harden in Vivian’s pussy. Vivian moved her hips, pussy stroking my hardening cock. “You ready to go again, honey,” her smokey voice asked.

“I am,” I told her. “But the other ladies need my attention, too.” Vivian pouted and squeezed her pussy on my now fully rigid cock. Mary looked at me with a hopeful expression and Cynthia’s eyes smouldered with desire. “Mary, why don’t you put your new found, grade A muff diving experience to good use. Vivian has a cunt full of my cum that needs to be cleaned out.”

Sighing, Vivian rose off me, my cock popping out of her cunt, messy with out combined fluid. Mary guided her to a nearby table and knelt before her. My white semen was amatör porno running out of her cunt, pooling on the table. Mary’s tongue slid across her inner thigh, cleaning up the semen and pussy juices before her fingers spread open Vivian’s pussy and her tongue dived in.

I walked over to Cynthia who rubbed her pussy invitingly. I grabbed her arm and pulled her hard to her feet and shoved her against a decorative pillar. Her tattooed ass faced me and she grinned wickedly at me over her shoulder, wiggling her ass invitingly. A squeezed a cheek and then slapped her ass.

“I’ve been so naughty!” moaned Cynthia. “I need to be punished!”

I smacked her ass again. “What bad things have you done!”

“Ohh,” Cynthia groaned as I spanked her a third time. Her white ass reddening. “I just fucked my co-worker on the clock. In the store! I’m such a dirty whore!”

“I know just how to punish such a filthy girl!” I hissed into her ear, my cock pocking the softness of her ass. I spread her cheeks, my cock pressing at her puckered asshole.

“Oh, yeah!” Cynthia moaned. “Fuck my ass! That’ll punish me!”

I pushed my cock hard against her, slowly pushing into her tight, warm ass. My cock was still drenched in Vivian’s pussy juices, providing lube. I moaned as my cock disappeared into her ass. It sank easily and I was pretty sure this wasn’t Cynthia’s first time getting fucked in the ass. I pushed until I felt her ass cheeks on my groin. It was tight and hot and felt so different from Vivian’s wet pussy. Cynthia was shoved hard against the column as I fucked her, one hand rubbing her pussy and clit, the other wrapped around the column. I grabbed her hip with one hand and reached around and twisted hard at her nipple.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Cynthia chanted loudly. “Twist my nipple harder! I’ve been sooo bad!”

I fucked her harder, groaning into her ear. It felt so great in her ass. Hot and velvety tight. So great. Nearby, Vivian was moaning loudly as Mary ate her pussy with gusto. I glanced over at the pair. Vivian’s large, tanned breasts jiggled beautifully as her body shook beneath Mary’s tonguing. Mary’s arms were wrapped tightly about Vivian’s waist, gripping her ass tightly. Mary was so beautiful.

“That’s so hot!” I moaned into Cynthia as I reamed her ass. “Look at them!”

Cynthia turned her head. “God damn that is! And so is your cock in my ass. Fuck me harder!”

I let go of her tit to grab her hips in both hands and I fucked her as hard as could. She moaned and screamed and came hard and long. A soft breast brushed against my arm and Mary was standing on my right, hand caressing my hip, face smeared with Vivian’s juices. She grabbed my head and pulled me down to her lips and kissed me. Vivian’s juices were a strong, tangy flavor.

“Don’t stop,” begged Cynthia and I realized I had stopped fucking her when Mary kissed me. “I’m so close to another orgasm!”

Mary smiled. “Fuck that slut’s ass!” Then she grabbed Cynthia’s face with both hands and kissed her hard, Cynthia’s tongue tasting Vivian’s juices. In such a short time, Mary had transformed from that shy girl to this sexually adventures vixen.

Vivian stepped up on my left side, her pillowy breasts brushing against my left side as she pressed her body against me. The wetness of her cunt pressed on my hip as she ground her clit on me in time with my fucking rhythm.

“Did Mary do a good job?” I asked her after kissing her sweet lips.

Vivian purred in my ear, “Her tongue was amazing!”

