The Daily Jog

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Joseph stretched his foot backward, feeling his quads pull tighter. After four months of sitting in his dorm with a sprained knee, he could feel his muscles getting lazy and rigid again. Years of work, it felt like, were undone by one careless hit.

It had been his last day of junior year, and his last semester playing college football. Not a tear, thankfully, but enough to hobble him for a few days. And to put an end to his training.

But, four months later, school was over and he found himself at the new family home in the suburbs of Des Moine. His folks had settled for a smaller place, now that the kids had mostly all grown up and moved away. The farm had been sold off in exchange for a small ranch-style home on a block that was packed full of them. Now his folks were living out their retirement and had actual human beings to socialize with, instead of just the horses and stray dogs.

The beauty of the open land was hard to be but, in the very early morning like this, it wasn’t all that much different. Just empty, open roads and nature, still wet with morning dew.

It was as far away from his college life as could be, with all of the screaming fans, the stadium classroom seating, and the swarms of people moving in and out of their dorm room at all hours of the day. It had been a whole week back, and he still didn’t miss a moment of that life yet.

With one last stretch and a few bounces in place, he stepped onto the road, music blasting through his headphones.

He walked a few tentative paces, feeling the easy movement of his legs again, feeling the rush of freedom once more, and the pull of the open road ahead of him. Half a breath later, and he was off at full speed.

He sang aloud with the music, hurtling over broken cracks in the pavement and dead branches. His path took him down the main road, and off into the maze of side streets. He didn’t know where he was heading, but he felt confident it would wind its way back in the end, if he took enough right turns. With the entire summer ahead of him, getting lost didn’t seem like that much of a problem.

His feet pulled him forward faster as the road sloped downward. There were no signs of life other than the occasional deer grazing its way across a front lawn, watching him with suspicious eyes.

Cherry Crop Lane became Cherry Bottom Road became Peach Crop Lane. He lost track of the names as quickly as he could read them. Ten minutes more, he was certain he was lost and he grinned at the thought. He squinted as he passed the next sign, turning to read the long name. The road stopped suddenly short, rising to an invisible hill, sending a bolt of pain up his leg, right through the middle of his injured knee. Joseph stumbled, then skidded into the ground, and rolled into the grass.

He picked himself up quickly, and hissed in a breath. The scrapes on his hand suddenly felt more urgent than his knee. The pain from his leg was already fading, but his palms were bright red, and already starting to bead with blood between the pebbles and dust. He hissed in a breath and took a look around. None of it looked familiar. Or, rather, none of it looked unique. The street turned here, and the houses were sparser, with trees towering over the whole stretch of road.

The shadows were deep enough that he didn’t spot a man walking over toward him until he had nearly reached him.

“You okay, son?” the man called over.

Joseph looked the stranger over. He was older, maybe in his late forties. Black hair, and a short beard with more than a little gray in it. He was well-built, and his clothes were already lightly spotted with sweat from the work he was doing outside.

Joseph nodded quickly. “Yeah, just tripped on the road,” he said, gesturing at the ground. “I’m okay.”

He turned his palms to look, and found them still bright red and rubbed raw. Joseph took a few steps away before the man could see it too. He moved to sprint away quickly and his knee sunk sideways, causing him to stumble. The stranger took a quick step forward, and stopped him from tumbling into the road again.

“I think maybe you better take a minute there, son,” he said.

His eyes were a dark green, and his muscles bulged beneath the tight work shirt that clung to his body. Joseph nodded quickly, hoping to escape before he embarrassed himself more.

“I’m Brian,” the stranger went on. “Do you live around here?” He had a voice that was deep and slow, and somehow soothing.

Joseph nodded again. “Cherry Crop Lane. My parents just moved out here, so I got a little turned around. Oh, I’m Joseph,” he added, as the man guided him to sit on large, old stump beside the road.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Joseph. And you’re not too far from off it now. If you kept heading the way you were going,” he said, gesturing ahead, “make two rights at the Stop signs, you’ll be back home in five or ten minutes, I’d say. How’s your knee?”

Joseph glanced down at it. “Just a little tight, but not painful. I hurt it awhile back.”

Brian frowned batıkent escort at it for a moment, contemplating something. Then, he stripped his work gloves off and tossed them to the ground. With both hands, he gripped Joseph’s leg on both sides, putting pressure on it, working his way up to the knee and back down again. It felt sore for a moment, but gradually the muscles loosened as the man’s calloused hands pressed and kneaded at them.

