The Dana Files – The Car

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Big Tits

I work with a woman named Dana. Gorgeous! Close to six feet tall. Long blonde hair that ran down to the middle of her back and wrapped around a thin, friendly face. Piercing blue eyes and ruby red lips. Her curves would make a great road course. 36-24-34. Long, long legs. And every inch tanned to perfection. Her smile and laugh lit up any room when you were lucky enough to be there. She was also painfully shy. She was a wallflower. You could usually find her standing next to a wall unless she was in a very small group of very good friends. Once you cracked through that wall, you found the true Dana. She was also, for lack of a better term, a people pleaser. Not so much because she wanted to do whatever was asked of her, but because she didn’t like conflict of any kind. I never saw her say no to anyone.

And dumber than a bag of hammers.

I was one of the few males that had managed to break through that wall and get to know her. At least a little. I was easily 15 years her senior. She’d never been married as far as I knew. Heck, for all I knew, she’d never had a boyfriend. She’d traveled the world with her parents as a child. We would chat and small talk. Occasionally we would come as close to playfully flirting with each other without flirting. I think she felt safe with me because of our age difference.

She had finally decided she’d had enough with taking her car to the mechanic and it was time to trade her in. With her father halfway across the country, she asked me if I would be willing to help her look for one. She knew nothing about cars. Plus, she knew I wouldn’t let her get pushed around at the dealership and paying more than she should. Of course, I said yes.

After several days of shopping around and visiting what felt like 1,000 car lots, which meant dealing with 1,000 different slimy car salesmen, she finally decided on a car.

As we followed the slimy sales rep to the showroom floor, I leaned into Dana and whispered, “Just trust me with the negotiations, okay?” She nodded her head. “Just do as I say and we’ll get you a great price. Got it?” She nodded her head again.

The salesman led us into his dingy office and invited us to have a seat on his old, torn chairs in front of his desk. I’m sure he was already formulating a plan to convince us to purchase the extended warranty and planning his next vacation with his commission.

“Look Matt, let me just say right now you’re gonna have to help us out on the price,” I said as soon as he sat down.

“Geez, Mark, it’s already a great price on a great car. There’s not much wiggle room on that one. What were you thinking?”

“26 out the door.”

“26?! Oh man, I can’t do that.”

I started to get out of my seat. “Come on, Dana, let’s go.”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Come on, man, work with me.”

Dana looked at me with puppy eyes. “I really like that car, Mark.”

You’re not helping! I thought.

Matt smiled wide. He knew I’d just lost a bargaining chip. “See? She likes the car.”

“We’re not paying what you’re asking. Period,” I growled.

Matt thought for a second. “I can knock 500 off. That’s the best I can do.”

“Bullshit.” I took a breath and thought for a moment. I couldn’t help be notice his not-so-subtle glances the entire time he’d been with us. “What if she shows you her tits?”

Dana’s head snapped around. “Do what?!”

Matt batted his eyes. “Excuse me?”

“What if she shows you her tits? How much will you take off if she shows you her tits?”


I tapped Dana on the arm. “Go ahead. Show him your tits.”

“I…uh…are you sure?”

“Trust me,” I whispered in her ear.

Matt stared at her chest as she unbuttoned her shirt down to her waist. She looked at me one last time and I nodded.

Matt’s eyebrows nearly flew off his head. “Uh…wow.”

She gasped when I placed one of her tan, firm globes in my hand. “They’re incredible, aren’t they?”

“Uh…wow. Uh…uh, yeah, they’re…wow.”

“Now how much?”

“What’s that?”

“How much? Are we down to 26?”

Matt nearly forgot he was trying to sell a car. “Oh! Uh…wow. Geez. Uh…man, I can’t…can you put those away? They’re…they’re really distracting.”

Dana started to button back up but I grabbed her hand. “26. Deal?”

Matt’s eyes danced back and forth between my face and Dana’s headlights. “Mark, I…I can’t get to 26.”

