The Dark of Space (Male)

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Well this was just perfect… You thought to yourself, floating around the small bridge of the ship. It was bad enough that they sent you up to this abandoned spacecraft alone, but with an old suit and a severely lacking toolbox. You were surprised that the damn suit didn’t have tears in it with how unkempt it was.

At least you managed to find the emergency life support on this craft; dunno what you would have done if you had to leave that stuffy helmet on any longer. Rummaging around the barely lit console, you tried to find some other kind of power options; an emergency engine routine would be lovely right about now, but with your luck it of course wasn’t in the cards. You could at least go for a light or something though? There’s absolutely no windows in this craft, and the only light source is the dim glow of the panel buttons that you poke in front of you. Sure the craft isn’t that big, but some kind of insight into the ship’s interior would be nice.

With a heavy sigh you stop fiddling with the computer; it’s no use anyway. HQ is on their way, all you have to do is float around and let them come to you. You made a note to give them a piece of your mind for forgetting to outfit this suit’s toolkit with even a freaking flashlight. Curling into an annoyed ball, you floated around in the middle of the bridge, deciding it best not to go exploring.

Not that there was much to explore, the report said that this research vessel only had a bridge and two laboratories, and with how long this unit looks to have been deserted there probably wasn’t anything even interesting remaining.

You smirked a little to yourself, remembering all the hype for these automated biomedical experimentation crafts a few years ago. How they’d help the human race in discovering how life functions in space, how they’d help pave the way to interplanetary travel and colonization. None of it was true, of course, and if you had a dollar every time you said “I told you so!” last year when they shut the program down, you wouldn’t need this stupid, glorified space janitor job.

Oh well, it wasn’t your position or your desire to care about such a thing. Everyone was so hush-hush about the program anyway, just that it would ‘change the world’. That’s what they always say. You huffed again, your thoughts annoying you now as you tried to find something else to thi-

Wait! What was that. Your body is rotating in the opposite direction now, and you could swear you felt something hit your foot. You straighten out and look around the area, unable to see anything apart from the dimly glowing console. Your foot finds the floor of the craft to stabilize yourself as you try to get some semblance of bearings.

You shake your head after a moment, rubbing your temples. Now you’re just being paranoid; usually space doesn’t do this kind of stuff to you. You’re not one to succumb to the solitary delusions that a lot of rookies freak out about. Hallucinating about sensations, hearing noises, feeling thi-

Your head bolts to your right foot, your leg shaking hard on instinct. Okay, that time you definitely felt something. It was quick but there was definitely something that brushed across the top of your suit’s boot. You try to rationalize, though you can feel your heart rate increasing. It wasn’t possible that you felt something, it just wasn’t! This was a stupid automated ship that did stupid tests about stupid things; you were the only living thing here, and you’re just being crazy and stupid!

You push your left foot off the floor, taking a deep breath. Of course there’s nothing to worry about, but there’s no harm in wanting to stay by that little bit of glowing light, is there? You glide-

Huh!? Your right foot stays where it is, as your body freezes and your breath stops dead. Something firmly cinches around your boot, holding your leg in place and stopping your floating. Your mind races with possibilities, your body rigid, stuck in your floating pose. It’s… It’s got to be some wires! That’s right, you’re in the ship’s bridge, and with this much disrepair, there’s bound to be some loose wires hanging around. You just got your foot caught in a mass of wires. Gently, timidly, you tug at your leg in an attempt to loosen the wires.

Gently, timidly, the bindings over your foot tug back, answering a silent call. Your eyes bolt open, all rational gone now as you begin to flail desperately, whining as you try to crawl through the air towards that tiny light of salvation. As if to respond to your sudden thrashing, the wires coil tighter around your foot, winding up over the shoddy fabric of your suit to trap more sıhhiye escort of your leg. You cry out a frantic protest into the darkness, your pathetic scrambling doing nothing but expending your energy.

The coiling wire is hard, rigid, just like you’d imagine a thick space cable to be. You look down at your leg, but the light of the computer isn’t enough to illuminate the captor, as you feel it reach your knee. You try to reach out for the console in an attempt to grab it, to give yourself the leverage to pull yourself out of whatever trap. You can see your fingertips against the dim glow, you’re almost-

Ohgod! You see it. What it is you don’t know, it looks like it could be a snake? Or it could be a thick wire. Your eyes widen as you see a drip of something off it’s cylindrical tip, unable to do more than gasp as its motion blurs in the low light. The next thing you feel is your hand being wrapped, your fingertips coiled around and through before wrapping around your wrist.

It feels disgusting; like a thick, rigid wire was coated in slime and then heated up! It didn’t pulse, it didn’t move, it simply weaved between your wiggling fingers and locked your hand and wrist into its grasp. Your right limbs were trapped, pulled and stretched out to leave you dangling in the zero gravity. Your free arm tried to pull and claw at the slimy bindings, unable to get any kind of grip and doing nothing more than sliding around and getting soaked in that gross goo. Your left leg tried smashing itself into your right in some desperate attempt to injure the coil that’s got you trapped.

