The Devil’s Due

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It had become their ritual. Thaelor and Ryan knew the staff’s schedule by heart. Steppan the house butler would never rise before 5:30, Myron the chef would never arrive before 5:45 and the rest of the staff never got there before 6:00. Thus, 4:00 am became their magic hour. Their own little corner of Shangri La. Meeting up in the third-floor guest bathroom, the siblings would have their illicit rendezvous in peace and quiet, without the possibility of getting caught. So, it was that they finally caught up with one another. The warm water cascaded off their bodies as they became entwined in lovemaking for the first time in weeks. With Dad off in session in D.C., Sharmel on another of her spending jaunts in Europe, and their new lover Brittney at a photoshoot in Bermuda for the next 2 weeks, they were all alone. Thaelor gasped when Ryan slid into her hot pussy. She missed the girth of him filling her up. His body pinning her to the wall, his powerful hands grasping her ass. Twice, she almost allowed a scream of extasy loose when he rammed into her body, her clit rubbing perfectly over his washboard stomach.

“Oh God, I missed you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.” He replied.

Looking into her hazel eyes, Ryan’s heart jumped. The same eyes that captivated him that day when she came into his life, the ones that shifted blue when she was angry at him for pulling her hair. The same ones that glowed when with comfort when his girlfriend had been murdered and he cried in silence. The same ones that needed comfort during that fateful storm. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had found her. The love of his life. The same eyes he wanted to melt into as he grew old.

Their lips mashed together when she kissed him, masking another scream from her throat. She was loving his every inch. He felt so hard. She was so soft. Thaelor almost lost it again when he sucked the water off her engorged nipple. His tongue working wonders on the light brown areola. God he was good! Another spasm surged through her s he pumped harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her core being.

“Baby, I’m almost there.” He gasped.

“No! Please…not yet. Let me down.”

She turned to face the wall. Bracing herself with one hand, she used the other to guide him back into her soaking wet love canal, placing himself behind her. His strokes were long and insanely powerful. Again, and again he plowed her pussy, taking in the sustenance of her love.

“Ahhh….ahhhhh….Oh shit! I’m cummi….”

The sound was cut off as Ryan clamped a hand over her mouth. His other arm encircling her waist. His dick slammed, churned and stirred her closer to an explosive orgasm. Then she felt it…the all too familiar twitch that came whenever he was about to release his soul.

“Baby…I’m Cumming!” Ryan said, as softly as his words could come.

She felt it launch. Load after load of his hot, juicy cum filled her bowels as he released into extasy. This magic moment also sent her over the edge. Thaelor bucked and squirmed as her own orgasm took over. Eyes rolling back, teeth gnashing together, muscles no longer following commands. She thanked God Ryan’s powerful arms held her up. Tightly embracing her, keeping her body from hitting the floor; just as he had done with her heart. They both took a moment to compose themselves. Gather their thoughts and allow the pleasures to subside. They exchanged cleansing rituals. Ryan washed her body as she shampooed her hair. Worshipping every inch of her smooth, latte colored skin. Her face, shoulders, breasts, legs, ass, everything he loved. Standing up after he finished her feet, she looked like the woman of his dreams as she rinsed. Already the hair beginning to curl at the ends. A trait of her mixed heritage. He especially loved the scent of her hair. The shampoo she used smelled of strawberries. It was cheap, but she loved it.

She washed him too. The pangs of sexual desire reigniting as the soap and water flowed over Ryan’s hard body. His massive shoulders and arms, broad chest, expansive back, powerful legs, and bronzed feet. She salivated when she got to his cock. Though mostly limp from expelling it’s hot contents into her just moments before, it was beginning to swell again. Jumping and engorging as she touched it.

He stood her up and kissed her very soul as the water showered over them. Washing away the sweat and dirt from their bodies. Almost as if the very sin of their union flowed down the drain with everything else. Making them clean and pure once again. But they didn’t care. Their love too far gone to worry about such things anymore.

Cutting off the water, they used separate towels to dry off. They even took care to dry the shower of any left-over water. Putting on robes, they opened the door and checked the hallway for any possible onlookers who might spy them. With the landing free of any other souls, the siblings took the back staircase to their rooms, the rich carpeting masking the sounds of their naked feet. Another escort forumları quick kiss and they departed.