“Better?” Brian asked.

Joseph nodded again, testing the stretch of it, feeling the easy movement once more. “Yeah, actually I think it is better. How’d you do that?”

Brian bent down and retrieved his gloves. “I was married to a doctor for fifteen years. I can’t say I know much more than what I did, though.”

Was married. Past tense.

Joseph was curious, but not enough to pry. Instead he bounced lightly on his feet, feeling for signs of pain, and gaining confidence every moment it didn’t appear.

“Well, maybe that’s not my only trick left. Let me get something for those cuts.”

Joseph wanted to refuse, but the man was already halfway to the front door in two strides. He was back a minute later with a small kit, and patted the front steps of his porch for Brain to come and sit.

“Have you lived here long then?” Brian asked, as he dosed out rubbing alcohol and dotted the wounds.

Joseph winced, and shook his head. “Only a week. My parents moved here in December, though.” He told him all about the farm he had grown up on as Brian placed the bandages.

“I grew up not far from there, too,” Brian said, setting the first aid kit aside. “I only moved out here after we were married a few years. Mark got a job at a hospital out here. And when he passed away, there wasn’t much point in going back.”


Joseph nodded, but suddenly found himself breathing faster. He noticed for the first time how close the man was to him on the porch, only a hand’s width away. He remembered the powerful, leathery hands that had cleaned his. Something stirred between his legs, unbidden.

Joseph leapt to his feet, his cock swelling to full size like an animal out of control, and he shouted out his thanks. Brian watched him go. If he had noticed a bulge in the thin material of the gym shorts, he gave no sign. But Joseph felt the man’s eyes on his back as he made the long walk down the end of the street, finally turning right and out of sight, his erection still jutting hard against his tight shorts.

He made it home safely with no more problems from his knee. The rest of the day passed without much distraction. But, at night, he replayed his time with Brian on endless repeat. The way his strong hands had kept him from falling. The width and size of his shoulders as he had leaned in to carefully clean the wounds.

He had a husband.

In the pitch black, Joseph slipped his boxers down to his hips, and gripped his hard cock. The shaft of it was already sticky with pre-cum. He stroked his tight sack with his fingers and, with his eyes shut, he pictured Brian leaning back in a wide chair in his living room. It would smell like leather and oak inside. Joseph pictured himself there between his legs, Brian’s hairy cock at full length, as thick as his wrist, waiting for Joseph’s wet lips. He could still smell the man’s musk.

Joseph went suddenly still, and he felt the hot splash of cum spray against his belly. He moan softly in the dark as he worked the last few drops out onto his belly.

The next morning, it rained. And then the next day it rained again. By the time the weather was nice enough to run again, Joseph’s hands had healed and his knee was feeling back to normal again. He knew to take it easy, or he’d risk hurting himself a third time. But, when his feet hit the sidewalk, he was off like a bolt of lightning, the blur of his legs hiding the bulge of his erection from any passerby.

After five miles and two wrong turns, he spotted the twisting road and long row of overgrown trees. His pace slowed, both to keep a careful eye and to avoid spilling himself into the road again.

Though, he thought, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, either.

Then Joseph spotted him. He was bent over to clean up yard clippings, his powerful legs like tree trunks rooted into the earth, the same gray workgloves on his hands.

“Good morning,” Joseph called over, as he slowed to a halt.

Brian was grinning as he turned around. “Joseph. How are you feeling?”

Joseph worked his leg, stretching the muscle. “All healed,” he announced. “My hands, too. Sorry for all the trouble the other day.”

Brian waved it off. “It was no trouble. Where are you heading?”

Joseph felt his heart racing. “Nowhere. Just killing time. Why, was there anything you needed help with? I’d like to repay you, if I could.”

But Brian waved it off again. “No repayment needed. I’m just glad you’re okay. Make sure to take it slow.” Brian turned back to his lawn clippings.

That, Joseph hadn’t prepared beşevler escort for. Never in his three nights of fantasizing did the conversation end with Brian just saying “No”.

“It’s really no trouble,” Joseph called over, and took a few steps closer. “I have a whole summer ahead with nothing to do.”