In one of your kicks, you feel the tip of whatever it is catch the weak fabric of your suit, and in your flailing you pull back, hearing a tear. It doesn’t register at first, you’re too busy thrashing and cursing in your vain attempts at freedom, but as your leg came back for another sweep, you felt the fabric around that tear catch something else; a third horrid tendril. It wiggled inside that little hole until its ugly tip touched down on the skin of your bare leg.

You couldn’t help but shriek, the sudden warm, slimy sensation catching you by surprise. The loud noise didn’t seem to please whatever this thing was, because as soon as it touched your leg you felt another number of them try to worm themselves into that hole with the first, the cloth providing so little resistance and tearing completely through your pant leg. Now there were numerous slimy tips touching all over your leg. It was no use thrashing, although you tried; they all perfectly stayed touching your skin. Those godda-

A-ha! That feeling? The disgusting tip against the back of your knee had twitched, taking a stroke across that sensitive, rather warm spot and sending a quivering sensation up your leg. taken aback by the feeling you froze again, giving the tentacle enough time to repeat the process. It felt really weird! Like almost a tickle but not rea-

Ohno! They started to move, all of the tips except the one at the back of your knee started to drag along your skin. You could feel a trail of slime left in their wake as they infiltrated your suit, some moving up and some moving down. You cried out in frustration and embarrassment, the sensations from these stupid things just feeling -weird-!

The tips slowly explored from your leg; two had decided to move down, slowly approaching your foot. Your boots were tight, but they were no match for those exploring things. With a clean motion your boot was loosened as the tentacle tips found their way to your foot; one stopping at your sole and the other at your toes. You bit your lip before crying out a curse, killing a tickling sensation, but luckily they just stopped there. What in the heck, where-

What!? You gave a strong shudder before shouting even louder, feeling one of the slimy tips brushing over your crotch, while at the same time one brushed your ass. You felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment; whatever this stupid, perverted thing was thinking you didn’t like it. You tried your struggles once more, your free arm and leg trying their best to shake off the tendrils as you felt a few more continue up your body.

Your right side, still stretched and helpless, was a perfect target for an invasive tendril to explore, wrapping around your middle and poking itself into the hollow of your vulnerable underarm. You eeped a little, feeling the slime in that warm, sensitive spot. The last moving tentacle was on your opposite side, your free side as it tried to squirm itself into that armpit. The wiggling sensation made you bite your lip, stifling noises as sincan escort you did your best to keep that thing out of your underarm. With enough tenacity, and the fact that its slimy wiggling was tickling you, it finally reached its home, resting its curious tip in your warm armpit.

Your cheeks were red with emotions now; anger, embarrassment, frustration, exasperation. Whatever the hell this thing was it wasn’t funny and it wasn’t something you wanted to deal with anymore. What the hell was it thinking, touching you in all those weird spots. Foot, armpits back of your knee, illicit areas. It’s like it was-

Hey! All the tentacles at once starting to squirm against their respective spots. They wiggled and vibrated, stroking your skin at whatever part they happened to be at, and my god did it -tickle-. Your lips clamped shut as you tried desperately to hold in your reactions. Your head shook and your body shuddered as you wanted nothing more than to block out every sensation that was wracking your mind. But that warm slime and those little vibrations were too much to handle, and in just a moment you burst out in laughter!

You had no idea you were this ticklish, but those tentacles made sure to make you howl and scream with frantic laugher. Your foot tried to kick them out of your boot, but they just kept squirming against your soft sole, wiggling between and around your toes. You clawed at your arm, trying to push or scratch the tentacle away from your armpit, but your strength just wasn’t enough, and you couldn’t do anything more than laugh and laugh while your body was assaulted.

And that was nothing compared to the tickling coming from your midsection. The tentacles around your crotch and ass were moving in unison, orbiting around your cheeks and around your pubic area. You had on just a cheap pair of boxers, you didn’t really think you’d need anything more than that, and the thin fabric showed, as they were quickly soaked with slime, letting the wiggling of the tentacle tips fully tease your areas. Despite your situation, and as your embarrassment increased, you felt yourself bulging, as the tickling over your front was exciting your cock, much to your dismay.

Your body gave little shudders through the ticklish hysterics, every little trace of that tentacle over your straining boxers making your cock harder and harder. Although the tickling was torturous, you found yourself whimpering little moans between and around your howling laughter, especially as the tendril found its way to the sheathed tip of your erection. Oh god how it licked and kissed and teased around that head, making you writhe against the other ticklish sensations. With a frustrated cry you felt your head dribble a tiny bit of precum, right through your boxers and onto the tip of the tenta-

And then everything stopped… You took the glorious moment to catch your breath, your body hanging tiredly against the heavy bindings of one side. Although the tentacles didn’t retreat, they also didn’t move. You didn’t care why, you were just thankful for the seco-

Nnh~! The tentacle at the tip of your cock gave a sudden, deep rub against your head, its sliminess mixing with your dabble of precum, almost like it was tasting it… The shudder from the sensation lasted for a full second as you tried to pull awa-

A-ah! All the other tentacles gave similar single strokes, like little licks against your warm spots. You were all sweaty from the tickling ordeal, and these slimy things were right up against the most sweaty little…

It hit you; why it had hunted down those spots. It was -tasting- you… It had found the warmest, most flavorful spots and was trying to get more taste out of you. Your struggles began anew, as the thought of becoming something’s meal was not on your mind. You summoned up all your strength, despite the exhausting ordeal and tried once again to thrash your way out of your bondage.