Between low moans, Cynthia panted, “She’s a…oh yeah…fast learner. Oh, fuck!” Mary’s hand had slid down Cynthia’s stomach and was playing with her cunt while she bent down and sucked Cynthia’s right nipple into her mouth. “Oh, that’s good, baby! Don’t be afraid to bite it! Ooh, yeah! Just like that!”

My hand reached out and fondled Mary’s ass. She smiled up at me around Cynthia’s nipple. My fingers found her warm wetness between her thighs and I slid my fingers up insider her, illiciting a sweet moan. Vivian was nibbling at my neck and ear, still grinding her cunt on me and Cynthia’s ass was bringing me close to an orgasm.

“Take it, you dirty bitch!” I moaned into Cynthia’s ear as I came deep in her ass.

“Oh, god!” Cynthia roared. “I’m cumming and cumming! Your cum is in my ass! Sweet Jesus. Cum in my dirty, filthy ass!”

I fucked her two more times, the last of my cum squirting in her ass and then slumped into her back, breathing heavily. I kissed Cynthia’s cheek and the side of her mouth. Vivian moaned in my ear, creaming on my hip as she came. Mary sucked Cynthia’s juices off her fingers, smiling coquettishly at me. My cock stirred in Cynthia’s ass. Mary was definitely the most beautiful. I pulled out of that tight ass, Cynthia gasped as it popped out of her ass, followed by a trickle of cum.

“Stay just like that, Cynthia,” I ordered. “I want to stare at your fine ass.” Cynthia grinned at me and wiggled her ass. “Vivian, get down on your knees and suck my cock clean like a good girl.”

“Mhh, gladly, honey.” She knelt down and started to aggressively lick my cock. I grabbed Mary and pulled her close and kissed her passionately as Vivian started to suck my cock. I pulled Mary tight against my right side, her wet pussy rubbing on my hip, my right hand slid down and kneaded her plump ass.

“All clean, hun,” Vivian husked the licked my cock’s head.

“Vivian, you’ve realized today that you are a lesbian. The only cock you’ll ever want to touch is mine. The only thing you like more that fucking a woman is fucking me.”

Vivian grinned and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth.

“Cynthia’s ass is looking dirty,” I told Vivian, “Why don’t you clean her up.”

Vivian popped my cock out of her mouth and turned to Cynthia’s ass. My cum had run down Cynthia’s thighs and Vivian’s tongue licked up her leg and into Cynthia’s ass while Cynthia cooed in pleasure. “When you finish cleaning her ass out, Vivian, you and her should fuck each other. Make each other cum and cum.”

Vivian’s answer was muffled by Cynthia’s ass. Cynthia moaned, “I can’t wait to suck on her big titties.”

I turned to Mary, my hard cock rubbing on her stomach. “You’re my favorite, Mary.” She blushed and I captured her lips in a brief kiss. “It made me so happy to see you be with Cynthia and Vivian.” She smiled and kissed me.

Mary grabbed my cock with her gentle fingers. “Is it my turn now?”

“Since you’ve been such a good and patient girl, it’s time for your reward.”

Her smile was so bright and beautiful, freckled face filled with joy and her emerald eyes sparkled with desire. We kissed hard, lips mashing together and tongues fencing as she gently stroked my cock. My hand slid up and grasped her small breast, rubbing her hard nipple while me other hand continued kneading her ass. The kiss was warm and sweet and I could almost taste her lust for me on her lips as well as Vivian’s pussy. Her hand stroked my cock faster, gripping harder.

I couldn’t say how long we kissed. I was lost in pleasure of making out with this beautiful creature, the feel of soft ass and firm breast in my hands and hard nipple pinched between my fingers. The electricity of her touch on my cock. I moaned into her mouth, squeezed her ass hard, and came on her fingers, cum spilling across her stomach and hip. She stroked my cock a few more times, squeezing the last of my cum on her stomach before pulling away. She smiled coquettishly at me and licked my white sperm off her fingers.