“See you later alligator.”

“After while crocodile.”

The last words between two lovers.

Thaelor stirred for a minute in her bed. By now, Ryan was sound asleep (he always fell asleep quickly….like a baby). But her mind and soul weren’t at rest. Something was off. She just knew it. For the third time, she pulled the soft comforter over her naked body and searched for sleep. This time it came. Just as she was leaving this plain of existence for the land of dreams….


She bolted straight up in her bed. What the fuck was that? The sound of a woman’s scream reverberated through the house like a bomb going off. Foregoing a t-shirt, Thaelor raced to the chair where she kept her robe, put it on and ran out her door. Her flight so fast, she almost ran headlong into the chest of her brother Ryan, who was standing at the top of the stairs in his robe as well. The glint of a large handgun in his fist (where the hell did he get that?). After a split-second look, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her downstairs. She almost fell twice as his long strides took the stairs by two. Reaching the main floor of the house, the muted sounds of sobbing could be heard coming down the hallway. His steel leading the way, Ryan moved to the sounds coming from the main floor entertainment room, his sister padding directly on his heels. Turning the corner, the siblings were shocked to find the space crowded with the workers of the house. Steppan, the house butler (and the siblings oldest and best confidant) had his arms full of Mrs. Michaels, the Head Maid of the house. They were flanked by the rest of the house staff including; Myron the Chef and Mr. Anthony the Head Grounds keeper. A few more of their subordinates (those who got there early) filled out the rest of the space.

Ryan lowered his weapon as the sibling s walked in.

“What the FUCK is going on in here?” Ryan demanded.

Steppan’s gaze toward his “adopted” son was cold. But his mouth didn’t open as Mrs. Michaels large body shook his with every sob and heave of grief.

“It’s bad.” Mr. Anthony replied. Stepping forward, he flanked Steppan and took the remote to the wall mounted television in hand. Pressing the button for sound, the machine grew louder, revealing the cause for alarm.

“….Again, in breaking news, the Authorities consisting of a combined task force of: FBI, DEA, and Homeland Security; in conjunction with State and local Law enforcement, have confirmed they have broken up a Sex Ring, that they believe is responsible for Drug and Human trafficking into the state. No less than 30 people have been arrested in connection with this ring; among those in custody at this time include the children of many movie stars and the State’s own Senator Robert Morrison. During the middle of the night, the combined forces launched a simultaneous cache of search warrants all over the state, including the party of a prominent football player, that is rumored to have been catered to by many underage sex workers.”

A collection of pictures filled the screen. Among them, in the lower right-hand corner were pictures of their siblings. No doubt about it, there were pictures of Travis and Monica.

“Oh shit.” Thaelor breathed. “This isn’t bad…it’s a fucking nightmare!!!!”

“I got to make some calls.” Replied Mr. Gannon, the Head of Security. “We’re going to talk about THAT, when I return.” He added as he stopped by Ryan’s side.

Looking at his hand, Ryan gazed upon his All-American Arms .45 caliber, hand gun. In the shock of the moment, he had forgotten all about having it in his fist. Quickly he shoved the weapon into the pocket of his robe.

“I would admonish you for your reckless tone young Master Ryan, but I’ll overlook it this time due to the gravity of the morning’s news.” Steppan said sternly. “I thought I raised you better than that type of crass and gutter talk. You too Mistress Thaelor.”

“I’m sorry Steppan, it won’t happen again. We were just taken aback by her scream.” Ryan explained as he knelt next to Steppan. The house butler had been with Ryan ever since he came home from the hospital with his mother. Steppan had always been there for him. Acting more like a father than even the “Good” Senator Morrison. A second father if ever he needed one. He hated to disappoint such a valued and trusted friend. Almost an extended member of the family.

Turning his attention to Mrs. Michaels Ryan asked; “Are you ok?!”

