The Despicable Plan Pt. 02

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As promised before, I’m quick with the updates. This is the second part in the series. Hope you enjoy reading it and can find yourself entangled in the emotions of this unlikely couple. If you haven’t read the previous part please find the link in my profile.

Continuing Shreya’s flashback

But I had supported myself on my elbow for too long. I got that sour feeling in my shoulder and needed to rest for a bit. Added to that, my arousal had peaked moments before, but I didn’t have an orgasm. Although father is an expert… I’m afraid I was insatiable. Nevertheless, I was grateful to have released some of my sexual frustration by “playing” with father. But with the arousal came a sense of guilt. These two feelings fought inside me like fire and water. What resulted was the steam that burned inside me. Maybe I didn’t want to admit that I was so sinful. I was still trying to put up a barrier of shyness but failing.

“Your age and stamina are not in sync.” I said, trying to avoid eye contact while extracting my left leg from under his arm and adjusting my nightgown.

He pulled me towards himself by circling his arm around my waist. I just felt an urge to lie down beside him. I rested my head on his arm and lay there on my back. With his long slender fingers he touched the side of my breast over my nightgown. Rhythmic. Sensuous. Reminiscent of the way he was twiddling with my pussy.

“You are gorgeous. You know that?” He said


“The things that we just did, as much as I know you… you wouldn’t do it if Sumit was satisfying you. Is your marriage in trouble?”

I didn’t want to talk about Sumit. I just wanted to forget about his negligence, his lack of love and drowning in work. I just wished this moment would freeze here. But I found myself pouring out everything. Tears rolled down from my eyes and reached my ears. I wiped them and said,

“I don’t know what is wrong with him. He used to be very active. Although I didn’t have a love marriage, I felt that he had fallen in love with me. But I didn’t know it was all just a bubble. Very suddenly he just drifted away. Didn’t care about me, my feelings, my needs. I don’t…”, my voice trailed off.

He hugged me tighter and said, “I apologize on behalf of him. But you don’t need to think about him. I’m here for you. I’ll love you more than he ever can.”

I don’t know why he felt the need to apologize to me. Maybe it was his fatherly love for me that was still trying to raise its head above the surface of the wicked waters that we were treading in. I snuggled closer to his chest, trying to drown myself deeper in that water.

The sun was still high up in the sky. It was probably 3 PM. I couldn’t grasp the concept of time anymore. It came unnoticed, it went feeling ignored… I was suspended in a place where time didn’t exist. Father struggled to move his left hand and place it on my breasts. He grunted. Probably it still hurt him to use full range of motions.

“It hurts so much right?” I said, running my fingers on his hairy hands.

“Yes… But it doesn’t matter. It’s nothing compared to the bliss that I’m feeling.” He said while gently caressing my nipple over the nightgown. I subconsciously adjusted myself to give him easy access to my breasts. Just wanted to make things easier for him. I didn’t realize the exact moment when it happened, but I had given everything to him. Just like that. Without his permission.

“How did you fall? Why were you so careless? What if something worse had happened?”

“Shreya, do you believe in destiny?”


“I like to believe that I fell for my destiny of reaching this moment with you to be fulfilled.”

“You are poet as well!” I said giggling.

He reached his lips towards me. I raised my lips towards his. They met. His kiss was as gentle as a bee sitting on a flower to collect nectar. He gradually pushed his lips closer. His tongue slowly parted my lips and started exploring my mouth, not like a hungry beast but like a curious observer. His tongue found mine and danced together a wet dance, but it didn’t feel obscene. I started feeling the wetness around my crotch again. I climbed on father and continued kissing him passionately.

He rested his left hand on my hip and began caressing it slowly. It tickled me. With his right hand he caressed my cheek and tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear. His touch unlike Sumit was sensuous. I must admit that Sumit’s raw, bull-like force had a charm of its own that I really enjoyed when he was active. But this gentle force was kindling my soul in a way that I had never experienced before.

