The Customer

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We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and had never openly discussed our attraction to each other. Years ago, you kissed me goodbye in the airport while you were passing through. It certainly was not like a customer giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek when you thrust your tongue in my mouth and I kissed you back! I was embarrassed! I hadn’t expected it at all. I chalked it up to the few beers we shared waiting for your departing flight and called you the next day to say that could never happen again. I never did forget that kiss.

This December when I saw you last, I asked you to walk me to my car and kiss me good night; the way you had really wanted to in the airport so long ago. You took my hand, lead me to my car…

We are standing there and I’m leaning against the car, your body touching mine – I can feel that you have an erection as we explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, kissing deeply and passionately. My entire body aches for this, and has before, though I have never said it. I feel my breasts against your chest and desperately want you to touch them, to suck on my nipples. I can feel my heartbeat throbbing between my legs and want to feel your hand canlı bahis şirketleri there, but I ask for nothing…

We continue to kiss, arms wrapped around each other as you press even closer to me. I lean into you, rubbing myself against your hard-on and you moan. You unbutton my pants and slide your hand in – I feel wet, like we have just finished making love. I try to move away, I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but you have me held against the car. And God, this is what I want. Your fingers start working like you have done this for me a hundred times before. My legs feel limp, my loins ache, my nipples tingle…I don’t think I can stand much more and I feel guilty for wanting this, but I do.

I try to move away again. You won’t let me. You’ve imagined how I would feel under your fingers, how I would react, and how your penis would feel inside of me for too long. You want to experience at least one of these things tonight.

My willpower begins to fade. As we kiss, I close my eyes and lean my head back. Your fingers sliding in and out of me, the palm of your hand on my bush. You keep coming back to that same spot and I can only focus on your hand. I feel my body canlı kaçak iddaa temperature rise, my muscles twitch, my sides tingle, and my back starts to arch. My hips move forward and I cannot keep them from moving toward you.

How good it feels, how right. At first, it’s like an explosion. Starting in that one little spot, I tremble as it spreads in waves outward like it’s pushing to escape the very boundaries of my being – like a shock wave – and you continue to stroke me as I grab onto the back of your shirt and want to collapse. Your tongue in my mouth moves to the same rhythm and you suck on my lips – I can’t breath. Then the wave comes back and my pussy contracts over and over again, pulsing with desire. My nipples are so hard that it almost hurts. I am inundated, immersed in my orgasm, in some other place and cannot speak. My entire being wants to draw your cock in to that warm, wet, soft, dark place – like some black hole in space that let’s nothing escape – the place where you are supposed to be and I moan.

Coming to my senses, even though I want more, I beg you to stop because it’s so intense. I’m afraid we’ll get caught, but you push me even closer to the car canlı kaçak bahis and leave your hand where it seems to have found a home.

With your other hand, you unhook my bra and slip you hand inside, brushing my nipple. You just need to feel me after imagining it for so long and a sigh escapes your lips. My breasts are soft and full with nipples that obviously crave attention. You lift my blouse and firmly, but gently, pinch my nipple while your other hand slowly starts working it’s magic again between my legs. Lowering your head, you take my breast in your mouth – my legs get weaker. With a full open mouth, you begin sucking and focus only my nipple – swirling your tongue and nipping at it a little – that little pain makes my pussy throb even more. I can’t stand it; I desperately want my legs wrapped around your waist, your naked chest against my breasts, the weight of you on me… I want to hear the sounds of our lovemaking, have you thrust you dick into me for as long as I need it. I want to be consumed.

I want to feel your tongue run up the inside of my thighs, feel how wet your face is when you come back up to kiss me – feel your unshaven face rub against my soft body. I want to know you were there and enjoy remembering it for the many nights to come when we won’t be able to be together…but it won’t happen this evening.

You lift your head, kiss me and tell me you’ll finish me “properly” next time and walk away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32