“Mmhhh, that’s good,” she husked. “I love the taste of cum.” Her fingers scooped up more cum off her stomach and sucked it slowly off her fingers.

I don’t know if it was the eroticism of the moment or that I was falling in love with this sweet angel, but I decided to take Mary with me. To make her mine. Her handjob was so good, I needed to return the favor. I kissed her lips, not caring that they were stained with my cum. My hand dipped between her legs. I felt the wetness of her sex. She gasped as my fingers pushed into her cunt. On my palm I felt a hard bump and realized it was her clit.

My palm rubbed her clit and I started to suck and bite on her neck. I wanted to leave a hickey, to let the world now Mary had a lover. My fingers explored the warm wetness and velvety softness of her pussy. I left a second hickey on her right breast, and she was panting in pleasure. My lips moved to her hard nipple, sucking into my greedy mouth. She tensed in my arms and then screamed loudly as she came, body shaking and pussy flooding my hand with her juices.

“Oh god!” she hissed. “Oh god!”

I dropped to my knees before her and breathed in the scent of her sex and stared at her swollen nether lips surrounded by auburn hair. I buried my face in her snatch and worshiped her pussy with my tongue. The taste of her pussy was sweet and spicy. My tongue scraped along her lips, flicking her clit, before I shoved it deep into her pussy, fucking her with my tongue. I tried to remember what Cynthia told Mary earlier, kissing, sucking and stroking all over her pussy and clit. From Mary’s moans and gasps, I must have been doing just fine.

Her fingers gripped my short hair and she pulled me into her cunt, hips rotating. “Oh sweet God! That’s so good, Mark!” Her voice rose in pitch. “Just like that! Ohhh! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Her grip tightened in my hair and fresh juice flooded my mouth. “Oh, thank you Mark,” she panted. “Thank you, that was so amazing.”

“I want to sixty-nine with you,” I told her.

She nodded eagerly. I laid out on my back and she straddled my face, her furry pussy descending to my lips. I started to lick her as she softly started to kiss the head of my cock. Short kisses all over the head and shaft and then her warm mouth was engulfing my cock. She went lower and lower and she was deep-throated my cock. She was just full of surprises. Mary would suck on my head for a few moments and then slide my cock all the way inside her throat. I pinched her clit, rolling the hard nub between fingers and licked hard and deep with my tongue. Her hands were gently massaging my balls, coxing my cum out. My spunk spurted into her mouth and she swallowed it while her hips bucking on my face from her orgasm.

Breathless, we both cuddled on the floor, me on my back and Mary pressed up against my side, cradled in my arms, her hard nipples brushing my chest. I stroked sweat-damp auburn hair out of her face. Her soft lips pressed gently against my cheek.

“Thank you,” she murmured in my ear. “My boyfriend would never eat my pussy.” She froze, face recoiling in shame. “Oh god, Mike. What have I done!” Tears welled in her eyes. “How could I cheat on him.”

“Shh,” I consoled, wiping a tear with my finger. “Mike’s never treated you right, that’s why you’re dumping him for me. I’m your boyfriend now. Your mine forever, right?”

Mary sniffed. “Sorry, I’m being stupid. You’re right, he was always a jerk. He never cared if I came and never helped with the housework.” She kissed me. “I’m your girl now.”

I nodded. “You love me with all your heart and would never get jealous of me with another woman. You would just be happy seeing me being happy.”

“Of course,” Mary giggled. “I love you. And there is definitely enough of you to go around.” As she spoke, her hand grasped my cock. “Mmmhh, definitely enough.”

“I’m enough man for you,” I told her. “You will never desire another man, only other women. You can touch and fuck as many women as you want, but I’m the only man for you.”

Mary kissed me, her mouth hot and full of desire. “Why would I want another man?” She squeezed me cock. “This is all the cock I need. He feels all lonely, and my pussy craving some company.”

I grinned and kissed her, rolling Mary onto her back. Her lithe legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me close. My cock bumped her pussy and missed entering on the first thrust. Her hand reached down, grasping my cock, and guided it to the mouth of her cunt. She let out a low moan as pushed slowly into the silky and wet warmth of pussy. I stared into her deep, green eyes as my cock slid fully into her sheathe. We stared into each other’s eyes, and it was like our souls became one as our bodies had.