He pulled my head backward and let his hands drop on both my hips where he clutched my nightgown. He pulled at the nightgown and I lifted my butt to make it easier for him. I went a step further and completely pushed illegal bahis the nightgown above my head. They were a hindrance, a nuisance; an obstacle between me and my sexual salvation. Removing that piece of garment felt liberating, as if I broke the final chain that was holding me back. My shyness evaporated after that.

He cupped my ass in his palm, kneading it firmly. He moved his fingers from my butt cheeks to the boundary of my hairy crotch. For some reason an image flashed in my head in which I was standing at the kitchen counter, naked and father was behind me, messing with my butt. They jiggle playfully. This thought induced a sense of amusement in me and I smiled. I bent forward and kissed him again.

Right when I kissed him, he began rubbing my wet pussy lips. There was a pause and then…once again, a chill raced through my spine, upwards straight to the pleasure centre in my brain. I guess father could sense it, because immediately he pushed a finger through the hole. The kiss broke and my head stretched backwards, and I surrendered myself to absolute pleasure. He poked the hole slowly and made sure to touch every inch and corner of the luscious walls. My pussy continued to drip incessantly.

He pushed my butt close towards his mouth.

“Bring it closer to my mouth. I’m unable to move fully.”

I positioned my pussy in front of his mouth. He aimed straight for my clitoris. With both his thumbs he pulled the little bit of skin barely covering my clitoris. With the tip of his tongue he flicked my clit relentlessly. First, circling around it, then attacking it head-on. He seemed to know all the tricks. Occasionally, he rubbed his chin full of stubbles on my pussy lips right under the clit. My clit was pitching a tent by now.

His tongue moved faster, changing pressure every few seconds. I imagined this as spectres appearing out of the dark and touching me in lewd ways and disappearing into the darkness again. My muscles tightened around my crotch. Then, he increased the pressure further. My head escaped some weight. I clasped the bed sheets and my back arched. Was that an orgasm? I don’t know… But it sure felt good. It didn’t tire me like a normal orgasm. It was like an appetizer.

“Do you want to go all the way?” he said alternating between my clit and the nothingness between my pussy lips.

That beautiful afternoon with bright sunlight creeping in through the crevices between the curtains, I made up my mind. With sweat building up and steam overpowering my entire body, I decided to take the plunge. Amidst the periodic noise from the ceiling fan and melodious sighs that I was taking, the voice of guilt got drowned. I nodded my head.

“But I must tell you, I can’t give you my best. I can’t stand. My movement is restricted.”

“Don’t worry father. You’ve done so much today. Let me give something back!”

I said with excitement and turned my body around to take a look at his penis. I hadn’t paid any attention to it all this while, but even in that ignorance it had risen to its former glory. It was erect and tilting under its own weight. The load that it had previously released had dried on its surface. I held it in my hand, with my back towards his chest. My pussy juices were drying on his chest. I proceeded to put that monster into me. The moment I had been anticipating.

I stroked it a few times and raised my hips. I positioned my pussy above the penis head. A cool breeze passed between my thighs, sending shivers down to my feet even on such a warm day. I rubbed the tip of his penis on my wet pussy. That was the moment I realized the size of that penis from another perspective. His cock-head was narrower than the main shaft but it was still huge compared to my pussy hole. He might have thought that I was just playing with it. But I was trying to put it in but couldn’t. It would stretch me so widely that I would scream. I am not good at handling pain. There was no way that I could take this giant penis…

But I could hear his grunts and feel his hands on my hips. He was ready for it and I didn’t want to disappoint him. So I decided to bear the pain. Apprehensively, I slowly lowered my body. The penis head was exerting immense force on my labia. It was tearing me, widening it as it had never been before. The wetness did nothing to make this process easier. I paused for a while. Then continued. Some proportion of that head managed to enter me but it was thicker further down. My legs were feeling sour from staying in that half-sitting position for so long. I lost balance and slid violently down the shaft before gaining my composure.

The head went in but it propagated such a surge of pain through my crotch that a scream escaped me. Tears rolled down my cheek.

“Turn around”, father said ceasing all motion.

I turned around while half sitting on his penis head. I illegal bahis siteleri saw him through my tear-filled eyes.

“Take it out Shreya…”, he said authoritatively.

