The Deputy and the ‘Criminal’

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“Come on! Blake! You’ve got to be kidding me! Let me go.” I started to try to wiggle out of his tight grip, when he noticed what I was doing his grip only tightened. This is great! Yet again, Deputy Blake is arrestin- well harassing, me again.

“You better stop, Katie, or the handcuffs will be going on.” Jordan’s voice rasped against my ear as he pressed his body against mine.

“But, Blake! It wasn’t my fault! It was self defence! Even so she called me a slut, she had it coming.” As my voice trailed off I tried once again to slip out of his grasp, but of course failing miserably.

“And I warned you, Katie.” He mumbled in my ear as I felt the cold steel prison my wrists. This would be good in a totally different situation but I couldn’t think like that right now.

“But Blake, this is like the fourth time this month you’ve had me in your cuffs! I’m telling your dad! Or do you just love seeing me in your cuffs, Deputy?” I questioned as I licked my lips. He nervously swallowed before meeting my eye contact. I have never really looked into his eyes before, the deepness of the warm brown eyes made me feel safe. But looking deeply, there’s a sign of dominance that he wanted to surface.

“Well Katie, if you didn’t keep on breaking the law, like you have done. Then I wouldn’t have to have you in my cuffs, would I?” He chuckles as he leads me to his car.

“But Deputy, I haven’t been charged and I can say you’ve been harassing me this month.” I smiled smugly as I glanced at him.

“Well maybe I really do just love seeing you in my cuffs.” His voice rasped, sending a chill down my spine as I stop completely. I caught the sight of his smirk as he opens the back door of his police car.

“Of course.” I muttered as I got into the car. I know he isn’t lying when he says he likes me in his cuffs. After each time he has arrested me he keeps me handcuffed and shoves me somewhere to sit for a couple of hours and then I walk free. Without being charged. Somewhere in my mind always thought this was a huge kink for him.

The car ride is so quiet. Even a pin could be heard if it fell. My eyes never left the reflection of his face in the rear mirror. His eyes kept on meeting mine. Blake parks the car outside the station. I try and sit still and patiently, as the cuffs dig into my skin more and more. I watched the way his muscles tensed up as he gets out, his uniform nearly bursting at the seams. The uniform fitted him perfectly. My eyes wandered down to his ass, seeing how the pants made me see every inch of him. The door opens as his hand grabs my arm to help me get out, I’m not going to lie, it is difficult. Due to being in a tight skirt, heels and that my hands are handcuffed, I stumble as I try to get out.

“Instead of arresting me to see me in your cuffs, all you have to do is ask me.” I leant in and whispered in his ear as he closed the car door.

His smirk returns on his face as his tongue peaked out to wet his lips. siirt escort “That is noted, baby girl.” He kept on smirking as we walked into the station.

“Her? Again?” The Sheriff sighed as Blake closed the metal cell door. I moved so I was lying down on the bed.

“Oh Sheriff, you know I love seeing him! But maybe explain to him what police harassment actually is.”

“Katie, I wasn’t harassing you, she assaulted someone!” He explained.

“Come on, Blake. My office.” The Sheriff sighed. I sent a flirty smile to Blake, when he made eye contact with me, I puckered my lips at him. He lent against the bars of the cell.

“Enjoy, princess.” He smirked, raising his eyebrows.

I wait and wait. My legs are hurting by now. It’s probably been two and a half hours since I’ve been put in this cell. He was like this in school. Although he never came up to me, I always noticed him staring for afar. Even I have to admit, Jordan Blake is handsome. I can’t help but stare at him whenever he takes his jacket off in front of me, the way his arms tense, the way his bulging biceps nearly rip his shirt. Times I have thought about how good his fingers would feel fucking my cunt, while his free hand holds me in place.

My thoughts are interrupted when I see Blake sitting at his desk. Having a thought, I took off one of my shoes and threw it at the window, immediately getting his attention. But he only throws a smirk in my direction and then turns back to his work.

“Blakee!” My voice echoed through the cell. He gave me a thumbs up as he started talking to a co-worker. He starts chuckling as he leans up on his desk, finally he starts to make his way over to the cells. He gives me a wide smile as he grabs my shoe and pulls out his key card to open the cell door.

“So are you charging me or not? I’m so hungry.” I stand up and walk towards the bars.

“Not this time, the girl isn’t pressing any charges, so you’re free to go.” He smirks as he hands me my shoe.

“What a surprise. I can’t even get a cab at this time so thanks.”

“Well I’m done for the night, I can give you a ride if you want.” He spoke as his eyes travelled my body.

“Good. I’m not walking in these heels,” I playfully pushed myself against his chest as I pass him. His eyes glued to my ass. “Come, Blake.”

“That’s what I’m hoping.” He muttered as I rolled my eyes and smirked.


It’s nice to actually ride in the front of a cop car. I glance at the buttons and controls and I flip a switch which turns on the sirens. Jordan smacks my hand away and turns them off quickly.

“Don’t touch anything.” His voice dominating. Which makes me hot.

“Yes, Sir!” I was curious as to why he kept on arresting me. “So, why do you keep on arresting me? My record is still clean.” He just chuckles and doesn’t say anything as he keeps on driving to my house. Which is out of the way, the only neighbour we have is sinop escort 5 miles away.