Brian frowned at him, the lines of his tanned skin growing deeper, his eyes trying to read something in Joseph’s. Whether it was pity or desire, Brian breathed in deep, then nodded. Joseph went to work.

Together, they cleaned up the front yard and, by noon, they started on the back. Brian was in the middle of clearing some weeds that had grown into trees, he said. He had his own private patch of land back there. The way he described it, it was going to be beautiful.

They ate lunch in the shade of the back patio. Joseph made sure to run his finger’s against Brian’s hand as the man passed him the plate. While they ate, Joseph told him about his life at school, and then his life growing up on the farm. Before long, they were back at the work, Brian’s muscles bulging, glistening with sweat as he chopped and pulled. The firm muscles of his ass stretched his jeans skin-tight as he squatted to lift the dead wood and launch it onto the pile. Joseph let himself be caught starring more than once.

But, by the time the sun had started to dip, Joseph still left with nothing more than a pat on the shoulder. Twenty minutes later, he was home, leaning against the wall of his shower, his middle finger pressed deep inside his tight hole, his other hand pounding furiously into the mat of pubes between his legs. Open mouthed, he felt the wave of orgasm roll through him. The muscles clenched hard around his finger, and he sprayed his load across the wall, with gasping, shuttering breaths, the image of Brian’s body still fresh in his mind.

Brian was waiting for him the next morning, this time simply drinking coffee on the front porch. He nodded to Joseph as the boy jogged to a halt beside him.

“Good morning! Where are we starting today?”

Brian patted the porch beside him and scooted over to make room. “Why don’t you sit down first, and we can talk. I’ve got coffee.”

Joseph shook his head, but sat down anyway. Brian’s voice didn’t sound happy. It sounded like a breakup. And, when Brian spoke, it sounded like words he had been preparing all night.

“I know why you keep coming by here, Joseph. Am I wrong to think you might have developed a bit of a crush on me?” Brian asked.

Joseph looked at the ground and shook his head.

“It’s… very flattering. And I do like having you around,” Brian said, resting his hand against Joseph’s knee. “But you need to realize how inappropriate it would be for me to get involved with someone who’s less than half my age. I think we would be much better as friends.”

Joseph glanced around. “There’s no one around to see us.”

Brian made a startled sound, and removed his hand. “That’s not the point.”

Joseph didn’t believe that for a minute, though.

He reached up slowly, and brushed his palm against Brian’s knee. He didn’t pull away. “Are you sure?” Joseph asked quietly.

This time, it was Brian that was lost for words.

Joseph turned to face him. This time, he traced his fingertips up the inside of the man’s thigh. He felt a hard knob jutting out, nearly edging its way out of the leg of his gym shorts. Joseph grinned.

“You know,” Joseph went on, “I’ve been going home every day I see you and masturbating. Did you know that?”

Brian shook his head, his face growing paler.

Joseph nodded, his fingers still trailing back and forth. “I dream about taking your cock down my throat. I think about your hot load against my tongue, and I cum some hard. You never think about that?” Brian said nothing, but swallowed hard. “You never think about my wet lips wrapped tight around that fat cock of yours? As I lay you back in your favorite chair” he asked, his palm stroking the length of his shaft. Brian was every big as thick as he had dreamed.

Joseph slipped his hand up the leg of Brian’s shorts, slipped under his tight briefs, and wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock. The man was so thick, Joseph’s fingers could hardly reach all the way around him. Softly, he began to stroke.

Brian’s eyes went distant, his mouth went slack, and a tremor rolled through his powerful body. Joseph felt the smear of pre-cum dribbling down the front of his own boxers. The heat of the man’s cock radiated out like a furnace. It was hard as a rock. He could feel the sweat and fur of the man’s sack each time his hands pumped slowly forward. And he could feel as Brian’s hips began to pump back.

“Not here,” Brian croaked, and nodded toward the door. Joseph nodded back.

They made it to the entrance way before Joseph was on his back, and Brian was pinning him tight against the floor, his mouth hungry from every inch of skin he could taste. Joseph moaned, his own büyükesat escort cock pressed tight against the thin fabric of his shorts, the wet spot already obvious from the outside. Brian found it, and ran his tongue up the length of it slowly, deliberately. Pre-cum oozed from out of the fabric, thick and white, and Brian lapped every drop of it off.

