The Devil and the Sea Ch. 13

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[Author’s note: Thanks for reading! This is the final chapter of The Devil and the Sea and concludes the story arc begun in The Monogamists. Follow me for updates to this and my other stories. If you like what you read, please leave a comment or a star rating. Constructive feedback is always welcome. If you want further adventures, or to check out the previous book, The Monogamists, my story page is here: Anya had left her longer than she should have, and Jen would just stay where she was told, for however long she needed to, regardless of the discomfort.

“Are you too sore?” I asked.

Jen, naked, pressed herself against me, and whispered, “Not if you’re gentle.”

I led her by the hand into my bedroom, leaving the collar and the egg behind. It was dark and I didn’t turn the light on; I felt Jen’s hands in the dark unbuttoning me, pulling my clothing from me, until I was as naked as her. Her hand traced down my stomach until her fingers brushed my pubic hair. She circled around my shaft until she cupped my balls carefully in her palm. I felt myself harden at her touch as her lips met mine and her tongue slipped gingerly into my mouth.

I pushed Jen down onto the bed and she guided me into her, her body just a shadow in the dark. It didn’t matter, I knew where I was going. I shifted position until I felt the tip of my cock pressing against her warm, moist folds.

“I want to feel you inside me,” she murmured.

I pushed forwards and eased myself into her. The vibrator had done its work and Jen was almost frictionless kaçak iddaa as I filled her with my manhood. Her fingers raked down my sides and I felt her entire body tense. Anya would have been working her pretty hard all night, but I knew Jen had deep reserves of resilience. I felt her clench her vaginal muscles around my embedded cock as a sign that she was ready for me to give her more.

I pulled back, relishing the feeling of slipping out of her almost to my tip, and then gradually plunging myself all the way back in. Jen groaned appreciatively at the attention from my manhood, and I wondered just how long it had been for her, frozen in place and vibed, before I came home to rescue her from her ordeal. I thrust into her again, building up a steady, relaxed cadence, feeling her contract around me each time, hearing her little sighs in the darkness.

I thrust all the way into her and slid my arms under her back so I could roll her over onto her side. We lay face-to-face on the bed, her nipples against my chest and her pussy slick and hot around my shaft. I found her face in the dark and began to kiss her lips as I thrust into her down below, feeling her hips push back against mine, slow but insistent.

We gradually increased our pace, working by mutual consent. Jen let out a low, rumbling moan, showing that she was already building up to a climax. It was Anya who had given Jen the news last weekend that she would be going into chastity for the week, and Jen had simply nodded as if being asked to pass the milk at the breakfast table, so used had Jen become to being kaçak bahis under control. I could feel the last vestiges of the pent-up demand as Jen rocked her hips with more vigour against mine.

“Got one left?” I murmured.

Jen kissed me deeply, her tongue invading my mouth, giving me my answer.

My hand went down to her perfectly-shaped buttocks, pulling her to me as I began to thrust into her with more power, increasing my tempo. I made to roll her onto her back but she resisted.

“Keep it like this,” she whispered, “I’m already close.”

I felt her pussy squeeze my cock for emphasis, and the feeling sent shivers deep inside me. I was reaching my tipping point too, simply with the feeling of wrapping myself around and inside the woman I loved. I began to drive my hips into her faster, and Jen matched pace, slapping her pussy lips noisily against the base of my cock. I kept building pace, my stomach muscles squeezing and contracting to thrust myself deeper and harder into her.

“Uhnnn, yeah,” she groaned, no longer whispering.

It triggered something inside me, a primal feeling, a need to fill her with my seed. Gripping her buttock tightly with my free hand and working my tongue into her mouth I began to drive into her powerfully. Her vagina clenched against my cock, driving me to greater passion, sending waves of pleasure deep into my core.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped, “I can’t hold on.”

“Do it babe,” she growled, “I want to feel you explode.”

My stomach muscles burned with the motion of pushing myself deep inside her, increasing speed until illegal bahis I lost control and began thrusting into Jen as hard as I could. I was dimly aware of a long growling sound above the waves of pleasure that emanated from my groin, but couldn’t be sure if it came from Jen or me. I felt her nails dig into my back and then suddenly she clenched like a vice around my shaft, squeezing me hard, forcing me over the edge.

I erupted, filling her again and again as she milked me with her contractions. She buried her head into my shoulder and I felt her teeth on my neck as she shuddered against me.

Finally, her hands slackened against my back and she began to relax. We lay there, face to face, bodies pressed together, me still embedded deep inside her. I kissed Jen again.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too,” Jen replied.

There was a sound behind me.

“Come here,” I said into the blackness.

I felt cool hands across my body and Anya’s naked skin pressing up against me, the touch of her rounded belly in the small of my back, ripe with its promise of new life.

“Do you love me too?” Anya said.

“Oh babe,” Jen laughed, “To the moon and back!”

We laid there, bodies entangled in the warm dark, the only sound being the quiet whisper of our breathing.

We three together, despite all the gossip at work, the Lilliths, the innuendo.

Despite the looks of strangers as we went out together, despite the assumptions and judgements of friends and neighbours, or the division from family, or the injustices and the prejudices, despite all the capacity for jealousy and secrets and betrayal, despite all the odds, we three had overcome all this and carved out a little place for ourselves.

Building a future together.

Three against the world.

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