“You wanna fuck me, don’t you Jordan?” I taunted. His gaze met wandered to my thighs where my skirt had ridden up. He stopped a little bit away from my house and turned the engine off. He quickly exits and makes his way to my door, offering me a hand to help me. He closes the door as I stepped out. His eyes were watching my every move.

“So what’s your move, Blake?” He smirked at me and grabs my hips, pulling me against him.

“You’ve changed, you’re not how you used to be, the badge has changed you.” I giggled.

He smiled as his hands squeezed my ass, “This skirt, those shoes… you’re killing me.”

“Do you want to do inside or are you planning on fucking me on your bonnet?” I asked, staring at his lips.

“For the sarcastic remarks and everything else I’ve dealt with, you’re getting fucked on the bonnet. Like the dirty girl you are.” He whispered in my ears. With ease, he picked me up and put me on the bonnet as he dragged the tip of his tongue down my neck. My hands run through his hair as he sucks and hips my neck.

Our mouths crash together as my hands grasp at his shirt, wanted his buttons undone. I moaned out as he sucks on my neck as his hands slide down my thighs, finding the hem of my skirt. His hand slips between my thighs, making its way towards my cunt until he reached his destination.

“Shit, you’re not wearing anything under this.” He groaned as his hand cups my cunt, dragging his finger up my slit. I sucked in air as his finger circled my clit. I was soon whining wanting my cunt filled. He slides his long finger inside me as he presses his lips to mine again, his tongue slipping past my lips.

I moaned into his mouth as he added another finger. I finally finished the buttons on his shirt and began to rake my nails down his chest, his muscles tensing as I go lower. My hand couldn’t pass his tactical belt.

“Off please.” I whined as I pushed his shirt off his shoulders. Jordan steps away to unbuckle his belt which he places in the car as it contains his gun. Pushing my shirt up, I began to pinch my nipple as my other hand went to my clit.

“Shit.” He groaned as he watches. The coldness of the bonnet felt pleasurable against my skin.

“I’ve been a really bad, bad girl, Deputy.” I pouted and whined, holding my wrists out. He pulls me off the bonnet and hand cuffs my hands behind my back. I turned to face him and notice his button is popped open on his pants.

I kneel down and pull his pants and boxes down with my teeth, his cock bouncing free. A soft and quiet moan escapes as I take his cock in my mouth, looking up at him through my lashes, my tongue swirls around the head.

“Goddd.” He groaned as his body twitches, watching me suck his tip, his warm arousal coating my tongue. My mouth slides down him once again. Jordan’s hands go around my ponytail, şırnak escort pushing me down on his cock. I bob my hard up and down which is rewarded by a moan. His hands grips my hair tightly, making me whine.

“You’re so fucking good.” He moaned, his head tilting back as his adams apple juts out. He pulls me up by my hair and his mouth starts biting and sucking my nipples. I arched my body towards him as that heat spreads through my body. Once again I’m lying on the bonnet as his finger drags through my wetness.

The cold steel of the cuffs dug into my skin but it made the whole situation more hot. His mouth locks onto my nipple again, I wished my hands were free so I could run my hands through his hair. I struggle against the cuffs as a frustrated groan leaves my mouth which makes Jordan smile. His smile is short lived as he moves to the other nipple, showing it the same attention. My hips began to grind, trying to find something to relive this throbbing ache.

“Deputy, pleaaasee!” I whined at the frustration.

“What do you want me to do?” He taunted, his brown eyes glowing.

“Touch me there…pleaase.” I whined with desperation.

“But princess, I am touching you.” He smirked which caused my to yank against the cuff again.

“Please, touch my pussy, please deputy I’ll be good!” I shouted.

Jordan drags his fingertips down slowly, his middle finger parting my folds and circles my juices. I moaned out at the long needed contact which made my hips buck. The slowness of his fingers made it much more intense. His finger moves to my clit, not circling it, but softly tapping on it, changing between his middles and index finger. My thighs press together, trying to find more friction. My head hits the bonnet, the teasing becoming too much. He then stops touching me.

“Jordann!” I moaned out as my eyes shut. A cry escapes me as his fingers plunges into me and sucks on my clit. My walls soon clench around him, my body erupting into heat as my orgasm washes over me. My core throbs achingly, as I moan out, grinding my pussy onto his tongue. He lifts me up and turns me so my breasts are against the cold bonnet. I moan at the sensation, my nipples hardening.

He takes his hard cock into his hands, coating himself in my wetness and pushes it into my cunt. My sensitive clit throbs as his hips grinds into me, burying me full of his cock.

“Shit, you feel so good.” He groans as his body begins rolling against mine. His hands go to my hair and grips it, my back arching onto his cock. His hips snap against mine harshly, I moan out, not caring who might drive by and hear me. I can already feel the build inside me, I moan out uncontrollably. Jordan’s breath against my neck fuels me more as my pussy began tightening more and more around his cock.

“I’m so close, Deputy, I want your cum leaking out of my pussy.” I whined as Jordan pulled back and slammed into me, hitting my G-spot. He repeats the motion and I’m numb with pleasure. I tighten around him and he spills his cum inside me, my name falling from his lips. My body is spent. He softly plants kisses on my back up towards my neck.

“Fuuuuck.” I moaned.

“If arresting you leads here, I’m not going to stop.” He chuckled.

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