I saw love there. It didn’t matter to me that I told her to love me, nor to her. She believed it, and I could see that belief. She was mine, and that was all that mattered. I started to slowly fuck her as we peered into the anal porno other’s eyes. Her hands grabbed my back, fingernails digging into my flesh and her legs clamped tight about me. Her hips moved to the rhythm of our love making. It felt so good, so right to be inside her. It was a dream come true. She would never reject me, never hate me or belittle me. I was falling in love with her.

I started to fuck her faster, the sweet press of flesh drawing me closer to my orgasm. Our bodies were one, moving together, both striving to make the other cum. She moaned my name and I groaned hers. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight and so amazing on my cock. Mary came first, howling my name. I started fucking as fast as I could, feeling the tightening in my balls. I was about to explode. Another orgasm rippled through her cunt and a third. She gasped and panted, grinding her clit against my groin as I exploded inside her.

“Oh, so good!” she moaned. “Fill me up with your cum. So good!”

“I love you,” I whispered in her ear, our bodies entwined.

I felt wetness on her cheeks as she cried in joy. “I love you, too!” she gasped, overcome with emotion.

I kissed her tears away and rested in her embrace. Even with my wish for sexual stamina, I need a bit of break. I breathed her scent into my nose: herbal soap and sweat and the spicy aroma of her cunt. I felt safe and warm and a content happiness spread through me as we held each other. I gently nibbld at her neck and she cooed in delight.

Gasps and moans of pleasure filled the coffee shop and I remembered that I told Cynthia and Vivian to fuck each other. I lifted up on my elbows and looked around and saw them nearby on the floor, legs scissored together allowing their cunts to kiss each other. They were writhing their hips in pleasure as the trib each other.

“The look so beautiful and happy together,” Mary whispered in my ear, and an idea formed. They did look so beautiful together.

“I bet they would make a great couple,” I whispered back. My cock was stirring again inside Mary tender warmth. I always found two girls tribbing to be hot. Cynthia and Vivian were both crying out as they orgasmed. I caressed my lover’s body as we watched the two women continue fucking each other through their orgasms, frantically trying to reach another. My hand found the soft flesh of Mary’s ass.

“I want to know every part of you,” I whispered into her ear, licking the lobe. “Have you ever had anal sex?”

Mary tensed in my arms briefly. “No. Mike,” I was pleased to here a scathing tone in her voice at the mention of her boyfriend, “he always wanted too. But I was afraid it would hurt to much.”

“Would you let me fuck you up the ass?” I asked.

She hesitated. “I don’t know. Would that make you happy?”

“What do you think?” I asked her. I was curious, and hopeful, that she would want to of her own free will. It seemed strange, after ordering the woman to love me and please me that I would care about Mary making her own decisions. Maybe I did love her.

Mary swallowed. “You’ll go slow and be gentle?” she asked timidly.

“I never want to hurt you,” I told her. “We’ll make sure you’re nice and ready.”

A depraved idea popped in my head as I stood up. I reached out and helped her to her feat, my cum running in rivulets down her legs and a puddle of our juices was staining the floor. “Go get your phone,” I told her.

Mary didn’t ask why, but turned to obey, heading for the back area of the coffee shop. I couldn’t help pinching her shapely ass as she walked away. She jumped and playful glared back at me, before disappearing into the back. I turned to the other girls and told them to stop fucking each other. Both were exhausted but smiling. When Mary returned, I told them the plan.

“Vivian, you’re going to get Mary’s ass ready for my cock. Lick it and lube it with your cunt juices. Mary, you bend over that table and get ready to call Mike and break up with him.”

She nodded and frowned. “Why don’t I just call him now?”

“I want you to do it when I’m fucking your ass,” I told her. “I want you to tell him all about your new lover, how great his cock is, how hard you came for him, and how his cock is fucking you up the ass, where you would never let him go. He deserves it for being such an asshole to you.”