Mrs. Michaels had been around almost as long as Steppan. Having taken her post shortly after Ryan’s Mom passed away, she had been many things to him as well. Mainly as his medic whenever he tried to maim himself as a child. Ryan was usually the third wheel to his older siblings and they took no mercy on him. Always daring gaziantep escort forum him to pull one crazy stunt after another. It helped less that he was notoriously clumsy. He probably ruined more clothes skinning one area of his body or another. None worse than when he “fell” out of the treehouse (actually Monica was having a rather “private” tea party with her best friend Claudette and had kicked him out). His fall took him all the way to the ground, scraping his back against the tree bark and shredding him like a block of the finest cheese. She didn’t care. She simply nursed him back to health and kept the secret from his father as best she could. She knew that both children would more than likely be beaten half to death by the good Senator. No sense in making a bad situation worse.

“I’m sorry to have awaken you baby.” She replied, tears streaming down her face, her eyes read and puffy. The little bit of make up she wore, ruined by her current condition. “I was just floored by seeing your sister and brother mixed up in this mess. All of you are like children to me. I have known most of you since you were in diapers, except you Ms. Thaelor…but I have grown to love you too.”

“I know.” Thaelor said. Her eyes misting over as well.

“I just can’t believe it…Travis and Monica???!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??!! I refuse to believe this happened. There has too be a rational explanation. Travis and Monica aren’t those kind of people. What’s happened to my BABIES?!!!!”

Another bout of sobbing heaves came from Mrs. Michael’s soul. She was devastated. Picking her up from the couch they had been sitting on, Steppan began shouting orders to the remaining staff to get to work.

“OK people…it’s over as far as we are concerned! Get to work. Myron, get the kids their breakfast started (the situation had obviously affected him too, Ryan and Thaelor were both in their 20’s). They can’t deal with this on an empty stomach. The rest of you know what to do. No slacking off either! I want this place ship shape when I return! I’m going to take her home. There’s no way she can work like this! House keepers, this place better be SPOTLESS!!!” Turning to the siblings, he also was stern in his orders. “You two better eat everything on your plates too! Don’t have Myron cook up a huge breakfast and you pick at it like a couple of spoiled brats! Also, I recommend whatever plans you had for the day you cancel them immediately! You know full well your father will be home soon and will give you instructions from there! Lord knows you’ll need the strength!”

Ryan looked at his father figure in muted silence. He hadn’t spoken to him in such a tone since he was a little boy. As much of a hard exterior he was putting on…Steppan was in trouble too. His heart was rending apart. He was just holding up better than their maid. It wasn’t until his sister tapped him on the arm, that Ryan answered. Lowering his head to the floor, they spoke in unison.

“Yes Sir.” The stunned siblings replied.

Just as Steppan’s hard eyes left them, the brother and sister reached out and hugged their elders before they could leave the room. Even Steppan couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. As one broken heart, the adopted family all shared a moment of grief.

Breakfast for the siblings was held in pregnant silence. They both ate closed mouthed. The entire house as a matter of fact was as quiet as a tomb. The only sounds being the fans whirring overhead and the numerous vacuum cleaners and lawn equipment churning away at their respective duties.

Myron had gone all out for their breakfasts. Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes done 3 ways, and a gaggle of mixed fruit, to go along with their usual coffee. Ryan who normally didn’t eat a large breakfast, cleared 4 plates. His mind and soul preparing for the inevitable phone call from their father he knew was coming. It was only due to the difference in time that he hadn’t burned the phone lines already screaming, hollering, ranting and raving like a mad man already. But like the rising of the sun in the East and the changing of the tides, he and his sister knew….it was coming.

Surprisingly, the call came just after lunch. More surprising than that, Senator Robert Morrison, a man known far and wide for his volcanic temper, was smoother and quieter than a church mouse.

“Ryan are you there?” He said after he picked up the phone.

“Yeah Dad…I’m here and so is Thaelor.”

“No matter. Listen, I’m going to be stuck in session for the next few days. I can’t get there any sooner. I’ll need you to take care of this for me. Get out there to Glen-Lawson Federal Prison and find out what has happened.”

Thaelor’s face dropped. Her father never missed an opportunity to dismiss her very existence. She knew better than to hope. But one day…she just wished he would say something nice about her. Show her that he did love her…if even for a split second. The dig hadn’t been gaziantep escort forumları lost on Ryan either. I knew of the pain she felt with every slight. Reaching out his hand, he held hers. Hoping to take just a little of the sting out of the encounter.

“Ryan, I need you act as my representative. I can’t personally be involved with this in any way, shape, form, or fashion. It would resonate terribly with my constituency. Besides, I’m busy here making policy and leading a country.”