With one quick tug, Joseph’s shorts were down to his thighs. Brian starred for a long moment, long enough for Joseph to worry if he’d had a change of heart. And then Brian’s mouth took in the full length of him, and the world melted in white pleasure.

Brian’s mouth seemed the churn against the head of his cock. His fat tongue, his tight lips, the stream of warm saliva that pushed and pulled around it… It was too much. Joseph’s cock had barely been in the man’s mouth for a moment, and already he was howling into his hands, his body pumping more cum than ever before across Brian’s tongue. Brian held him there, rocking with him, stroking his sack until he finished.

“Have you ever been fucked, Joseph?” he growled into the boy’s ear. Joseph shook his head. “Then get upstairs.”

Brian was a step behind him all the way to the bed. Joseph stopped short, and Brian lifted all hundred and eighty pounds of him with one arm and tossed him onto the mattress. Brian climbed up after him and turning him easily onto all fours. With two kicks, Brian spread the boy’s legs open wide.

Joseph grabbed two handfuls of the blanket as Brian’s calloused fingertip stroked against his hole. A sound like a gasp and a moan rolled out of the boy before he could stop it. He braced himself for pain, but Joseph was in no rush. He stroked him slowly, firmly. When Joseph’s knees got weak, Brian stretched and soon there were two pillows under his hips, and Brian was back to his slow, firm strokes. Joseph laid there, eyes shut, oblivious to anything but Brian’s touch.

Another stretch, and Brian’s fingers were back, and spreading a cold, thick lube down the length of him. The feeling of it made Joseph’s body jerk. Then the stroking continued, Brian’s fingers straying less each time, finally circling only his hole, pressing lightly in, and circling around again. Joseph’s cock swelled back to full attention against the pillows.

More cold, thick lube. In and out the finger went. Joseph felt his body blushing red. Then after a minute or two of that, instead of Brian’s finger, his fist slid in between the cheeks, digging and churning between them. Joseph squealed again, and Brian held him tightly still, his fist still pushing and twisting against the slippery surface. Joseph could feel the pressure against his hips. It was coming soon.

Before he knew it, a finger had slipped inside again. More lube, more penetration, slow and steady. He could feel the finger hooking inside of him, dragging down the length of the muscles inside his body. He gripped the finger hard, trying to crush it with the muscles of his body. Joseph had never been able to get so deep inside before. It was always so tight. Brian played with his hole so easily, though, already a second finger was inside. He felt the man’s fingers spread, felt the tight rim of his asshole stretching with pure pleasure at his touch.

Brian shifted behind him. The bed rocked from the weight of him settling onto it. There was the sound of leather and the tinkle of metal as the man undid his belt behind him. Joseph raised his ass higher into the air, needing it, his cock already swollen again and ready to burst.

When Brian’s cock slipped up the length of his crack, Joseph couldn’t hold back. His thighs tightened, and he thrust back hard. He felt the swollen head of Brian’s cock against the rim, and push inside. The muscles stretched open easily, but clamped tight. Joseph pushed back harder, and they quickly gave way, let him drive deep inside. Every inch of it was pure, blinding pleasure. Brian’s legs rattled and he gripped the covers tighter. The stretch he felt was like riding the edge of an orgasm, or a rollercoaster that was just about to drop. Sweat dripped from every pore and a cry was forced from his lips.

Brian gripped the boy’s hips tighter, holding him still, keeping Joseph from thrusting into him again. Joseph tried his best anyway, and the grip against him grew tighter. Brian was in no hurry. They had the whole summer free.

His thick cock slid in slow. Joseph could feel it in his belly, the whole length of the man was inside him, stretching every muscle inside of him to its limit. He could feel the hard ridges of the man’s cock head driving in and out inside of him. His body clamped against the man hard, with every ounce of strength he had to give and every muscle in his body. Brian held him that way for a long time, letting his body adjust. His muscled arms held the boy tight. He held him just like that, and then, on his own time, he began to pump his hips in light, slow strokes.

Joseph came first again. He hadn’t expected it. He had felt the contraction of his balls, a hot wave of pleasure rolled across his body, and he felt the hot sprays of cum bursting out against the pillows. And it was all without Brian laying a single finger on him. It was like waking up in the middle of a wet dream, the orgasm coming seemingly from nothing. He shut his eyes, and the contractions never slowed, even as Brian finished several minutes later.

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