“But… I can do this.”, I sounded defensive and desperate.

“No, you’re not ready for this. Take it out…” I lifted my butt higher and the penis came out and resumed its previous position. “… and come here.”

He pulled my hand and made me lie on his chest. I lay there on top of him with my breasts crushing between our steaming bodies. My crotch was rested on his now semi-erect penis. It seemed like what just happened had turned him off. My pussy juices were drying fast. I moved my crotch slightly on his penis. It pulsated.

“You’re not ready for this. Looks like Sumit’s dick never stretched you out properly.”, he said, stroking my hair with one hand and my back with the other.

“I’m sorry…”

“No… no… come on. It’s not your fault.”

“I can’t bear pain. It makes my head go numb and gives me a negative feeling.”

“Haha… you’re the sensitive-type then.”

“I think so. But I will try my best. Let me have another try.” I raised myself to get up but, he pulled me back.

“Don’t worry about it. There are other things that can be done. Now that we have discovered each other, we have plenty of time to explore and expand our horizons. No need to rush. Take it easy.”

These words comforted me and put my mind at ease. He had a fatherly softness towards me. Every word felt like a warm blanket, left out in the sun on a cold day. I buried my face into his chest.

“Why are you so good?” I said sheepishly.

“Hmmm? What do you mean?”

“I mean… I believed that women were supposed to stay under men and satisfy their needs and follow their commands. I didn’t know that women could also feel satisfied and understood.”

“That’s what happens when you find someone who truly loves you.”

“You love me?”

“I guess I do.”

“Well, Sumit certainly doesn’t love me then. Because he has never stopped to think how I feel.” I complained.

“I think he loves you in a different way. Probably he thinks it is his duty to sustain you as his wife. Fulfil your financial needs and give you a good life like that. Probably that’s why he works so hard.”

“But I don’t want money… I just wanted to be loved.”

“Did you ever tell him that?”

I fell silent. He was right. I had always assumed that Sumit didn’t love me, that he was using me for his sexual pleasure and when he got bored he just stopped. But maybe I should have talked to him. In hindsight, this thought should have made me feel guilty about cheating Sumit but all it did was make me feel pity for him.

“Don’t worry. Father and son will take care of you.”

I chuckled at this.

We just lay there silently for a few minutes. The only sound was that of the ceiling fan and the curtains dancing to the tune of the ceiling fan. Somewhere far away children must have been returning from school. Their excited voices were dampened and made me a bit nostalgic. My head was moving up and down slowly with the heaving chest of father.

“How was it between you and ex-mother in law?”

“Ahhh… she was a bitch.” Was his short answer.

“Haha… why do you say so? Of course, you’re divorced, so she must be a bitch but what broke the camel’s back?”

“She cheated on me.”

“By that definition I’m also a bitch I guess.”

“No, you’re not. She was cheating on me even though I was making all the effort to satisfy her sexually and in all possible ways. She was just insatiable! We would do crazy sex all the time but it wasn’t crazy enough for her. She always needed more. Just like a bitch in heat. But you on the other hand are neglected by your husband. You have reasons to look outside your marriage for satisfaction. Yet you didn’t cheat on him. This… between us… it just happened naturally.”

He surely had a way with words. He was able to make me feel good and justify all my sins with his logic.

“I find it hard to believe that you couldn’t satisfy her. Even with a monster like this?” I reached down and held his now flaccid penis with my fingers and shook it.

“Well… I guess size doesn’t matter then. Maybe she was looking for something else. The thrill of cheating or being caught perhaps?”

I released his cock and restored my fingers on his nipple, playing with that one strand of hair poking out near it.

“Tell me something… I’ve seen you take eggplants to your room. What do you do with it?”

I felt embarrassed. “Please don’t ask me about it.” Was all I could say.

“Haha… don’t be shy! It’s ok. Let me guess… you put that right here…”, he said while putting a finger in my now dry pussy.

“hmmm…” I buried my face in his chest.

“Have you ever served canlı bahis siteleri us the same eggplant? hahahaaa”

“No!! I would never do that!!”