Dana broke the awkward silence. “What…what if I let you touch them?” she said under her breath. As shy as Dana was, I was shocked she even suggested it. Man, she really does want this car!

“Touch them?” Matt asked. “Oh…I…uh…” Dana walked around the desk, making sure to keep her back to the large window facing out onto the showroom floor. Matt just stared at the flesh before him. “I…uh…”

“Go ahead,” I encouraged.

He slowly raised his hands. She gave a light gasp when he finally took one in each hand. He ever-so-gently began to squeeze and massage her fleshy mounds.

“They’re great, aren’t they? Nice and firm, aren’t they?” I asked.

He just stared Beşiktaş escort at them. “Wow. And so big! That…that’s impressive.”

“Go ahead. Suck on one.”

Matt turned his head. “Really?”

“Oh yeah. She loves having her nipples sucked. Don’t you?”

She hesitantly nodded her head. “I…I do. (GASP!)” Almost before she could finish the sentence he had a thick, erect nipple between his lips.

I knew she loved that. I knew it almost drove her crazy. I knew she was getting wetter by the second. I knew I had an uncomfortable bulge in my pants, as I’m sure Matt did. I knew I was getting laid today.

Dana had her eyes closed and was running her fingers through Matt’s hair.

After a few moments I said, “Okay, okay. Enough of that.”

Dana opened her eyes. “Huh? Oh! Right. Okay.” She stepped back and began to button her shirt.

That didn’t stop Matt from continuing to paw at her chest. “Oh. Right.”

“So, where are we at?”


“Where are we at? Are we at 26? Come on, 26.”

“Oh! Damn, dude. I can’t do 26,” he protested. Dana had stopped buttoning her shirt while he continued to palm her. “I…I can knock 750 off. Seriously. That…that’s the best I can do.”

“How about a titty fuck? What if she gives you a titty fuck?”

“A…do what?” Matt asked. Dana remained silent.

“You know, a titty fuck. You stick your hard on between her tits…”

“I know what it is,” Matt said with frustration. “But I…”

I chuckled. “I’ll bet you’ve got a raging hard on right now.”

Dana giggled and nodded. “He does.”

“I…well…uh…yeah. But I…” Dana dropped to her knees and slid between his legs. “I, uh…” She pulled his zipper down. “I, uh…wow…crap…guh!” he grunted when her long, thin fingers pulled out his throbbing manhood.

Dana began to softly stroke it. “Oh wow, look at you,” she cooed. She leaned in and slipped him into her sizeable cleavage. He disappeared when she squeezed them together.

“Oh wow…fuck,” he moaned. She dropped a long string of saliva into her crevice and began to rise and fall. He leaned his head back. “Fuuuuuuck.” Dana giggled at his reaction.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” I asked, already knowing the answer.


She looked into his face. “Do you like that, sweetie? Do you like having your cock between my big titties?” she whirred.

“Ohmagawd, yes.” He shivered the first time her tongue swatted the tip when it popped out of her pillows.

It didn’t take long for his body language to change. His hips started to lift off his seat. His breathing quickened. I knew he was close.

“Okay! Okay, okay. That’s enough of that.”

Both heads turned to me. “Huh?” they asked in unison.

“I said that’s enough of that.” I motioned to Dana. “C’mon, come back here.” She rose from her knees, came around the desk, and sat down next to me. There was a look of profound sadness on Matt’s face as he tucked his throbbing bone back into his pants. I motioned to Dana. “Go ahead, put those things away.” She actually seemed a little sad at the words. I knew her tight jeans were nearly on fire. “So, 26?”

“Aw man, I just can’t get there. Let’s do this.” He pulled out a sheet of paper, scribbled, I will purchase the car for $26,000 and handed it to Dana to sign. After she did he gathered it up and said, “Let me take this to my manager.”

After he left, Dana leaned in to me. “I really want that car, Mark.”