Just then, the soft giggles of not one, but two women wafted over the line. So much for “leading a country.”

“I need you to meet a….Ms. Charlton at the prison. She’s an associate of my lawyer’s firm. Take care of this son quickly and quietly. Can I count on you?”

Ryan shook his head in disgust. “Yeah Dad…I’m your man. Anything I can pass on to your CHILDREN while I’m at it?”

There was a long silence on the line. Heavy breathing filling the airwaves.

“Don’t drop the soap.” The line went dead.

Ryan balled his fist and was about to strike the desk, when Thaelor hugged him deeply around his waist.

“Forget him.” She said lightly. “I know how YOU feel about me and that’s all that matters. Besides, we have to get ready to get to the prison.”

By the time the siblings were ready, Steppan had returned from dropping Mrs. Michaels off at home.

“You guys look stunning. ” He said as they came down the stairs. “I am so sorry if I let you down this morning. The news just rocked me. I can’t imagine what made them go and do such a horrible thing. I’m just as sure as Mrs. Michaels there is a good explanation for this.”

“I’m sure there is.” Said Thaelor, smoothing out the imagined wrinkles in her blouse.

Ryan said nothing. Dressed in his grey suit and “power” blue tie, his face was dour. Looking more like a movie super villain, than a man about to ride to a prison. Steppan would not hear it.

“Talk to me son…” he said in a soothing tone. “I can only imagine what must be going through your mind. But, I have faith in you to come out on the other side like you always have….a better man.”

“Honestly Steppan…I really don’t want to hear it. Not only am I NOT this man’s father…I’m not sure if I can defend a man and woman that I’m not too sure they DIDN’T do everything they’re accused of.”

Steppan grabbed his adopted on and shook him by the shoulders, “Look…I realize you and your siblings don’t get along. And you have a MYRIAD of reasons to not like your father. BUT…remember that no matter what, YOU are a better man. And that in this world, sometimes the ONLY thing you can count on; is family! Now go…the car I called for you guys is outside. Do the right thing and be the man AND WOMAN, I know the two of you are.”

The brother and sister duo exited the house. They were happy that the property was closed off by a huge brick gate. Upon exiting the entrance gate, they were surrounded by a sea of journalists and photographers banging shooting and yelling questions at the tinted windows of the limousine. Once they were free of the gathered throng, both siblings took a deep breath and exhaled. They really weren’t up to this mess, but there was no one else that could do what needed to be done. Even with the pep talk from his trusted confidant, Ryan was still fuming as they sped along. Sensing his aura of discontent, Thaelor tried to sooth him further.

“Ryan…please don’t look like that…it scares me. Just try to relax…for me…please?”

Ryan looked at his sister, the love of his life. He could see the fear in her eyes and decided it was better to shelve some of the anger he felt at that time. With some of the storm from his eyes gone, Thaelor laid her head on his shoulder. Thaelor felt better, feeling that the bulk of the hurricane inside her brother had dissipated. However, Ryan knew full well, it was just the eye.

The brand-new federal prison in Morrisville was huge. Yet like their driveway, the vultures of the media had descended upon the place, awaiting further news of the two new carcasses upon which they could feed. The limo slowed to a crawl as again the press banged on the limo. Once inside, the armed guards at the gate stopped any further incursions by the gathered masses. The inside of the prison was pristine, yet the noise was almost unbearable. Shouting, banging, and clanging greeted the two siblings even before the first uniformed officer did. Going through two metal detectors and having to be patted down on three separate occasions, angered Thaelor, but only added more fuel to the already infuriated Ryan.

An officer finally led them into the prison proper. Before they came to rest in the visitors lounge, the siblings were passed by a cadre of what could only be described as a pack of suited sharks. Most of their conversations centered upon words like: conduct detrimental, contracts, and “bad investments.” No doubt these were the lawyers that Travis dealt with regularly concerning his career in the NAFL. Ryan’s dark cloud returned when one of them knocked into his shoulder without the courtesy of an apology. His righteous rant was only stopped when his eyes fell upon an odd-looking woman. Short, slightly plump and dressed in a grey pin-striped suit that could’ve matched his own. Arms almost bursting at the seams with manila envelopes.

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