The Devil’s Math

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That sandpaper texture, like hard leather, of a working man’s hands scraped across her skin; kneading and sliding in a slippery rhythm, but not so much so that it took away from the delicious friction, nor obscure the under lying coarseness of his touch. It seemed as if his hands were electrified. Then, the sensation shifted as the space between her skin and his buzzed and mingled in volts of passion. He held steady and torturously just out of touch while she tried to pay attention to the symbiotic flow of sparks that erupted over her erogenous zones. How was it possible that she could still feel every stroke of his fingertips, though they stood inches away from her skin? How could each manipulation of empty space give way to flutters deep down inside her? It made no logical sense, and he watched the gears turning, but would not relent in having the spell broken by an overactive mind.

He pressed hard against her and her focus faltered, somewhere along the way he’d stripped down to nothing and it was as if he were willing her body to yield and veiling her sight together. The rush of her blood as it pounded and swelled her lips below tentatively teasing, slow and deliberate, he reveled in the kiss of her flesh, as it touched his own. At first there was only the pressure as he pressed and throbbed against her, with each motion making more of an effort, a plea for purchase. The beast inside him begged for submission and rebuked its denied release. But he knew to do so now would put her in danger of serious injury. He quieted the ravenous fiend with promises of an energetic feed, leaning in to breathe the scent of her hair before kissing the back of her neck.

She wondered at how her consciousness could lift away from her physical form and still be affected by his manipulations. It was like honey, a warm, wet and wonderful sensation doused over both bodies at once. His hands were back against her skin, the sensation of his presence blanketing her incorporeal body, it was enough to drive a person mad and she wondered off handedly about her sanity to allow such a moment as this.

Nothing could be the same after this. She would have nowhere to hide from his eyes after this, he would lay her bare in every possible way and it was terrifying but entrancing and more than anything, it was what she wanted. “Let him consume me,” she thought, “let this be the last thing I feel forever, and that will be enough.”

The poetic notion was lost on her in the moment it became a conscious thought. She was maltepe escort so far beyond the physical world or her ego’s fervent desire to bring her back to a place where her survival might still be a concern. No, she gave herself over completely to him and his will. It couldn’t have been any other way than to have her life held in his hands. It would have to be his self-control that kept her alive tonight.

She felt her body relenting as he finally sank inside her, turning her head to catch the dark lit gaze he then held her with, pressing deeper and daring her not to look away as fire flickered behind his stare.

He held her firmly about the waist, lifting her across the expanse of the bed with each thrust before kneeling back and bringing her into his lap. His arms wrapped fully around her, the embrace vice like and stealing her breath as he smoothed the hair from her face before placing a bracing hand on her shoulder. “Tell me you want this.” his words barely a breath as they whispered across her neck and into her mind where she began to find flitting images, snap shots of their entwined bodies, the energy feed and flicker of fire dancing between them.

“I do, I want this. I want you.” she shuddered as he tensed inside her with each admission; she rocked into his chest and clenched her hands to fists where they were held captive at the wrists. Delicate bones to be held so tightly, yet there was no doubt he held her as gently as he dared. His arm reached up between her breasts and over her throat, before nestling down against her heart waiting for the patter to calm and quiet before pressing for her response.

“How many times have you come?” he asked while smiling inwardly. He had tallied his own count but this was part of the fun. She wasn’t much for that kind of talk and he delighted in how she tensed and demurred at the idea of answering. Denying her trying instead to rise and ride him into distraction, he responded by holding her down in his lap, creeping up to put the slightest pressure against her breath. “I have a number in my head, I want to know if it matches yours. Otherwise I have to assume I have not pleased you well enough and I will make you beg before we are done.”

The thrill of his intention swept through her body like a warm breeze tickling her insides and producing an unconscious shiver, “I don’t know how many times.” she murmured while allowing the tremor to tease against his body, “Why does it matter?” she asked and tried to pendik escort turn to look him in the eye again. But he would have none of that. He had to keep her safe from himself somehow. Though now, holding her so closely, filling her so deeply all he wanted then was to consume her completely.