Mary flushed in shame. “I guess I can do that,” she mumbled.

“Cynthia, I want you to give Mary some pointers and advice to make her first anal sex go smoothly.”

Mary was bending over the table and Vivian was tongue her ass and working fingers in her cunt. Cynthia bent over next to Mary and began to whisper in my ear. It was so hot. My cock was aching with desire. Vivian was fucking her a finger slowly in Mary’s ass and I saw Cynthia nibbling on Mary’s ear, her hand sliding between Mary’s thighs and fingering her clit.

After another few minutes, Vivian said, “She’s nice and lubed.” She was working two fingers in and out of Mary’s ass.

“Let me get my cock lubed,” I said and thrust my cock deep into Cynthia’s cunt. She gasped in surprise, her cunt squeezing down on my cock. It felt so good, I almost wanted to stay. After a few strokes, I pulled out, Cynthia moaned in disappointment. Vivian was holding Mary’s ass cheeks open for me and I placed my cock, glistening with Cynthia’s juices, on the rosebud of Mary’s anus. “Here I go, sweetie.”

Mary just nodded, her eyes widening as the head of my cock disappeared in. “Christ that feels big,” she moaned as I slowly worked my cock into her ass.When I was all the way in, I asked how she was doing.

“Fine,” she panted, her ass squeezing pleasantly on my cock. “It’s not that bad.” I pulled back and slid in again and she moaned. “It’s not bad at all,” she purred as I slowly fucked her. Her ass felt so good. Tighter and rougher than her pussy.

“You’re doing good, babe,” Cynthia encouraged her.

“Mmhh,” Mary moaned and picked up her phone. She fumbled with it, navigating the menu, and found Mike’s number and hit call.

“Put it on speaker,” I told her. More fumbling and she managed to turn on the speaker phone. She moaned loudly and set the phone before her on the table.

The phone rang and rang and I thought it was going to go to voice mail when a sleepy voice answered, “Hey, Mary.”

“H-hey, Mike,” Mary moaned into the phone. I was fucking her faster know.

“You okay babe?” he asked.

“Just getting…uhhh…fucked in the ass by my new boyfriend! Oh god! Harder, Mark. Fuck me harder!” she screamed into the phone.

There was a pause. “Say that again, Mary?” Mike asked in confusion.

“My new…ohhh god…boyfriend is fucking my ass,” she moaned. “I’m dumping you. You’re tiny dick has never satisfied me the way Mark has!”

“What’s going on!” he asked in a panic. “Is someone making you say this, Mary?”

Mary let out a throaty moan. I was fucking her hard now. Her ass jiggled every time my groin slapped into it and the table rocked, her auburn pony tail draped across her white back I grabbed her hair and pulled on it, yanking her head back. She let out a low moan.

“I’m such a naughty girl!” she gasped. “Mark’s made me cum so hard. Not like you. I’ve never felt so amazing!” She let a loud howl. “I’m cumming! His dick in my ass is making me cum!”

“Why are you doing this?” Mike demanded. “If this is a joke, it’s not funny?”

“It’s no joke, Mike,” she panted into the phone. “I just came from getting my ass fucked. It was so amazing!”

“Please, Mary,” Mike begged. “This isn’t like you!”

“We’re done Mike,” she told him. “Mmm, I gotta go. I’m feeling another orgasm cumming!” Mary hung up.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Vivian moaned. She was busy frigging her cunt.

I nodded my head to the table and Vivian smiled knowingly. She climbed up on it, sitting down before Mary’s face. I loosened the tension on Mary’s ponytail so she could dive into Vivian’s spread open pussy. Vivian’s large tits heaved up and down and she writhed on Mary’s tongue, her finger pulling hard at her large nipples.

Cynthia bent down to Mary’s ear, and hissed, “Eat that slut, bitch. Make her cum on that nasty tongue!” The table rocked more as Cynthia fucked her cunt on the table edge.