I laughed. “Obviously.”

Matt came back into the room with a large, barrel chested black man. Matt sat back down in his chair while the new man shut the door behind him and sat on the corner of the desk in front of Dana in an attempt to intimidate her. His eyes went straight to Dana’s chest. She hadn’t bothered to button her shirt all the way up. She was showing plenty of cleavage, and then some.

Matt motioned to the new man. “Guys, this is my manager, Ed. Ed, this is Dana and Mark.”

“So, Matt tells me you want this car for an insanely low price,” Ed said in his baritone voice.

Dana was taken aback at his tone. “Well…”

“it’s not insane,” I said confidently. “It’s a fair price.”

“I can’t do it. I simply can’t do 26. C’mon, man, we’ve got to make a couple bucks on it.”

“Ha! You’ll be making plenty on it. Show me what you’ve got into it, prove me wrong.”

“That’s against store policy.”

“Tell you what. What if we make it worth your while?”

“And how exactly are you going to do that? We’re not getting to 26, it’s that simple.”

I nudged Dana. “Go ahead.”

Matt watched intently. He knew exactly what was about to happen. In a flash, her shirt was open to her waist.

Ed’s eyes were wide as saucers. “Holy shit! What the fuck?!”

Dana cupped her D-cups and wiggled them. “Fantastic, aren’t they?” I asked.

Ed’s eyes didn’t move. “Fuckin’ A.”

“Go ahead, grab ’em.”


“Go ahead, man. They’re fucking awesome!” Matt offered. Ed hypnotically reached out. “Awesome, aren’t they?”

“Fuckin’ A.”

“Pinch one of her Beşiktaş escort bayan nipples. She loves that,” I suggested.

“But be…AH!” Dana squeaked when Ed took a nipple between his beefy fingers. “Please…please be…(sigh)…be gentle. They’re…they’re very sensitive.”

I chuckled. “It makes her crazy.”

“It…it really…(sigh) does. AH!” she squawked when he pinched the other nipple.

“26?” I asked.

Ed looked at me while he continued to tug and twist her knobs. “C’mon, man.”

“How about a blow job? Will a blow job get us to 26?” I asked.

“Man, we just can’t get to…hey, whoa, what the…” Dana was already working on his belt buckle.

I smiled at the look on his face. “She sucks dick like a pro.”

“Hey now…hey…hey…whoa!” Ed stammered as Dana reached into his pants still in her chair.

Dana stared at the huge piece of black meat in her hand. “Holy moly!” He wasn’t as big as I was, but damn close. She could barely wrap her long fingers around it.

“It’s true what they say about black men,” Ed rumbled. He motioned to me and the window. “Well, fuck. If we’re gonna do this, close the damn blinds.” I zipped the blinds closed. He looked down at Dana. “Come on, girl, get to it. I’ve got shit to do.”

She slowly stroked the veiny shaft. “If I do this you’ll give me the car for 26?”

“Let’s just say the deeper I go, the deeper the discount.”

Dana smiled. “Deal!” Dana dove between his legs. Her tongue landed in the crease between his nut sack and shaft.

As her tongue ran up and down the length of his staff, I looked at Ed’s already twisted face. “Man, if that’s the case, you’re gonna wind up giving this car away.” Dana giggled at the comment.

“We’ll see about that,” Ed said with confidence. “Oh! Oh yeah,” he grunted when his tip disappeared into her face. “Oh yeah, that feels good.” Her head started to slowly bob. She was taking in less than a third of his mass. “Ha ha! You’re gonna have to do better than that, bitch. You ain’t earned shit if that’s the best you can do.”

I smiled back at him. “She’s just getting warmed up.”

Matt leaned across the desk for a better view with his cock in his hand. Dana’s dives became slower, more deliberate. His swollen head slammed against the entrance to her throat, still only taking in half of his girth.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, bitch. But you’re gonna have to do a helluva lot better than…” His head snapped back when his balls bounced off her chin. “Guh!”