The hand on her hip gripped softly before sliding down the shadowed space to her pelvic bone, just above where her world became open to him and he hesitated there, his forehead against her back, cool and slick with sweat. “Will you tell me when I have succeeded? Or make me guess?” he reached lower and brushed gently against the nerve bundle of her clit. The jolt jumped through her body and her back arched in response, he rubbed the small bud in circles of maddening slow and deliberate strokes. The feel of her body gripping his cock enraptured him, he reveled in the small sounds escaping her lips, and he resisted her effort to grind down against his base and tightened his fingers around her neck. “Will you… tell me? Will you?” Each circuit he made around the point of her pleasure was prompted by these words, a mantra playing over and over as he rocked himself deeper inside.

It was all too much. She began to see a haze as the corners of her sight darkened, she couldn’t catch her breath, his hands were all about her and multiplied to touch and grip and press and rasp across a million nerve endings fiery and alive throughout her body. The pressure, the heat and churn of her climax continued to build, the rush of her blood became deafening in her ears as he held her close, edging closer to oblivion. “Now are we close? Are you almost there? Tell me, Tell me, Tell me!” His words echoed from a distance away but she couldn’t begin to respond. Already her breath had caught and her body was overcome by waves and shudders and quakes. Still he kept at her, his body rising to plunge against her again and again. He released her throat, she gasped for breath, drinking it deeply, exhaling with his downward thrusts.

His hand cupped her breasts in turn, turning circles around and pinching her nipples just enough to break through the haze of this never ending wave, orgasm after orgasm erupted as his rhythm became slick and slowed to feel each internal cluster of shakes. “Oh this quiver. Again? Shall I ask again?” The fit of her insides drove him close the edge and he tried to calm his own cresting climax before it broke. But they had gone on and on through the night and he had lusted so kaynarca escort long for release that for a moment he abandoned his hope to receive her response in words. Knowing full well from her body’s response that he had succeeded in reaching unknowable heights of pleasure for her, now it was his turn.

He knew her arms would not support her but he wanted her present for this. In a blur he had her against the wall, knees barely brushing the bed, lifting her up so he could stand and enter her once again. He hoped the walls were not so rough as to trouble her back against them but he couldn’t give in to such concern now as a fire burned within. The release so close at hand, his demons rode the edge of his consciousness, reaching to touch her hair, her lips, her face, her neck… anything for a taste of that nectar that had been all but spent in his passion. Her light would flicker and falter before springing alight once again, so bright the demons were taken aback. How could she still be so full of this pure intoxication, especially after all this? He drank his fill of her resources spawn in the woven energetic currency backed by her pleasure and hunger for more. It seemed the girl had an endless supply of the essence he would greedily imbibe. This moment suspended. He looked down onto himself as the beast began to overtake his hold over rational thought; sanity seemed a distance memory as he sped harder and harder into her body. The rumble in his loin reaching a fevered pitch and erupting from somewhere primal, tearing away from his throat as he came hard and hot and fast inside her.

Hoping when he opened his eyes again she would not be shaken by his animalistic release. He was gratified to find she’d only lost consciousness for a moment with her own admission of “Please, no more I can’t-” Unintelligible as the rest of the comment had been he was sure she had provided sound evidence of his carnal conquest having succeeded. The twinkling impish light in her eyes touched the corners of her mouth with a smile.

“So now, have you joined me here?” Her question made him laugh as he nuzzled against her breasts. This was a moment he couldn’t have hoped for but found to be so natural it nearly took his own breath. Yes, he’d met her there, at the height of both their pleasures. And though the night had long ago given way to daybreak, he wanted nothing more than to sink into an inky haze beside her, but the beast might wake before him and this was something he could not allow. So for a moment he lingered, just a moment on her lips before sighing as he pulled away. Something had definitely changed, for how could he see her in any other way now than lost in the lust he’d created. No, this beautiful creature and their beautiful thing, spanning time uncharted could never be the same.

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