Mary’s phone started to ring, a loud pop song. Maybe Rhianna. I wasn’t sure. I was a rock and metal guy. Mary paused her muff diving. “It’s just Mike,” she said and hung up the phone. It immediately started to ring again. This was getting annoying.

“Vivian, take a picture of us with Mary’s phone,” I ordered. Vivian nodded and pulled up the phone, playing with some menus. I buried my dick deep in Mary’s ass and yanked hard on her hair, lifting her face up from Vivian’s pussy. I pulled Cynthia close to me and pulled her into a kiss. Vivian snapped the photo.

She showed it to everyone. It was fucking amazing. Mary’s face glistened with juices and smiling happily while I pulled on her hair. The agle was good to just make out that I was buried in her ass. Cynthia’s tits were pressed against my arms and her tongue was in my mouth. One of her hands was squeezing Mary’s ass. You could also see Vivian’s tanned thighs alongside Mary.

“Text him, ‘See how happy I am. So stop calling me, loser. PS that’s pussy juices on my face.’” Vivian quickly text the message and sent it and I went back to fucking Mary velvety ass. Mary went back to eating tangy pussy and Cynthia went back to fucking the table edge. The phone didn’t ring again.

All of use were moaning and cursing, building to our cums. It was so hot, watching the girl I was ass fucking eat another hot women out. Cynthia’s hand rubbed down my stomach, feeling the shaft of my cock were it disappeared into Mary’s ass. She moved her hand lower, between us, brushing my balls as they slapped against Mary’s pussy. Mary gasped into Vivian’s pussy as Cynthia found her clit and started rubbing. I moaned and dumped my cum inside her bowels. Mary screamed into Vivian’s cunt as she came again, her ass contracting on my cock, milking the cum out. Vivian fucked herself on Mary’s face and shuddered as she climaxed and next to me Cynthia gasped and squirted her juice onto the table’s corner.

Vivian cleaned my cock off while Cynthia cleaned out Mary’s ass and pussy. I was pulling on my clothes when Mary came on Cynthia’s face and smiled happily at me. I tossed her panties to her. She was still a little wobbly from cumming so much and we all laughed as she hopped around on one foot trying to pull on her panties and not fall over. I pocketed Cynthia’s black thong and Vivian’s pink polka dot panties.

I got my phone from Evan. The poor bastard stood and filmed the entire thing. I had almost no memory left on my phone. It looked my phone barely caught any of the orgy before it ran out of space. I sighed, realizing I should probably get a camcorder and spare memory cards if I wanted to capture these moments on film. Maybe that should be my next stop. And Mary definitely needs something nicer to wear than her uniform. And a wax. Her pussy was hot, but I liked the saved look better.

I had Cynthia make me a mocha and Mary had a chai tea. It was sexy watching Cynthia make the drinks naked, her body glistening with sweat and pussy juices and cum. She made the most of it. Prancing around and bending over when she pretended to drop something so I could see her beautiful, shaved pussy with its pink, inviting depths. She spilled cream on her tits and Vivian and I licked her clean. Finally, coffee and a breakfast sandwich in hand, it was time to give my final instructions.

“Evan, when Mary and I leave, you will clean up the store and then forget what happened. You closed the store because the hot water shut off.” I remembered from a summer working in fast food that a restaurant couldn’t be open without hot water. Some sort of health department rule. “Its fixed now and you can reopen. Sadly, Mary quit because she has a better job, now.”

Evan just nodded.

“Cynthia and Vivian. Mary thinks you’re really beautiful together. I agree. From now on, you two are lovers. You both are lesbians now. The only man you desire is me. Okay?” They nodded and embraced and kissed each other. “To make money, I want you two to stream your love making. Let me know when you do. Stream at least twice a week. More would be better.” Cynthia grinned wickedly at Vivian.

We all friended it each other on Facebook so we could keep in touch. I kissed Cynthia on the lips, and then Vivian’s fuller lips. I held out my hand to Mary. “Well, shall we get going?”

She grabbed my hand, squeezed it gently. “Where to?”

“Our future,” I told her and we walked out the door.

To be continued…

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