The Degradation of Janey – Part 1

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Part 1

Janey Miller didn’t really know why boys and men did so many dirty things to her. It all began when her stepfather Martin walked in on the 15yr old girl fucking his 12yr old son, Corey. Enraged, Martin pulled his cock out and forced the naked, petite Janey to her hands and knees on the bed. She squealed as his big hands pulled on her blond braids, jerking her head back. Small titties with puffy pink nipples swung beneath her slender body. Martin let her hair go, her head falling abruptly to the mattress. Janey cried, her sobs muffled by the blankets. Martin gave her ass a sudden slap, taking the base of his thick shaft in hand after spitting into his palm. “Slut!” he shouted into her ear, making her jump.

It took her a few moments to assimilate the situation. Martin’s cockhead poked further down into her asscrack, centimeters from her puckered orifice. Suddenly Janey realized she was about to be raped by her stepfather! The man’s fat, 9″ prick was now seeking to penetrate the girl’s tender hole, to fill it with seed! But Janey thought her stepdad was going to fuck her womb, and braced herself for pussy penetration.

Instead, Martin abruptly thrust his purple mushroom cockhead into the girl’s anus, splitting it open it a single savage stroke. Janey lifted her head up and screamed until she was out of breath. An inch of her stepfather’s raging meat impaled her shitter. The walls of her rectum choked the tip of Martin’s dick. He gasped at the impressive constriction of the girl’s asshole. Without warning, he gave her asscheek another slap, making it turn pink with his handprint. Janey yelped and shrieked again. Martin held her asscheeks apart, plunging a couple more inches of his dick inside the teen’s bowels. He fucked her up the ass for punishment, pulling her hair and squeezing her small tits and slapping her clit, making his son watch all the while.

Janey cried at the intense pain – it made the rape feel so acutely, agonizingly real. Martin kept thrusting despite the restrictions of his teen stepdaughter’s tight sphincter. He grunted, breaking out with sweat, forcing the entire length of his big dick inside the girl’s asshole until his dangling balls finally pressed against her flesh. She sobbed beneath him. Brad, his son, watched in shock. Though stunned, the boy still sported a 5″ boner. Martin groaned and grunted again, making bestial noises the entire time he stuffed Janey’s tight ass full of his cock. Suddenly Martin put an arm around the girl’s waist, pulling her on top of him as he lay on his back, his prick still stuck securely in her rectum. Janey wailed and tried to climb off him, but he pulled her back to his chest and held her there securely, her legs flailing.

“You don’t have to cooperate, you know,” Martin said in the girl’s ear. “It feels good when you struggle. Brad, come over here.”

The boy shuffled his feet, slowly dragging himself back over to the bed. Martin held Janey’s Mamak Escort chest with one strong arm, and one of her legs up with the other, exposing the girl’s puffy pink pussy gash. Beneath Janey’s shiny pink pussy gash, Brad could see the base of his dad’s dick buried deep inside her asshole. It was an incredibly lewd, arousing sight. Janey looked up at him with big blue eyes, pleading for help.
“Brad, Brad, help…” she moaned.

“Put your cock in her pussy, Brad,” Martin suddenly commanded. He held Janey’s leg up, keeping her pussy open.

“What? Dad, what…” Brad stammered.
“Do it! Now! Before I beat your ass!” shouted Martin. “Fuck her! Now!”

Janey closed her eyes and cried. Then she felt Brad rubbing his cockhead on her bald pussy gash, timidly poking around at her entrance. He pushed his mushroom-tip into her tight gash, but with Martin’s big cock lodged in the girl’s ass, her pussyhole couldn’t take much meat. Brad got only the head of his dick inside the girl. He kept it there though, letting his dad do all the fucking from below. Martin thrust powerfully, forcing Janey’s ass to take his cock. His nuts were tightening, ejaculation now imminent. Janey screamed, clawing at Brad’s back. She felt like she was being split open, almost like she could pass out between this depraved sandwich of cock. Suddenly, in the midst of all of the pain, she felt her stepdad’s cock begin pulsating inside her rectum!

He growled in her ear as his cock throbbed and began depositing a massive load of cum deep in Janey’s bowels. She gasped, tears falling down her face. Brad pulled his cock out, his erection in hand. He watched the base of his father’s thick, veiny shaft pulsing, a copious load of semen now erupting inside his stepsister’s shithole. Martin kept his dick buried in Janie’s rectum until it milked every final droplet of cum from within his nuts. He then pulled his cock out just as savagely as he’d jammed it in. Janey screamed, feeling the walls of her ass tugging on the big cock as it exited her insides. Martin took her by the hair, forcing her back to her hands and knees. He pointed at Janey’s gaping asshole. Brad stared hypnotically at the shiny pink flesh and the deep, dark hole his father’s cock had just come from. His father’s cum was so far up in her ass that it couldn’t be seen.

“Put your prick in her ass, boy,” said Martin, still pointing with one hand and holding Janey by the hair with the other.

“Dad, I –“

“Do it! Now! Fuck her ass! Fuck her fucking asshole til you cum in it, hear me?!” shouted Martin.