I chuckled. “Told ya.”

Ed’s large hands wrapped around her head and he began to fill her throat. “Fuckin’ A! Not many women can swallow my shit!”

Matt and I watched Ed impale her face for a couple of minutes before I finally stopped them. I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. Ed left her lips with a “pop”.

Ed looked none too pleased. “Hey, man! What the fuck?!”

“Are we at 26 yet?”

“What? 26? Oh, right! 26!” He paused. “As good as that was, I can’t get to 26. I just can’t do it.”

I gave him a crooked grin. “What if she fucks you?” Dana didn’t say a word.

“Do what?” Ed asked.

“What if she fucks you? She’s got a tight fuckin’ pussy, let me tell you.”

Dan’s head snapped around. “Really?” All of this is making me so hot! It’s making me crazy! I really want him to!

I nodded. “Trust me.”

“Aw, hell, man,” Ed groused.

Dana caressed her tits and turned her attention to Ed. “Come on, Ed. If I let you…you know…if we do it, you won’t sell me that pretty car for 26?” she purred. She unsnapped and unzipped her Daisy Duke shorts and began to pull them down her legs.

“Aw, fuck, man. I…I…as much as I’d like to, I just can’t do 26.”

I patted the desktop. “Why don’t you jump up on the desk and you can take a test drive? Then we’ll talk.” Dana’s shorts were off her legs before I finished the sentence. Her swollen red lips glistened.

Ed’s eyes bounced from Dana’s chest, to her waist, to the desk, and back again. “Man, I’m tellin’ you…” Ed paused. “Fuck,” he grumbled. “Just because I’m lettin’ you do this don’t mean you’re gettin’ that car for 26,” he said as he laid back on the desktop.

I laughed. “‘You’re letting her do this?! Like you’re doing her a favor? Ha ha ha! Dude, you’re about to fuck some of the finest pussy in town!”

Dana looked at him with puppy dog eyes. “Come on, Ed. Why are you being such a big meanie about this?”

Ed’s massive post was standing straight in the air. Dana considered the black beast before her and licked her lips without even realizing it. He’s so big! She lifted a long, silky leg onto the desk, then the other. In no time, she was straddling Ed’s large frame. Even with her long legs, she could barely clear him. She wrapped her hand around his veiny shaft and held him steady. Ed’s eyes bounced from her face to her tits while he watched her began to lower herself. He felt her heat across the tip of his sword. She bit her lip when they touched and sighed when his swollen head split her slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness!” she whined Escort beşiktaş as she slid down his pole into his lap.

“Fuckin’ A that’s one tight pussy!” Ed announced.

“Told ya,” I chuckled with my own tool out of its holster and in my hand.

Dana fell over him. “Holy moly! You feel so big!”

“What’s the matter, bitch? Ain’t never had a black cock in your cunt before?”

“Well, um, actually…ah!” she squeaked when he palmed both globes. “Please be…be gentle. My…my nipples are very…very…AH!” she yiped when he pinched and twisted. “Oh my goodness! That drives me crazy!” He tossed her into the air with his hips. “Aiiyyeee!”

“Come on, bitch! If you want that car, you’d best get busy. I got shit to do!”

She nodded. “Yes, of course.” Her hips began to rise and fall while he mauled and sucked on her mounds.

“Oh…my…God!” she said in rhythm with her twerks. “You…feel…so…good!”

“Your cunt is squeezing me so fuckin’ hard! Fuckin A!”

Matt and I watched their gyrations with dick in hand for a few moments before I’d had enough.

“OH! Oh!” she barked when I spit on her brown puckered hole twice. “What… what was that?!”

I stepped behind her. “I’ve had enough of this shit.”

Her eyes bulged when I touched my tip to her quivering rosebud. “Oh! Wait! You…you’re not…”

I nodded. “Oh yeah. I’m gonna fuck your ass like I own it,” I hissed.