This thing seemed to sense your desperation though, and almost instantly after you started, your only two free limbs were trapped, wrapped like your first until you were dangling in the zero gravity, unable to move more than your midsection around. You cried out into the darkness of the ship, desperate for any kind of release or hope for rescue. You shouted and shouted into the nothingness, just to ease your own-

Ommph! Your eyes practically popped out of your skull as you felt a tentacle shove itself into your mouth, muffling your screams. You trashed your head around, trying to bite the thing, but it was just to firm, it was like trying to chew through a cable. The tentacle sınırsız escort sat perfectly in your mouth, the slime mingling with your saliva.

It was so disgusting! It was the most foul thing you had ever tasted. It wasn’t just a gross feeling, it was a gross taste, and the way the tentacle sat in your mouth, you had no choice but to swallow it. Guh it made your stomach churn; if you were in a position to throw up you would. It grossed you out, it made your mind reel in disgust, it made your cock throb with desi-

O-oh! You were so horny. You have never been this horny in your entire life. Your disgust, your exhaustion, your frustration, all of it paled in comparison for your need to have your cock sucked and for you to explode a gigantic load of sexual pleasure. Your hips thrusted in the empty darkness, you could feel that tentacle still touching your cock, but it wasn’t moving, and my god you needed to cum. You tried desperately to get any sensation of pleasure out of that thing, but it just wouldn’t move, keeping up with your motions to provide no extra rubbing.

You didn’t even care about this foul slime taste anymore; starting to leak a bit of drool from your lips, around the tentacle. You were salivating with your arousal, your desperate need for release. You didn’t even notice that the tentacle in your mouth began to pump, like a little suction tube as it started to drink up your extra saliva. You needed one thing and one thing only; you needed to cum!

Finally after what felt like an eternity, that tentacle near your erection started to move. it pushed itself against your tip, making you whine in frustration as it teased you. Slowly, as it pushed harder, it began to open, you could feel it getting even warmer, like dripping jaws that took your cock into its mouth. It tore through the fabric sheathing your erection quickly, dripping something onto your shaft. Whatever that goo was, it made your arousal stronger, it burned through to your brain with increased desire. You thrust your hips forward, shoving your cock suddenly and fully into that little mouth, feeling its slimy lips hit the base of your shaft.

Mmmh! You could practically cum just from that, the tentacle enveloping your cock like a warm, wet sleeve. Not a second passed before the insides of that thing began to pump, mirroring the slurping from one in your mouth, it began to milk your erection like a machine. You moaned deeply into the tentacle, your hips thrusting in time with the powerful sucking. Your eyes rolled back in your head, the pleasure washing over you in waves. You didn’t know how you could last more than a few seconds of this, it was just so-

Guh! You came, you came harder than you ever had, and harder than you ever thought you could. Your cock shot out wave after wave of sticky release, each drop swallowed by that tentacle. Its sucking increased during your orgasm, milking each of your pleasure waves out of you and making sure every last iota of cum was out of your hard cock. It sucked and sucked as you came and came, right on the brink of consciousness until your orgasm finally subsided. Panting through your nose as the sucking in your mouth, and especially the sucking on your hypersensitive cock conti-

Ohno! It wasn’t stopping, your thoughts were focused on nothing but the sucking at your sensitive dick. It was a post orgasmic mix of pleasure, pain, and ticklishness as the mechanical sucking continued, more and more. Your exhausted body squirmed and twitched as you tried to comprehend what was going on, what had you trapped and wasn’t lettin-

Whoa! Ohgod you had forgotten about those other tentacles; the ones on your ticklish body parts, but a sudden motion of them across their respective areas brought them right back into your mind. They start to… Lick? It’s like they had opened up into little tongues, starting to lick at the sweat that had accumulated there. They tickled, their licking tickled so bad!

The sensations of the lick-tickling and the continued sucking at your tired, but still erect cock started to tear at your mind. Despite your orgasm, despite your torture, you were still horny! You wanted more. You wanted to cum more, you wanted to sweat more, you wanted to-

No! It wasn’t just tasting, it was drinking. It wanted your fluids and it wanted them all, and you wanted to give them! Your mind burned with the desire for more; more sucking, more licking, more tickling. Your body ached with a need for release, a need for more sensation, and a need for more orgasmic pleasure. You didn’t care about any of that logical stuff anymore, you just wanted to cum, over and over. You wanted these tentacles to extract every drop of semen, every ounce of sweat, and every gram of saliva from your withered little body.

Yes! You resigned yourself to the pleasure, hovering there in that darkened ship, waiting for nothing except your next orgasm.

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