Brad swallowed hard and pressed his groin against his stepsister’s ass. He directed his cockhead into Janey’s gaping asshole, feeling the hot walls of her ass swallowing him up in an instant. The boy shivered, the entire length of his dick now immersed in Janey’s tight asshole. Her orifice was now lubricated by Martin’s cum, this second Ofise Gelen Escort dick less painful for Janey. She still felt degraded nonetheless. Brad gripped her slender hips until his knuckles were white, stuffing as much of his prick into her as possible. He bucked at her wildly, building up a frantic pace. Janey sniffled and groaned into the sheets.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the boy went still over her back, gasping into her ear.
She could feel her stepbrother’s prick pulse inside her shithole, and knew he was also flooding her guts with cum. Janey shivered, feeling so disgusting, so used. Martin laughed sardonically. Brad shuddered, the last spurts of sperm now shooting from his cock. Janey lay there crying, her head buried in the mattress, ass in the air with a clear view into her gaping rectum. Martin walked out of the room. She thought her cruel punishment was over, but Martin was back in her bedroom momentarily. This time, he had with him the family dog, a big Golden Retriever named Boomer. Janey looked over her shoulder, eyes widening. Brad also stared, his jaw hanging open.

Martin pushed her face-first into the bed, keeping her ass up in the air. He held his hand to her back, pinning her down. Janey kicked and struggled until she felt Martin call the dog up on her back. The animal clumsily obliged — he was always trying to hump people, now they were finally allowing it! Boomer’s claws scratched up her sides, his forepaws hugging her waist tightly. Janey gasped, trying to pry the the dog’s paws off her in a panic. Martin laughed. Instinct took over; the large dog was haunching manically at her ass in seconds. A hard pink prickhead began emerging from the animal’s sheath, stabbing into Janey’s flesh. Martin made Brad get out his cellphone and take video of the degrading scene.

Boomer panted noisily in Janey’s ear. She was putting up a valiant struggle, managing to pull herself off the bed and onto the floor with the dog attached to her. But the dog remained locked to her waist, thrusting his prick manically at her ass, its cockhead poking into her asscrack now. Janey screamed for help. Her cries went unheard. Martin watched the family dog humping his teen stepdaughter’s backside and laughed. He could see the pink prickhead stabbing lower, inches from her asshole. Then the dog lurched forward, its thrusts suddenly quickening to a jackhammer pace. Janey squealed. Martin knew the dog’s cock had found its intended target. Surely its prick was growing inside Janey’s stretched out asshole and would keep growing until she was inundated with dog cum!

Indeed the big Golden Retriever’s cock was growing in length almost instantaneously once it felt Janey’s moist human asshole. Janey shrieked, clawing at the carpet. Boomer’s powerful thrusts were pushing her painfully around the floor. Brad aimed the camera lens at the rutting dog Otele Gelen Escort draped over his stepsister, his own cock standing hard at the scene. They began to hear the squelching sounds of the dog’s cock penetrating Janey’s sperm-filled asshole. The big Golden Retriever had a tapered 8″ cock with a big, fat knot growing at the base. Janey didn’t realize the beast was sealing its meat up in her rectum. The fiery red prick emanated constant jets of semen inside the bitch’s shithole during the penetration, adding to the previous cum deposits. Boomer’s prick unloaded far more sperm than a human male ever could, now flooding Janey’s guts. She was overstuffed with dog cock and semen, though not a single droplet of cum had leaked out of her yet. Janey felt it sloshing around in her guts!

The dog’s dick had grown to obscene lengths inside her — now the knot was filling her asshole to the brim! Boomer kept humping her with an impressive jackhammer pace, pushing her clear across the bedroom. The sound of the dog cock penetrating her sperm-filled hole practically drowned out Janey’s quiet moans. Martin and Brad stood there watching, jacking their own dicks, entranced by the depraved sight. Janey felt like her asshole was torn apart; she figured it was so stretched that it would gape open forever.

Finally, the dog went still atop her back. Boomer’s weight pinned her down helplessly to the ground. Janey cried. Then she felt even more jets of hot dog cum spurt into her inundated asshole, her guts flooded with cream. Her jaw fell open. Never in her life had she felt so full — she thought she’d explode from the pressure! The dog knot sealing it all up inside her. Janey put her hand on her belly, her abdomen feeling so full! She swore she could feel the cum filling up beyond her intestines and into her stomach.

Boomer let out a whimper, his cock releasing its final blasts of cum into Janey’s bowels. Martin held the dog’s tail aside so Brad could zoom in on Janey’s plugged up arse. Janey was knotted up good! She winced from the pain. Boomer panted contentedly in her ear. Janey sobbed and shouted for somebody to help her. The big Golden Retriever remained tied to her asshole, forepaws still hugging her tightly. Her waist burned from the claw scratches. Martin walked over to her face and pumped his dick, looking down on his knotted stepdaughter and the lolling dog. Janey looked up at him tearfully. Then her vision was blinded with ropes of Martin’s cum shooting into her face. Martin grinned, shaking every droplet of sperm onto her forehead, eyes, and mouth. Janey cursed him, wiping the semen from her eyes.

“Slut. I just want you to know that now you are nothing but a slut,” he said, patting her on the head.
The first drops of dog cum were now seeping from Janey’s knotted asshole down to the carpet below. Martin stuffed his cock back into his pants and took Brad by the arm, escorting the boy out of the room and shutting the door. Janey was still sobbing and stuck to the family dog, its big cock and knot staying inside her for nearly an hour. Martin was pleased with his creative punishment, but he knew it wasn’t over yet — he was looking forward to fucking her pussy next!

To be continued…

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