“What?! No! You…you can’t! You…you’re both too big! You’ll split me in half!” she said in a panic.

I nodded at Matt. “Jesus Christ! Will you shut this bitch up, please?”

“Huh? Oh! Right! Yeah, okay!” Matt jumped to his feet. His throbbing post was inches from her face.

“What? Wait! You…mmmfffffkkkkk!” she gurgled when Matt gripped her head and parted her lips. I leaned into her. “Mmmmmmm!” My bulbous head slipped past her sphincter. “Mmmmmmmmm!” Two inches. Three inches. “MMMMMMMM!”

I stopped when I was balls deep. “Motherfuck! Goddamn, Dana! You’ve got one tight ass!”

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!”

Soon, four bodies were rockin’ and rollin’ in rhythm. Moans and groans filled the tiny room, along with a certain smell. My hands gripped her hips while Ed palmed and suckled breasts and Matt filled her throat.

The tit fuck Dana had given Matt earlier had him primed and ready to go already. He was the first to go.

Sweat rolled off his face and dotted his white dress shirt. “Ohmagawd! Ohmagawd! Her…her mouth is like a vacuum!”

“Give it to her, man!” I implored. “She loves cum! Don’t you, Dana? Don’t you love guzzling a man’s cum?!” She yiped when I smacked her on the ass.

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmmhmmmm!”

Matt’s grip tightened on her skull. “Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhh my God!”

“Give it to her, man! Fuckin’ A, give it to her!” Ed demanded from underneath her.

Matt’s jaw clenched. “Cumming! Cumming! Ughaaaaaahhhh!”

His spunk shot down the back of her mouth and quickly filled her mouth. She gulped and sucked as hard and fast as she could on his pulsing member. She felt her own climax building.

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned.

“Oh my fucking God,” Matt groaned as he pulled away and fell into his chair.

Ed and I could feel her begin to spasm around our own throbbing meat.

“Oh…my…God!” she said in rhythm with our thrusts. “You…feel…so…good!”

“Your ass is squeezing me so hard! Jesus Christ!” I announced.

“Her pussy, too! Goddamn fuckin’ A!”

“Oh…my…God! Oh…my…God! Oh…my…GOD!” she squealed when I left another handprint on her ass. Her eyes closed. Her jaw was clenched. Her head was down. “Oh…you…fat…cocked…bastards! Don’t stop! Don’t…you…stop!” I stabbed two fingers through her swollen folds. Her back arched. “Oh my God!” she screamed.

“You like that, huh? You like me fucking your ass while Ed fucks your sloppy cunt? Huh? Do you like that?” I hissed.

“Yes! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes!”

I mocked her. “You’re gonna fuckin’ cum, aren’t you? You’re gonna cum with two cocks fucking you like a little slut in this fucking office, aren’t you?”

“Yes! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!” Her body tightened. The twin thunderbolts crashed into her gash and exploded. “Ohmagawd! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…ohmagaaaaaawwwwddd!” A stampede of thunder and lightning tore through her tan body. Her body felt like it was on fire. She clamped down onto our tools like a vise grip.

Her entire body began to tremble. Every nerve ending was screaming at her. She moaned and squealed while she had an orgasm like no other. It was more than I could take.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fuckin’ cum in your ass! Ohmagawd, it’s…fuck! It’s so tight! It’s pulling me in! Here it comes! Here it comes! Gggaaaahhhhhh!” My head flew back and my chest flew out. The feeling of my hot spunk filling her cavity only prolonged her own orgasm.

Ed cheered me on. “Fuckin’ A right! Pump this bitches ass full! Fuck yeah!”

Dana and my bodies stopped shivering at the same time. I pulled back and out. A white string followed me out until it finally snapped and fell across her ass. A stream began to immediately flow out the hole I just left and ran down the insides of her thighs. I pulled up my pants, stepped to the side, and watched her sweet ass jiggle with every bounce.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32