“I would actually love to taste that eggplant. Although I believe it wouldn’t taste any different if you made curry out of it.”

“You’re very naughty…” I slapped his chest lightly.

“Tell you what… go and bring an eggplant right now.”

“What? Are you serious?” I said incredulously.

“Yeah. Go on. Bring an eggplant that you is bigger than Sumit’s dick but smaller than mine.” He said patting my butt cheek.

“Ummm… Ok… I see what you’re trying to do. I guess we can have a try.”

He was suggesting stretching my pussy slowly and getting me adjusted to the pain. I got down from the bed and bent over him collect my nightgown.

Father held the nightgown and said, “what do you need that for?”

I slapped his chest playfully. “Really naughty”

I began walking towards the hall. I had locked the door from inside… I don’t know why. I opened the door and parted the curtain. The hall lay in front of me. It was the same hall. In a couple of hours everything had changed… but somehow nothing had changed. I took a step forward. As I crossed the dining table, I felt a draft grazing my butt. This sensation was new. Walking in the house naked, albeit for a few steps, felt exciting and liberating.

I opened the refrigerator and looked for an eggplant. I rummaged through the vegetables section for a while and found a suitable one. I plucked the stem out of it and there… it was ready. I walked back to father with excitement bubbling up inside me.

“Here, what do you think about this one?”

“Perfect! Now come… let’s begin.”

I climbed atop his belly and extended my pussy towards his chest while supporting myself with both my hands placed firmly on his hips. He took the eggplant and began inserting the slender side into my pussy. The initial stretch was easy. It was similar to Sumit’s girth. He started a to and fro motion with the narrow part. It felt good. So, I guided his hands to push it in deeper. It stretched me a bit more and I started enjoying it even more.

His motion was a rhythmic but chaotic one. He didn’t push it in directly like I usually did. Rather he made sure to touch all the walls within my vagina. I never thought about it before. The walls must be the sensitive parts! The edge where the stem had been plucked, scraped against the soft tissues inside my pussy heightening the pleasure even more. He removed the entire eggplant and licked my juices off of it. Then he re-inserted it and this time forced it a bit deeper. With every thrust my pussy was being stretched slightly more. He suddenly reduced the speed and with his other hand rubbed my clitoris. If this whole thing was a game… I was on the last level.

In my aroused state my hands found his now erect penis. I was trying to stroke it, to return some of the pleasure to him. But in my trance-like state all I could do was fumble around with it. Gripping it and loosening. Pulses of strong current were shuttling through my spine. And finally… my back arched and I peed. I lost all strength in my hands and hips and became just a spineless mass… falling as a lump on father’s body. I didn’t want to move. I couldn’t move.

I lay there for what felt like an eternity. Thoughts were coming and exiting my mind like subway. Not halting. But there was a sense of stillness. All weight and burden seemed to evaporate especially via my shoulders. My eyes were fixed on my belly button that moved up and down because of father’s breathing. Almost hypnotic. I rolled to his side and covered my face with my nightgown. Then slithered to his side and put my arms across his chest.

“I’m guessing that felt good”

I nodded silently.

“That is just the beginning. We need to make your hole slightly bigger but slowly.”

He circled his right arm under my neck and hugged me tightly. Then he kissed my head and we went to sleep.

I woke up first at around 6 PM. This has been the most amazing sexual encounter I’ve ever had… not that I had many other experiences to begin with. But this was the peak. I slid the nightgown over my head and climbed down the bed. Father woke up, rubbing his eyes and gave me a wide smile. He looked relaxed. I went to the bathroom and took a long warm shower. And when I came out of the bathroom, I felt rejuvenated. A new phase had just begun in my life.

Present Day

Dr. Ramakant held Shreya in a tight, warm hug and caressed her head. He raised her chin to kiss her lips but she turned her face away. He held her face in his frail palm and turned it towards his own.

“Look at me. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can still go back to the way things were before. Whatever I did was terrible, but you can’t deny that it was a peak in your life.” Then he kissed her lips. Shreya closed her eyes and reciprocated.

These words threw Shreya back on the tracks of her thought-wagon. Destination- Happiest days of her life.

To be continued…

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